Moving In

I guess I’m your average 21 year old. I go to school, work part time, have a bunch of friends, drink every now and again, and absolutely LOVE sex. I’d say I’m quite good looking. I stand at 6 feet tall, have shaggy blonde hair, and spend a decent amount of time in the gym. I get my fair share of women, quite easily as a matter of fact. Recently, I’ve started to desire older women, not too...Read On


Snow Is Also Fun For Adults

I was sick of the game. I was sick of playing it cool, then acting interested, then dancing around for a week or two, it never fucking ended, and rarely ended in fucking. Girls my age just weren’t mature enough. Or maybe I wasn’t mature enough to play that game with them. I don’t know. But what I do know is I was sick of it. The answer was relatively simple: MILFs. A hot older woman who knew...Read On

Straight Sex(6)


Best Friends

COMPLETE WORK OF FICTION. ALL NAMES AND CHARACTERISTICS HAVE BEEN MADE UP. She lay in front of me. My best friend for years. However, today was different than every other. She lay naked, her green-blue eyes shining in lust, her sandy blonde hair falling to her C-cup breasts which were heaving up and down. Her mouth in a perfect O-shape, her face contorted in pleasure. Her stomach taut as...Read On


Best Friends Part 2

End of Part 1 We fell asleep together, her laying her head on my chest, her hair falling randomly on my body. I had my left hand wrapped around her, gently holding one of her breasts in my hand. I never slept so peacefully, or woke up more refreshed. She kissed me. “Baby, we just made love, but now I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me feel amazing, I want to be totally yours,...Read On


The Ball Is In Your Court

The Ball Is In Your Court I hate the politics that goes into college club sports. I joined to play the sport, not to surrender my weekends to the community. Maybe it sounds shallow, but I didn’t want to spend my Saturdays and Sundays clipping hedges or mowing lawns. I’m a tennis player. What the hell do I know about yard work? At least today’s wasn’t awful. Juvenile, but not bad. We set up...Read On


The Ball Is In Your Court Part 2

The Ball Is In Your Court 2 I know this one took a while, but I hope it was worth the wait. Being that it took so long, I’m going to act as though time has passed for Sketch and Cameron too. The first installment was how they got together at the beginning of the school year. This installment will be around the time of the holidays. End of Part 1 “My thoughts exactly, Sketch.” Cameron...Read On


The Ball Is In Your Court Part 3

The rest of the morning went smoothly, although Cameron was still nervous about meeting my family. She wanted to get along with my parents as well as I did with hers. Fortunately, I had met her family before we had started dating. They had come up to see her at school, taken her and a few friends out to dinner. We had really hit it off, and I could tell that Cameron wanted the same for her and...Read On


The Ball Is In Your Court Part 4

Part 4 This story is going in a slightly different direction than the others went. It can stand alone, but it is very helpful to have read parts 1 through 3. Because of the lack of votes, views and comments, I’m taking it a new way. A short synopsis: Nick (Sketch) was in love with Cameron. She loved him too, but wouldn’t admit it out of fear of ruining their friendship. Nick slept...Read On