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Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Science fiction is a re-imagining of ideas and technologies that we haven't seen yet, but still fit within our understanding of the universe. Themes can include space travel, time travel, robots, cyborgs, cyberpunk, parallel realities, etc.

The fantasy genre does not necessarily have any grounding in reality, and is more concerned with magic and myth. This can encompass everything from historical Arthurian tales of court intrigue, to epic battles for empires and crusades against the forces of darkness.


Medieval Fantasy …

When I feel in the mood, I tend to write stories ...

It was a dark and rainy evening. Samson had stoked the fire in the hearth to provide some greater warmth in the cottage, though the thunder drowned out the crackling of the fire. Dalila stood with her dress clinging to her from the rain soaking it as she rushed to gather her clothes from the wash line. She watched Samson as he bent over the fire poking the dying embers and igniting the...Read On



Can a romantic Goth really cross time to be with the woman he loves?

I don't need reminding I'm different from the other kids, but they do it anyway, eroding my self-confidence like waves pounding the headland. Sure I wear black jeans, trench coat and eyeliner. Docs, not Converse. Trivium on my playlist over Bieber or Swift. But so what? Dad understands. Says I should live each day in the moment. Carve a niche in the world and to hell with what...Read On


Dark Symmetry

There’s nothing to lose but your mind.

I’m not sure if my eyes remained closed due to the effects of hibernation, or simply because I feared what I might see if I opened them. Even in such a perplexed state, I knew that if the proximity alert was sounding it couldn’t be good. Still, force them open I did. As I stumbled from my stasis tube, the only light came from the spinning yellow emergency beacons set into the ceiling. ...Read On


Heinz Horowicz: Madman or Genius

Two is company and three is a crowd.

Prelude Today, people can look in awe and wonder at the progress made in science and medicine. If you go back a mere fifty years, there were no organ transplants for: heart, liver, lung, cornea, kidney, spleen and more. The only vital organ that is missing today in transplants is the brain. The first experiments and transplants ever recorded were of the works of Johann Dippel who...Read On


The Chat Whisperer

A discouraged Shauna receives a visit from the person she needs most

Shauna's desktop screen flashed the message notification "Mail for LuvShauna" from someone in her circle, interrupting her train of thought. To her pleasant surprise the sender was SexyBrit22, with whom she had shared an animated cyber flirtation over several weeks. She tapped her keyboard with a sleek, polished fingernail. She was buzzed from reading at least two of their previous...Read On


Frozen in a kiss - part one

A lovingly filthy multi-dimensional time travel tale.

It was a rather busy day at work and I was having a hard time shaking it off so I stopped at a bar nearby to have a quick drink, not to actually get drunk, I just needed something to put that shiny hue back into the world. I decided to go to this little place I have never been. There was really nothing particularly interesting about it but the sign said “Longest bar in town!” Hmm …Is...Read On

Recommended Read

Butterfly Beach VIII: Metamorphae

Eventually, numbness and boredom eased my terror, pushing it to the back of my mind. How long I hung, suspended like a worm on a fisherman’s hook, I know not for I spent much of the time fading into an uncomfortable unconsciousness. And then, the terror returned in abundance as I felt a presence within the dark, my eyes having grown accustomed enough to see the displacement of blank emptiness...Read On

Editor's Pick

The World Ends With A Whimper

One man's life on the precipice takes a new turn.

All around me, the grimy, cracking walls echoed with the deafening snarl of pistons. Burning rubber kicked up a storm of gravel that ricocheted all around like gunfire. I pressed myself deep into the darkest corner of the bridge arch and curled up as small as I could. I admit it wasn’t my most courageous or heroic moment, but I’ve learned to do whatever it takes to survive. I had no plans...Read On


The Long Escape

Moose do not forget, nor are they easily turned aside from their prey.

PROLOGUE: I am the only person I know that has been attacked by a moose. Yes, a moose. It was in Banff a few years back. My husband and I, along with two other couples, had made the trip to sightsee and maybe ski. The evening of the first day, I went for a walk from our little B&B to get a flavor of the town. Walking along a long road between some apartments or condos or something, I spied...Read On


Kay's adventures. Chapter one.

A young woman's adventures in a dystopian future.

Kay knocked on the door and entered the room, as she had been told todo. As she walked in the director stood up from behind his desk and beckoned her in. "Good morning Katherine, or may I call you Kay?" he said. "Good morning Mr. Director, you can call me Kay if you want to," Kay replied. Kay looked slightly to her right, noticing the resident doctor, Dr. Yip. Yip leaned against...Read On


The Study

Orgone accumulation and Demonic Sex - In the name of science!

Ben arrived ten minutes late. He looked up at the sheer glass façade of Whorton Hall. It was four stories high, but seemed taller, reflecting white clouds and sky blue. The building was the newest on the Clinton State campus, and housed the College of Health and Nursing. Ben shrugged his backpack back over his shoulder, picked up his skateboard, and pushed through the glass revolving door. ...Read On


Lost Girl: Part III

I awoke calmly, but had an immediate preoccupation to leave. All of me lay underneath the covers except for one leg that clung around the outside edge. I turned over to see Malcolm sleeping face up, a content look beamed from him, breathing with ease. His hand underneath the covers resting close to my hip. I turned into his body for warmth and rested my breasts on his upper arm, arching my...Read On


Day One: An Elven Encounter

An unexpected delay in my journey through the forest.

It's late evening already, but still dreadfully hot in Faerun. The intermittent touch of the bright orange sun is almost scalding, even beneath the shadowy cover of the forest trees. It's the second week of Elesias and I'm traveling to Zhentil Keep as I do every month. I tend to move North by foot through the forest of Cormanthor and across the Moonsea between Yulash and the Keep. I must...Read On


Lost Girl: Part II

The shower screen had heated and humidified to a degree where it was now impossible to see the rest of the bathroom. I ran a hand over the glass and looked over to the clothes that Malcolm had dug out from downstairs. A white blouse with frills around the neck and brown buttons sat next to a V-neck orange jumper. The material of the jumper looked thick and of fairly good quality considering...Read On


Gypsies, Tramps and M.D.'s

Chauvinistic man with little respect for the opposite sex is taught the lesson of his life.

An involuntary gasp whispered from my lips as I watched Doc pull down his jockey shorts and kicked them away exposing the huge semi-hard cock swinging between his legs. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t take my eyes off it, I couldn’t believe it was so big. The thing was only partially erect but even now it was, at least, seven to eight inches in length and about half as big around, plus...Read On


Ellen's Sex Shop 3: Tinker's Workshop

Tinker runs a hands-on class for two-person toys.

Tinker was delighted as she looked over her small audience. While some of Ellen’s girls loved the various sale drives and events over all else, Tinker preferred the workshops. Trisha had come by her nickname of “Tinker” honestly, she was the store’s de facto expert on sex toys of all types and the little seminars she ran as an extra for their VIP customers were her preferred duty at...Read On


Sometimes The End Is Just The Begining

A dying man is given a second chance at a new life.

Whenever I would masturbate, which was quite often, I loved to create the most outrageously imaginary fantasies, often losing myself within those fantasies where time seemed to pass at a different rate stretching to an infinite horizon. The actual physical act of masturbating and the fantasy that accompanied it was only a small part the actual fantasy which I had created years earlier and...Read On


Blade King Chapter 1, The Arts and Skills a Princess Should Know

a rogue gets more than he bargained for.

I sat in the dark shadows and waited. Any time, the princess would return. Princess Erinol was said to be one of the wealthiest of the royal family. Wealthy enough to be entitled to her own palace, even if it was a minor palace compared to the kings. I had tried to pick the locks on the well-hidden door to her jewelry closet to no avail. Now, that was saying something. There had been no...Read On


Ellen's Sex Shop 2: Amber's Revenge

Amber get's mischievous revenge on Mara for her actions during the bondage sales drive.

If Mara wasn’t fully well aware that her current situation was revenge, she’d be planning bodily harm on Amber. Actually, she was still planning bodily harm, but only of the “bending her over and spanking her” variety. In truth, as aggravated as she was, she had to admire the girl’s planning. Everyone in the shop knew Amber’s manipulations for what they were, but her arguments had...Read On


Nights of Alsitor; At The Foot of Podritia's Pass

an attempt at diplomacy goes awry

The wind howled outside, barely swaying the lanterns hanging within the closed bivouac. Soft light played off the glyphs woven into the tent walls, and the somber faces of the two meeting parties. Captain Tsharles, a rocky-jawed bear of a man with olive skin and wavy amber hair, sat on a footstool two steps away from the intricately-knitted wicker bench supporting Sheriff Amelia, the steward...Read On


From a Brave to a Squaw

When a tribe is nearing extinction, one has to go to extreme changes to save the clan.

It was the disease the white man brought to us. It wiped out almost our entire tribe. There were only thirteen of us left. The worse part was it wiped out all the women and children. We were a tribe consisting of twelve braves and one witch doctor. Our tribe was only a generation away from being extinct. The winter was almost over and spring was upon us. It was the time we would usually form...Read On


The Casimir Effect - Resolution

Taken hostage, Jamie and Astrid stumble upon an incredible development.

It was a leaden, black ache from his head that stirred him. Opening his eyes, he blurrily took in his surroundings. Recognising the juxtaposition of the soothing ivory-white walls with the gun metal grey door, he remembered where he was. Looking across from his bunk, there was something new. A set of consoles were arranged across the far wall. There was Astrid pouring over the data on...Read On


The Casimir Effect - The Cause.

Nothing is what it seems when a routine exploration mission gets new orders.

Dressed in her tight fitting regulation underwear, he handed Astrid a bottle of EZ-Wake. She looked dazed, her eyelids still a bit heavy. “Thanks, are we there? I can hear the energy banks discharging.” He fought hard not to blurt it out there and then. He wasn’t going to risk putting himself on a court martial for endangering the ship. Feigning his best smile, it wasn’t enough to...Read On


Alex Reborn - Part 1

A wealthy lawyer gets a second chance at life in a new body.

My name is Alex, I am a high powered, celebrity lawyer, and life is extremely good. That was until I flew into Atlanta a few hours ago to meet with a new hot, young singer, Brianna. I'd seen her on YouTube and I was sure that in a year she would become a break out star and in doing so add to my substantial bank account. However, Brianna needed me more than I needed her. We were driving...Read On



Kevin is a regular patron of Cyberwhore.

“So, you’re a patron of Cyberwhore then, Kev?” asked Jeff with a sneer. Kevin nodded sheepishly. How had he let something like that slip out? “What’s wrong with the alternatives, Kev?” Jeff persisted, sipping from his beer glass in the window seat of the Red Encounter . “What about virtual sex? What’s wrong with penis pumps? And what about, heaven forbid, the real thing?” “Not...Read On


The Shadow Warrior

Terrible things can happen when one disobeys a Shadow Warrior.

The Viper class-2A Warbird left Gondora's orbit traveling through the Cylarian system at hyper speed. The smaller scaled, yet highly equipped, battle cruiser carried her normal operating crew of about a dozen, along with seven elite Shadow Warriors, commanded by Raiden Ul'thri. The Viper and her crew were on their way back to the Allied Federation's home world, after having completed...Read On


Who Do I Want To Be Today?

A girl's unauthorized access gives her special, life-long powers...

I first discovered my unique ability when I was eleven years old. Some school girls were bullying my friend Jennifer and me when we were trying on each other’s coats by our lockers. They started name calling and taunting us, so I shared with them a few pointed words, and then the chase began. While trying to evade my pursuers, I ran into the girl’s bathroom. I hid by locking myself in a...Read On


Lost Girl: Part I

I was awake, but not fully conscious. Eyes barely open, the first thing I felt was the cold air around me. My feet, freezing, chin slumped against my collar bone. Trying to open my mouth I felt a tight, sticky texture clasping my lips shut. As I started to come to, my eyes burned a little. Raising my head I could see barely anything in the room; it was incredibly dark at first until my...Read On

Recommended Read

Jungle Heat

A jungle creature plays with destiny during a night of erotic magic.

The jungle was a living, breathing, heartbeat that pulsed in his ears and slicked his skin with fine blood-filled scratches. Ben Collins batted at a slithering tendril of a vine that skimmed his cheek, ever cautious of the snakes that filled both the air above, and the ground beneath his feet. Glancing up into the canopy of leaves and creatures overhead he could still feel the eyes. He was...Read On

Editor's Pick

How to Drown Out Contact Passions

If you could read passions, would you?

My gift baffles me. There are times when it arouses and enlightens. More often, it alarms and exhausts. I didn't ask for it. Why would I? It just arrived one morning, disguised as a splitting headache. I remember the day clearly. I was studying for a physics exam with my crush, Dominic. Dominic was basketball tall and chess club smart. Where most of the guys in our class seemed eighteen...Read On