Group Sex(1)


Mia Six Months Later

Who would of thought

I would not see Mia for another 6 months.  However, during that time she wrote me 3 letters (this was before texting) and called me on the phone a month before I would see her again.  In the letters she told me how much she enjoyed being with me during her last visit.  Even though, Mia and Tia were identical twins, I was soon finding out how much different they were sexual.  Don't get me wrong,...Read On

Straight Sex(7)


A visit to Gigi's

The story of Gigi continues... Please read Acapalco Pt1 n Pt2 first

It'd been a couple of months since we'd said goodbye in Acapulco and exchanged phone numbers. I had no intention of contacting her, but the sex we had was so amazing, I found myself thinking about her constantly. Finally, I couldn't resist the urge any longer to call and just say hi. The minute she answered the phone I got excited. We chatted briefly about how she was doing and what I'd...Read On


Acapulco Pt 2

Gigi, Part 2

I was supposed to meet Gigi for breakfast. To my surprise it was noon already. Returning to my room, I saw everyone was gone except for one guy fast asleep. I took a quick shower, got dressed, and called Gigi's room. "Guess we missed breakfast. Sorry, I overslept," I told her. "It doesn't matter; I'll meet you in the lobby in five." When I got down there, Gigi was already there and so...Read On



Atrip to Acapulo

A group of us from the fire station decided to take a boys trip. No girlfriends or wives. We decided to go to Acapulco for a week. Boarding the plane early in the morning on a Monday there was 20 of us--we got pretty rowdy with all the drinks involved. Lucky for us the plane was half full and most of the passengers sat toward the front, while we all sat in the back. There were two...Read On


Hoping this becomes true

We been chatting on the internet and I'm hoping this happens for real

Hello all.   I usually write stories that are true.   I decided to write a story that is partially true.   The beginning is true however we have not met in person yet and that part is fantasy.   Hopefully you will enjoy this story.  Names and cities have been changed to protect the innocent.  I’ve been a member of Lush since the beginning of Oct. 2008.   I enjoyed reading...Read On


My Graduation Day

The final chapter of the Tia and Mia Saga

This is the final chapter of the Tia and Mia saga.   This particular part of the story took place during my graduation from college and the summer months the followed. Read the first two chapters before reading this one.   A reminder Tia was my girlfriend and she had an identical twin sister name Mia.   I ended up cheating with Mia on my birthday, thinking she was Tia.   The...Read On


One at a time.....

Double the pleasure

This is my first time writing a story.  I enjoyed reading a lot of stories here on Lush that I decided to share one of my own.  This is a true story that happened a long time ago. I was dating Tia for about three months now.  She's a very hot and sexy woman.  She was 1/2 Filipina and 1/2 German.  She was 5'7" tall, long black hair, brown eyes, light brown skin and a body to die for. ...Read On


Stripper - Birthday Celebration

Celebrating My Birthday

This happened to me back in Nov. 2008.   I went out with about 20 guys from the fire dept. to celebrate my birthday.   We went out to dinner, had drinks (lots of drinks), and chatted about various things.   After dinner, some of the guys had to go home because they had to work the next day.   So that left about 12 of us, we decided to continue by going to a local strip club, which was...Read On