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First Time


Adventures In Cock Sucking: Part I

Sometimes the desire to suck a cock is more than one can stand. It has to be appeased.

I think there are three types of men: men who love women; men who love men and men who love women and cocks. I think I fall into the latter category and I expect there are a lot of men who do, too, especially when their passion is up. These are stories of my exploits between the women of my life and sometimes at the same time. My first experience began on a lovely spring day. Unfortunately,...Read On


Ms. West

Mature teacher gives her female student a couple of firsts.

Seventeen-year-old Mia Silver lived in a small-town in Ohio. Her parents, who were devout Catholics, brought her up in a very strict environment. Since she was an only child, everything Mia did received an overabundance of scrutiny. She had to come home right after school ended, no hanging out with classmates, and absolutely no boys. Her father, Conrad, was a high school principal at St....Read On


Misfit Love

Two best friends realise their love for each other.

March 1992 She was walking home from school with her friend Addy, who lived across the street and down a few houses from her. The pair turned onto their street and the girls said their goodbyes. It was Friday, finally, and they wouldn’t see each other until Monday – Addy was out of town for the weekend, she was visiting her father in Bloomington. Jennifer walked up the street to...Read On

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I really needed to go shopping, there was no way I could keep putting it off. I definitely needed some new clothes for the summer but the fact is - and I know it surprises many people - I really hate shopping. However, as it was a beautiful morning, I took the plunge and decided I might as well get it done early and then enjoy the rest of my day. So, I jumped in the shower and completed...Read On


Never Forget

Ian loses his blowjob cherry

I met Jackie the old-fashioned way, at a uni disco night. She looked good but the main attraction was that she was so off-beat and quick witted. I mean, our first conversation went something like: Me, “Would you like to dance?” Jackie, “Always, but why are you asking?” “Because I’d like to dance with you.” “Crap. Very few guys like to dance and I’ve seen you move. You don't like to dance...Read On

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Eleanor Under the Himalayas

Eleanor Hunt discovers a unique sense of freedom in a foreign and exotic land

It was a Friday night in the middle of February at Sandakphu, a tiny mountain village where a single multi-storey building and most of the ten odd cottages in the central area worked as lodgings for tourists. Seemingly rising right in front of it and looming large over the landscape were the stunning seven peaks of the Kanchenjungha, the third highest peak in the world. The entire Himalayan...Read On


I Mean, He Just Wanted to Play with My Tits

I am starting this story, if it is a story, in no particular place. That’s because I have no particular story. Take your chances. I am starting with something I think about, once in a while, but it happened a decade and a half ago. I am sitting in the living room of our two-bedroom suite at college, my sophomore year. It’s a college in Providence, Rhode Island, that used to be a...Read On


Payton and I

Payton and I's first time.

This is a true story about my first time with a girl named Payton. Payton and I were both eighteen at the time. She was about 5'7'' with the bluest eyes and most amazing blonde hair. After days of stressing over it, I finally asked her to a movie. She said yes. Upon arriving at the movie, I bought everything and we quickly settled in. We, of course, chose the back row as it had the best...Read On


Mixing Business With Pleasure

Amber becomes a woman.

I was so tickled that Beverly's schedule freed her up to make a late year business trip. Minneapolis in late December truly is an icebox. The chance to visit Brazil on business was something I immediately jumped at. The thought of warm weather and a chance to get away with my girlfriend, Beverly, made for an excellent end of the decade. As it turned out, I received a year end bonus;...Read On


Hillcrest Academy for Girls - Part 5 - Caught and Punished

Cassie gets caught watching Brad masturbate

Brad walked over to the bathroom stall where he heard the noise and saw some movement. He pulled on the locked door and shouted, “Open up!” Cassie crouched down on top of the toilet, her body shaking, hoping Brad would go away. A moment ago she was on the verge of a much-needed orgasm and now she was dreading what would happen next. She was so mad at Megan for encouraging her to sneak into...Read On


My First Time

This is my first attempt at a story, and it is a true story. Takes a little to get up to the full action, but I wanted to tell my story. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome and are appreciated! The summer after my freshman year in college, I got my first real job. I worked about forty hours per week and was making pretty decent money. I was living at home so I didn't have...Read On


Fun at the Ice Cream Parlor

Jerry has an entertaining night

Jerry Martin worked at the Foster Freeze ice cream store. He had worked at the shop for a year. The ice cream shop was popular with local teenagers. His boss had put in a few video games that the kids liked to play. Jerry was a bit awkward and a little nerdy around girls. He enjoyed them, but more from a distance. Sometimes, his friends would hang out in the shop and he'd give them free...Read On


One Sunday Morning

One Sunday morning I'm sitting upstairs at church, trying to stay awake so I can flirt with David, the pastor's son. We've been texting all week and sneaking out so we can steal a few kisses. Last night's make out led to him touching me and, man.... oh man.... did I enjoy it! When I woke up this morning, I saw a text from him telling me to wear the dress he loves. So, after I showered,...Read On


Study Buddies Part 1

Annie and Jace get closer...

Annie’s phone buzzed from underneath her as she sat on her family’s couch surfing through the monotony that is daytime television. Honestly, she thought as she fished her phone from the pockets of her denim shorts, you’d think they’d play one good thing on television in the summer! Then, shaking herself from her thoughts, she skimmed the message from her friend Jace. I’m so bored. Want...Read On


The Central Park Lover

He came running, he saved me, I made him take me--but then he ran on.

Does anyone want to read a plain-vanilla story about a fuck in Central Park? As my profile reports, I live in East Hampton, on Long Island, also in Manhattan. But back then, I lived only in the city in a fifth-floor walk-up on East 78th near First Avenue. It was the dawn of the age of running. Sure, I knew guys in high school track who chose long-distance running. But then, it was...Read On


Lighting a fire - Part 1

The inexperienced Annabel starts her sexual journey.

“Are you ready for tonight, babe?” Annabel Campbell turned around and looked straight into the eyes of her gleaming friend. Of course I’m ready, Annabel thought. She had been looking forward to this day for several weeks. Her parents had planned a barbeque party. Annabel’s friend, Betty, was invited, too. Mrs. Campbell and Betty’s mom had been co-workers for many years, and their daughters...Read On


Victoria's Secret (Part 3)

A night to remember.

As Victoria stood behind the bar, finishing the last of her checks to ensure that everything was in place, she glanced at the time. Five minutes and the doors would open. She looked down at her body. It seemed strange: to her eyes she appeared dressed, yet she knew she was only wearing a thong and heels. The air conditioning inside the club didn't help. Her nipples stood out quite...Read On


Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries

Susannah loses her key and much more besides

Susannah Morgan pulled up outside the bungalow where she lived with her parents. She took the car key from the ignition. Opening the car boot she took out a bag containing the new dress she had bought for her best friend’s wedding. She closed the boot and put the car ignition key in her handbag and walked along the path leading to the front door of the detached bungalow, where she lived with...Read On


Carl And His Stepsister Maria's Affair With Their Uncle – Part 3

Sexual exploration with niece and nephew

The weekend had finally arrived and I carefully planned a day of intimate time alone with Carl and Maria. We agreed use my bedroom and the king-sized bed, silk sheets, and subdued lighting to set the mood. They wanted to fuck and the mood setting was really for me. For our first time together, we agreed I would watch them and join in when ready. I was accustomed to being the voyeur anyway....Read On


My First Bare Anal Sex Experience

A new horizon in my bisexual life, first time bare

My first bare bisexual experience, happen two weeks ago. Following on-line chats, I met with Mark, a very sweet young man of twenty-six, who enjoys sex with older, experienced men. I should explain that I am an older chubby guy, who never expected to meet with horny young guys. Wow, my luck was in with Mark. We meet at a local motel as I am a married man exploring his bi side. I was...Read On


Syl's First Boy Love

Syl reminisces the summer of exploring her emerging sensuality.

Hi, I'm Sylvia, but my friends call me Syl. The summer before my senior year in high school, I was seventeen and already had my driver's license, but no car of my own. I had just gotten my first real job, working part-time in the snack shop of the summer swim club where my family belonged. The swim club was at the edge of the sub-division where we lived. I usually walked there and back,...Read On


A Couple's Gloryhole Experience

Our first gloryhole delivers more than we expected. What happens in Vegas....

It was our annual weekend in Vegas. Highly anticipated all year as it was our time to leave who we were at home behind, and be all of the things that we couldn't be at home. At least for a weekend. On this trip, our mission is a nice dinner, a topless show to get things started and then a return visit to a fine establishment that we found last trip but didn't allow time to explore. Our goal is...Read On


My First Time With A Shemale

A genuine account of my first time with a shemale

After years of fantasizing, the story below is a genuine account of my first time experience. It happened a few years ago in a Leeds gay club..... On a work Christmas night out, in the small hours of the morning, a few of my gay colleagues managed to lure everyone into one of the cities largest gay clubs. Sambuca flowed and, on one trip back from the bar, I nearly walked into a stunning...Read On


My First Time

I am seduced by an older woman living next door, who takes my virginity in a memorable fuck.

Just after my eighteenth birthday new people moved into the house next door. He was in his mid forties, but she was much younger, probably in her early thirties. They had an Airedale terrier which she took for long walks every day in the nearby woods, and I often bumped in to her when I was out with our dog. We struck up a conversation, and found that we had similar interests in music and...Read On

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Summer Storm

Like a summer thunderstorm, our passion was brief and powerful

Just walking from my car to the front door through the hot, steamy July weather got me sweaty. As the door closed behind me, I reveled in the cooler air of the air-conditioned house. It was turning out to be a long, hot summer and the weather, my work, and just about everything else, were driving me crazy. To top it all off, I was spending the summer alone. My live-in girlfriend Dana, who...Read On

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A '57 Chevy and the Starlight Drive-in Theater

A high school girl has her first complete sexual experience

It was 2015, a beautiful Saturday in September, partly cloudy sky, 72 degrees, just a slight breeze. Dave, my husband, and I were just starting to walk down the first of six aisles of vintage cars. It was the biggest show of the year. Well over one hundred people always brought their cars to display. Hundreds of people, young and old, would walk by them that day. For people like us, in...Read On


The School For Scandal: Part 3

Oona loses her cherry to the Professor

Oona and I stood, face to face, her arms around my neck, her naked breasts pressing against my chest, her panty clad hips grinding against my steel hard manhood. I cupped the cheeks of her ass as she kissed me, worming her tongue into my mouth. Between kisses she whispered, “Fuck me Professor!.....Fuck me!” She wrapped her legs around my waist, locking her ankles behind my back. I...Read On


Victoria's Secret (Part 2)

Victoria's adventures continue

Three weeks had passed since Victoria's first night at "Sapphire Dreams." By now she was competent behind the bar and Mike had been full of praise and appreciation for all she did. He had become more of a friend than a boss. Victoria looked at the clock, still only midday on a Friday. She heard her phone ringing in her handbag, and went to the office supplies cupboard to answer it. ...Read On


A Week Of Pleasure

Sophie meets James for the first time and decides she is ready to go all the way

I scanned the train station as my heart beat a fast rhythm in my chest. I had arrived five minutes ago and James should have been here by now. I surveyed my surroundings again looking for a familiar face. "Sophie!" I spun around at the sound of my name and smiled when I found the source. James looked just like his picture. We'd been talking for over a year and we finally arranged to meet...Read On


Mom's Best Friend

An eighteen year old boy has his first time with his mother's best friend

Although I had turned eighteen a few months back, I was still living at home. My father had left when I was young, and I lived with my mother all of these years. At times it was a struggle, but she always found time for me, and more importantly - took care of me, making sure I had everything I could ever want. She had a great support around her also, lots of friends - many of whom were of...Read On