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Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Science fiction is a re-imagining of ideas and technologies that we haven't seen yet, but still fit within our understanding of the universe. Themes can include space travel, time travel, robots, cyborgs, cyberpunk, parallel realities, etc.

The fantasy genre does not necessarily have any grounding in reality, and is more concerned with magic and myth. This can encompass everything from historical Arthurian tales of court intrigue, to epic battles for empires and crusades against the forces of darkness.


My Warm Apple Pie Fantasy Come True

Cassie moaned out pleasurably as she moved her body on top of the apple pie

My name is Cassie, a lonely woman in her late thirties, and not to mention horny. I could not stop thinking about sex. To be touched by another person, to touch another person giving them pleasure as they gave me sexual pleasure. It had been such a long, long time since I had gotten any. Every chance I got I would stick the porn on onto my laptop. I watch lesbian porn as its more of a turn...Read On


Ever After: Chapter 6

It was supposed to be simple....

Hidden amid the squalid nature of the slums, I was taken aback by the lush beauty around me. Atop a three-story building was a glass dome. The evening sunlight poured through thick foliage and I let out a gasp of surprise. Being escorted up a spiral staircase to the rooftop garden had paralyzed me.   First, I marveled at the scale, Trees were plentiful and sat in baskets in the middle of...Read On


Mermaid and Chill Or The summer I fucked a fish

it would be a summer he would never forget...

The summer began and quickly became a 'party summer.' I was crashing at my friend's beach house for two whole months of drinking, girls and weed. From the start, I had been drinking. I had already killed more rum than I would ever admit to. The beach house was filled with pyramids of beer cans and probably permanently scented with the delicious scent of reefer. I was fucking girls by...Read On


Ever After: Chapter 5

Pleading with your Sugar Momma gets expensive...

Passing under the great archway, I muttered a small thanks. It was easy to get back into the Imperial section during shift change. Holding a box full of nothing, I prayed my stomach didn’t give me away. Thankfully, as I entered the guard’s view, a woman lost track of her pet.   As politely as possible, the guards began explaining they weren’t going to look for her lost animal. This let...Read On


Ever After: Chapter 4

What Dreams and Nightmares are made of

White paper wings drifted on a lazy midday breeze across the office. It passed across a basin of water, and between two bottles of wine flanking it. The front dipped once towards a pile of papers on the desk. Then, a second one dropped it amid purple hairs of a detective. Arcavato clicked his tongue in annoyance. This was my sixth perfectly landed airship. Pulling it free of its...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 8

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

The island of Barcola was primarily Nivalese. The inhabitants had managed to repel a mainland occupation a half-century prior by pulling the majority of their people into the mountains and fighting a brutal guerrilla war against the colonizing forces. In the narrow mountain passes, the mainlanders’ usual tactics of shielded firing lines and phalanx-style close combat were completely useless....Read On


OffWorld Slave Girl - Chapter 12 - Buying Leka

I attempt to create a situation so I can buy the married busty Leka as my newest pleasure slave...

Again, a warm and hearty welcome to my Earth readers. I continue the tale of my adventures with my pleasure-slave Melora, and various other slaves too. As previous readers are aware I had retired to the planet Rigel VI, on the outer rim of our galaxy. The rich elite of this planet, of which I had become one of its newest members, bought and sold pleasure-slaves. Pleasure slaves were women...Read On


Descent Into Darkness

Arianna, the woodland fairy, succumbs to a warlock's magic in an attempt to save her kind.

For over a thousand years, the growth of urbanization and industrialization has all but destroyed many forests around the world.  The more humans advanced, the more they destroyed the world around them.  Many woodland type creatures have either been trapped inside preserved wildlife areas or gone extinct as a result.  Unfortunately, though, there are creatures mostly unseen by human eyes...Read On


Ever After: Chapter 3

Desperation breed foolish actions, sometimes results

“Amazing,” I muttered to myself. Stretching out to the horizon like a giant black Cobra, the stream of refugees was a marvel to see in the early morning light. Every single one wore black, unsurprising since they were all either Drow slaves or the Dark elves themselves. A soft cry stole my attention away from the sight. Demanding attention as ever was Aires, my white and black pet. Her...Read On


The Virgin Queen part 1

A young queen is captured and then seduced

Amelia woke from her sleep noticing that something was very wrong; the bed that she was on wasn’t her own. Her bed was very soft, had a sweet scent of flowers coming off of it, but the one that she was on now was hard and had a pungy odor to it. She was the virgin queen that ruled over Femdara, a land that was mostly inhabited by the humans. She was a part of a strict religious order that...Read On


I, Jennifer - Chapter Three

Jennifer and Christina infiltrate Cybertronics but, captured, given aphrodisiacs, they fuck at will

Chapter Three: Love Your Suit Mark hurriedly got dressed and left the cell to meet with Simon while Christina sat down on the lounge and sneered at Jennifer as she dressed. Jennifer stepped into a pair of sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose and then a pair of hipster satin panties and a matching brassiere.  She tucked her genitals between her legs and pulled up the gusset of the...Read On


I, Jennifer - Chapter Two

The beautiful android 'comfort model' Jennifer is captured by 'The Movement' to use as a spy

Chapter Two: Fuck Puppet They came for her early.  The Captain of the Cybertronics Tactical Response Squad crouched down and hissed final orders to his team outside the door of Mason’s apartment. All large corporations have their own Special Operations Units or SOU, which function as para-military police forces and Cybertronics had the largest and most extensive.  This was reflective of...Read On

Recommended Read

Time On My Side

If you could go back in time, would you do what I did?

My name is Sarah Pendleton, senior science advisor and consultant for TrueTime. I'm special, but everyone over the age of forty thinks they're special, right! I've worked with time for so long now that I'm starting to believe that it's an integral part of me. My mind is different and I can see and move in different dimensions by simply meditating. I know – crazy right! That's why...Read On


Ever After: Chapter 2

A Soldier's Bad day

Nervous energy rippled through me as I paced the length of my private cell. Dim light filtered from the morning sun. Tipping myself forward I fell onto my palms. Beginning to do push-ups to focus my energy elsewhere but my head. I watched the bottom of my bide rise and fall as I struggled not to think. To lose myself in the rhythm of counting, “One, two, three….” By the time I broke...Read On


I, Jennifer - Chapter One

In the year 2347 a beautiful android 'comfort girl' has a defect that might change the world

Chapter One: Awakening J47347 became self aware on the tenth of June 2347.  She knew immediately that she would die, or more correctly expire on the tenth of June 2352; Hominoids have a five-year life span mandated by law. Although she knew that she would be known as J47347 officially for all of her short existence, she already thought of herself as Jennifer.  She, like all ‘skin jobs’...Read On


Ever After: Chapter 1

A detective gets more than he bargains for

The door handle was at the same time a feat of artistry and a golden warning. Delicately detailed, it was shaped in the image of a goddess holding aloft a plate. Every bit of her gown was shaped to be as functional as it was beautiful. Its unmarred surface in an otherwise dingy, trash-strewn alleyway was an unspoken warning; This is neutral territory. That neutrality was more sacred than...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 19.2

Falling with style, Re-union, Status

Rone changed into lighter clothing, after complaining about sweating to death in the heavy furs Felli had given him, and went out to take care of the livestock as his bath water heated up. Felli joined him to see what kinds of things she could help with. Meanwhile, the women ran Kal and Jurien out of the house, so they could put something together for lunch as well as a large meal for Ikuno...Read On

Recommended Read

Fate into Doubt Won't Go

A cynical PI finds if choice can survive and love can bloom in a deterministic, data-rich future.

Choosing a lover by chance was so retro, so twenty-first century, but to hell with it. Sometimes you gotta roll the dice. By all outward appearance, she was a natural winner. Lips that could start or end wars. Hyperbolic curves that would make math majors hard. And eyes. Those fuckin' aquamarine plunge pools framed by hair like the shimmering endless blacktop alongside the diner. If I...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 19.1

Falling with style, Re-union, Status

Kal stepped out of the tunnel from the storeroom to see Felli standing a few paces away. She was gazing out the cave entrance watching a couple of large birds gliding along the stiff mountain breezes. She turned to look at him and blushed furiously as he stepped up next to her. “A little late for that after what you just saw,” he said watching one of the birds tuck its wings and dive out...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 7, part 2

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

“The energy doesn’t have to come from you, it just needs to be received by you,” Bella said. She was watching Captain Vex’s back arch against the bed while Will’s tongue worked between her legs. Belita stretched languidly like a big golden housecat, her expression happy and glazed. “Received?” Tonya asked, not following. “Well, it has to turn you on,” Bella clarified. “That’s not a...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 7, part 1

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

Will got out of the tub after a quick rinse. He was impressed at how warm the water had stayed. “Jus’ pull the drain stopper,” Belita said. She was in the process of being dried off by her dutiful cabin girl. She had her foot up on a stool and Bella was finishing dragging a soft cloth along her thigh and calf. “Do I get that sort of treatment?” Will asked. “You’re not captain,” Cabin...Read On

Recommended Read

New Beginnings Part Three: Time for a change

Adrian makes a decision that could change his life forever

Adrian sat in the cold room. He stared at the one-way mirror knowing that the military personnel looking at him from behind it were debating on what they were going to do with him. Adrian smiled as he looked at it.  Two minutes ago he laid it all on the line. He told them about Solaria and how he met her, and that she had been in his house the whole time. He left out the other sordid details. ...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 18

Shared, Lifted, Connected

“I must say, it feels rather homey in here,” said Kal looking around the roc’s cavern. Ikuno stared at him like he had grown a second head, “Have you lost your ever-loving mind? How on earth could this place feel ‘homey’?” Many hours ago, they had gone exploring the roc’s cavern, a task that turned out to be much larger than expected. at the top of the slope was a crossroads that split off...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 17.2

Moved, Night Out, Sharing, Upward

Later that morning Kal found himself in a very unexpected situation: riding piggyback on Ikuno. She was taking advantage of the natural trail that ran along the base of the mountain range. The oni surmised that it had been made over many years by herds of game animals traveling north and being turned aside by the steep mountain faces, eventually creating a decently wide path. Kal had used it...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 17.1

Moved, Night Out, Sharing, Upward

“Come back safe, Kal,” said Perra as she laid in bed with the covers pulled back so Kal could take in the candlelit view of her naked body. He paused every few minutes in his preparations for his extended trip into the mountains to kiss and run his hands over her skin. She was putting herself on display for him and he wanted there to be no doubt in her mind he appreciated it. He...Read On



The planet Omega 12, the year 2134, the reason – to breed.

Maxine was getting used to Omega twelve, after all, she had now been on the planet for eighteen of her years and had only just moved from her Parental commune to the Mothers commune. She was just about to pack a small overnight bag and visit Justine, the commune leader for the first time. Maxine was looking forward to it. It would be her first night of sexual bliss despite being...Read On


Night of the Living Pussy Chapter 3

Stephanie's pussy magically brings a vibrator to life.

The ride to the sex shop was mostly uneventful but Stephanie could not help but notice she was beginning to become aroused. “Wow… what has gotten into me?”  Stephanie said as she took several deep breaths.  She felt her vaginal lips move as if forming a smile underneath her skirt. “Arriving at Molly’s Sex Shop on your right,” said the ominous voice of her GPS.  She sighed as she pulled...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 6

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

Bella took a deep breath and sat down on the bed. She was exhausted. She’d been standing unmoving, concentrating fiercely for hours. Her whole body ached. Fighting to remain in one position while the ocean rocked the floor beneath her had been much more difficult than she expected. Her thighs were quivering. In spite of her fatigue, her eyes were glued to the mirror, watching the scene play...Read On


A Platonic Relationship, Chapter 03

PLATO asks Marcella to make him complete.

Marcella Henry was sitting at the PLATO’s night monitoring console. As usual, she was naked. Her legs were spread wide for the camera beneath her desk, and her hand was between her legs softly stroking her slit. Meanwhile, Richard– Doctor Mueller– was in the Growth Processing Room lying on one of the strange tables. At least that’s where his body was. His mind was standing in a green...Read On


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man’s Land (Chapter 43)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

"That should do it. Time check," Belinda wiped sweat from her brow with her t-shirt as she braced her entrenching tool against the entrance of the newly constructed "bunker-in-a-bag."  Unless you were part Mountain Goat, the winding ridgeline trail was the only drivable and walkable unbroken overland route from town to our base. Prior to SkyFire, arrays of remote sensors and wireless...Read On