Camping in Summer

Camping in Summer Finally! Summer! For me, that has two meanings. School is over, I’m back from college. Finally, I get to lounge by the pool and relax for three months. Also, my baby sister is named Summer. At 19, Summer had perfect long, blonde hair hanging down just past her shoulders. Her body had developed during my first year of college, so my summer break that year was quite a...Read On


France Vacation

“Steph! Stephanie! Get your ass in gear we’re off to Paris in 15 minutes.”   I sighed as I plopped down on the couch, waiting for my sister to get ready to go. I had all my stuff packed and stowed in the car, waiting to drive to the airport. I was what you might call perennially early. My sister was the exact opposite. Either intentionally arriving fashionably late, or losing track of time,...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story

This is a continuation of Sisters’ Gift XVIII. To understand everything, it would be advised to read that series. I promise, it’s pretty good. End of Part XVIII: “So? My parents are brother and sister. You know that my dad has fucked both of your parents, including his other sister. I can give you the experience you need. You can go out with this girl and finally stop moping around the...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story 10 - End

End Part 9: Jenna was less surprised. “BITCH! I told you to stay out of this. But, somehow I knew you wouldn’t. Thanks Jamie. I owe you.” She kissed my girlfriend, slipping in a little tongue. I was starting to think that Jeremy’s face was in a permanent state of confusion. Jenna turned to her new boyfriend. “Oh yea, maybe I should mention that I’m bisexual?” The rest of the party went...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story 2

End Part One: “Yes, Chris. A test. I needed to know that this wasn’t just about sex, that it was something more for you. Now I know that. You didn’t even flinch when I said no sex. You just accepted it, and amazed me with your answer. I want you now. I promised myself not until at least the third date, but you have been amazing tonight. I feel so connected with you, and I want to be even...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story 3

End Part 2: “Night Amy. Oh, wait. Something else did happen. Jamie told me to thank you for her. You know what she means.” “Yep.” She kissed me and then just walked out the room, leaving me to sleep. I woke up the next morning to my phone vibrating, indicating that I had a text. It was from Jamie. “Hey, baby…check ur fb.” I opened my laptop and logged onto facebook. I had a new...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story 4

End Part 3: “Is that so?” It came from the doorway, and I knew we were in trouble. “Well, she is pretty hot. Let’s just see how hot she is.” Amy walked over and licked the length of Jamie’s pussy. “Mmmm. She is hot, and tasty. But there is something else I taste in there. Could it be my cousin’s cum?” She went back in and took another lick. “Jamie, I think it’s time we tell him.” “Tell...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story 5

End Part 4: My life was amazing. I was just wondering who I would fuck next. Laura? Gabby? Allison? Jamie or my cousin in a threesome? Little did I know, it would be none of the above. My life was absolutely insane. But it was about to get better. The next day, Allison, my biological mom, got a phone call from an old friend. She had just finished touring Europe and was coming home to...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story 6

End Part 5: Senior year was right around the corner. Summer was great, but was this just a fling? Would we be a couple that lasted through high school, or would we fail like so many others? “Harder, Chris. Harder! Ngh…I’m go…gonna…gonna CUM! HOLY FUCK CHRIS!” I unloaded my cum into Jamie’s tight cunt. This was the day before school started. It was our last fuck of the summer. I had brought...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story 7

First off guys, I would really like to thank you guys for all of the feedback. If you guys haven’t checked, I, thanks to you, am or was or whatever, among the top rated authors on Lush. I really appreciate it, and therefore, the stories will continue to come. Please feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you ASAP. End Part 6: When we finally recovered, Jenna was first to speak,...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story 8

End Part 7: Slowly, she began to ride me, kissing me and hugging herself to me the entire time. We were thrusting slowly against each other as we made love together. Now that our hormones were out of the way, we just continued to enjoy our oneness, our time as a couple. After several small orgasms from Jamie, we came together, completing our coupling. “I love you so much. I can’t wait to...Read On


Incest Runs in the Family - Chris' Story 9

End of Part 8: “Um, I never got my name change Jenna.” “Yea, well, er.” “So eloquent. That’s what I really love about you.” “You’re not mad?” “Not at all. Look, we both know we aren’t an item. Tell me about Jeremy.” “I don’t really know him that well. I want to get his attention, but I’m shy. I’ve talked to him a few times, but not much more than that. As of now, he’s just a...Read On


Memorial Day Memories

Memorial Day Memories School had just ended for me and my sister. Separated by just over a year (me at 21, her just turning 20), we were in separate colleges and returning home at about the same time. During the drive I could think of nothing but the pure bliss that would be relaxation after the intense studying of finals. I pulled into the driveway and there was my sister. A sight for...Read On


Memorial Day Memories 2: Fourth of July Feelings

Memorial Day Memories Part 2: Fourth of July Feelings End of Part 1: And harder I went. In and out, back and forth, harder and deeper. One of my hands roamed to her tits, the other to her clit. Pulling on her nipples and massaging her tiny button she began to moan loudly and thrash back and forth on my cock, nearing her orgasm. Nearing my own I started to lose my rhythm, and...Read On


Memorial Day Memories 3

Memorial Day Memories 3 End of Part 2: We lay there for a few minutes, and Joc fell asleep against my shoulder. I easily lifted her, placing her in the passenger seat, bucking her up and driving back home. I started driving home, and that’s when my life changed. The drunk driver ran a red light and smashed into the passenger side of my car, pushing us off the road. My phone was instantly...Read On


Memorial Day Memories 4

Memorial Day Memories Part 4 End Part 3: “Keep going, cum inside me. Cum with me.” She pulled my face back towards hers and we kissed again. After only a dozen or so more thrusts, I came. So did she. Moaning into each other’s mouths, we released our tensions, proving our love for one another. We lay there, in the aftermath of our orgasms, both of us as happy as we had ever been. “I...Read On


Memorial Day Memories 5

Memorial Day Memories Part 5 End Part 4: She thought about it for a while, then turned to me and said, “Then there’s only one thing to do.” I stared at her, waiting for her to continue. “We have to tell them before they find out.” All I could do was echo in response, “We have to tell them…tomorrow” “Tomorrow?” came the shocked reply in unison. “How long do you expect me to be able...Read On


My Sister Changed

Ok, so here is my story. I’ll start off like everyone else. My name is Brock, and I am a 19 year old guy. Not exactly a body to die for, but not too bad. My best feature however, is my 6.5 inches downstairs. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Anyway, I am in school, and just completed my first year of college. Let me tell you, that is where the party is. I have had some wild times...Read On


My Sister Changed II

Ok, this is back by popular demand. Alright. To refresh your memory, here is the last paragraph from my last story. I have no idea how I held on this long, but after she thrashing from her back-to-back orgasms and the clenching around my cock, I just let loose. I filled her with my cum as I felt hers on my crotch. She collapsed on top of me, and I fell asleep with her on the couch in...Read On


My Sister Changed III

All right. My last story ended with the ridiculously hot Ally coming over wearing very little. A little more about Ally: I stood in awe as Ally stood in front of me wearing her lingerie. My dick grew from 6.5 inches to at least 7 inches just seeing her. Apparently my sister was quite clear with our intentions. Ally sauntered into the room, giving off the impression that she owned...Read On


My Sister Changed IV

Sorry it took so long, but here we go Alright, I had just told Ally how I felt about her. My heart was pumping waiting for the reaction. Was it going to be one of elation? Would she be freaked? Was this relationship supposed to be physical only? Well, I was about to find out. I realized I had been in my head for about 5 minutes, but she hadn’t said anything. I looked over at her, and...Read On


My Sister Changed V

Alright, part V cumming at ya. I ended the last one with the door knob turning as I was exploding into Ally’s tight hot cunt. I froze. That moment seemed to last forever. My life flashed before my eyes. I did not know what was going on outside that door. All I knew was that I could be a goner if anyone found out about this. Everything moved in slow motion. I did not have time to get...Read On


New Home

New Home Ding Dong! I reached over and slapped my alarm, then looked at the time. 2:36 am. Nope, not my alarm. I checked my phone, no missed calls, not my phone either. Ding Dong! Knock Knock Knock! I rubbed my eyes and threw on an old t-shirt. Who the hell was at my door at this hour of the morning. I opened the door, ready to tell whoever it was to fuck himself. A good way to get your...Read On


New Home 2

New Home Part 2 End of Part 1 Both of us came down from our orgasms. I rolled off to the side, and Kassie cuddled up close to me, enjoying our post-coital bliss. I wrapped her up tightly, not letting her go. Letting her know that she was safe with me, that she was home. She purred softly, breathing deeply as she recovered from her orgasm. Wiped from the late night and from our...Read On


New Home 3

End of Part 2 I got home around 3:30, needing a shower. I hadn’t really solved anything on the golf course, but I did adopt a sort of “let the chips fall as they may” type of attitude. I walked through the door and put my clubs down. “Kassie? You home?” She didn’t respond so I went to the fridge, took out a beer and finished it as I was getting ready to go shower. I stripped my clothes,...Read On


New Home 4

End of Part 3 I polished off the last of my dinner, then turned to them. “Speaking of which I’m dying to know how you two got together.” Kassie looked at Karen, returning her gaze. “Looks like my big brother wants a story and a reenactment. Feeling up for it?” “I’m up for anything as long as I can get my hands on your body. So how about it Matt? Ready for story time?” Like the...Read On


New Home 5

End of Part 4 Kassie moaned softly as she woke up. “I’m so sore. But it was sooooo worth it.” She gave me a dazzling smile and mocked biting at me. I smiled back, still tired from my intense fucking the night before. “I think a nice shower will help you feel better. Wanna join me, Matt? Kass?” I looked to my right, seeing Karen, blissfully naked, her eyes locked on mine. I looked to...Read On

Not the Soap

“…8…9…10.” I put the bar back where it belonged and took a few deep breaths. After taking a drink from my water bottle, I walked from the workout room towards the living room. Just as I got there, the door opened and a chill burst into the house. My sister, Vanessa, walked in from her run. She stood in the doorway, taking off layers until she was down to her undershirt and spandex pants....Read On


Silver Lining

I lay on my bed in my room, just relaxing, listening to the music playing from my speakers. I was in a chill mood, mostly OAR and Dispatch playing. If you don’t know the bands, I suggest you check them out. Unfortunately, my relaxation time was not to be that day. The door slammed closed followed by heavy footsteps upstairs, then my door swinging open. My 19 year old sister, younger than me...Read On


Silver Lining 2

End of Part 1: With our hormones sated, Erin drifted into my arms, laying her head against my chest as our naked bodies pressed against each other. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, and trust me, that’s how it felt, I encircled her with my arms, holding her close. Not willing to let her go. “I think I found the silver lining of my break up.” I was comfortable....Read On


Silver Lining 3

End of Part 2: She climbed up my body again, laying next to me. “I love the taste of my pussy on your cock. And when you cum…oh god…it’s just incredible. It’s like when I taste you, I can’t wait to have more of you.” “You really love your own cum?” She nodded in the affirmative. “How did that start?” Erin’s face looked a little bit…apprehensive? “Promise you won’t be mad?” “I could...Read On


Silver Lining 4

End of Part 3: Seeing her delicate features in such pleasure was too much for me. Coupled with the pleasure she was giving me, I came deep inside her. I rolled off of her, pulling her close, cuddling with her. I kissed her head softly and turned to look at the clock. 12:03. As I turned back, I saw a figure in the window in my peripheral vision. And though I was praying it wasn’t true, I...Read On


Sisters' Gift

This has plenty of build up. If you want sex right now, this is not for you. It had been one year since the worst day of our lives. My parents had died exactly one year ago today. Our family was fragmented, but we were getting along ok. The family consisted of me, a 19 year old fresh out of high school and into the work force, and twin sisters a year younger than I. My name is Tyler, and...Read On


Sisters' Gift II

Part II Here is the last paragraph from Part I to refresh your memory The sight of the pancakes on my plate reminded me that I was starving. I sat down and began to dig in when I noticed a nude Abby crawling under the table. As I poured syrup onto my pancakes, she started to prime the pump to get some syrup of her own. As I began to eat my pancakes, she began to attack my dick with...Read On


Sisters' Gift III

Part III Last couple of lines from Part II “You naughty girls. Do you know what you guys deserve?” Catching my playful intonation, they each looked at me with lust in their eyes. Abby responded with, “Have we been naughty? Do we need to be punished?” she asked sticking her ass in the air, tantalizing me. “Well…I think we do,” Gabby responded as her hand landed hard on Abby’s ass....Read On


Sisters' Gift IV

Part IV End of Part III: I expected her to be fucking around. I didn’t care though. Her legs locked behind my back as I walked her over to the wall. I began to pound her, moving as fast as I could in this position. She bit down on my shoulder to stop from screaming, leaving quite a mark. Unable to stand any longer, I flopped backwards onto my bed, and Abby started bucking on me like a...Read On


Sisters' Gift IX

Part IX Ending of Part VIII: Had I noticed a gleam in her eye as she said that? Was she proposing more than just food? Jenn leaned in and closed her eyes, slightly turning her head. She was going in to kiss me. I had no clue what to do. My sisters and I had just gotten through a tough time, but this goddess obviously wanted me. Just before she reached me, I jolted up. My body was covered...Read On


Sisters' Gift V

Part V Reminder from Part IV “Baby, its mine. I bought it, and live here now. We only live ten minutes apart.” She nearly fainted at the news. I staggered behind her to catch her as she fell backwards. She hit my arms, and beamed a smile up at me. Suddenly regaining her strength, she jumped up into my arms again like she had the two times previous. Clearly elated she looked at me, a...Read On


Sisters' Gift VI

Part VI End of Part V: After witnessing such an erotic display, and cumming for what felt like the 15th time of the day, I needed some sleep. Abby and Gabby decided to join me, but only after they licked my cum of the other’s body. Both mentioned that it was their favorite after-sex dessert. With all three of us beaming, we quickly fell into a peaceful and deep sleep with my girls on...Read On


Sisters' Gift VII

Part VII This one is long as hell.  Part VI end: “Gabby, the only way I know that you will stay with me is if it is only me. I hate to do this, and I thought I wouldn’t have to, but I do. The only way I can know that we will always be together is if it is only us. Not Ty.” My heart dropped at this news. Gabby had to choose between me and Abby. I couldn’t imagine life without either...Read On


Sisters' Gift VIII

Part VIII End of Part VII: The doctors came in and saw that Abby had woken. They had to check vitals and see how everything was. He said that in the next few days Gabby could go home, but she had to stay away from anything too strenuous for the next couple of days. Before the doctor could even finish his sentence, Gabby asked, “Does that include sex?” Abby and I couldn’t help but smile. ...Read On


Sisters' Gift X

Part X Ending of Part IX: As I came down from my orgasmic high, I saw Allison, naked, sitting in Jenn’s lap. Gabby was sitting in Abby’s lap. Jenn was purring into Allison’s ear, making her laugh. “What?” I asked, not liking to be left out of a joke. “Oh nothing. Jenn just told me that you were well worth it. And you better believe that I want it the same way she got it. Hard...Read On


Sisters' Gift XI

Part XI End of Part X: “OOOHHH! Ty! I can’t take it. I’m gonna…gonna…OOOAAAHH!” She came all over my cock, drenching my pole, balls, and bed. I continued fucking her, but her contracting pussy and increasing lubrication sent me over the edge. I blasted load after load of cum into her pussy, not realizing until then how much I liked being the aggressor in a relationship. I pulled out of...Read On


Sisters' Gift XII

Part XII End of Part XI: “Not so fast,” Abby began. “Ty, the rules were you make us cum before you get off. Technically you got off before your sister. A valiant effort, but you lose Ty., A real shame too. Your reward was going to be our asses.” “So, what’s my punishment?” “Abby. He did get us all off. It’s not fair to punish him for being so amazing in bed.” Ahh. Gabby to the rescue. ...Read On


Sisters' Gift XIII

Part XIII End of Part XII: I awoke to another blowjob the next morning, and fortunately for me, this one was completed. “Baby, we were going to let you cum eventually. We just wanted to see how long you would last, and what you would do. If you didn’t jump Jenn last night, I surely would have jumped you in like five minutes.” Gabby kissed my softening dick after finishing her blow...Read On


Sisters' Gift XIV

Part XIV End of Part XIII: With that she left. We knew she wasn’t upset with us, and we knew she loved us. I sighed and lay back on my pillow. My right arm was around Gabby while she lay on my chest. “I hope she finds it. I really do.” Gabby chuckled. “She already has. She just doesn’t know it yet.” I looked down at her questioningly, and she responded with one word. “Allison.” The...Read On


Sisters' Gift XV

Part XV End Part XIV: This time, the tears flowed freely down her face. “Yes! Oh my god yes!” I slid the ring on her finger. “This is one thing I will never take off. Ty, I will never be fully naked in front of you again.” “Oddly enough, I couldn’t be happier about that.” We shared our first kiss as an engaged couple. THREE YEARS, SIX MONTHS LATER “I do.” “Tyler, do you take...Read On


Sisters' Gift XVI

Part XVI End Part XV: “Yea, I’m fertile. With the amount of times you’ve cum inside me, I think I’m pregnant.” She started to cry. I held her, rubbing her stomach. I whispered, “I really hope so baby. I really do.” FOUR YEARS LATER “Doesn’t she look beautiful baby?” “Which one? They both look amazing.” Of course, she was right. Allison and Abby were getting married today. They...Read On


Sisters' Gift XVII

Part XVII End Part XVI: I returned her kiss, and flipped her on her back. Still kissing her, I guided myself into her silky depths. Slowly, I pushed with an even force into her. Once I bottomed out, I hugged her to me. I whispered into her ear. “Gabby, I love you. I always will and I always have. Just lay there and let me show you.” I thrust in and out of her, slowly, while caressing her...Read On


Sisters' Gift XVIII - Endings and Beginnings

Part XVIII End Part XVII: I fucked her through her orgasm and then came inside her. I flopped down beside her and kissed her gently. “Ty, no one could ever make me cum like you. I love you so much.” “I love you too baby.” “By the way Ty. I’m off the pill again.” The ensuing nine months was a blur to me. Gabby and Allison had both gotten pregnant. Naturally, their hormones were out...Read On


The Ball Is In Your Court Part 5

This story is a continuation of The Ball is in Your Court 1-4. Those are posted in the Straight Sex genre. I modified the story from its original story line a little bit so that I could get more readers and hopefully more responses to the story. I HIGHLY recommend that you read the first four parts before this one. Happy reading! End of Part 4 “Then how about a foursome?” The buxom...Read On



Moving In

I guess I’m your average 21 year old. I go to school, work part time, have a bunch of friends, drink every now and again, and absolutely LOVE sex. I’d say I’m quite good looking. I stand at 6 feet tall, have shaggy blonde hair, and spend a decent amount of time in the gym. I get my fair share of women, quite easily as a matter of fact. Recently, I’ve started to desire older women, not too...Read On


Snow Is Also Fun For Adults

I was sick of the game. I was sick of playing it cool, then acting interested, then dancing around for a week or two, it never fucking ended, and rarely ended in fucking. Girls my age just weren’t mature enough. Or maybe I wasn’t mature enough to play that game with them. I don’t know. But what I do know is I was sick of it. The answer was relatively simple: MILFs. A hot older woman who knew...Read On

Straight Sex(6)


Best Friends

COMPLETE WORK OF FICTION. ALL NAMES AND CHARACTERISTICS HAVE BEEN MADE UP. She lay in front of me. My best friend for years. However, today was different than every other. She lay naked, her green-blue eyes shining in lust, her sandy blonde hair falling to her C-cup breasts which were heaving up and down. Her mouth in a perfect O-shape, her face contorted in pleasure. Her stomach taut as...Read On


Best Friends Part 2

End of Part 1 We fell asleep together, her laying her head on my chest, her hair falling randomly on my body. I had my left hand wrapped around her, gently holding one of her breasts in my hand. I never slept so peacefully, or woke up more refreshed. She kissed me. “Baby, we just made love, but now I want you to fuck me. I want you to make me feel amazing, I want to be totally yours,...Read On


The Ball Is In Your Court

The Ball Is In Your Court I hate the politics that goes into college club sports. I joined to play the sport, not to surrender my weekends to the community. Maybe it sounds shallow, but I didn’t want to spend my Saturdays and Sundays clipping hedges or mowing lawns. I’m a tennis player. What the hell do I know about yard work? At least today’s wasn’t awful. Juvenile, but not bad. We set up...Read On


The Ball Is In Your Court Part 2

The Ball Is In Your Court 2 I know this one took a while, but I hope it was worth the wait. Being that it took so long, I’m going to act as though time has passed for Sketch and Cameron too. The first installment was how they got together at the beginning of the school year. This installment will be around the time of the holidays. End of Part 1 “My thoughts exactly, Sketch.” Cameron...Read On


The Ball Is In Your Court Part 3

The rest of the morning went smoothly, although Cameron was still nervous about meeting my family. She wanted to get along with my parents as well as I did with hers. Fortunately, I had met her family before we had started dating. They had come up to see her at school, taken her and a few friends out to dinner. We had really hit it off, and I could tell that Cameron wanted the same for her and...Read On


The Ball Is In Your Court Part 4

Part 4 This story is going in a slightly different direction than the others went. It can stand alone, but it is very helpful to have read parts 1 through 3. Because of the lack of votes, views and comments, I’m taking it a new way. A short synopsis: Nick (Sketch) was in love with Cameron. She loved him too, but wouldn’t admit it out of fear of ruining their friendship. Nick slept...Read On