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Flash Erotica

Flash erotica stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of erotic flash fiction, is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Something erotic is often a fleeting glimpse, a flash, a stolen moment, a secret! The challenge to authors, is to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Stories in this category transcend nearly all our other categories.

For readers with only a limited amount of time, or who prefer reading short sex stories, this is the place for you.

Authors should not submit multi-part stories here, they need to be standalone pieces.

Stories should be clearly tagged with as many keywords as possible, so readers will immediately know what kind of content to expect, and not be in for a rude shock!


Stolen Afternoon

A stolen afternoon with my woman...

I look up from my place between your thighs. The sight of you tied to the bed-head and blindfolded makes me smile. You struggle a little, more in frustration than objection. I've been keeping you on the edge for close on half an hour, and your moans have got louder. But no matter how much you want to, I will decide when you can come. Sliding back between your open thighs, the musky scent...Read On



In the latest escapade of The Cum Slinger, a character of only my mind. A character that often leaves Cum Shot Residue, (CSR) at the edge of the divide. My shadow and flesh can usually be seen behind the mesh in my bookshop, conniving with Rowanberry ink. Often as not, imbibing a nog of rum. I am not often given to exaggerations, but it was a slow day. I cover expenses by scribbling out...Read On


Baby, you can buy my car

As his front wheel grazed the kerb and came to a halt, I was already kissing him. Upon opening the door and sliding from his seat, I was stripping him. By the time he had pulled himself fully upright, I was fucking him, riding him, bouncing up and down on his writhing body, his phallus embedded deep in my clenching innards, the thick, stiff shaft splitting my dripping lips. 'Hi,' the voice...Read On


Winged Didgeridoo

I met Evelyn on a blind date arranged by a fellow book-monger. I was in between a silence in my life of romance after a wind-of-flu carried away my last love. Evelyn was an unmarried mom of two and whatever happen still remains unsaid. Ones that know me well, know that I blow the truth. What I am about to tell you is a tale of the didgeridoo. Two weeks in... Like talons, her fingers...Read On


Waking on the Beach - My Wife Expands Her Boundaries

Conservative Wife is Surprised by Younger Man

We had planned this trip to the islands months ago. As the date of departure approached we were nearly overwhelmed. The long work days, chores around the house and family issues created moments when we thought we should cancel. Needless to say our infrequent sex life transitioned to no sex life. It was during this time I found myself lying in bed recalling earlier days in our relationship...Read On


Best Friend Strip

First time submission, Any feedback welcome.

I walk into your place, my best friend who I have been fantasizing about for months now. You meet me at the door, wearing a tight low cut shirt and tight skirt that is so short your ass is practically hanging out of it, with a pair of black stockings. You grab me by the shirt and throw me against the wall. Forcing your tongue into my mouth, you reach down and grab my hard cock. Without...Read On

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Alice's Panties

“Luke?” She’d answered in the midst of the fifth ring, right before her phone went to voicemail, her voice soft and hesitant. I paused, listening carefully as she fought to catch her breath, her breathing shallow and quick, enjoying the moment for as long as I dared before speaking. “You forget something?” It wasn’t a question, and I could tell by her silence that she knew it. I let...Read On


Late for Work

An erotic dream made her late or was it something else?

Kristine slowly opened her light blue eyes and sighed. “Wow,” she said to herself as she adjusted her eyes to the late morning light bathing her hotel room. That was some dream, she thought. She was lying on her stomach, head turned to one side, trying to remember her dream. She took a moment to try to remember everything. It was still a blur as she brushed her hair out of her eyes....Read On


Date Night

What happens when you show up early for our date...

I open the door to let you in as I am getting ready for our date. I turn on the TV for you, and get you something to drink before I hop in the shower. I turn on the water, and slowly strip, waiting for it to warm up. You stand in the doorway to my bedroom, watching the show. I get in the shower, and start to let the water run all over my body. You walk closer to the bathroom, and peek...Read On


New world

A short night with my first sex toy.

It was a pretty little thing; nice shining cyan, straight, smooth jelly, soft rounded head with even a little slit and some sculpted veins. Even though it wasn’t really small, it was bigger than the average sized toys, most likely not what most girls start out with. I was fascinated by the realistic look and vibrating function, it was my very first dildo, very first vibrator, simply my first...Read On

Recommended Read

Flash Fairytales: Ocean's Lover

The wet rocks shimmer with an ethereal glow, basking in the pale light of the moon and stars, and bathed in the rhythmic waves of the contented sea. With bare, calloused feet, a man strides across the slickened stones, skipping through the small, dancing pools. Every sting of the icy brine makes his broad shoulders quiver with a sharp breath. Reaching the shore’s shifting edge; the water...Read On


City Lights

We're finally in the same city!

We've come back to our room from being out in the city for a little bit; it's cold and wet out, so I tell you I'm going to grab a hot shower. You jump into bed and start watching a movie on TV. Finishing up in the shower, I dry off, spraying myself with that perfume you love and dress myself in nothing but the white hotel robe hanging on the bathroom door. I walk out into the room and past...Read On


Half Supplicant and Half Pet

A belt is used to guide and control

He is waiting for me when I arrive at the hotel room. But instead of the playful banter we had enjoyed earlier, he hardly says a word before forcefully grabbing my hair, and pulling me down to my knees. The door had barely shut, and yet I found myself looking up at him, half supplicant, half pet. He tilts my head back, and begins caressing my throat. "You think you're pretty smart, that you...Read On


Daddy Makes The Sad Go

When I'm sad, this is what I've taken to fantasising about, and I wanted to write it out and share

I've had a really bad day. I don't even want to go into the details, I'd rather just forget it. I feel very upset, and I have a nasty lump in my throat that is hurting me. I go home, and message my Daddy about it. "I'll be home soon, flower," is the reply. I cry on the sofa for 30 minutes, before I hear his key in the front door. I love that sound. I look up, trying not to look too teary...Read On


Juice Bar

A young man's fantasy becomes a strange reality

Her skirt was way too short. I could see her white cotton panties peeking out from underneath the blue denim. She didn’t seem to care and I certainly wasn’t complaining. I kept taking surreptitious peeks while she sat there on the barstool waiting for customers. The wank value was great. I would enjoy a great masturbation session later that day, dreaming about how she got so bored that...Read On

Recommended Read


“Show me.” She looked at her knees without talking. Her earlier confidence was gone. Sitting on his kitchen chair, she could’ve been a whole other girl. “Cannot.” Her accent was less pronounced in short replies. She’d been studying English half her twenty years, but it was only her first week in an English speaking world. “You can. It’s simple.” “Not simple.” Despite...Read On


Truck Stop Love

First times together can be explosive...

Sitting in the booth at the truck stop, I anxiously look at my cell phone and watch the time pass. Fifteen more minutes and I finally meet Andy, the man I’ve been talking to online and on the phone for a year. Will he really look like his picture? What if he’s a serial killer? Or really a woman? Stop it, Jules! What are you doing, sitting here second guessing yourself? Damn nerves! ...Read On

Recommended Read


The way she was breathing kept her tits heaving under their own excessive weight. Her eyes were hooded to slits. She might have looked furious if she’d had clothes on. He wanted to scoop her opulent mounds into his hands and squeeze until she whined he was squeezing too hard, but his hands were planted on her wrists against the mattress and his arms were fencepost straight, holding...Read On


An Unexpected Birthday Surprise

Jane's husband Mitch enjoys his birthday.

I awaken to the sweet scent of Jane's sex as she lowers her delicious slit to my tongue. Licking her clit, I savor her sweet aroma. Jane licks my morning wood and takes the circumcised head in her mouth. Jane grinds her pubis on my mouth as her lips wrap around the head of my cock.  Jane pushes down on my mouth and my tongue slips past her labia. My tongue swirls around Jane's G-spot,...Read On


Twisted Tails 2

A teasing blonde gets what she craves, and begs for a spanking to follow...

She lubricated the phallus and strapped it around his waist so that it stood out proudly alongside his own hard erect cock. He smiled, like a man with two dicks. She leaned forward onto the bed and thrust her backside up into the air before him. Her pussy was open and dripping wet and her tight anal sphincter pulsed invitingly. “Fuck me in both holes as hard as you can. Don’t stop,”...Read On


A Dirty Night Out

I don't want your name or number. I don't want to get to know you. I just want to fuck you madly.

Last Saturday, I was soothing my thirst at the local pub, having my usual dirty martini, while watching the beautiful people bouncing to the music. It's something I did regularly as I'm not every social. Just watching the people, that is. But she stood out. She knows I noticed her too. Occasionally letting our eyes meet as she danced seductively - running her hands down to her waist and back...Read On


Come Again

Lost. You are completely and utterly lost in the swirling scent of arousal that is enveloping you; a hot, musky perfume igniting your senses. You are sitting on the floor, your nude back pressing against his chest. He is sitting behind you with your body in between his legs, sitting as one. Your feet are flat against the floor and your knees are bent, opening you up to the skilled fingers...Read On


Interesting Day at the Doctor's Office

A man goes to the doctor's office

I had the most interesting thing happen, when I went to my doctor’s office the other day. You hear about these things happening, but they never happen to you. Well it happened to me. Let me tell you what happened. I had made an appointment to see my doctor. They told me that my doctor was not in, but the nurse practitioner could see and treat me. I’d been in my hot tub and had an...Read On

Shower Fantasy

Let your mind see the pictures too.

I hear you go into the bathroom and close the door. I know you will soon be taking your shower. I wait to hear the water start to run. My thoughts wander as images of you naked play through my mind. I hear the water start running as I tiptoe down the hallway to the bathroom, standing just outside the door, vibrating with anticipation and listening. I hear you softly humming and...Read On

Recommended Read

All I Need

I never dreamed this could happen...

With thanks to JWren for the editing and support. Five in the morning. Wide awake, I listen to the gently stirrings of a new day; bird song, a car engine revving, the distant rumble of a passing train. The central heating pipes twang softly into life. The metallic tap-tap plays a staccato rhythm, syncopated against a blackbird’s intricate, floating melody. Beyond my curtains,...Read On


My Husband And His Computer

As a married man is watching porn and masturbating, he gets caught.

I stepped into the front porch and immediately dropped my keys and bag. "Fuck the office," I moaned, while stretching out and taking off my high heels. I strolled right to the living room and halted. "Oh, that's hot," I whispered before I tip toed towards my hubby on the couch. His eyes were glued to the laptop while it sat on his lap and his right hand was attached to his seven inch cock....Read On



It was supposed to have been a pleasant evening. I had dressed up for him, and we had made plans to go to dinner and a show. Fortunately, we hadn’t made reservations or bought advance tickets, because we never left the house. One wrong word was all it took, and suddenly we were arguing. I don’t think either one of us could have said what we were actually arguing about. But there we were,...Read On


What a Crazy Night

A woman is stranded and needing help.

I just had the most amazing thing happen to me. I was driving home from my girlfriend’s house, and I was annoyed because she wouldn’t put out. I mean, we've been going together for six months. It’s always the same story, she’s tired, it’s that time of the month, or the real kicker is she's saving it for when she's married. I love my girlfriend and would like to think that she’s the one for...Read On


My Dream Ride

After two weeks of constant rain and not being able to go anywhere, I decide it is time. "Honey, I'm going for a ride." "Okay Carl, not too long though." I soon find myself flying down country roads on my Harley. Flying over a hill, I notice a road in the distance that I never went on. Taking the turn at one hundred and nine, I soon find myself stopped in front of the only house in sight. ...Read On


Flash Fairytales: The Godmother

Cindy has a date for the ball - whether she likes it or not.

Two heavy-set coachmen hauled me through the broad ballroom doors by both arms. I was just a ragdoll between them – a reluctant, powerless girl, dragged through the cavernous, resplendent hall. I was towed into an ante-chamber and dropped unceremoniously to the mosaic floor – in front of her once more. She looked torn between a scowl and smirk as I was forced to clumsily right myself. ...Read On