She was left breathless

You scramble up the bed to me. Placing your hands up on the headboard above my head, you watch as I spread my thighs. I open them wide as a grin melts across your face. The immediate scent of my cum and pheromones makes me salivate along with you, I can't help but move my fingers between my open lips and plunge them inside of my wet vagina. I stroke my g-spot, feeling it grow full under...Read On


Breathless Dreams

Ali and I met and came together under the most unlikely of circumstances but in that moment our souls bonded together and we became one. Never have we looked back or regretted anything that we have done together. Even after the years we have had in each other's arms the fires of new love burn brightly within us! This beautiful angel, my Ali, can take my breath away with nothing more than a...Read On


Coach Takes one for the team

The surprises never stopped!

It was a Friday night and I was stuck coaching the youth baseball team, something I rarely did on Fridays. My wife decided to spend her evening in my absence by asking her daughter Laurie to come over and spend time with her. I may as well take this opportunity to describe both ladies. Angie was tall, with brunette hair and very nice curves and a toned stomach. Her breasts were 'd' cups, and...Read On


House of Love pt1

Once discover, life changes

Cassie Rondo moaned softly into her husband's mouth as he skinned the tight, silk panties she was wearing down over her slim, girlish hips. She had been looking forward to this since lunchtime when she began to get the familiar, unmistakable urge for sex. It had been hell at work, trying to stop herself staring at every tight, male bulge that walked past, and her pussy had been wet and...Read On


Lil Sister

My name is Chad. I’m 42 years old and I’m a pretty good looking guy. I am not a body builder or anything like that, I like to workout, but I’m not too serious about it. I have a stepsister named Stephanie. Last week was her birthday and she just turned 18 years old. She has brown hair, bluish green eyes and these amazingly perky breasts. It was Friday night and her parents had just left...Read On


Mother knows best.

“Valerie Carson, you come here right now.” Valerie could feel the desperation rising up inside her. She wasn’t a kid anymore but her mom didn’t seem to realize that or maybe she did but she just didn’t care or maybe she just knew there wasn’t anything that Valerie could do about it and really, that was the truth, wasn’t it? She’d graduated from high school and she’d found herself a job...Read On


Sister's Instructions

I smiled and looked down, just in time to see Karen smile and wipe some of the cum from her chin. The little blonde kissed the head of my cock and gave it a flick with her tongue. "Hmmm, good," she said, smacking her lips loudly. On the sofa next to me, sat her older sister Alicia; Alicia had been fingering her pussy while she watched her sister suck me off. Alicia's nakedness and mine was...Read On

Love Poems(1)


Things end but never stop

My lost love, I just have to envision you, To become turned on by the view. Thoughts of us together gives my heart a faster beat, My body tingles and shakes as I feel your heat! It is as if I melt when we touch tongue tips, Drawing me yet closer as we join our wet lips. Fly with the eagles do I when you whisper teases in my ear, Getting us ready to create a world of no fear! ...Read On



Things learned at school

I couldn’t believe we were nearly through the second term of the school year. I think I had noticed you in my geography class from day one. You had a sparkle in your eyes that to me spelt trouble, and fun. In my many years of teaching I had come across many types of people, some I liked, some I didn’t. Some ex students still contact me from time to time, but none had drawn me into them like...Read On