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First Time


The Girl of My Dreams

How many men actually get the girl of their dreams?

John stood transfixed feeling the fine grains of pure white sand squish between his toes. He looked along the pristine white beach and saw her standing on the edge of the endless white band of sand that stretched off seemingly into infinity; an oval green clearing of short grass spread out behind her until it reached the dark palm trees, their palm fronds waving in the rising evening breeze....Read On


A True Story

An autobiography of a true account by the Author and his bride.

A True Story All names have been changed to protect the Innocent. Laurel was my bride of 14 years at the time of this story. The year was 1998. One night about six months after we had bought our first computer, primarily because Laurel had returned to college to earn her bachelor's degree in education. Computers had windows 98 then and it was before lap-tops were in vogue and widely in use....Read On


Top or Bottom

I had been fighting any thought about wanting to try man to man sex for a long time.

This was one of my most memorable days. I have been curious for several years, lurking online on some gay and bisexual sites. I never knew if I would be a top or a bottom. I liked the thought of either and would get excited dreaming of what I would do. I met this young man about a year ago and we have chatted and told each other some things we would love to try. I was honest with him...Read On


My First Time

A woman and her first lesbian experience

It all happened a month ago, one Saturday during a heat wave. My daughter was away at a netball carnival, I don’t go to all of them, but I do go to a lot of her netball carnivals. My husband and I live out of town a little, with trees around the house and back yard, keeping it nice and private. We need this as we are naturists, and often go nude in the yard. Like I said, it was a hot day, I...Read On


Perfect Love

An introductory date developed into something special which neither of us anticipated !

She loves the great outdoors and particularly wildlife and as this first meeting is for a very special lady I needed to make sure that it was well-organized. I could not arrange the wildlife as we only had a few hours available so I decided on a champagne picnic in the nearby hills. The day was perfect, as it usually is in summer on the highveld. I arrived punctually five minutes before...Read On


The First Time I Had Sex

We had known each other since freshman year, Now we are seniors and 18, the attraction became clear.

Before I start, let me give some background info. Then, I was 5'4 with 36C breasts, I didn't have the thinnest waist, but I was thick, with killer legs and a good sized butt. He was black, a football player, and one of the nicest guys I had ever met. And that's how I fell for him... It was the last day of our senior year. We had known each other since 9th grade year. I had him for my last...Read On


If not Tracey, Mother will do

Jack was to be my toy boy finate

My name is Jacey Turner and Tracy is my daughter, the result of a very unhappy marriage with a dickhead I’d rather not talk about, thank you. Tracy has been the perfect daughter and we have been that close - but now I have to face up to change because it is likely that, with Tracy having at last found herself a boyfriend called Jack, I could soon be losing her. If that sounds like I...Read On


For her he had always lusted

Two teenagers give in to lust to try things they only dreamt of doing with each other.

Outside, the sun had long since faded. The moon, nearly full and obscured slightly by fine clouds, bathed the trees and rooftops with a white hue, and the soft yellow glow of the sodium street lamps gently illuminated the distance. The air on this cold November night was chilled, the slow, regular gusts of wind making it mildly bitter. Michael embraced the air of the night as its...Read On


Love On The Hill

He locks away his favorite pair of jeans, unwashed and stained.

As I got out of the cockpit of the IAF transport plane that I had qualified to fly, I handed over my headset and gear to one of the airmen alongside and climbed into the station jeep that was sent to bring me and my crew back to the hangar to freshen up and write out my report. I was part of the first batch of women pilots inducted into a hitherto-male-only Indian Air Force, and I reveled...Read On


Breaking in sweet Jennifer

Sweet and innocent Jennifer

Breaking In Sweet Jennifer... by alexcarr © When Jennifer came to me it was like a new life beginning. Sweet, sweet and innocent Jenifer who - at nineteen, had never had a boy friend straight from a convent. She wanted a room to set up her independence and to get settled in with her online university studies. The owner of a hotel which had been converted into bed sitting rooms I...Read On


Mr. Banks

**this story is entirely fictional

No one forgets their first time. It was the summer of '05 that I turned 18. It was the summer of '05 that changed my life. That summer, I was exposed to the world of sex. Not just any kind of sex though, no, it was mind blowing, earth shaking, send me to heaven and back sex. It's not like I was totally inexperienced though. I had boyfriends throughout highschool, I went to some of the...Read On


Breaking in sweet Jennifer

Would you like to see it for real? I asked her

When Jennifer came to me it was like a new life beginning. Jennifer was delightfully sweet and innocent who, straight from a convent at nineteen, had never had a boyfriend. She wanted a room to set up her independence and to get settled in with her online university studies. I was the owner of a hotel which had been converted into bed sitting rooms. I was delighted to give her a room for...Read On


Nicki's Journey

I’d beenworking in the pub since I was just seventeen, collecting glasses at first. I was now eighteen and at Uni, but had taken a job there again for the summer. I had got to know some of the customers quite well, by name and of course what they drank. One in particular had caught my eye. John was maybe thirty something, tall and a bit distinguished but with a ready smile and very...Read On


Alone with My Brother's Friend

She's wanted this to happen for a year, now it finally has

"Hello?" I shouted as I walked through my front door, pulling the key back out. "Is anyone home?" I closed the door behind me, kicked off my shoes and took off my coat. I walked through to the living room. I was glad to have the house to myself for once, normally my brother would be sat in front of the t.v. hogging the remote, or my mum would be pestering me about some chore I hadn't done yet. ...Read On


You Only Love Once

A glimpse of Death's door revitalizes the scandalous relationship of a bus driver and student.

NOTE: This story was written during Hurricane Sandy. Comments and insights wanted, however, don’t be harsh! Sex is toward the end for you impatient readers... As I took a wobbly step onto the school bus, the sky was washed with variant hues of yellow, red, and violet. Through the trees, it seemed as if the road was being led into a portal that was gurgling fire. It was 6:43 AM exactly. My...Read On


Little Arab Buttercup (part one)

She was forbidden, but irresistible.

It was after midnight and the weather was hot and sticky this close to the sea. I was moving through the dark alleys of a city in the north of Africa. A very Arab country, and I was an American soldier attached to the local consulate. I should not have been out like this, alone and unprotected. But I had a mission to complete. One that was personal. No one could know I was here, especially...Read On



Please see Authors note at the end of the story

Chapter 1 Tendrils of mist slipped silently over the ancient stones that stood sentinel-like before her. As the blanket of stars that enveloped the world she knew showered down their crystal light tiny silicates glinted and glistened in the hard grey stone that had been formed so many millions of years before. No one knew how or why these massive obelisks had been brought from the place...Read On


Back To School

It was the first day of school; we had a new health teacher. Homework wasn't all that she gave me...

A ray of sun broke through a crevice in my window, shining directly on my face. I covered myself up with the blanket trying to get a few more minutes of sleep. RING… RING… RING... My alarm clock blared. "Damn it." I muttered. It seemed like only a minute ago it was 11:00 p.m. I checked my alarm clock, hoping I had set the wrong time. No luck. It was 7:30 in the morning and school...Read On


The student becomes the master part 2

a weekend ill never forget

The Student Becomes the Master Part 2 For those of you that read the first part (which is highly recommended to understand what happens next), let us recall how the last part ended. My hot teacher had made me stay behind class after I had been misbehaving, and after a bit of small talk, I screwed her fucking brains out on the desk. After I had busted my nut in her tight little pussy, we...Read On


My Hot Neighbors - Part One

I fucked my neighbour's hot daughter

It had been a few months since the new neighbors had moved in, as far as I knew it was just the two women, a mother and daughter. Now I will tell you this, the mother was smoking hot, curves in all the right places, big juicy firm tits that she liked to show off with low cut tight tops, a juicy tight firm ass, and legs that seemed to never end. You would never guess she had a 17 year...Read On


The Ritz

My dare

Pulling up to the valet stand I can feel my heart pounding. Have I lost my damn mind? I take a deep breath and remind myself that I am stepping out of my comfort zone for you…my love, my Master. I step out of my car, take the claim ticket from the valet and begin to walk to the main entrance of the hotel. I pause for a moment, running my hands over my hips to smooth the black, form fitting...Read On


First Time With a Belgian on Vacation

This Belgian girl will never forget the first time I fucked her

This is a true story of what happened during my vacation: While on vacation I met a girl named Aerin, she was Belgian. We were both 17 at the time when I fucked her. For both of us it was our first time. She was a cutie. Her tits were firm and outlined by her bikini. Her ass was gorgeous, and the way she was dressed she was asking to get fucked. We met for the first time by the pool. We...Read On


My Dream

learning the importance of sensuality in love making.

I finally had enough money saved to take the vacation of my dreams. I have always wanted to visit the land of my ancestors and now that was going to happen. I was going to visit Ireland and Scotland; two out of three wasn't so bad. Next time it will be Germany but I just couldn't fit all three places in this time. The real bonus was that I was going to visit some friends that I had...Read On


Best Friends' New Pleasure

Best friends, with a new meaning.

Rachel jumped into the pool, feeling the cold water wrap around her body. Mark followed her in, diving deep into the water. He rose up to the top of the water, just as the volley ball flew into his head. Rachel sat there laughing, until Mark swam over to the ball, grabbing it, and flung it back at Rachel. She ducked out of the way and quickly swam for the ball to send it back at Mark....Read On


The Woman Across the Street

After a lonely, rainy day, a teen is comforted by his attractive neigbor.

It was torrential. I could barely see three feet in front of me. I tried shielding my head with my binder but it was instantly soaked through. Only 4 and a half more blocks, I tell myself. My parents went on a 2 week vacation to beautiful Cancun, and I am stuck walking home in record level rain in San Diego. It is late October of my senior year of high school. I finally make it home. My...Read On


3 Guys 1 Virgin (part 3)

The final part to a diary entry of how I lost my virginity to three guys in one night

As I was sucking the third guy's dick (I did't know his name so lets call him "James".),I started to like the feeling of cock in my mouth. The soft skin thrusting between my jaws and against my tongue felt amazing, but I still needed some practice. This was only the 4th dick I've ever sucked and even though every guy seemed to enjoy the way I sucked them off, I felt that I could do a...Read On


I lost my virginity to my best friend

I lost my virginity to my best friend

Nikki was 2 years older than me and was my next door neighbour. We played together when we were kids and hung out together as we grew older. There wasn't much I didn't know about her and vice versa. But all good things come to an end and she moved away to a University in Spain whilst I remained and got a job locally. We would meet up whenever she returned home but those occasions were...Read On


3 Guys 1 Virgin(part 2)

A diary entry continuance of how I lost my virginity to three guys in one night

Brandon's brother who he called "Tay" stood at the edge of the bed while Brandon started putting on his boxers and pants then left the room closing the door behind him. I didn't plan on fucking any of the other guys but I was really in to it and his dick looked yummy. Tay came and stood in front of me while I laid on my stomach on the sheetless bed. Without a second thought I wrapped my...Read On


The beginning of it all

First story.. I hope you enjoy

So this is the story of how I lost my virginity. I have always been the type to stay away from all the sex and sexual tensions around me, but I have always had more guy friends than girls. I never would have thought I would turn out to be the kind that loves being fucked.. Hard. I met this guy during one summer. I went on vacation in Australia, and I didn't know anybody. I had only...Read On


3 Guys 1 Virgin (part 1)

A diary entry of a true story of how I lost my virginity to three guys in one night

My first story, please give me feedback. September 23rd 2010 Dear diary, I lost my virginity yesterday to a guy I meet last year named Brandon. We had met through a mutual friend last year and he has been trying to fuck me ever since then. After a little hesitation and persuasion, I finally decided to meet him at his place( it was technically his aunt's place but she was gone on vacation). ...Read On