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Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Science fiction is a re-imagining of ideas and technologies that we haven't seen yet, but still fit within our understanding of the universe. Themes can include space travel, time travel, robots, cyborgs, cyberpunk, parallel realities, etc.

The fantasy genre does not necessarily have any grounding in reality, and is more concerned with magic and myth. This can encompass everything from historical Arthurian tales of court intrigue, to epic battles for empires and crusades against the forces of darkness.


The Fantasy Chair

Not all of my stories come from my real life experiences. Some stem from my sexually insatiable imagination. This little story that I am about to mold into words stems from what I call my futuristic fantasies. And by the way, if anybody can invent a fantasy chair like the one that I am about to describe, please let me know. I want to be the first to try it. Now on with my fantasy… I am in...Read On


Death Makes Me Feel Alive

When she meets the god of death, is he everything she imagined?

I have watched over earth for thousands of years, and my existence has faded to myth and legend. Over time, my kin became mere shadows of the beings they once were, until they disappeared altogether. My wife, Persephone, was the first to disappear. More like a companion than a wife, she had long been without purpose. I am the only one left with a job; to care for the dead. Since my...Read On


Nights of Alsitor; Hades Persephone II

A young man's first encounter with a woman

Persephone gently pushed Hades away and stepped back, his hands reluctantly sliding from her flesh. She turned and walked toward the gate behind her. Still on his knees, he stared enthralled at the coxinant twists of her retreating buttocks. His callipygian captor paused and looked back at him and gave one word. "Follow." Hades scrambled to his feet and was fast on her heels, even as...Read On


Nights of Alsitor; Hades Persephone

A young man's first encounter with a woman

Hades gritted his teeth, fingers twitching at his side. He was panting, drips of sweat running down his bare back, his shoulders, his forehead, soaking the blindfold. It annoyed him, though it was fine silk, he fought the impulse to take it off. He had been preparing for this night, deep in the caves that span the foundations of the Alsitor mountain range, and his role...Read On


A Journey Home part 2

Young man on a world of ice and snow takes a physical and emotional journey home.

Aerik yelped in surprise and almost dropped his spear. The woman stood waist deep in the water and looked shocked to see him there. For a moment, they just stared at each other. She saw a tall young man with dark eyes and long black hair pulled back and tied into a tail at the nape of his neck. His broad muscled chest was covered with a light coat of black hair that trailed down to the...Read On


A Journey Home Part 1

Young man on a world of ice and snow takes a physical and emotional journey home.

An icy wind blew in from the north. It blew across the ice hills and picked up speed as it raced down the snow covered slopes. The wind kicked up loose snow and whipped it into the air like smoke rising from a fire. Three men crouched behind a rock that jutted out of the snow, and pulled their mammoth furs around them as the chilling wind beat at them. Gunter, the older man who led...Read On



“Darkness is its own kingdom, It moves to its own laws, And many living things dwell in it.” -Patricia McKillip My kind is startling to humans when we are accidentally glimpsed, cloaked in night’s dark mystery. We are a unique type of were-folk, with an appearance more feline than wolfen, and of course werewolves are far more prevalent in your mythologies. We learned long ago to...Read On


Offering What You Desire. A Limited Time Sale!

Sex with a stranger turns out to be more.

Right now Oliver’s bitter surprise is leaving him short of breath as he slowly leans up against a rusted, green lamp pole. Despite shaking his head and asking himself if this is really happening. there was Jane, his young wife, stands hand in hand with her lover, their lips touching and searching one another before locking as if in anticipation for a big encore. When they finish the two...Read On

Recommended Read

Now Do You Believe Me

Julie gets lost in the woods one day and is rescued by an elf

"An elf? You saw an elf? You can't be serious!" Sylvia almost screamed at her friend. "Julie, what in the world are you talking about? That is absolutely nuts, saying you have seen an elf. Seriously, where did this come from?" Julie and Sylvia were still in the changing room, wrapped in towels, recovering after their weekly work-out at the gym. Looking at them the first thing that would...Read On

Recommended Read

The Window

This is a recurring dream of mine which happend once upon a time, a secret love affair...

The Window Again, I walk down this lonely cobblestone street. It is dark, and the rain had stopped a while ago. I am shivering a little. The cobblestones are slippery, so I carefully step aside when I hear a one-horse carriage approaching from behind. I cannot see who is in the carriage. All I can see in the dim light of a street lamp is the back of the coachmen. I stop for a moment, holding...Read On


Compatible Spirit

Men still need a sensual touch in their lives.

It's been a bit now since my wife died and have dated off and on. Nothing has ever seemed to work out. Still have the urges a man has, but unable to find the right compatibility of spirit, in a woman. Just about all of them wanted to get married fairly quick, but none were willing to wait and have it feel right for me as well. So, I've turned to cyber to cure my ills until I find that...Read On


The Training of Callico - Part 2

Callico visits her first expert, and has an unusual encounter in her mind...

Callico found herself floating in a cylindrical tank, two cubits in diameter, surrounded by a warm, translucent liquid. The mask that allowed her to breathe was uncomfortable, but necessary. She guessed that she was not alone in the tank because almost the second she was submerged she felt something (or to be more precise, somethings ) envelop her entire body. She felt it/them wrap around...Read On


Out of this world Part 3

Jennifer is partnered with a another alien and experimented on in an extemely cold room.

As we approached Kemon II, I saw the ruins of Kemon One for the first time; the planet was completely destroyed. Orbiting the ruins of Kemon One, was the Earth sized space station, Kemon II. ‘Wow Kemon II looks a lot like the space station in Star Trek Deep Space 9,’ I thought to myself, as we started our final approach for docking. “Welcome to our home,” Nookumick said as our ship...Read On


Redemption: Ch.6

In the beginning there was darkness...

Lucien.Get up. Time to go— Seth growled in his mind . His eyes flew open. It was still dark since he had his lights set to activate only on command. Hot breath fanned his chest and his legs were tangled with… Oh, God. He teleported himself in a surge of power into the hygiene room. His legs almost gave out beneath him making him need to clutch the entrance to the hygiene unit...Read On



Miss-trust at the end of the world, PART-1

The wind broke on the concrete, making it more bearable, and I desperately found shelter in one of the dusty buildings. Life I as had known it, as humanity had known it, became extinct. There were not many people alive anymore. Things didn’t even happen fast and sudden, and were not caused by one event, like in the movies. Against the prognosis from scientists, the temperature rose more than...Read On


The Training of Callico - Part 1

The adventures of a girl in training.

Callico was not the brightest of females. She had indentured herself (as most young daughters of wealthy families did nowadays in order to train and widen their education) to a Merchant called Moss't for five lunar cycles. Had she known that she would have all her hair removed, be kept naked at all times and impregnated with a Netherworm as part of her training, then she certainly would...Read On


Anal Space Slaves from the Void, Part 1

caddish space folk bugger each other in intergalactic future

The Paressii Empire was well known throughout the Triangulum Galaxy for two things: Paressiian wine and the libertine nature of its subjects. The king of this realm of thirty-eight star systems was Zemanshãh. In the capital city of Balasmar on the capital planet of Baxium, King Zemanshãh was well known for his tirades of lust. Like their galactic neighbors of the Lücrezian Empire and the...Read On

Recommended Read

Quest For Dalbinth Destroyer Of Life

The quest for Dalbinth becomes a matter of life or death for a village.

In a time long forgotten to the mists of time in the land of Eyeon, a young man by the name of Richart made his way to Karin Kingdom. He had just turned seventeen years of age, Richart was short in stature with straight blonde hair hanging over a chiseled face. Darting amber eyes were set rooted within their sockets and surveyed all they saw. A fire had left a mark stretching from just...Read On


Out of this world Part 2

A Part of this story was inspired off of Alien Abduction Bliss by lins1988

Nookumick returned a few hours later with a white uniform for me to wear. “Where's my robe?” I asked, putting on the uniform he brought me. “I'm told, it's still in quarantine,” he replied. “Okay. I'm hungry, may I have some food?” I asked. “Of course, I'll have some brought up to you,” he replied leaving the room. A few minutes later the door opened and a second alien entered. This...Read On


Redemption: Ch.5

In the beginning there was darkness...

He trained again. Trained until his body ached and muscles screamed from agony. Lucien worked through levels of demons and devils the holo-traing unit provided for him. He even trained with Devon and Ashriel; long, bloody, drawn out sessions that seemed to never end. Seth watched over what he ate, and Zak gave him a grueling workout routine. So far Lucien had gained fifty much needed pounds...Read On


Redemption: Ch.4

In the beginning there was darkness...

Boy Rayne’s taste was still in hermouth, the thick, surprisingly sweet warmth sliding down her throat as she stared wide-eyed at Master Lucien. Boy Rayne had slipped from her grasp, dived to the floor, and had fled… again. She had no time to feel disappointed at his continued fear of her. Master Lucien rolled over, his legs entangling within the satin sheets as he tried to leave the bed....Read On


Redemption: Ch.3

In the beginning, there was darkness...

Things had certainly changed since he’d been gone, that’s for sure. Looking back down the corridor, Boy still remained peering around the wall. His hair was still in his face, but he’d stopped snarling. Lucien frowned. “I’m going back inside. I’ll leave the door open if you feel like coming in. I’m not about to stoop to coaxing you. Do whatever the hell you want.” With that, he spun...Read On



February bought a painting of a fertility God, but got a lot more than she bargained for.

February bought the painting on a Monday. On Tuesday she wondered whether it was suffering from moisture damage, and made a note to take it back to the painter for tips. On Wednesday she realized that she was dealing with something very, very odd, and held off on a trip to the painter. On Thursday, she started liking what she saw. By Saturday she had big secret that she wouldn’t share...Read On


Super Un-Hero

Just because someone has a special ability does not mean they want to be a hero.

It was not that Ed disliked people, he just never knew what to say to anyone. He was a social misfit. A nearly harmless one, but still mostly isolated. For a time he found his job mundane and mildly depressing. He could do extraordinary things, he just had no idea how to make an honest living with his gifts. Instead, he found a way to make his ordinary job exciting. Ed pushed the palette...Read On


Redemption: Ch.2

In the beginning there was darkness

He was eating now. Project 30YR4YNwatched the beautiful blond man take a bite out of a deep-red, gold-flecked fruit. The sweet scent it gave off made its way beneath Project 30YR4YN’s mask. The man swiped some of the juice off his cheeks with his fingers, but most of it dribbled down his chin before he swiped it with his pink tongue. Such a beautiful face. Reaching up, Project...Read On


Out of this world Part 1

First Sci-Fi story I've done, hope you like it :)

One night, I went to my boyfriend's house after a long, stressful day at work, only to find him in bed having sex with two other women as I entered his bedroom. I stormed out of his house and back to my car crying my eyes out. Once I had regained my composure, I took a small notepad out of my glove box, wrote, “Asshole” on a sheet. I then got out of my car, to put the note in his mailbox,...Read On

Recommended Read

Blue Futanari: Supplicant

An archaeologist discovers an ancient temple only to learn it's the tomb of a goddess.

I woke up early and was standing at the front window, staring out at the street, when Kim wandered out of the bedroom. “You’re up early,” she cooed from behind me. “Yeah, the driver said he was going to be here at seven.” The sky was just beginning to show the colors of dawn. The horizon was an almost majestic purple. “It’s six fifteen,” Kim slipped her arms around my midsection...Read On


Redemption: Prologue and Ch.1

In the beginning there was darkness...

The lights blinded her, so she kept her focus on the silver pole in the middle of the stage. Her hands gripped it loosely as she swayed and moved her body in a slow erotic wave to the rhythm of the music. Her small feet were perched atop a pair of sky-high glass heels that blinked psychedelic colors within, and reflected prettily off the glossy black floor of the stage. Rayne let her head...Read On


Kitty Time Travels

Back To The Future

“I told you, Ed, we shouldn't have gone out tonight. Do you see how bad the roads are? They're only going to get worse driving home.” “Everything is going to be fine, Rosemary. You just worry too much. It's the first time we've gotten everyone together since adding John as a partner in the business. From what I hear his wife, Margaret is a nice gal.” “Do they have any kids my age, dad?” I...Read On


Lisa's Day

Julie's mom and her boyfriend have their day

The holidays were over, and now it was the new year as well. Our New Year's wasn’t very exciting as mom, Klintuck and I went to a bar to bring in the new year. I woke up and headed down stairs to the kitchen and to my surprise found mom in her panties and an apron making breakfast. It was surprising to see her, as this was Klintuck’s house and not hers. “Good morning sweetie, did you...Read On