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Flash Erotica

Flash erotica stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of erotic flash fiction, is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Something erotic is often a fleeting glimpse, a flash, a stolen moment, a secret! The challenge to authors, is to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Stories in this category transcend nearly all our other categories.

For readers with only a limited amount of time, or who prefer reading short sex stories, this is the place for you.

Authors should not submit multi-part stories here, they need to be standalone pieces.

Stories should be clearly tagged with as many keywords as possible, so readers will immediately know what kind of content to expect, and not be in for a rude shock!

Recommended Read


Stryker stared into the darkness down his prone body toward his feet but he couldn’t see them. They were six feet past his face in the vast expanse of nothing he’d been living in for weeks. He wiggled his toes to see if the gesture gave him perspective, but everything was floating. Then Ophelia’s thumbs dug into the left arch – grinding, pressing, rolling upward over his toes, bending each...Read On



Bound and blindfolded, I am taken

I am naked and seated cross-legged on a soft mat. The smell of some kind of mild incense drifts around me. A blindfold renders me sightless and the room is silent. My arms are secured to the floor, with just enough movement to allow changes in position. I become aware of a body behind me. Hands slide down my torso. Fingers rub my nipples. Between my legs, my cock stirs at the sensation....Read On


S is for Spanking

The NSFW alphabet starts! Getting spanked with a crop has its perks if you let it.

A St. Andrew’s Cross was an excellent addition to our sex dungeon. I have you strapped to it, your delectable ass presented to me. I’ve adorned you today with a bright red ball gag and nothing else. You look utterly delicious. Myself, I’m wearing my prettiest set of black lace lingerie, fish net thigh highs, and stiletto pumps. You were wolf whistling at me until you let me have my way with...Read On


Pearls 1 - The Green Light

A 'chance encounter' leads to...?

The Green Light Tavern. I’d had this vision of the place being bathed in emerald light, sort of like in the Wizard of Oz. It was, in that regard, somewhat disappointing, being boringly normal. The legendary green light turned out to be a green shade on a table lamp behind the bar. This was what I’d travelled a few thousand miles to see? That wasn’t the real reason I was here, though. It had...Read On

Recommended Read

The Road to Here

The late sun slanted through the windshield over the smooth skin of Lisa’s legs. They were flung across Arch’s lap, her toes grazing the bottom of the steering wheel. They'd been driving two hours now, and she still didn't have a clue where they were headed. He’d kept his free hand on her thigh the whole time except when he needed it to drive, and the scent of the citrus groves they were...Read On

Recommended Read

Ellie's Dirty Little Secret

Ellie has been a naughty girl.

She wonders if Gabe planned it, got them both drunk so he could have her. But it wasn't Just Gabe, there was Caitlin too. James's best friend and his snotty wife, Caitlin Daze, the novelist. Until this happened, Ellie had always thought the couple merely suffered her for James's sake, imagined they looked down on her, considered her not "arty" enough and despised her for it. At dinner...Read On


Bedtime Story: A Letter to My Lover

Dear Boy, I miss you.

Dear Boy,   I’ve been thinking about you today. Missing you, wondering if I have crossed your mind. It’s time for me to be sleeping, but instead time ticks on my fingers until the next time I get to see you. Do you think of me too?   Lying on this bed, spread out on burgundy sheets, tangled waves of brown hair fanned above me, my hand has strayed to my silky panties. Thinking of you. Of...Read On


Chatting Then Fun

Timid in the chatroom, then an animal in bed.

I had recently discovered the chat-rooms on a porn website. It was a little weird at first, but the wife and I had been chatting with a person, that I'm sure is a woman, if not, definitely knows the female perspective. Wife and I had been discussing sharing with another woman or couple, and I started chatting with this woman (several hours away) about sharing. She and her husband have...Read On


Hard #1

By imagination alone.

Life here is weird.  They put me in this a fantastic apartment, with a fantastic view.  I have a really excessive expense account while I'm here, and have been eating and drinking like a queen thus far.  I still can't belive how badly they wanted me to take this assignment.  Even so, I would never have accepted if I didn't have to be away from you anyway.  I miss all of you so much.  This...Read On


Chirp Like a Bird

She watches them Fuck

I learned the sounds of little birds being crushed when I was sixteen as all three of us slept in one room. In the darkest part of the night, when they were sure I was asleep, she would quietly roll over on him and take him in her mouth. Soon, his cock became long and erect. She would get on her knees with her chest flat on the mat and he would mount her from the rear, her ass and pussy up...Read On


Kelly 5.2

Middle Aged Teenagers

Kelly and I had just spent a wonderful week together on one of my out of town trips. It was early December so between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The desert can get cold. It had the week before but the day of this event it was sunny and low sixties Fahrenheit.  I always tried to get my Christmas decorations up and ready to display by Thanksgiving. It was really about the only way I...Read On


Isolated #1

Isolated by geography and company.

Everything I touch feels like it's far away.  Even time seems to be stretched out before me.  A part of me worries that I will never see you again.  I know how ridiculous that is.  Really.  I just don't know what to do without you – at least one of you.  I miss you all terribly. The work is really satisfying, though.  It's going to make all of this worth it.  More than worth it even, but it...Read On


Before Her Time

Young lady wakes up with lusts that she recognises

Oh, God, now Cole was sliding two fingers along her inner thigh, over her thin summer dress, subtly scrubbing to and fro, staying just two inches below her soaking panties. So intoxicating, but his earlier kiss and hand on her bra-less breast had told her that he had got over the surprise of her request. Laura moved her hand across the front of his pants and stroked the hard lump there. ...Read On

Recommended Read


Connection is all.

His cock bulged granite hard as he proposed to her. One knee down on the plush carpeting of the hotel room, trying to remember the talking points of his proposal of marriage to her, the speech he’d been practicing for weeks now, the speech he’d practiced in the car, and at just the time he needed his mind clear and focused, his cock decided to rear its throbbing head and distract him. ...Read On


Back Seat Driver

The designated driver doesn’t always sit in the front…

“I’m not wearing panties… ” Heard it. Sure did. “… and kitty, she’s… she’s drooling.” No mistaking that one. “Fuuuck. Me so horrr-ny.” Or that. The rule’s simple. We’re realists, not Puritans. Kids party hardy. We all did. If she drank too much, or felt unsafe to drive, she’d call. No questions asked. I’d pick her up. Her friends knew the drill. The offer also extended to them....Read On


Cream In My Coffee

Suzie discovers no cream for her coffee, so she must improvise.

Suzie stepped to the fridge, clutching her steaming mug of coffee in hand. Opening the door, the light flickered within, as she looked inside the cool compliance. "Oh no!" Suzie said, accompanied by a sigh of a groan. "What's wrong, dear?" Pete inquired, staring over his morning paper, while sat at the dining room table in his dressing gown. "Did you use the last of the cream this...Read On


Lara's Hair

Seduced by the beauty of her hair

Lara has the most beautiful hair I have ever seen. It is black as a midnight sky and falls in a long cascade down her back, almost reaching her waist. Whenever I see it brushing Lara’s skin, as when she wears her skimpy black bikini, it is the sexiest sight around. I imagine Lara feeling a caress every time she moves her head. This afternoon I am watching Lara wash it. We are at a...Read On


Slutty #1

Slutty by nature and by circumstance

Well, it's been one week.  A single week here.  I'm sure you can guess how I reacted to being away from you...  Seems like I just can't help myself.  When we are apart I am at once empty and isolated, even when I'm not alone.  My instincts tighten their grip every second, clinging to the logic that being isolated means I need to be close to more people and that being empty means I need to...Read On


Everyone’s At It.

Melissa’s anticipation grew and grew – until she was at breaking point.

Melissa paced the floorboards of her flat; it was a waiting game after all. She had prepared everything and was ready to go. Her phone pinged and she read the message, prepared a few more things and put on her fur-lined coat. In seconds, she was out of the door and in her car. It would be a twenty-minute drive, maybe fifteen if she broke the speed limit a little. She turned the corner...Read On

Recommended Read

After the Fall

Falling and rising

The dark was so dark that it redefined dark. It was as though the darkness of my sinful self and the darkness of the blackest night had joined. The plunge from the highest heights was complete, and just when it seemed the evil in me was was defeated, a tendril grabbed me and I fell, down, down, beyond the reach of time and memory, down into the coldest darkest places, ones beyond...Read On


Lonely #1

Lonely by virtue of distance...

In this city, nothing feels quite right.  Of course I know it isn't really the city that makes me feel like this.  Everything is just a bit dull, and little numb.  Like the volume knob of all my senses and emotions is turned to half.  Colors are dull.  Contrast is low.  I am not enjoying this at all. Those of you who reminded me to take a few of my toys along was right.  There is nobody to...Read On


A Moment At Both Ends

I spent all day thinking about playing not just with one toy, but two.

It had been a long day. Sitting at my desk my mind kept drifting, thinking about what to do to have a bit of fun. Some ideas had been floating around, but my mind repeatedly went back to one thought. And the more I thought about it the more eager I got. I had to stop myself from squirming in my chair, eager to get home. After walking through my front door, I quickly hurried to my bedroom....Read On


Kelly Chapter 5.1, The Quickie

I was SO Horny!

Kelly and I met on an adult dating site. We were two lonely people in loveless, sexless marriages. We were going to drive to Vegas for another industry conference. We were to meet at our usual rendezvous, to leave her car there for the week. Being a public, very busy parking lot, there were cameras all over the place. We had to play it cool as we moved her stuff to my SUV. Kelly was...Read On


Babes in Toyland

Our new house overlooks a women's dorm

B-school classes. Unfinished taxes. Need anti-acids. Everything still in boxes. “You say something, Sweetie?” Laurel looks up from her Netflix binge. Relaxed as a cat. Not like me. “The Zantac?” I ask. Stomach in knots. “Spare room. Carton labeled ‘Bath.’” Moved Friday. Needs paint, shelves, rugs, curtains. The works. Spare room has no light. Use my phone. Rap music and laughter pour...Read On

Recommended Read


She felt the room close down to nothing, his hand under the hem of her burgundy dress, slow, steady slide up the inside of her thigh while her palms pressed into the bare concrete wall between grey metal fuse boxes. The one bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling was still swinging slightly from when Nason pulled the chain to turn it on. Her shadow was shuffling side to side on the...Read On


Alleyway Quickie

A young man loses his virginity to his friend’s mother in an alleyway

I was walking home from the pub feeling a little tipsy. It was a warm Saturday night and it had been an uneventful evening. I could feel my freshly shaved pussy inside my lace knickers all smooth and tingly. I was in the mood for a hard fuck from some young stud. Unfortunately all the young guys in the pub had been accompanied by their girlfriends. Then I spotted young Billy asleep in a...Read On


Peen Takes a Piss in an Alley

Continued, erotic adventures of Peen

Peen strolled down the street gazing into well-lit shop windows and dimly-lit bars and cantinas. Raucous laughter was heard then died away as he continued down the street sipping from a carryout container of beer. He watched the revelers passing by, to and fro, down the freshly rain-soaked pavement. It was the remnants of a storm earlier in the evening.  He sniffed the air, smelling the...Read On

Recommended Read

Siren Call

A writer encounters a girl from an old story of his.

Slight of build, no taller than five foot; a doll of a thing, really. She was wearing a short summer dress, ballet flats, and the filmiest of pale tights. When I got closer, I saw how tiny she actually was, became confused thinking I had mistaken an adolescent for an older girl. As I passed her, I turned and saw her face more clearly now, relieved to see the woman I had initially surmised her...Read On


The Same Lingerie

Mark had two choices – which one would he take to bed with him?

Melanie was busy packing her bags at the end of the dancing class while secretly glancing sideways towards her instructor, Mark.  Her heart rate was pounding, but she had a plan and she waited patiently to execute it. Outside, she suddenly announced that she had missed her bus home. She huffed and puffed and let out a single obscenity. Mark turned to her and like the gentleman he was,...Read On


Seattle Mix Tape - Footstool

“Comfortable?” she asked with a wry chuckle.  Not really .  Not that I voiced the thought.  It’s hard to talk when you’re doing your best to keep a strawberry pressed between your lips.  Keep it there and I’ll make you cum.  Eventually. I’m not sure how long ago she’d told me that.  It was hard to keep track. “You look stunning.” I struggled to lift my head so I could show...Read On