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First Time


A Long Hard Look (part 4)

The eyes are more than windows to the soul.

"Judy that was unbelievable. I can't believe you've never done this before!" David exclaimed, starting to wipe off the sticky beads of cum that laced his penis and my tongue. "Stop! Let me clean you up," I said, walking over to him. My lipstick was written all over his dick. I didn't care though, he was single and didn't have a prying, suspicious wife to question him about why his penis was...Read On


A Long Hard Look (part 3)

The eyes are more than windows to the soul.

I hastily flipped open my phone. "Hullo?" "Hiya, sweet. How was your exam?" kindly asked my father. "Ah, it went well thanks... finished it before everyone else. I'm just taking a much-needed tea-scone-ciggie break." I said, smiling. David winked at me after I said the word "break". "Well that's great then," said Dad. I could hear the hum of traffic, the ice rain hitting and potentially...Read On


The Hot Tub

I had a friend when I was a little bit younger, I was about 16. We were really close Hannah and I. I used to sleep over at her almost every weekend and she had this hot tub on her back porch. Late at night we would creep down the stairs and out to the hot tub. In the dark we would giggle. After awhile we got a little more adventurous and we would go skinny dipping. It was on one of...Read On


Daddy's Friend... Part 1

sadly this is a fictional story but oh how i wish it were true

It was the second week of the summer and Leah had already become bored, she was home from college for the summer. Leah was 17 years old and had coppery blonde hair that fell loosely down to her shoulders , she was of average height but her most noticeable feature were her 38C breasts. All of her friends were away for the summer and she could'nt help feel slightly reliece that her...Read On


My First Time

The first time I got a blowjob was from the girl next door. I was in my garage one day after school playing with my horny cock. I loved jacking off and did it every chance I got. While I was flogging my meat and groaning as the pleasure was building, I heard a noise behind me. I turned around to see Melody, the cute blond from next door, watching what I was doing and smiling. I said "hi,...Read On


The Yes Man part 2

Finally I get to shag her best friend

I woke up next morning and wandered if I had dreamed what happen the night before with Lyn. I got up showered and dressed and went down to breakfast, Lyn was already there, but make no comment about last night. The conference ended at 10 and we were free to go home, Lyn had on her business suit again, and I drove back to the office, I had to be there before 4p.m. as Peter...Read On


Virginity of a vampire (Part 2)

Here's the second part - enjoy MWAHAHAHAHA!

Daniel got home from the library his mind still whirring with questions. The cold air wafted past his ears as he opened the door and went in. After greeting his parents he went upstairs still thinking about the incident in the library. It was then an idea hit him so he went downstairs and told his parents that Travis and him were camping out for the night, with his parents approval he...Read On


Virginity of a Vampire

This is my second story, hope you like it.

Daniel felt lost as he sat on the train with his family, they were moving once again to another town as his father had just got offered a higher job. The train chugged its way through tunnel after tunnel as Daniel thought about the people he was leaving behind. The 3 best friends he'd had since primary who were Johnny, Liam and Nathan and his girlfriend Sarah who he had been seeing for two...Read On


My First Time

My First time with a lady

This is my first time at submitting and not sure what you think. Its a bit short but some advice would be nice.   We were alone in her house. We were watching TV together on the couch. Nothing of interest was on so we decided to play cards. We played Rummy. We did silly things for the winning hand i.e. looser had to make a drink. A few hands later we did some funny things like...Read On


Neglected wife

She liked the movie

She was married but her husband wasn't pleasing her sexually. She decided to look elsewhere. Fortunately, I was on the receiving end. She was 46, I was 47. After meeting for the first time and Carol telling me she liked to see cocks, I asked her back over to  my apartment. When she could get away from hubby, we would meet. Always she wore a short skirt.. One Saturday, she told...Read On


Married Lady

Her life was miserable

Carol was unhappily married. I was single. We were both in our mid 40's.  We met in an abandoned parking lot. on her way to work and almost instantaneously fell in love. She stood about 5 '3", blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful breasts and thighs that would make anyone take a second look. She was wearing a short skirt and if it was any shorter would have revealed her panties. We...Read On


First Time with my Spanish Host Brother

This is my first story so please comments are appreciated

It was a Friday, and I had just finished with tennis practice at school.  I walked by the soccer fields to wait for Joaquin, my host brother from Spain.  He had been living with my family for about 2 months now.  We didn't plan to host a foreign exchange student, and actually, my mom swore she would never let it happen.  But Joaquin and I had become friends at school, and when there was...Read On


My truth

This is mine.

Every nerve in my body was tingling. James raised his hand up to my bronzed shoulder and slip down the strap. My head looked away and i closed my eye' s. It seemed so unreal. His touch was so soft and i could here his breathing. It was so deep. I felt his moist lips on my shoulder and moaned. This was how i wanted it. This is how i imagined it. James' arms were snug around my waist and his...Read On


A whole new world ...... (part 2)

Please read part 1 submitted on 07/16/08 before reading this, thanks!     Later that evening the two friends were sharing a pineapple pizza for dinner over another glass of wine.   “So,” Debbie started, “does this make us lesbians?”   She sipped her wine and giggled.   Dianne blushed and said, “I don’t think so.   I think it makes...Read On


Simple pleasures...

The first passion i ever had.

I can remember it so vividly. I was 17 and he was James. He was tall, blonde, tanned and absolutely gorgeous. Every girls fantasy. From our first words together anyone could tell we were a perfect match, Oh god a remember how I would tremble at his touch. Every time he put his arms around me I could feel the blood flowing through my body faster than usual. My eye' s would close and I would...Read On


Lesbian First Time

A hot PE teacher seduces pupil

I’m really good friends with my PE teaching assistant. She helps our main teacher, and she’s really kind and nice to everyone. I only just met her in Year 9 when she joined the school as a teacher. I do a lot of after school sports, and she runs the running class. One day, after school, after the running class, I put all the equipment away and so I was the only one getting...Read On


First Time for Bethany - Long Drive Home

Long Drive Leads to Pushing the Limits

Since our move to Kingston, a three hour drive from our long-time home of Kitchener, I've made many trips up and down the highway to my old familiar territory.   Since we have maintained many friendships since our relocation, I've used my business trips to either meet with good friends or shuttle friends of my children to visit for a short time, usually over weekends. ...Read On



Aswin should have stayed with Nell, his first love and an Australian Aborigine.

The bus from Adelaide city now goes on large highways through suburban centres of shops and houses where once, travelling on a small and slow green bus, it went over creeks and through fields where the farmer ploughed, curling dust into the bright sky. He has little chance of finding her again but he must look. It was here that he got off the bus from school in the city. He daily walked...Read On


Their day

It's Tum's day with her motorcyclist lover at the beach and what a day and a night they are.

Tum wakes up even earlier than usual, bright-eyed.  She has waited a long time for this day. Desire aches in her limbs and holds like firm hands her bare thighs now resting on the cool bed sheet. What would Phong be doing now this early?  Perhaps showering, cool water glistening down the muscles of this back, over his skinny bum and thin legs. As usual Tum’s fingers go straight to...Read On


been waiting for this

nicole and her boyfriend of 9 months finally have sex, on bad terms.

Nicole sat at the end of the bed. Shaun would be coming over soon and she fixed up the place real nice for his arrival. Shaun never came to her house, cause her parents were always home, or about to come home. Shaun lived about 1 1/2 hours on local transit, but when he visited his dad in her city, she always came over to see him. But today was a nice day. Her parents went to New York for...Read On


Oye's choice

A country girl chooses to work in a massage parlour as her possible ticket to a new life.

Sugarcane. From the machine that squeezes the canes flows cool light-green juice filling the waiting glass to brim, so sweet to the taste. Oye lately has thought of her name and how appropriate it seems for her. She feels like that juice. Whoever drinks her will find her pleasing. Of that she is sure. The sun is almost behind the trees around her village. After another blazing hot day,...Read On


First bus

Kik catches her first overnight bus ride by herself, which suits the man in the next seat very well.

There is a lot that Kik doesn’t know. This trip to her parents’s home that she is having to make by herself on the bus is scary. It’s the first time that she would travel on the air-conditioned coach by herself. And it’s a good 12-hour trip. Her dad Pon drove her to the bus terminal in his taxi that’s very much on its last wheel. He shouts his instruction to her about what not to do during...Read On


Virgin Boy Helps Neighbor's Wife

My wife’s sexual appetite is as voracious as ever.   During the course of our marriage, we’ve experimented with a variety of sexual positions, sex games and even group sex.   We’ve invited those with vast sexual experience to join us, and we’ve learned quite a bit from doing so.   The one thing we haven’t shared is someone with no sexual experience.   We discussed this very issue...Read On


Older Men... Delicious!

Older Men... They always know exactly what they're doing!

Like I mentioned before, I was ten years old when I figured out that touching, rubbing, or lightly spanking my cunt would give me a peculiar feeling. Kind of like a million ants walking up and down my legs. It was a weird feeling, but very satisfying none the less.   I was not your regular ten year old, I come from a big family, but being the only female gave...Read On


Innocence Lost PART ONE

Damn the broken road that lead me to you.

Everyone's first time was either great or horrible. Mine was neither.  I It was just a week before Highschool and I had been talking to a guy I had a crush with in Middle School on IM. He was the ladies' man type of guy. He was muscular, adorable and smart. He went out with numerous girls in Middle School, and I was just the type who could only dream of having a boyfriend....Read On


How Scarlet had her cherry popped Part 1

This is how i lost my virginity.

Everybody remembers their first time. Some people aren't too fond about it, others end up marrying that one person and having that one penis to themselves for the rest of their lives. My experience was different. Way different. At 18, i was still a virgin and proud of it. My friends were in serious relationships and of course, having sex, but here I was, single and sexless. On the...Read On


A whole new world.... (part 1)

A MILF discovers her passion needs to be satisfied.......

Dianne was 46 when she and Will bought their vacation home.   They had been married 25 years and in some respects it was a testimony to them making it that long.   After all, they had gotten married at the tender age of 21.   But more than 25 years and three grown kids later, they were still together.   Was it a perfect marriage?   No.   But it was a relatively...Read On


The Camera Incident

She was 16 when she first became aware sexually, she had never really thought about it much but logging onto her computor one day to find porn pop-ups she became more and more aware of her body. The first time she touched her self scared her she had only ever came in contact with her pussy when she was washing it in the shower or cleaning it after using the toilet..... that was before...Read On



You never know what you will find in the pages of a book .....

Darkness I open my eyes but it’s still dark. I have no idea where I am last thing I remembered was sitting under a tree reading a book. I can’t move, my legs and arms seem to be tied to something. I can only move my head a little. Everything is hazy and I seem to drift off. I suddenly awake when I hear noises, I find myself straining to hear more. Slight breathing noises. I want to...Read On


How Scarlet had her cherry popped Part 2

  "Are you frightened?" Hayden whispered into my ear as he pushed his hard cock into my tight and wet pussy and let out the largest moan i'd heard. Ever. I shook my head and let out a soft gasp as a shock of pain jolted down my body mixed with pleasure that sent lighting bolts to the tips of toes. I turned my head and look tot he side but he grabbed my head with his hands as he still...Read On