First Time(1)


My First, Her First, Our First Time

Enjoying Their First Teenage Sex Together

My First, Her First, Our First It was an August morning. I got up early. I put on a tee shirt and Levi’s and was barefoot. I went outside with my dog, Audrey, a mixed breed. Her great passion was chasing her tennis ball. We went out into the street where there was plenty of room for her to chase it. I would laugh at some of her antics as she caught it. There were times it would bounce and on...Read On



A sailor's Homecoming, Part 3

Mother joins sonand daughter in family incest

A Sailors’ Homecoming. This is Part 3, continuing the story. I was able to get home for a four day Thanksgiving Holiday. It was Wednesday night and mom was at work. Millie was just over her period. We fucked and fucked. We were cutting it pretty close. We were just getting out of the shower together when we heard mom unlocking the front door. We scrambled and were in our own beds when mom...Read On


Jayme, Her Mother And Her Grandfather Part 2

Jayme learns what it feels like having her grandfather's cock eat her cherry

Jayme, Her Mother And Her Grandfather Part 2 Both Lori and I were father and daughter lovers, also we certified sex surrogate therapists. Later that night, Lori and I were having a very physical love making session. We were interrupted by Jayme entering the room through the bedroom door that had been left open.. “Mom, Grandpa, what are you doing? Are two fucking? Do you have to make so...Read On


Jayme, her mother and her grandfather

Jayme finds her mother and grandfather loving having incest sex Part 1

I was visiting my daughter Lori and granddaughter Jayme. We celebrated Jayme’s 16 th birthday yesterday afternoon. All that changed after what happened last night. Lori and I had been having incest sex relations ever since the year her mother died. Lori was 17 when she accepted the duties of woman of the house. She had just graduated from high school and decided that she wasn’t interested...Read On


How We Made Out With Each Other Part 4

Incest is best with loving family

My name is Eddy, I am sixteen and this is my story of how I became involved is sexual incest. Before all this happened, I had tried using a condom to jack off my cock while I watched porn on the computer. A rubber on my cock was entirely unsatisfactory. The feeling was so diminished that I refused to ever wear one after I actually started fucking. There was really no need as all the...Read On


How We Made Out With Each Other Part 3

My sister Valerie and I were shocked when Jenifer, our mom, walked in unexpectedly two days early. She caught us both naked and fucking doggy style as we watched the large screen TV playing the video that we had made when we both lost our virginity to each other. Now we were even more surprised as watched as our mom, Jenifer, completely undressed and was standing naked before my sister...Read On


How We Made Out With Each Other Part Two

Two virgins, brither and sister come together and mom makes three

How We Made Out With Each Other Part 2 My sister Valerie lay naked beneath me. My cock had been well lubed by stroking it back and forth in her Valley of Love. It felt so good that I was between her pussy lips wet with her pussy love juice coating my cock. I made sure that every time that my cock slid back and forth that my cock head had kissed her clitoris. Valerie had several...Read On


How We Made Out With Each Other

Valerie and Eddy were virgin brother and sister until that one night

How We Made Out With Each Other My name is Eddy, I am just 16, 6’ 3”, 150 pounds, skinny, brown hair and wear glasses. I am certainly not a jock and not into sports. I am a computer geek, I can fix them, program them, and I watch lots of porn. My 17 year older sister is Valerie. Val is 5’ 6”, maybe 125,, light brown hair to just below the shoulders, her small tits are no bigger than 34...Read On


Was I Ever Surprized

My mom gave me my very first fuck in a very different way.

It was my sixteenth birthday as I sat alone in front of the TV. My mom worked most nights and this was one of those nights. My older brother Joey was at his summer job but had told me at lunch that he would be back by seven. Finally he breezed into the house, “Are you ready for your birthday present? I told him that I was ready. He looked at me and said, “You have never fucked a pussy,...Read On


How Jason Loves His Mother - finale

Jason becomes a porn star and loves impregnating mom and virgins

I had the most satisfying job that a young man with very high testosterone hormones could ever dream about. I was featured in making a number of Porno videos for my mom’s best friend, Hilda. I was getting paid for fucking all those different pussies. Some of the older women requested me to make videos with them. They wanted see what a strong hard large young cock that could stay fully...Read On


How Justin Loved His Mother - Part Three

Justin introduced to being in porno films

Several days after my sixteenth birthday, and my first sexual union with my mother, she was limiting the number of times we fucked to every other day or two. Not having sex three times a day was now like going on an extreme diet. I was starved for and craved the feel of a naked female body against my own. I had become thoroughly addicted to sex. It was fucking incestuous sex with my...Read On


How Justin Loved His Mother - Part Two

Justin goes porno

It was now summer break from high school. Mom and I had commenced our long term incestuous love affair on that first Saturday. We hadn’t even bothered to dress because we kept retuning to bed. Mom began many more lessons in our incest orgy. She trained me on ways that I could use to sexually please girls and women in the wonderful world of satisfying sex for all occasions. During one fuck,...Read On


How Justin Loved His Mother

Failded first fuck gave him mother love

It was back in 1980 that it all started, The time was the day of my sixteenth birthday, my name is Justin Parks. I was a 160 pounds, little over six foot tall and in good physical condition because I had a part time job, at times, helping to move and help deliver furniture at a store. I had brown hair and blue eyes My father had left my mother and me five years before Roger then lived with...Read On


A Loving Home

Loving family relationships

At sixteen since only three days, I had been a loner through High School. It was just four months ago when Ryan and his mother moved to town. He was my age and in most of my classes. Being the new kid in school, he was looking for a friend. Summer vacation had just started and I had been invited to spend the weekend. Friday night we roasted hot dogs over a small campfire and toasted...Read On


My First Time With My Mom

I love my mom now more than ever

It was two weeks after my sixteenth birthday. I was in my bedroom, still wearing only my short pajama bottoms. My computer was on and I was looking intently at a porn site. I was watching a guy and a gal as I was stroking my own cock. They had been doing a 69, but now she was back to sucking on his cock.. I wished they would spend more time on her pussy than on her sucking his cock. I...Read On


Daughters Beth, Bethany and Daddy

A Loving Family Loves Loving Family

Daughters Beth, Bethany and Daddy My first sexual experience was when I lost my virginity when I was sixteen. I became involved in incest with my oldest sister Anna. She had broken up with the latest boy friend. She was furious that he had never satisfied her sexually when they fucked. Even though she would suck and fuck him, he would not reciprocate by having oral sex with her. He did...Read On


Lori and Jim, A Mom and Her Son Become Lovers

Learning about a true loving relationship between mother and son

My father, Jeff, and mother, Lori, divorced over eight years ago. I am Jim, named after Lori‘s father, James. I am now sixteen, tall at 6’ 1”, a some what thin but still a good build. I was considered a nerd preferring to read books because I have no athletic skills. Jeff left mom because he had been having an affair for some time with a woman at his office and knocked her up. Mom let him...Read On


Ma And Me Part 3

Flying Solo with my first virgin

This is Ma And Me Part 3 As I Fly Solo. As summer drew to a close, I was perfecting my technique in all the different ways there were to fuck my cock in the mouth and pussy of both my ma and Maggie. If I had been in college, I would have received a Master’s Degree. The two of them began to tell me their secrets of the family love life and how incest had formed their introduction to sex....Read On


The family of loving lovers

Dad was in Europe on business. My twin sister, Jean, and I had just turned sixteen. Mom had taken Jean to the dentist and they were going shopping for new shoes for Jean afterwards mom and Jean left before we got up. My older sister, Jenna, was seventeen, this summer day, we had been both sleeping late, Jenna was still wearing her short night gown and I was in boxer shorts. We were watching...Read On


Ma And Me part 2

Ma invites Boss to share son

This is “Ma And Me And Now Three The Further Adventures.” My ma had always called me “Honey.” My name was actually Jimmie. I just had my sixteenth birthday. I was over six feet tall, but rather thin. Ma told me that I had the biggest cock that had ever fucked her pussy. In fact, the biggest she had ever seen. Bigger than even her pa. He was the one that fucked her first, his cock had...Read On


Ma and Me

How I learned the real factsof life

This is the way I learned something of what I wanted to know. Back before internet porn, before Viagra, before Victoria’s Secret with those near naked mannequins in the windows, before Fredericks of Hollywood, before the birth control pill, before the centerfolds in Playboy and Hustler, before the staid soap operas on radio that became the torrid orgies they present on TV today, long before...Read On


Birthday For Janet -The Real Beginning

New tale of how family incest began

I think now is a good time to relate how I became involved in an incestuous relationship with my daughter, Laura, and my granddaughter, Janet. I grew up in a home where incest was the norm. My name is Jay, I was named for my grandpa Jay. I had a twin sister, Janet. My granddaughter was named after her because they both, along with me, shared the same birth dates. My grandparents had...Read On


Birthday For Janet - Part Five

Janet's best friend joins the incest family

This is Number Five in Birthday For Janet, there will be several more to come before I start on some of my other incest family sex stories. After Hilda and Mavis left, Laura said, “Now the real party can begin!” She, Janet and Megan sat there just a minute or so, looking at me. Megan came over to me. “Grandpa, I have never learned to swim, Will you teach me?” I jumped up and took her hand...Read On


Birthday For Janet - Part Four

Grandpa gets to know Janet's friends, especially the red head

The three of us had a romping good time in the sack for the rest of the morning. Laura and I taught Janet how to do a really good fellatio on me. Laura then did a 69 on her daughter. She showed her cunnilingus and how to make love to a pussy. Then it was time to get ready for the party. There would be swimming along with cake and ice cream. Janet had invited three girl friends. The phone...Read On


Birthday For Janet - Part Three

mother joins her father and her daughter

Janet and I were enjoying the afterglow of our first coupling. My cock was still fully engorged, it was deep in her no longer virgin pussy. She was still purring like a kitten. "Happy Birthday, Janet, now you are a woman, and I love you so. That was such a good fuck. Thank you for giving me your virginity for my birthday present. I am going to really enjoy teaching you all the ways there are...Read On



First Time With A Black Girl

This happened to me during World War II

I grew up in the Northern Great Plains in the time before World War II. I had never seen a black person until I turned 18 in late July 1944. I was drafted into the military the next month, sent to a Receiving Station for Classification. By troop train, I was taken to Basic Training in Texas. I learned the ways of the army. I marched, counter marched and drilled till it became part of my...Read On



Megan Teaches Her Prize Student, He Passes with an A+

A Biology Teacher takes her teen age student as a lover

Back sixty years ago, Howard was a very shy, six foot tall, skinny, sixteen-year-old high school student. He had been in an English class when he told the teacher that he couldn’t see the black board. She came and stood behind him and said, “I can see the board perfectly.” He told his single mother and she was barely able to afford the eye exam and fill the prescription. Now he was called...Read On

Wife Lovers(3)


John, Jillian And Me Continued

Wife joins husband in sex with John Jillian

John, Jillian And Me Continued Jillian, John and I continued fucking three or four times a week until my family returned. Then it was on any occasion that was available after that. I was still able to fulfill my own wife’s sexual needs as well as my own need for lots of extra marital fucking. Viola had gone through an extremely hard menopause after having two sets of twins, boy and girl...Read On


John, Jillian and Me

Old friends share his young wife

I was talking with my buddy, we had spent part the afternoon in his covered back patio. John and I were now in our mid 40’s. We had known each other since grade and high school. In college, we even sexually shared girl friends. There were different ones each semester, all four years. After college, John inherited his father’s small trucking company. I, on the other hand, went to work in a...Read On


Menage a Trois

18 year old invited to learn the art of sex

Menage a Trois. It was just a couple weeks before my 18 th birthday. I had graduated from high school in June. Because of the poor job climate, I put a notice on the “Jobs Wanted” board outside a local market. “Hard working young man willing to mow lawns, clean garage, basement, and attic, pick-up truck for hauling trash, odd jobs. Reasonable Rates with guarantee of satisfaction!” along...Read On