Group Sex(2)


Our adventure continues (part 2)

His cock is long and thick and my wife sucks him for the very first time....

It was the first cock other than mine that you’ve had in your hand since we’d met 8 years ago and from the look on your face you aren’t disappointed. I was worried that you’d be to shy to carry this through when it finally happened but you appear to be taking it in your stride. The confidence that you’re oozing is mind-blowingly sexy and it’s all I can do to stop myself from erupting deep...Read On


Our Threesome Adventure Continues

A well hung guy joins a hot couple in the bedroom for an experience neither will ever forget.

When your passionate kisses suddenly ease and a small gasp escapes your lips, I know that it must have happened. You’ve been kissing me like I love. Your soft lips, plump and yielding, push against mine as your wet, dextrous tongue slides and entangles with my own. There is nothing sexier that the feeling of an erotically charged, moist kiss. Especially if it’s being enjoyed naked with the...Read On



Wife's lesbian fantasies come true

My husband watches as I feel a lady's touch for the very first time...

I can’t believe where I am and what we’re about to be doing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d be lying on this four poster bed in this gorgeous hotel deep in the Dorset countryside. To be honest, never in my wildest fantasies did I think that I was the kind of girl ever to agree to something like this! But the crazy thing is I don’t mind that I’m here. I don’t mind that I’ve...Read On



Our romantic evening turns into a voyeurs paradise.....

My wife and I fool around in a bar and are soon joined by another horny couple...

We’d been excited about this trip away for ages and were excited about a few days away from the hum drum of day to day life. We were looking forward to enjoying ourselves in the day, having some fine wine and eating some great food in some nice restaurants. Of course we were looking forward to enjoying each others naked flesh. I don’t mind admitting that I’d had a few ideas of what we could...Read On

Wife Lovers(2)


My New Life as a Hotwife

A potential hotwife tests her husband's fantasies by writing a fantasy of what he wants...

I want you to experience what it might be like if I ever was to embrace your fantasies and become a true hotwife. Before we begin I want you to take out your cock for me. Lie back with it in your hand while I read this to you. The more turned on you get the harder I want you to stroke your cock until you can’t hold any more and give me your cum. I know you love to give me your hot cum so I...Read On


Our first sexy adventure (part 1)

My wife and I try something new...

My senses explode as you lie naked on the bed before me. You’re on your side on the hotel bed and I’m kneeling behind you, gazing down and loving what I’m seeing and feeling. Your body’s sensational curves shimmer in the candle light and throw erotic shadows across the room. They excite me on a daily basis but tonight your perfect breasts look better than I’ve ever seen them, so full and...Read On