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First Time


Me and the nieghbor

My first story, so only positive feed back, please.

During the summer, after my senior year in high school, a new family moved in, down the street from us. My mom made me come with her to welcome them to the nieghborhood. I didn't want to do this, but I did, just to make my mom happy. When we got to the house, we rang the door bell and I was surprised to see a really hot girl, around my age, answer the door. My jaw dropped a little but I think...Read On


My Personal Chef

BUSTED you blurted out, You horny perv.

Here it was, 5 o'clock on a lazy Friday afternoon and all the crew who worked at the ranch were leaving for the weekend. All but one that is, you, my live in chef. You and I shared a special bond. Your grandfather had worked for my grandfather, then your dad for my father before your dad retired to his native country a few years ago. Our families roots were so intertwined it was impossible...Read On


The Request

Olga makes a request to Regan that he can't refuse

It has been three weeks since I broke up with my on again/off again girlfriend Maggie. Three weeks of abstaining from sex was such a deal breaker. Yesterday I was picking up my phone opening text messaging and tapping out “Babe, sorry please one more chance.” Every time I went to hit send I stopped knowing in my heart she was with her other love Rochelle. Yes she left me for a chick...Read On


His Birthday Present

This story is a work of fiction. I'm lying there in the sexiest thing I own. I'm waiting for him to come in and see what's waiting for him. I refrain from touching myself even though I can feel my juices dripping from my virgin cunt. As I'm imagining what he will do to me when he finds me I hear the front door open. Knowing he is home makes me even wetter. I can't wait to have his hard...Read On


Summer Nowhere Part Five - First Time, Twice

written by Nellieneska, edited by atrain_alex89 Colby had been thinking about this day since they made the plan last night to have a picnic. He was never really known for being the guy to take a girl on a date, so he was nervous that he was going to fail at this completely, but he knew he had to try. Something about Isobel made him want to try. Colby was not a chef, so their picnic...Read On


Two Teen Lesbian Virgins and a Vibrator

I don’t suppose I’m the only girl whose first sexual experience (other than solo masturbation) was with a member of the same sex. It’s obvious that when you’re having your first stirrings of sexual feelings, even if they are only directed at your favourite pop singer, it’s much easier to talk about them with a friend who is going through the same emotional turmoil. And is it any wonder...Read On


First time with Teen Crush

The story is true but the names have been changed. This is my first attempt at writing about my memories. Angie and I dated for almost 4 years before she went back to my ex-best friend to marry him. That didn’t last. We were both 17 at the time. Angie was my best friend’s girlfriend and off limits, or so I thought. Angie and Pat had dated for the past year and I had heard stories from...Read On


Massage for a friend

massage and masturbation

Massage for a friend Davina and the family have been friends of mine for many years, now she is divorced and had been overworking, Davina was in need of a little TLC but no heavy stuff. The open plan lounge has low lighting, with the curtains drawn in mid afternoon, candles burning and a bed laid out in the middle. A light warm oil has been prepared and I wait for Davina to come in she...Read On


Madeline's Introduction (II)

Madeline has her second lesson with Alex

After Madeline's first lesson with me the week passed quickly, and I found myself thinking about her more and more. The whole event seemed odd in so many ways, like her rapid change from shy to extrovert and back again. Either way I was back again the following Monday and like last time her mum greeted me at the door. "Welcome back Alex, how was your weekend?" she greeted me. "Good...Read On


Closing time


It was my birthday and I was all ready to leave. I have worked a double waitressing today and was tired. I turned to leave and was suprised to see Jake, our cook, standing there. I had liked Jake since I met him a few years ago. He is now24 years old with muscular arms that I have dreamt would one day hold me. "Sorry sammy, I forgot my keys" he said moving closer to me. He almost touched...Read On


Riding in the Limo

My girlfriends fantasies come true in the back of a limo

During my senior year I helped a friend of mine with his job. Steve drove a limo for a local company. When he was too tired he would let me drive and I got to keep the tips. This soon turned out to be a lousy deal for me as there were not many tips. Around the same time I started dating Sarah. Sarah was your typical small town girl who had just moved to San Antonio. To her this was a...Read On


Rookie of the Year Part 2

Being a dirty girl isn't so bad, she thought.

For a moment, life seemed surreal as Hideki eagerly teased and sucked each nipple, slowly and skillfully in full and semi-circles. Ashley moaned as he stimulated her nipples and she stroked the back of his head. His lips made their way up from her breasts, to her neck and then to her lips where their tongues caressed each other. Ashley wrapped her arms around him. She could taste his breath as...Read On


Step one: Giving In

Becoming his never felt so good

I’ll be honest, I’m horny and I’m absolutely sick of waiting. I’m a 29 year old virgin and I've decided it's time I do something about it. So tonight I dressed in a red and black wrap dress and black stiletto heels. After a quick fluff of my hair I was ready. I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I knew what was going to happen when I got there. I went to a club called ‘Body on me’. The...Read On

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Dealing with Death Part I

We all have to stand trial in the end.

Sarah sat up in her bed. She flinched as she put her feet on the floor, waiting for the cold floorboards to make her curl her toes in pain. “Well that’s weird.” She didn’t feel anything apart from her feet hitting the floor. Not the texture of the floor or the temperature. When she started to regain her senses she didn’t even feel cold at all. She looked outside and saw the snow on the...Read On


A fuck in close quarters... In school

My first and favourite sexual encounter, was while I was still in school... I was gazing longingly at the girl sitting next to me, Georgia was her name. She had large tits, which she left in the D-cups of her black, lacy push-up bra. It was a hot summers day so she had all the buttons on her T-shirt down and her boobs were clearly visible, almost popping out. She also had a lovely ass, the...Read On


The Pool

The wet slap of the water hitting concrete echoes through the space. Anna's been sitting here for God knows how long in the bleachers around the 50 metre pool, semi-hidden behind a cement column. Her oil pastels are scattered, any pretense of working on her art folio abandoned. She can't stop watching him. Watching Rhys. She started coming here in winter, when the school swimming season...Read On


This One Time at Diabetic Camp Part 2

horny teens realize the love for each other is too powerful to be stopped

You have to read Part 1 in order to understand Part 2. This story is 100 percent true, only the names have been changed. I wake up from my bunk bed still smelling like sex. I really do not care because I already lost my virginity and camp has not even really begun yet. I mean, we are only on the second day with 28 days to go. After I hop in the shower, put on some clothes and check my...Read On


Naughty Bad Girl's First Time

My First Time

Reading all the first time stories, really go me to thinking about mine.. It was with my then at the time boyfriend, Who I had met through my cousin, Sheena. I was seventeen and he was eighteen. His name was Patrick. He was not the usual type of guy I went for at the time. He was tall, built and a bad boy. He had blue eyes and brown hair. It was a cool day in september and I was visiting...Read On


Rookie of the Year Part 1

A virgin reporter breaks her first story-amongst other things.

Rookie of The Year Seventeen year old Ashley Martin and eighteen year old Hideki Ito sat on the bed before the reporters. The both of them stark naked, their bodies on full display. Ashley had her hand wrapped around Hideki’s pudgy cock while he rubbed her clit with his finger. None of the reporters were in a hurry to leave the room. They had just witnessed a live teenage sex show with...Read On


My First Lover

The day I lost my virginity.

I was on my way to my locker to get my books for my last class of the day. I was in high school and my age was seventeen and I was naive and in love. I quickly put in the combination to my locker and pulled it open. I was surprised to find a note on top of all my books. It said: To Katachi, I was thinking about what you said. We'll talk about it after school. I'll walk you home. Wait up...Read On


This one time at diabetic camp

This is what happens when a group of horny, Type one diabetic teenagers get together

Too start off with, I am a type one diabetic and have been for 19 years. I don't mind being a diabetic for the most part. Do not get me wrong, having type one diabetes is a daily struggle but I would usually use it to my advantage. For example, I had a girl give me a blow job in my local high school because she wanted to 'make the pain go away', I would always get A's in class because,...Read On


Losing virginity to to a strange foreigner - a beautiful, strange foreigner

On a school trip to France, I met a beautiful girl and my shyness shied away.

Just to note - this is the actual account of me losing my virginity. (it's not made up) Also this is the first story I've written so apologies if you don't enjoy it. When I was 16 I went on a school exchange trip to France where you stay at another family's house. My exchange partner had a 20 year old sister, Margaux, who was super hot - worthy, no doubt, of being a model. She...Read On


My best friend's girlfriend

How I put a friendship at risk over a woman

This story is part fact and part fiction. I’ll leave it to you to decide where the facts end and the fiction begins. This is my first go at writing erotica, so all feedback gratefully received. In fact, it’s pretty much my first real go at any creative writing outside of a forced environment. I went to Uni in London to study law over ten years ago now. I was the geeky but academically...Read On


Teacher Teacher Can You Teach Me

A teacher helps her student with his homework

As a 16 year old in high school I was a small but very althletic kid and loved to participate in every type of sport available to me. The problem however was in the fact that my small frame was a target for the larger so called jocks to pick on, in an effort to show each other how tough and manly they were. Playing sports was the best outlet for my frustrations, that and the fact that I...Read On


My Rookie Evening

A horny 32 year old doll signs on with an escort service!

Not too long ago, I met an old college buddy of mine. I hadn't seen her in at least eight or ten years and she certainly had changed. She looked like a million bucks with fashionable clothes and beautiful matching jewelry. The mystery was that back in college she never had very much money for the nice things in life. She came from a fairly poor family. I asked her if she had collared a...Read On


Gordon's Mom

I find something new about my best friend's mother.

Chapter 1 I'll bet you remember your first time. I sure do. It was a total surprise and, at the outset, kind of scary. Yeah, scary. I was staying over at my best friend Gordon's house, I even had my own room since I stayed over there pretty often. Gordie and I had known each other since second grade and we're now sixteen and in high school. Since I first knew Gordon, his parents had...Read On


His Pretty Pussy

We were going out for a while, me and him. It was weird how we first met; I was late for a class, when a car pulled up and I didn’t hesitate to get in. We exchanged pleasantries, and I thanked him profusely for the ride while he gave me his number, joking if I ever needed a chauffeur again, to give him a call. Though I was taken with his chivalry of sorts, it was not until our next meeting...Read On


School Girl with two older men

A school girl has rough sex with two older men in a car.

I had just turned sixteen in the previous week and I was feeling slightly left out. It seemed like all my female friends had lost their virginity except me. They would all sit around during break and lunch times in high school discussing their sexual experiences whilst I sat quietly next to them and listened. They all expressed how good it felt, and often told me that I was missing out....Read On


Better The Second Time

When I had sex for the first time, I held the boy in my arms as he wept.

In high school, I was a good girl and wanted to save myself for the right guy. Um, well, I guess the honest truth also includes the fact that I never knew any guy in high school who I either wanted or trusted to take my cherry. Mom always said to be honest. I was a junior and it seemed that most of my friends had lost their virginity well before now. I couldn't help but hear so many of...Read On


Three Firsts Make A Home Run

I had three firsts in one night, one with a girl, one with a boy and one with a girl and a boy.

Chapter 1 I'll bet you remember your first time, right? For sex. Yeah. Well, I do. It was last Saturday. I had been dating my boyfriend, Rick, for about six months, he's seventeen, six months to the day older than I am. We had fooled around a bit, I'd jacked him off some, he'd gotten my top and bra off and had sucked my boobs. Oh, was that great. It's the first time my panties got real...Read On