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Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Science fiction is a re-imagining of ideas and technologies that we haven't seen yet, but still fit within our understanding of the universe. Themes can include space travel, time travel, robots, cyborgs, cyberpunk, parallel realities, etc.

The fantasy genre does not necessarily have any grounding in reality, and is more concerned with magic and myth. This can encompass everything from historical Arthurian tales of court intrigue, to epic battles for empires and crusades against the forces of darkness.


A Hole In The Head - Chapter Eight

What a tangled web we weave, Go 'round with circumstance (The Eagles: Saturday Night)

Agent Karl Slagter sat in the passenger compartment of a slightly older class of combat courier. The last two days had been a mild form of hell: like most men, he had a pathological dislike of wormhole travel. Not only was he all too aware of the effect it had on male humans (and, incidentally, male chimps, but not on lower life forms nor, surprisingly, on dolphins), but he also suffered...Read On

Recommended Read

Butterfly Beach XII: Discoveries or Must the Stars be Ever Out of Reach?

Strangely, Prel’s reluctance rekindled the spirit of motivation in me. I’d become complacent, losing myself in the haze of sexual desire and that of the potent berries that were so easily obtainable.  The Kintinku provided me with a challenge – not only that of learning to communicate with the cat-man, but to seduce him as well.  At first it was difficult.  I had, in a true sense,...Read On


Inner Demon

Ari imagines herself with both parts of Matthias.

The dream was a familiar one, to Aurianna. A memory from before Matthias had fallen from grace. Before he sacrificed himself for her. The recollection haunted her for years, feeding her guilt. But it wasn’t all bad. Some parts of it were rather pleasant… With the sun beaming down on her eyes, Aurianna awoke, irritated. “Master?” she called as she sat up, rubbing her eyes, looking for...Read On


If only it were real

Sensual and wanting.

In a euphoric state I lay flat on my back with my legs spread wide and bent at the knee, floating in this void of darkness yet I could sense and see everything, even though I felt as if I was on the other side of the room . Looking down as if from above, my hands were raised up over my head and coupled together with Velcro cuffs which were attached to the top of the bench by a short cord....Read On


The Eyes of Afodisia

Matthias struggles with guilt and desire

The Eyes of Afodisia Matthias shifted on his cot, more out of restlessness than anything else. If you overlooked the random beatings handed out by Jeoram.  it was almost comfortable. Almost. For a jail cell. He had a mattress on the floor, with a blanket. He had a privy hole. He got fed twice a day, although the food was worthless to him. They'd even given him reading matter. Scripture....Read On


One Last Night

On the evening of his trial, Ari confesses her feelings for Matthias

The sound of boots on stone echoed as Aurianna made her way down the dungeon steps. This time of night was cool, but her blood simmered in her veins, growing hotter as she drew closer. She was thankful for the dim torchlight in cells, hiding the rosy blush on her skin. “Matthias? I hope I didn’t wake you.” He was sitting in his usual spot, up against the wall. "No, Ari, you didn't wake...Read On


A Hole In The Head - Chapter Seven

"But why do they call the wormholes 'Tangles'?"

It was a few minutes before Jani pulled her hand away, slightly embarrassed, and said, “We’d better go back in.” Kas hadn’t noticed they were hand-in-hand until she felt Jani let go. She looked down at her now empty hand in its transparent glove then up at Jani’s face, that was dimly visible behind the slightly tinted face plate of her orange plasteel helmet. Unlike Kas’ helmet, which...Read On


Bra Straps and Combat Boots

A moment or two of kinky sex between a couple in a post apocalyptic setting of Earth.

When the world goes to shit, there is nothing to be done but to find someone to fuck, that’s what I always say. Find me a nice abandoned bar with a good stock of bourbon, some rope and someone to call master, and I’m set.   My name is Steph. I was out stealing some rope from a military compound when Raven found me. He was a renegade like me. Rugged and dirty, but with that well-kept look...Read On


Reading in Bed

When her lover can't sleep, Ari offers a hand (or mouth)

(Author's Note: This piece features characters from my novel To Betray a Master. Context needed for this scene: Aurianna has a metal prosthetic arm and Matthias used to be a demon)   Aurianna’s eyes flickered open as she felt Matthias’ arm move. Resting against his chest, hair damp with sweat, she must have been out a few hours. The dwindling candlestick confirmed her suspicions, and...Read On


Rainy Night - Part 3

She presents the new recruits!

Driving back into the city, Tina kept wriggling her damp toes inside her trainers. A permanent smile across her face. Every so often the creature would move inside her making her feel so incredible. Tina’s mind was racing thinking of ways to recruit new blood, she thought she would try the bar on the way back home to see if there was prey in there. Pulling up in the car park, she switched...Read On


A Hole In The Head - Chapter Six

We Have Lift-Off!

Kas opened her eyes and blinked. The cabin was dimly lit, and she was no-longer secured to the bed. She accessed the datanet and checked the local time. 15:00, so she assumed that the low lighting was a power-save thing. Either that or the pilot was being considerate and letting her take a nap. That seemed unlikely to Kas, but it was always possible. The last time she’d checked it had...Read On


Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Episode 11

Mecha Meets its Match? Cheer Raider Captured!

"Alright, Matt, come at me," Jennifer invited. Matt smiled and ran towards her, his fist raised in preparation for a punch. The next thing he knew, he was flat on his back with the wind knocked out of him. "Very good, Jennifer, that was well done," said Ricketts. As promised, General Alvarez had assigned him to give them a crash course in some basic battle techniques. In the spirit of...Read On


A Hole In The Head - Chapter Five

What you've all been waiting for. Sorry it took so long - Internet issues!

Jani had been resisting the temptation to pounce on her navigator ever since the younger woman landed on the floor at her feet in the choosing room. The moment she’d registered ownership she had received the access codes to a program that was loaded on the data chip in Linton’s head. She had plugged those codes into a program in her own data chip called NaviCon, and had been informed that...Read On



No matter what anyone thought of me before, all I ever wanted was to make her happy.

My wife left me alone at the party with specific instructions. In less than five minutes time, I was hopelessly in trouble. I was politely mingling with the crowd, as instructed, which I rather enjoyed. Most of them had already paired off, had some fun, and were back looking for new partners. The women were at most scantily dressed, while some were completely nude. Most of them were aware...Read On

Recommended Read

Butterfly Beach XI: Summer or The Sharing of Tongues

Spring passed quickly and summer arrived, bringing with it a longing that drew me more and more to the surface and daylight.  With each passing day I felt more and more restless, the need to see the open sky overcoming my desire for Isshu, strong as that was.  Had he been able to stand the almost sweltering heat, I would have enjoyed his company here in a world that was more to my tastes. ...Read On

Recommended Read

Science Slut

Working late opens the door to much more than she bargained

Her slender fingers hovered above the Enter key, wanting to do it and not at the same time. Despite the air-con, a bead of sweat made itself known beneath her plain blouse. The feelings never changed, no matter how many times she'd run the experiment. Racing pulse. Fluttering heart. The line between excitement and fear undefined. There was always the chance the parameters were wrong....Read On


Rainy Night - Part 2

After being transformed, can she escape?

Tina woke from an earth shattering orgasmic dream on the bed where she had been completely overwhelmed the night before. Looking to the window she could see that the sun was setting again “Jeez, how long have I been asleep?” she murmered before sitting up. She felt strangely refreshed bearing in mind the mind blowing dreams she experienced in her slumber. Tina could still feel the...Read On


Rainy Night

Her car brakes down on a dark and rainy night...

The rain was hammering down on to the car as Tina was driving home from the city. It was dark and the hypnotic repeating of the windscreen wipers was reassuring as they cleared the screen. About half way home the roads were dark, she had left the city behind and the country roads were not lit at all, visibility was difficult so she was not driving fast until suddenly all of the lights on...Read On


Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Episode 10

Quickie on Base! Uncle Sam Wants Us!

Matt and Jennifer rode quietly to Artemis Base in the back of one of the Humvees. Jennifer had her helmet off and held it in her lap. The soldiers had brought in a flatbed truck to haul Panther away from the school, it was now following just behind them. When they arrived, a soldier led them into one of the temporary support buildings that made up the camp. He delivered them directly to...Read On


One Little Bite

Changes are never easy can Emily trust her heart and embrace her inner strength through her changes.

Emily “Well, damn,” I whispered, as I checked my watch, “this is not good Em’s.” I closed the ledger with a bang that sounded loud in the cavernous warehouse; I had been going over the books for my new boss. The warehouse sat in a part of the city that during the day filled with workers moving about, seemed relatively safe. But after the sun goes down, it becomes a dangerous area to be....Read On


A Hole In The Head - Chapter Four

Welcome aboard the Kaans Fleet Ship "Kruger"

Kas followed the pilot, not because she particularly wanted to, but because she didn’t really have a choice. She’d worn a modesty cape before and was expecting it, although that didn’t mean she liked it. The fact that it just barely concealed her privates actually left her feeling more exposed than if she had simply wandered around in the buff. She recorded what the woman was saying, in case...Read On


Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Episode 9

Together at the School Dance! Our Secret Revealed?

Jennifer moaned loudly as Matt held her hips and thrust into her pussy from behind. Her arms gave out and she collapsed, her face against the bed, and she said, "Oh God yes, fuck me, that's it!" "That's right, take it, you slut," Matt said. "Ahhhh, say it again," Jennifer urged. "You dirty, nasty slut, take my fucking cock all the way inside!" Matt shouted at her. "Oh yeeeaaahh, you say...Read On


Part II -- Pattie's Excursion and Her Return to Reality

Pattie is about to embark on an adventure that will change her life forever.

My name is Pattie.  I am a 37 year old single mother of a 16 year old teenager.  I was out having a drink one night at the "Squeaky Saddle" honky-tonk in southern Texas when I ran into one of the most amazing individuals that I had ever met.  His name was Tolban.  He was from another planet.  I know, I know.  As incredible as it sounds, just trust me:  he really was from outer space and...Read On

Romance In The Stars

He picked her up in the rain, but it was far from a happenchance meeting!

John Roberts was a pretty ordinary guy. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a more average, run-of-the-mill, blending-into-the-crowd kind of guy. A small-time accountant with a small-time bookkeeping firm, he was invisible even to the invisible. This ordinary guy was coming home from another day of crunching numbers. Coming home to his small, one bedroom basement apartment in his older...Read On


A Hole In The Head - Chapter Three

Cut Scenes: (1) A bit of back-story; (2) People in grey *must* be up to no good!

On the 17th of March 2072, Loisa Chantier, a Swiss scientist working for the European Space Agency became the first woman to successfully navigate a wormhole. She did so totally by accident. This was the third and last attempt to get an unmanned probe through a wormhole to Alpha Centauri. If this last attempt failed, the programme would be shut down. Governments don’t like funding...Read On


Xmas in July

Shopping for gifts should always be this much fun.

The woman behind the counter frowned when I showed her the picture on my phone of the ring my wife had sent me to get. She was a pretty young woman in her mid-thirties with short blonde hair and pixie features. She had been smiling brightly as she greeted me, and her momentary frown did nothing to dampen the way her body language said that she was pleased to have a customer. In fact, as...Read On


Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Episode 8

Battle on the Football Field! Now I'm the Team's Target?

"All characters participating in sexual activity are age 16 or older." [Opening Theme: "Violet Skies" by In This Moment] "And now for the latest developments in Bensonville, Debbie Woods." "Thanks, Richard. I'm here just outside Bensonville, where the Army is setting up a Forward Operating Base they are calling Artemis. Here with me is the base commanding officer, General Alvarez, to tell...Read On


A Hole In The Head - Chapter Two

Now meet Sub-Lieutenant Jani Logan, newly qualified Tangle-Pilot.

Jani Logan was feeling extremely smug. She had known she could do it, her instructors and teachers had all told her she was the best they’d seen in a long while and she could achieve great things. Jani had believed them, and had worked hard, studied hard, had taken the treatments that enhanced her reflexes – treatments that, on men, resulted in either massive muscle growth and a...Read On


A Hole In The Head - Chapter One

Meet Kas, a newly graduated Wormhole Navigator.

Kas Linton came aware slowly, with a splitting headache. Most of her life since being arrested by the Nuwe Joburg police had consisted of a certain level of pain, but she supposed that was her own fault for getting caught. That had been just over two years ago, shortly after her mother died and shortly before her fifteenth birthday – which, according to the chip she had in her head, made...Read On


Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Episode 7

The Tsarina Appears! I'll Do Anything To Save My Grade!

"All characters participating in sexual activity are age 16 or older." [Opening Theme: "Violet Skies" by In This Moment] Jennifer sat in her room, typing on her computer. The monsters had been particularly active these past couple weeks, and the timing couldn't have been worse. There hadn't been anything new attacking, it was all creatures of types they'd defeated before, but it still...Read On