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First Cum, First Serve: Second Helpings

A boy and a girl try to scam a free meal. Big mistake!

The Shake It, Baby was almost spooky quiet when Ash and Nina entered through the push doors, hand in hand. A gentle jingling bell heralded their arrival. The mild tinkling startled a young woman with gorgeous blonde hair out of a daze, making her practically jump from her position at the counter. She smiled at the sight of the pair; her hands coming up from below the counter to fetch a pair...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 11 Part 1

Helper, Hastened, Father, Regaining control, Planted

Months passed, and winter finally released its grip on the land, patches of snow could still be seen in places where there were significant amounts of shade during the day as well as up on the mountains where the air was colder. Only a handful of conifers were starting to show signs of budding and the forests continued to be bare of leaves except for the occasional evergreen dotted here...Read On


Suggestible Suzie

Jack had new technology that would make Suzie more suggestible.

Girlish giggles filled the room as Hargraves adjusted the settings on the Monitor console. "It feels like you've brought me up to see your etchings," Suzie Masefield observed. "I take my work very seriously, Miss Masefield," Jack replied, with a biofeedback sensor in each hand. "If you believe this to be some kind of deception, perhaps we should call it off." "Oh, no, I'm only kidding,...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 10

Full contact, Going with the flow, Performance

Ikuno panted as Kal’s tongue lapped hungrily at her clit, Kal tried to adjust himself as his erection was rubbing uncomfortably against his trousers. “No touching,” Ikuno reminded him putting a hand on the back of his head and pressing him into her sex. Kal growled in annoyance and sucked her clit into his mouth swirling his tongue around until Ikuno gasped and her legs began to shake as...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 4

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

Captain Vex’s hands knotted in the witch’s dark curls. Bella was a profoundly skilled lover. The Captain had a taste of what Bella could do on top of the lighthouse, but being the sole focus of-of a sex witch’s ministrations when there were no other distractions (and Bella was feeling particularly thankful) was to be given the best possible seat in a masterclass in how to pleasure a woman....Read On


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man’s Land (Chapter 40)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

"Super glue? Really?" I chuckled as I focused my field glasses on the bonded band of mutually masturbating men crab-walking westward."Your punishment is diabolical," I shook my head in puzzled amazement.  "Intruders were killed in the past for less, so why the sudden mercy?"  "Not compassion. Karma. What goes around, comes around." Sheila trained her spyglass on the retreating men."They...Read On


Spoils of War: Cold as Ice

A fleeing man narrowly escapes his pursuers, and offer his reward to the spirit of the ice.

Snowflakes melt on my face as I numbly trudge through the ever deeper cover of cottonlike snow. I give a silent prayer to the Gods for the cold. Else I would never have gotten this far. I reach a patch of windswept land and up my pace. A backwards glance tells me my pursuers are lagging behind. This is my territory. My terrain. I know how to make friends with the spirits of ice and rock. ...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 2: Drifters, chapter 3

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

Bella stared, not sure how to respond. “You know what Will’s curse is?” “Damn it,” Jack whispered. “I didn’t want to talk about this.” “Too late. Do you know how to get rid of it?” Bella demanded. “Yes,” Jack sighed. “It isn’t what you think though.” “What is it then?” Bella asked, wishing Jack would just give her a straight answer. “No. I’ve already said too much. You and Will are both...Read On


A Platonic Relationship

This story gives an entirely new meaning to a PLATOnic relationship

Marcella Henry leaned slightly forward so that her face was only inches from the huge console which formed the desk in front of her and then said brightly, “Good evening, PLATO.” There was actually a microphone in the earpiece which was hidden by her dark auburn hair, but somehow it seemed right to speak to the console rather than just stare out into the room as she spoke. Besides, there was...Read On


The Cave In Winter Wonderland

Alex discovers her soul mate on her winter break in a shape shifting creature known as the Yeti.

Chapter One “Damn it! Where did they go?” I mumbled to myself as I came to a fork on the icy path on this icy alpine mountain. Derrick, my boyfriend, thought this trip would be a great way to spend our winter break from the University we attended in Chicago. Susie, my BFF, and Sean, her boyfriend,  all were excited about the trip. I guess I was the only one who didn't like the idea. The...Read On


War Of The Worlds II - part 7

Life in the hospital

Part 7 - Life and Love in the Hospital  I awoke to find myself in the arms of my beloved, similarly naked, pressed into my side with one leg cocked over mine. In my unconscious slumber state it would have been easy to equate her eager warm embrace with the constriction of an alien tentacle. It was obvious that there had been a very good reason for dreaming of the manipulations of said...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 9

Mysteries deepen, a tussle ensues

Weeks passed, and the land was blanketed in pristine white snow, travel became more difficult and Kal’s routine now consisted largely of chopping firewood, tending to the animals, chopping firewood checking animal traps, chopping firewood, cleaning and processing furs to sell at market like most farmers in winter, and chopping firewood. Visits to Ikuno’s cave became rarer and Kal had taken...Read On


Shipwrecked on Mermaid Isle Part 2

The sailor wakes to the erotic thrills of the Mermaid Queen and her lesbian lover.

The weak light of dawn streamed in from a small opening in the thatched roof and danced golden streaks across the soft, dried grasses that padded the floor of a small beach side hut. The warm rays danced their heated caress over the sailor’s spent body. The man emitted muffled cries and tossed upon the floor, the sound and movement rousing him from sleep. The sailor rubbed his eyes as...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 8

Something Given, Something Recieved, Something Made

Kal looked down, “Why is it still hard? I haven’t been thinking about anything to keep it that way since Aradelle was about to attack me.” Aradelle shrugged looking embarrassed, Ikuno’s brow furrowed in thought, “perhaps there’s more to ‘Dell’s aphrodisiac then just making men mad with lust. There may be something else in the dust that makes a man hard for a time as well, whether he wants to...Read On


Cum Jumper

One orgasm leads to another...

I heard the light beeping sound first. It was coming from my left. As I opened my eyes the fuzziness slowly disappeared and the ceiling above came into view. I moved my eyes around as I tried to determine where I was. A hospital room? A woman's face suddenly appeared in front of me. White skin, dark hair, brown eyes. A look of surprise was suddenly replaced with a smile.  "You're awake!"...Read On

Recommended Read

A Steampunk Trek into a New London Town

The world tomorrow will soon be yesterday

A church bell tolls twelve strokes as he automatically spreads his legs wide apart to keep his balance. There is a moment of vertigo and confusion before he reorients himself taking care to not attempt to control this body. Then his new mind becomes melded, filled with his old memories along with some new. It must be high noon as he opens his eyes on this sunlit day. Detective Chief...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 7

Kal cautiously opened his eyes as he returned to the waking world, the heavy furs covering him instead of his normal wool comforter making him stop and think about where he was. Smiling he remembered he was not at home and turned to the side to see Ikuno peacefully sleeping next to him. Though not as striking as the changes when he first returned to the cave, as he continued to visit her...Read On


Lost at Sea, Book 2: Drifters, Chapter 2

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

“Bring her about to port, nice and gentle, but keep tightening the turn until she starts t’ list. Then pull back,” Captain Vex said. “Aye, Captain,” Colin Strong said with much less enthusiasm than usual. The big man looked like hell. The whole right side of his face and parts of the left were swollen and bruised in an angry clash of colors. Purples, yellows, even some blues and greens....Read On


The Pink Ladies

Alien abduction and more, XXX more.

What would you do if a childhood friend sent you a long, rambling email about kinky sex with aliens? That’s what recently happened to me. The only reason I can think of that he would do so is that he knows I’ve seen a lot of weird shit and written about even more really strange stuff so I would probably believe him. Also, he knows how many stories I post and I am pretty sure he expected me...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 6

New Sources

“Umm……………… What?” Ikuno smiled but didn’t lift her head off his shoulder, “I’ll explain later, take me to bed.” Kal started walking again, “Sounds like there’s going to be a lot of that later, like how you ended up overloaded with magic.” Kal walked into the mouth of the cave, Ikuno snapped her fingers and a ball of light formed before them, leading the way into the darkness. Ikuno...Read On


Shipwrecked on Mermaid Isle Part 1

A shipwreck strands a sailor on an island populated by lesbian mermaids.

The roiling sky was rent by a wicked, forked lance of white-hot lightning as the full fury of the storm slammed into the merchant vessel, Abundant Horizons. Across its rain-slicked deck scurried harried, valiant men, near exhaustion as they battled to keep their frigate above the clutching, malevolent waves. A castle-high wall of frothing water battered the beleaguered vessel as cries of...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 5

What comes after a fight between lovers?

Almost six months had passed since Perra had come to live with Kal and his mother. True to his word, Kal visited Ikuno’s cave as often as possible with Perra tagging along whenever she could get her chores caught up, and true to her word, Ikuno began teaching Kal the basics of magic. Kal could tell that something was bothering Ikuno in the way she acted these last few weeks and more often...Read On



One and a half billion drowned. Ten billion still stood, still breathed, still bred...

The man sat quietly, on the edge of the Shield, his feet but a few meters above the water. His broad shoulders and masses of muscle still made him seem a tiny little thing, next to the awesome size of the dike, dwarfing in concrete splendor the whole city it was built to protect from the ever rising seas. On the horizon, he looked at the Concorde, darting away on the mirror sea. He had...Read On


The Awakening (Part 1)

Elizabeth relives her initial examination as a part of her awakening.

For the entire summer after her eighteenth birthday, Elizabeth was on edge. Everyone knew that something happened after you turned eighteen. They called it the awakening. After finishing primary school and before moving on to higher education pursuits, the adolescents were taken and educated by a special government task force. All Elizabeth knew was that the girls were decidedly different...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 4

Plunder, Promise, Place to live.

Ikuno and Kal watched as the Knights made their way back towards the village. While Kal wouldn’t exactly call them friends they didn’t quite fit into the enemy category either, feeling that his chances of ever seeing any of them again were slim he put it out of his mind. Looking up at Ikuno he saw that she was studying him intently. “Is something wrong?” he asked. Ikuno was thoughtful as...Read On


When Angels Cum Chapter 3.2

Blaze makes a friend and also learns to fly.

When Jie Er came back, Rebecca was teaching Blaze some of her own experiences with wing manipulation. One could always theorize with things like wing dynamics, but practical experience was also quite important. The brain couldn’t perform the required calculations while flying, so short cuts and rules of thumb gained through experience were quite useful. “Here you go little Blaze!” Jie...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 3


Three Knights of the Order of the Lion’s Shield stood in the clearing in front of the cave, it was quiet save for the soft munching from far off to one side next to the wood line as the horses nibbled on the grass nearby. The squires tended to the horses and made sure their leads were secured to nearby trees, though all of them were trained as warhorses to be calm during battles, it was...Read On


The Brothel at the End of the Universe, pt. 6

Action rises on our spaceship...

In the end, I don’t really get to ask Rune too many questions at that time because he distracts me with wet kisses (we’re still in the shower, you see), and then I have my mouth otherwise full for a bit, and then my two spikes start up at the same time and do the tango together and I can’t do much more than gasp for air and twitch, and then scream when Rune adds his tongue into the mix. And...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 2

Exploration and a Gift

Eager as Kal had been for some more intimate time with Ikuno, the knight’s talk of food had gotten to him. As they walked back into the main living area of the cavern his stomach growled noisily. He stopped in embarrassment, his hands covering the offending body part. Ikuno kept walking over to a small set of wooden shelves that appeared to be made from lashed-together saplings with crude...Read On

Recommended Read

The Brothel at the End of the Universe, pt. 5

Valerie Greene is now between jobs... and other things.

I am running. On the run. Again. My lungs are two loaves of agony in my heaving chest, screaming curses at me with every gasp of air. My legs pump me forward even though they are full of lead and liquefied packing peanuts. Faster, Val. My toes and the balls of my feet fight for purchase on the moss-covered, uneven ground. Run! My heart is pounding in my head so hard that my skull...Read On