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First Time

First time sex stories relate to virgins losing their cherry. They are typically stories of teenagers making love for the first time, and the excitement and buzz that comes from that initial experimentation. Another favorite theme in this section are young men or women, losing their virginity to an older woman (the 'milf' syndrome) or older man - the more experienced partner educating their younger partner in the art of sex.

Comp Entry

Free at Last!

Alyssa was eighteen, an Olympic skier, and on her own for the first time.

Rex Bishop is the schedule coordinator for the Olympic Trials in Vail, Colorado, this year. Vail is a gorgeous little town but was going to be over-run with tourists, the press, and competitors, and it probably isn’t ready. But that wasn’t his problem. He lived in a nice condo downtown within walking distance of everything, so he was looking forward to the next two weeks of competition. He...Read On


Waiting to have her knickers removed

Sarah's first real lover wants to kiss her all over

“Where are we going?” Sarah asked. She was in Martin’s car and he was driving out of the pub car park. They had met two hours earlier and been talking ever since. He was medium height, well-built but not muscular, with wavy brown hair and blue eyes and he was fun. That was the main thing. Her kind of fun. It’s a word that can mean various things to different people. To her it meant he...Read On

Recommended Read

Memoirs of a Man Slut: First Love

My First Love

Be me, Thomas Murphy, a seventeen-year-old high school senior living in the California Bay Area. It was the first day of my senior year of wrestling, and Coach Barton had me getting all the novices organized. According to Coach, as one of the top-ranked heavyweights in the state, I was in a “Leadership Position.” Apparently, being a leader meant I had to do administrative work. Note to...Read On


Carolyn's First Time

Carolyn's boyfriend isn't forthcoming, but someone else appreciates her.

Now I know why Dad didn't object to me touring Europe with Charlie. Talk of safe? What a wimp. I know touring Europe after high school is supposed to be a cultural bonanza, but you'd think a bit of adventure might just creep in? We might just as well be in Kansas. Yes, Dad did stipulate single rooms. But now we were away, the freedom, the sights, especially sexy Italian men, had a way...Read On


Virgin Explores an Adult Arcade

This is the story of my first trip to an adult bookstore, and of my first gay sexual experience.

This is the story of my first trip to an adult bookstore, and of my first sexual experience with another person.  I was eighteen and a late bloomer.  I had discovered masturbation but was shy around girls and all of my sexual experiences up to now only involved me and my well-loved hand.  I mostly masturbated to girls but every once in a while I got curious about sucking a cock but didn't...Read On

Comp Entry

Winter's Embrace

A young actress finds her passion

"CUT!” The director yelled loudly over the din of the set.  "Fuck, you guys, be quiet. How do you expect her to say her lines with all that fucking noise?" Choruses of "sorry" filled the air as the crew set back up for another take, ensuring to be silent as Pam prepared to do her scene. "Okay, so you are in Europe, searching for your father, finally found the town... and GO!" *** ...Read On


A Boy Becomes The Slut He Always Knew He'd Be

A young crossdresser's first time, and yes it was amazing!

By the time I turned eighteen, I knew what my future was. In my last two years at school, I was always dreaming of what the hot guys' cocks looked like. I had no issue getting girls, I had plenty of experience fucking them. I was always jealous of the girls who were easy, with their slutty outfits. I wanted to be tone of them and have the boys chasing me, wanting me to suck their dicks.  It...Read On


Twins Share My Virginity

A girl shares her virginity with twins...

This is Sue’s story of her loss of virginity. Twins are involved. This a story can be read in conjunction with a” Bisexual” story titled - Jan And Sue’s Affair Begins At The Beach. I was seventeen and was studying in a boarding school and did not have much experience with guys beyond a bit of touching and kissing. I had a few experiences with girls who had encouraged me to join them in...Read On


Wife's First Time

She has agreed to be shared with me and another man

I had placed an ad in the Vegas Craigslist personals for a male to share my wife. After the elimination process of most of the 200+ responses and interviewing the last few I decided on one guy. His name was Greg, a data engineer for a large corporation and recently divorced. We shared information about each other, and he sent several pics of himself including one picture of his cock. He...Read On


Ray's Sister. The Conclusion.

Valerie dropped me back off at the theatre and gave me one last kiss before she drove off. What had started out as a trip to the movie theatre for a double feature of horror movies turned into something better; I had just lost my cherry to my buddies sister.  I had missed the first feature and the second one was halfway over so there was no point in going in and I didn't want to get home...Read On

Comp Entry

Albany to Albania, A Tectonic Story

An American girl travels to the Balkans to meet a friend.

She giggled to herself as she opened the gift wrapped package waiting for her at this hard-to-find scenic overlook and found its contents.  She was freezing, her toes numb after the short walk from the parking lot along the unshoveled path.  She thought it would be warmer here near the Mediterranean. There was a map, marked with a small red X, a blindfold, and a note.   ‘I needed to be...Read On


The Snowglobe Conspiracy #004: Unprecedented Pleasure

I never would have thought...

Clear water is finally flowing from the showers, and my new friends pause their activity and step into the falling water, summoning me to them with the movement of their glistening bodies. Of course, I approach them, preceded by the length of my cock. Just as I enter the edge of the water, Emily stops me with her voice. “So,” she starts, “where are you from?” “Huh?” I ask, a little...Read On


Trick or Treating Virgin

Steph wanted something sweet for Halloween, but it wasn't candy.

It was not a good day. It was the afternoon of Halloween, and just hours earlier my sort of girlfriend, Lisa, had told me that we were over. I should have seen it coming; we didn’t really connect like most couples do. Our relationship was more a matter of convenience, one that meant we wouldn’t be the only two seniors with no significant other to go with to school events and parties. I guess...Read On


Ray's Sister.Part 2.

It was an effort not to shoot into the air as her silky hand rubbed the length of my shaft. Thankfully she released me after a few moments to recover her purse off the centre counsel and commenced rummaging around inside it for a few seconds before she produced a string of condoms, and tore one packet off. "You'd probably like to do me bareback, but the risk of pregnancy is way too great,"...Read On


Ray's Sister

One second I was literally flying up the driveway of Ray's house to tell him about the special event coming to the cinema and the next I am frozen in my tracks with my mouth hanging open. For there, against the garage, was his sister Valerie washing her 1970 Chevelle Supersport SS. She had the radio and very loud so she could hear it through the closed windows and was swaying to the beat of...Read On


The Old Mill Pond

I discover I'm not alone skinny-dippin in the old mill pond.

The old mill pond had been our summer meeting place for years. The mill had been closed for years now, but the pond was still there. It made a great place to hang out and swim. There was a big oak tree next to the water. We would tie a rope to the limb and swing out over the water and drop in. Next to the tree was a large rock. It was perfect for diving off or just laying on to get some sun. ...Read On


Sex in Winter

The story of how I lost my virginity

Winter was coming soon, a cold one too, judging by the breeze; living so close to Lake Michigan made predicting weather patterns pretty easy, especially as winter approached. I took in a deep breath, the crisp air was refreshing, like the feeling you get drinking cold water after chewing on Dentine Ice; unlike my boyfriend Jace, winter was quickly becoming my favorite season. There is...Read On


I Fucked His Bride

I’d dated Sandy for a long time. I couldn’t let her get married without fucking her one more time.

I’m a male nurse in a large Florida hospital and a cute blonde, Sandy, had just started to work my shift. I was very attracted to her but kept our relationship strictly professional. We always worked long hours and eventually took our breaks together whenever possible. After about three months I asked Sandy out and she said yes. Our days off were Monday and Tuesday, so we planned to have...Read On


The First Touch

As soon as we first touched, I knew it wouldn't be the last

The first time I brushed her thigh, goosebumps covered her fair skin. We were out with a group of friends at a restaurant, seated in the corner right next to each other, a large tablecloth draped over our legs. A radiant blue dress tightly wrapped around her body, beautifully showing off her curves. I had accidentally dropped my napkin between us, and upon quickly reaching to grab it, my...Read On


Tricking A Straight Boy

A couple of horny young Aussie guys hang out in a Canadian ski town and decide to hot tub

I’m living with two hot young Aussie guys and for three days there has been a sexual tension building. Last night, it boiled over... No, it wasn’t Will (Will is my new roommate; Will is eighteen, fucking hot and so far it seems as if he is totally straight although I might get him). It was Dean (my mate who is staying with me for a couple of days before he moves to a ski resort just south...Read On


The God Son

Helping out a naive young man.

I’m a woman in my early thirties and, in my teenage years, I was honoured with being asked to be the god mother to the forthcoming child of a good friend. My godson Matt, now sixteen, was born and then my friends moved away to take over a farm on a remote island off the west coast of Scotland. Over the years I tried to fulfil my commitment to Matt and had many holidays on the farm but also...Read On


Coming of Age

My next door neighbor teaches me the finer points of lovemaking.

I was terribly shy at sixteen. Tall, ultra-thin, and totally lacking in experience. I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood less than an hour's commute to New York City. Our next door neighbors were Joseph 'Joey Goodyear' Buonanno and his wife Angelina.  Mr Buonanno, when asked about his career, would dodge the question, waving  his ever-present Cuban cigar, while he steered...Read On


The Birthday Gift

I give my husband a special gift

It is agreed that the most important part of the body needed for sex is the brain. If a person doesn’t have the brain engaged before, during and after sex the result will be less than satisfactory. The greatest aspect of this brain power is the use of fantasy. The little story you keep going in your head leads to a depth of intensity and allows a person to shed inhibitions and just go with it!...Read On


Dress With An Effect - Chapter 4 - A Family Affair

The dress that led to Jack and Jenn’s affair sparks a new relationship

“Hi, Allie,” Jenn said, answering the phone. “What’s up? “Jenn, can I come over? We need to talk,” Allie said nervously. “Of course, Allie. I always have time for you,” Jenn replied. “You sound upset. Is something wrong?” Jenn inquired. After a pause, Allie said, “No I’m not upset. I’ll explain when I get there. See you in a bit.” Opening the door, Jenn saw that Allie was not her...Read On


The Paperboy

I take the paperboy’s virginity

It was the Friday after Thanksgiving and my husband had to work and my son had gone for the weekend to stay with some friends, so I took the time to start putting up the Christmas decorations in our home. It was quite warm that day since we live in the South so all I had on was a white, button blouse and a pair of loose white gym shorts (the nylon silky kind) with no bra or panties. I...Read On


Natalie: My First Time

My first time and a sex filled weekend with Natalie.

My encounter with Natalie was an amazing one, the girl I would finally lose my virginity to on a wonderful sex filled weekend. It was August, and I'd been on the prowl for like crazy. after trying to date several girls, having minor hookups but nothing major. In retrospect, my problem was I was trying to date these girls, trying to fall in love, instead of fucking them silly. Annie had...Read On



Three friends have their first sexual experience together

It was mid-September. The blinding heat of summer days was gone, leaving the soft warmth of fall in the air. The three friends walked slowly along the river shore. They had been a threesome since Ninth Grade, when all three showed up at their new school. She was no cheerleader type. They were not athletic. That left them out of the social life of the school. Common interests in art,...Read On


Masters Program

Swimmer gets therapy and more

I had been swimming again for the past few months, trying to get fit for a summer triathlon, I had a swimming background in my youth but it had been many years since I'd swum competitively. The local masters' swim program had me back in shape but, unfortunately, had my shoulder out of sorts as well.  The coach of the masters' program, Eric, was nearly twenty years removed from his...Read On


My Very First Time

The surprising night I lost my virginity to a close friend.

It was Amy’s big occasion, the day she was to be recognised for her photography and she’d chosen me as her date. At only sixteen, I wasn’t really prepared for a fancy gala at the Royal Photographic Society in Bristol, but it meant the world to her.  She’d worked hard and today she was going to accept the Young Photographer of the Year  Award - the first step on a glittering career. I’d...Read On


Beefcake is my Speedo Bitch

Casual hookup with a body builder who loves speedos and being dominated. I fucked him hard.

I mentioned it briefly the other day that a friend of mine got in a bit of trouble with the law.  It isn’t too bad, he just drank a little too much and made some bad choices.  Nobody got hurt and I don’t think it is a ‘habit’ of his. I’m not going to defend his actions or decisions, he fucked up and he is more than paying for it. Perhaps because I am so discrete with my business...Read On