Love Poems(4)



Touch me I can feel the fire Under my skin SmolderingĀ in desire Just wrap my hair Around your fingers And pull, watch it flair Hold me so the feeling lingers. Watch when you touch how I burn Push me to the edge, and let me fall Can you see in my eyes just how I yearn To please you for it all Make me burn for you...Read On


Falling In...Passion?

The inner ramblings of a torn heart.

It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Guess what, it did. Stop your complains. I thought I had accepted what would come this way. You thought wrong, and now you're in pain. Why did no one tell me it would hurt? They didn't, get over it and lie there with your face in the dirt. I wasn't built to feel ... Get overĀ it, this time it's real. Why does my stomach ache ? So you'll...Read On


Keep Me

Can I ask you to keep me safe, In a little box in your heart? I don't take much effort or room, But just being there is a start. Let me keep you safe, In the deepest parts of my soul. We can be together whenever you desire, But we can always be whole. Tell me what will be, When the smoke clears And it's just you and me, Versus our pain and fear. I can keep you safe, If you let me, If you...Read On


Toxic Healing

A very simple poem. I'm finally able to write.

You're the absolute worst person for my mind. Your words sting far under the skin. So I look for a wall to hide behind. Even though I know it's thin. You're the absolute best person for my mind, too Your touch eases the pain of it all The haze, the numbness fades away from you. Which is why I still fall. We clash and rehash history Fighting hard Hurting repeatedly. Putting up...Read On