felinusqueenus's Blog Entries

I might be stupid, but I do love you.

24 Nov 2011 11:25

Is it weird that getting a camel toe really really turns me on?

27 Oct 2011 10:19

I really am a twat. >.<

24 Oct 2011 12:42

You have broke my heart, one too many times.

11 Oct 2011 15:15

I really just want to die right now.

11 Oct 2011 13:57

Fuck you.

08 Oct 2011 14:17

Why am I so protective over you? Why do I get jealous so easy? I knew what I was getting into when I fell for you... It's not like I thought it would just be me. But this? This is too much.

07 Sep 2011 10:53

One must destroy ones inner demons.

25 Aug 2011 18:50

Sometimes I just wish I could curl up and die.

02 Aug 2011 16:58