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Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Science fiction is a re-imagining of ideas and technologies that we haven't seen yet, but still fit within our understanding of the universe. Themes can include space travel, time travel, robots, cyborgs, cyberpunk, parallel realities, etc.

The fantasy genre does not necessarily have any grounding in reality, and is more concerned with magic and myth. This can encompass everything from historical Arthurian tales of court intrigue, to epic battles for empires and crusades against the forces of darkness.


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man’s Land (Chapter 45)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

"I'm getting too old for this shit," I moaned and plopped into one of the Situation Room's ergonomically designed conference chairs. I massaged the sore spot on my shoulder and shifted and squirmed and as I searched for a less uncomfortable position. Nothing worked. I hurt in places I didn't even know I had. The steaming mug of fresh brewed Colombian laced with the Sisterhood's brandy warmed...Read On


Satyrs Inseminate Hotwife Archaeologist and Her Assistant

An archaeologist and her assistant go on a field trip and are bred by mythological satyrs.

My name is Alexis, and this story chronicles an experience my graduate assistant, Rhea, and I had on an archaeological fieldtrip on a supposedly uninhabited island in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Greece. But it will be helpful to provide a little background before I get to the main events in the story. It took me a while to decide on a major course of study in college, but I finally...Read On


The Tale Of Astra Pt 3: The Eremite

Astra encounters Cass, a young elvish priest sworn to celibacy. These vows will be tested.

“Can we stop for a bit? I need to get a drink or I’m going to pass out.” Kal wiped his brow and adjusted the awkward weight of his traveling pack. The mid-day heat had made his dark skin shiny with sweat and his mouth and lips were gritty from the dust of the road. Astra was walking a few paces ahead, which had at least provided Kal a pleasant view for the last few hours. The sight of her...Read On


The Tale Of Astra Pt 2: Time To Go

Kal and Astra escape into the wilderness following a violent encounter.

It was several hours later when Kal awoke, still well before dawn. The shoddy traveler’s lodge wasn’t the sort of place he preferred to stay but Astra had been demanding. After she’d finished wringing him out he had been left completely worn out and rather than wending his way back to the more comfortable room he was renting for himself, he’d simply collapsed into bed next to her. She was...Read On


The Fog Came One Day Episode 1

A mysterious fog settles over a seaside resort and people turn bizarre...

All day long, the sky seemed hazy. In this sprawling metropolis on the Gulf Mexico, where urban planners were constantly over-ruled by development oriented elected officials, the air moisture seemed strange. After all, when politicians have real estate investments, or urban sprawl developmental interests, the collusion is in your face. Regardless, the smoggy atmosphere seemed eerier than...Read On

New Beginnings Part Four: Be Our Guest

Adrian finds more than he expected on the home planet

"We are here," Dexter said interrupting Solaria and Adrian.  Adrian was lying on his back as Solaria's large body bounced up and down on his dick. Solaria expertly rode his dick without causing her massive body to crush Adrian underneath her.  "Just a moment," Solaria responded as she felt Adrian's body tense under hers.   Adrian nodded as he stared up at her enormous tits bouncing up...Read On


The Tale Of Astra Pt 1: A Bit Of Fun

The nymph warrior Astra runs into an old friend and the two have a bit of fun together.

  The room is a small, run-down bedchamber, the kind rented for a few coins to merchants or tired travelers looking to sleep off the rigors of the road. It contains little more than a bed with a threadbare mattress and blanket and a small shelf with a water pitcher and an unlit oil lamp. Its floor is bare wood, stained by water and worn by the feet of its many tenants.     The room...Read On


Colonizing Andromeda Part 2

The androids tell their side of the story

I am a model AF49-C android. I was initially designed to assist human engineers on earth while they were developing space ships for interstellar travel. I possess artificial intelligence as do the majority of androids that exist. Androids have been around for over one hundred years. We perform many tasks, some that are considered too dangerous for humans, while others are designed to do...Read On


The Queen and the Soother Part 4

Who would the pregnant queen’s baby reveal as the father and Jeena’s new husband?

“You are pregnant,” the physician barely whispered. The news struck like lightning, stunning Jeena for a few seconds before the implications hit her like a roar of thunder. She burst out laughing, frightening the middle-aged woman. “Do not worry,” the queen smiled. “I have been trying to decide which prince to take for a husband, and it seems the decision has been made for me.” “Who is...Read On


The Queen and the Soother Part 3

The queen needed a husband. Could she make a man and a lover out of the virgin prince?

The third prince was young. Never having initiated a virgin, Jeena thought it could be fun teaching him and molding him to be the husband she wanted. What he lacked in skill could be made up in stamina and enthusiasm until the skill was taught. The queen had sequestered Prince Jason in a room off the library. He had used the days awaiting her to study some history in volumes not available...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 10

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

“What did you do?” Caine asked.  Janie hadn’t really noticed him come in. He was leaning in the doorway watching Janie blow out the candles in front of the mirror. She was disheveled and flushed after watching Bella work her oral magic on Captain Vex, and she definitely did not expect an audience for what she was thinking about doing next. She was recovering from being startled, but...Read On


The Queen and the Soother Part 2

The queen needed a husband. Could she domesticate the worldly playboy?

The search for a husband continued. Widely-traveled, Geoffrey promised more exotic pleasures. Would he just be a plaything for the queen’s amusement, or could he become a true partner? The queen hid the bon vivant in the head cook’s quarters. The chef didn’t mind relinquishing his room for a few days in exchange for some new recipes. People from Sybarisia were known for their love of food...Read On


Galatic Research, Subject Greg

Amber has a task. Will she complete it?

Amber stepped out of the transport vehicle and looked around. So this is Earth? For the last month, she had studied several texts about this planet, and still never imagined it looking this. She knew she was invisible to the humans in the state she was in and that her transport would be safe left in the spot where she landed, but she still felt uneasy. Slowly she walked up toward the...Read On


The Queen and the Soother Part 1

The queen needed a husband. Would the dark, imposing prince be more than she could handle?

The Queen of Lushland knew she needed an heir, so she needed a stud. Would it be the exotic stallion with strength and experience, the worldly mustang with hedonistic temptations, or the trainable colt with devotion and aspirations? Would her heart, mind, and body agree on the choice to be made? A testament or supposition, With embellishment or some omission, And best intent, with...Read On


The Adventures of Sage Tumbleweed And the Secret Alien Agenda – 1

Sci Fi adventure of Agent Tumbleweed and Alien Conspiracy.

  In Adventure One, we find our intrepid agent, Sage Tumbleweed, on the trail of the alien infiltrators plotting to exploit Earth’s resources. Galactic immigration was getting out of control. Not only that, but using humankind’s dimwitted senses against itself, the alien marauders' secret agenda included increasing the stupidity level on a global scale. Intending to hasten the devolution of...Read On

Recommended Read

Lesbian Pussy From Dimension X

Any love worth having is worth fighting for even if you have to turn into an eggplant....

Groan! "Oh, yeah, baby. Suck my snorg. Take it deep into your mouth hole!" Those were the sounds I heard coming from the other side of the wall. 'Gross,' I thought quietly to myself. You'd think by now they would have figured out how to make soundproof walls. What good is all this Alien technology if they couldn't even do that? I'm Jane, and I would give anything for just one night where...Read On


The Merman and His Princess

A merman and his best friend who is a trans girl experience each other’s bodies for the first time

He had been sitting in that little cove for far too long and the heat was starting to get to his head. He shouldn’t have been this close to shore in the first place but he was hoping to see his friend again, if only just to say hello.  He brushed his drying hair back from his eyes as he scanned the shoreline; still no sign of her anywhere. His heart sunk a little, it had been two weeks since...Read On


The Reunion

Sword and sorcery novelist finds high adventure and erotic delights with feminine warrior trio.

Although I had been sitting in front of the computer for hours trying to finish the last chapter of my next sword and sorcery fantasy novel, nothing seemed to be working. I knew someone needed to die in order to create a climatic finale; I just couldn't make up my mind which one it should be. Should I kill off the Elf or the Dwarf or perhaps even the leader of the little band of mercenaries...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 9 part 2

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

_____________________ “I have to go. John’s about to show up,” Janie said. “I thought you wanted me to watch?” Bella smirked.  “Well I didn’t know the mirror was going to be on a patio behind a bar. I’ll have to get through it without you.” She seemed uncomfortable. It was hard to make out her face behind her veil, but Bella could hear the tension in her voice. “What’s wrong?” the...Read On


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man’s Land (Chapter 44)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

"Okay, my turn," I chuckled as I picked up the fat cigar-sized joint of the Sisterhood's weed. Possession of the Canibus talking stick authorized the owner to speak without interruption. I took a heavy hit and passed the blunt to Sheila and took my place in our naked Truth or Dare fireside chat. "Please be honest. What do you believe?" The commander's theology drifted all over the map...Read On


Rise Of The Machines

A visit to a secretive research facility brings a surprise

I should have known there was something off about the advert. Volunteers wanted for a research facility not far from where I live, something about orgone energy research and a generous payout to compensate people for their time. Sure my friend Paul had already mentioned some shady goings-on there, but this was a guy who thought that conspiracy forums were a reliable source of information so...Read On


Selena's Book of Shadows Chapter 2

Kate grants her living clothes sentience through a new spell for more naughty fun.

Kate woke up naked in the middle of the floor, still questioning in her head if what happened really happened.  She rubbed her eyes and looked around the room to see her outfit neatly folded on the bed along with the naughty sheet that probed her. “What the…” Kate muttered to herself before she was cut off by a tiny voice behind her. “Wakey wakey sleepy head.”  The tiny voice said with...Read On


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man’s Land (Chapter 44)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

"Okay, my turn," I chuckled as I picked up the fat cigar-sized joint of the Sisterhood's weed. Possession of the Canibus talking stick authorized the owner to speak without interruption. I took a heavy hit and passed the blunt to Sheila and took my place in our naked Truth or Dare fireside chat. "Please be honest. What do you believe?" The commander's theology drifted all over the map...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 9 part 1

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

“I’m sick of being stuck on the ship. Let’s get out of here,” Jack said as they headed back to the Galley.  “There’s still a lot of dishes left,” Will said.  “Go tell Lace we’re leaving. I’ll be right back,” Jack said. She disappeared below deck leaving Will with an amused expression on his face.  “Apparently we’re leaving,” he said as he walked into the galley.  “If the dishes aren’t...Read On


Perverse Incentive : Ch 1

I'm playing because Dee wants to watch, but this game is messing with my body AND mind.

Floating in darkness, I descended. The air was warm. Faint techno-pop played in the distance, growing closer. My feet touched down with a clang, boots on a metal floor. I heard the crash of a large switch snapping into place somewhere overhead, and the lights came on with a buzz that faded slowly away. They were too bright, at first. Looking around, I could see the room was only a few...Read On


The Realm of Order and Chaos

An Orc alpha starts a new clan in the northern mountains

Chapter 1   Aravaris felt safe once she left the high stone walls of Meadowlands, past the magical warding that protected the city from foreign invaders, through the dark oak trees that towered beyond view, into the grassy clearing that signaled nature and mystery. Her father insisted that she should never leave the city walls, and a party of the most boring elves in the realm escorted her...Read On


Ever After: Chapter 8

Reunions aren't always pleasant...

I started awake as suddenly as I’d passed out. The realization that I’d passed out made me scream at my body to get up. Even as I tried to push it away, beachside memories floated back to me. Rough fingers kindly stroking my cheek. A soft voice counting as each wave lapped at the shore. Using that lap as a pillow, I teased their counting, “735, 728, 769, 652…”   That’s when the rough...Read On


Ever After: Chapter 7

Services rendered...

“This is awfully familiar,” I sighed as the heavy, steel door slammed shut behind me. A single, barred window let in light from above. Seated on a stool with her legs crossed was Eos. Her soft, pink lips curled into a smile. Fresh bruises courtesy of the guards present even on her face. Silver eyes returned my gaze as I crossed the prison chamber.   I was taken aback that even in...Read On


My Warm Apple Pie Fantasy Come True

Cassie moaned out pleasurably as she moved her body on top of the apple pie

My name is Cassie, a lonely woman in her late thirties, and not to mention horny. I could not stop thinking about sex. To be touched by another person, to touch another person giving them pleasure as they gave me sexual pleasure. It had been such a long, long time since I had gotten any. Every chance I got I would stick the porn on onto my laptop. I watch lesbian porn as its more of a turn...Read On


Ever After: Chapter 6

It was supposed to be simple....

Hidden amid the squalid nature of the slums, I was taken aback by the lush beauty around me. Atop a three-story building was a glass dome. The evening sunlight poured through thick foliage and I let out a gasp of surprise. Being escorted up a spiral staircase to the rooftop garden had paralyzed me.   First, I marveled at the scale, Trees were plentiful and sat in baskets in the middle of...Read On