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Beauty is determined by character, character is determined by how you live your life. Embrace the dark within your soul, embrace your true self despite the risks, live life without regret. There is no true beauty without strangeness in the perfection.

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art, music, writing, walking, nature, spirituality, kink, body art, piercing, open minds, open hearts, jail bait, past lives, parapsychology, tarot, sex, bondage, submission, rope, strap-ons, books, lost loves.
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Heinlein, Robbins, Dalai Lama, Rice, Gaiman, Palahniuk, Anais Nin, King, coyne
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The secretary, anything by Luc Besson, Teeth, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Constantine, Boogie Nights, Obsessed (Annette Haven, best porn ever made)


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Topic: Alphabetic Book Game
Posted: 17 Apr 2009 04:36

"Neverwhere: A Novel" by Neil Gaiman (anything by Neil is a good read, always).

Topic: Why do the nice guys always get passed over when girls are looking for a guy?
Posted: 10 Apr 2009 06:51

Sorry I confused you. It's pretty simple, I was talking to the women who have replied to the original post when I said,
"I agree with all the statements in this post but you are all strong, confident, and beautiful women. I would dare to guess that none of you have even a remote problem with finding a man (or woman). If you do it's only because men are morons (no offense)"
They've all said things (hince the "all the statements") that I think are true but they are all strong confident and beautiful women so of course they would be attracted to a strong, confident, and intelligent man. However when it comes to why some women like aggressive and even "bad boys", I thought it would be a good idea to look into the minds of some women who have written about it. SOOOOO, then I went into suggesting the book and movie. I thought it was pretty clear but I guess it wasn't. Sorry I lost ya.


Topic: Why do the nice guys always get passed over when girls are looking for a guy?
Posted: 09 Apr 2009 04:42

Because the bad boys have hot girlfriends who like to make out while they are dancing in order to turn him on...make out with another girl that is.

Oh sorry, not the answer you are looking for. <img src="/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4">

Seriously though, I have a great book for you "Meeting the Master" by Elissa Wald. It remains one of my all-time favorite books on submission to this day. The very first story in, "The Initiation" is about a woman who falls in love with a very strong and confident "Nice guy" but half way through she starts to get obsessed with trying to make him be bad. Finally she starts to fall for a bully that her boyfriend is enemies with. What is so fantastic about these stories?

First, there is almost no sex in any of the stories yet I find them extremely erotic.
Second, it's an almost clear window into the mind of a woman who CRAVES submission.

I agree with all the statements in this post but you are all strong, confident, and beautiful women. I would dare to guess that none of you have even a remote problem with finding a man (or woman). If you do it's only because men are morons (no offense) :-"
But, generally speaking, men like submissive women and submissive women, generally speaking, like assholes. Elissa does a fantastic job of opening that mind up to the reader in her stories. I've read her book several times and found myself amazed at her talent and her ability to reach inside that mind and explore all the aspects of submissiveness.

Also watch "The Secretary" , another amazing view into the mind of a submissive woman, written by a woman and I think directed by a woman as well. You'll like it, there are boobies in the movie (watches all the men rushing out to netflix).

I feel it's important to note that real submission doesn't mean abuse. It's a horrible world out there for those who think differently. I think that's part of why I like both of the above. Both women ultimately explore what it's like to be submissive in a world that doesn't understand that behavior. I find that both of the above do an excellent job of taking the uninitiated down the confused and often heartbreaking road of a submissive in an abusive and terrifying world.

Anyway, sort of got off topic a little but I think you'll find some answers there.

* bows head and awaits my spanking *

Topic: What's happened to all the 1 votes?
Posted: 06 Feb 2009 15:40

I'm glad you feel that way Fetish and it's good to know that you can take constructive criticism especially if a story is pulled and not react like some in the past that have thrown a hissy fit about it being pulled and then threaten to pull all of thier stories and pick up thier toys and leave the playground.

So this means you'll provide constructive criticism?

Topic: What's happened to all the 1 votes?
Posted: 06 Feb 2009 04:46

"Sex does not thrive on monotony. Without feelings, inventions, moods, no surprises in bed. Sex must be mixed with tears, laughter, words, promises, scenes, jealousy, envy, all the spices of fear, foreign travel, new faces, novels, stories, dreams, fantasies, music, dancing, opium, wine."
- Anais nin

I put that quote up because I just read it in "The joy of writing sex" one of the many books I'm reading to try to be a better writer. But the question I pose is, are you getting ratings of 1 because people are unsatisfied with the story or unsatisfied with the level of masturbation potential?

Personally I have no problem telling people that their writing could use a little of this or that if I think they are actually trying to tell a story and not just going for the biggest cum factor. I don't have a problem because I welcome constructive feedback on my own stories, in fact I WOULD LOVE to have constructive feedback. But mostly what I get is masturbators either wanting me to help them jerk off or telling me how wonderful their wank was. Ummm...not the way to get me excited, sorry.

But trying to find stories that are actually NOT monotony and do the things that the lovely Anais suggested is like finding a needle in the haystack. I've found a few on your site but far, far, far more are at best, monotonous.

It also means that we as writers have to be unafraid to go out on a limb and push the stories into either silly directions or serious directions. It means that you have to be willing to make a fool of yourself and have people tell you so. It means you can do as I've done and try to push yourself and watch your ratings fall, have yours stories pulled from the site (even if they get back on the site several weeks later <img src="/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4"> ) and never see your name listed as a popular author on the site again.

I've thought of leaving a few low ratings and actually giving reasons why but I see the really HORRIBLE stories that are posted and within hours the rating goes to 220 or something insane like that. I almost did that on a recent story that I found absolute garbage. It wasn't erotic, it wasn't original, and it was anything BUT interesting yet the rating was through the roof! So what's the point? If only 2% of the readers are looking for stories and the other are looking for a good wank, then it's a bit like standing in front of a eighteen wheeler with your hand up saying, "Umm...can you slow down?".

Or maybe a simpler reason is that people are afraid of saying negative things because it will get them flamed.


Topic: Accurate size measurements and guys
Posted: 28 Jan 2009 04:46

Ok, I thought about starting a new topic but this question seems related...do erections really rage? I always read 'raging erection' and who knows, I may have even used it in a story but do they really rage? I envision his one eye all red and he is running around with "the rage" attacking everything in site. raging --> <img src="/images/emoticons/angry9.gif" alt="angry9">

To be fair I've also read "throbbing pussy" but I'm not really sure that's accurate and it seems to actually have an effect on men. Observe ---

As I read this, my fingers linger over my throbbing pussy while I ache for the touch of a reader's tongue.

Oh lord, now I'm going to be attacked by chat windows next time I'm online. But see...but the opposite,

As I read this, I grab my raging erection and wrestle that sucker to the ground where he spits and screams for ...

Ok, see...not the same effect.

Anyway, thought it might be fun to point out silly references to cocks and pussy...I'm sure you'll find a few in my stories...I've actually been trying to go a little wild lately. This is just for fun, no real attacks on anyone...just trying to keep the post alive.

SO get your hand off your 8.5643 cock and tell me whats what.

Topic: Happy Australia Day aussies!
Posted: 26 Jan 2009 14:33

Aussies have a day?! I thought they had 365 just like the rest of us! <img src="/images/emoticons/bootyshake.gif" alt="bootyshake">

Seriously, I FUCKING LOVE Australia! I would move there in a heartbeat! But they are mean and keep the rest of us out by only being open one day a year!

Oh sorry, that's not what it's about. God...what is Australia day about? Is it like Canada day where everyone looks at a map and tries to figure out what Canada has ever done for the world? <img src="/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4">

Ok, I'm stopping now...but seriously...LOVE Australia. People are amazingly nice... even the woman who was really mean to me when I was there and tried to imitate the Croc hunter. (this was before he died). Here is what she said, "Oh, we all talk like we are from the country do we?" and then turned around and was all pissed. Ummmm...hello! I didn't even know there was a "country" accent in Australia! Fuck, I just flew 27 hours to fucking get to your country and you can't even recognize that I'm from the fucking country?!

Then I said, "Righteo Mate! R'nt U GOOORJUS!"

<img src="/images/emoticons/L35.gif" alt="L35">

Topic: Accurate size measurements and guys
Posted: 26 Jan 2009 14:19

Sweeeeet! I finally started a lively and fun thread! I'm so proud of myself. =d&gt;

So....societies to blame you say? Maybe, or maybe guys just spend way too much time thinking about COCK! Hmmmm...<img src="/images/emoticons/f-hihi.gif" alt="f-hihi">

But seriously, this is good lively discussion. I think we are getting close to something here. But let's not get distracted by conversations bout "size matters", the original point isn't does size matter. That debate has always raged on and I can tell you that size matters in several ways (sometimes big just HURTS!) and not just the size of a guys dick. Boob size matters, look at mine now that I've posted a pic for my avatar...IBTC. I know about boob size and I embrace my lack of boob in several ways in my stories. So get off the size thing...women are horrible when it comes to boob size, men are horrible when it comes to boob and dick size.

All I want to know is why everything has to always have accurate measurements. It always has to be exactly calculated and as you said, where do you start?

Also, just so you know, bra size isn't always consistent and there are ways to move up a notch or two if you know what you are doing. Guys can't do that...muuuuhaha!

- Paula

Topic: Accurate size measurements and guys
Posted: 26 Jan 2009 05:00

Ok, serious question because I honestly don't understand. What is it about guys and measurements? Is it training from school? Are you taught as young boys that in order for anything to have meaning you need to measure and record that measurement in a story? Because it seems odd to me that breasts can't be accurately described unless they are 36C or DD or whatever. And of course there is the size of the cock. It always has to be accurate down to the millimeter.

Why not just say she has large breasts or huge melons or rolling hills of soft flesh or the old BIG JUGGIES! Also, in Hitchcock (pun intended) fashion, why not just say you have a huge shlong or the thunder beast or great sacrificial spear or destiny...hell anything is more creative and interesting to read than my 8.1444569 cock.

PS: Not really angry about this, there is much, MUCH sarcasm in my voice while I write this. I just can't get that across in writing. However I seriously do want to know what's up with needing measurements? Thanks. I'll check back in a few days.

Topic: Lush hits frontpage!!
Posted: 14 Jan 2009 04:13

Heehee, fun. I've always wondered what Lush's ass looks like...nice bum there Lush!

Ok, so when the HELL do you guys find time to write? It's all I can do to find time to write stories and release my perverted imagination. I need a new Jay Oh Bee.

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Rachael's Story - Nocturnal Emissions

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Rachael's Story

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Psyche - The Professor

Monica I sat at my desk watching my professor talk. The man loved to hear himself talk. I can't even imagine a person being more... well, boring. But still, if I was going to get the internship I desperately needed, I had to get an 'A' in his class. It wasn't my fault really...Ok, sure I could have studied more, but a girl has other things she needs to do, and reading paper after paper...

Added 24 Feb 2013 | Category Taboo | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 13,738 | 4 Comments


First thing you should know is that Mona has been a cheerleader since like 6th grade. I think she would have been a cheerleader from 1st grade if they had cheerleaders back then. Mona was born to be a cheerleader, spunky, happy, playful and most of all a total slut. I heard that she once gave a blowjob to two dicks at once…no, not dicks as in guys, as in two guys put their dicks together and...

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Paula and Gitana

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Cindy's Diary - Mama

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Cock hungry and bored

"You know they are talking about kicking me out of the house? Right?" Alicia told me on the drive back. "What the fuck for?" I asked concerned. "Because I'm not a full lesbian dyke." She seemed to get really upset by this and kept going, "I mean I just don't get it! Like I was trying to talk to Sil about it. Like, my boyfriend is black right? So, you know, what does that mean to...

Added 24 Feb 2011 | Category Group Sex | Votes 17 | Avg Score 5 | Views 21,470 | 5 Comments

After the party, Sasha

I awoke to the sound of guys laughing somewhere. Amuffled laugh like through a wall. It took me a moment to realize where I was and what was going on. We had a pretty wild party and I ended up in a little mini sex romp with two guys and two girls. In front of me, lightly breathing, lay the tiny and delicate naked little Sasha. I ran my hand over her sweet velvety olive skin and down over...

Added 06 Aug 2010 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 26 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 30,316 | 9 Comments

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