fetishdoll's Blog Entries

22 Feb 2011 05:27

I'm thinking that I want to write some more stories. What would I do to get motivated after this long time?

17 Nov 2009 15:45

just created my own playlist, go, listen, be one with the music.

17 Nov 2009 10:53

Love reduces the complexity of living. Anais Nin

06 Nov 2009 04:51

I miss you.

04 Oct 2009 18:39

hmmm...i miss the old days when people contacted you...all my old friends seem to be gone. Sniff...sniff.

13 Aug 2009 18:58

I just saw the best movie ever! "Teeth" I swear to GOD, it's the most amazing and most wonderful film ever made. I LOVE it.

13 Aug 2009 02:26

Why do I write stories on here? I don't get paid and no one really seems to care. Boo Hoo, I don't want to write any more.