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Flash Erotica

Flash erotica stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of erotic flash fiction, is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Something erotic is often a fleeting glimpse, a flash, a stolen moment, a secret! The challenge to authors, is to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Stories in this category transcend nearly all our other categories.

For readers with only a limited amount of time, or who prefer reading short sex stories, this is the place for you.

Authors should not submit multi-part stories here, they need to be standalone pieces.

Stories should be clearly tagged with as many keywords as possible, so readers will immediately know what kind of content to expect, and not be in for a rude shock!


Dirty Marjorie

In our final year at college, I was the only male student who hadn't lost his virginity. Most of the other guys had girlfriends who were happy to oblige; one nerd had to pay a hooker; two bribed the college bike ('everyone rode her') with packets of cigarettes. But I still couldn't get to first base. In the jerk-off league table I was up there with the leaders, but I had yet to experience...Read On


Kneeling For Duty

A hot young girl does everything she can to please a much older man

Slowly she unzipped his dark blue trousers. Her nervous fingers reached inside, fumbling for the cock buried somewhere beneath this mound of pubes. Finally, she found it, pulling it out into the cold night air and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. Madison had just turned eighteen but had already seen plenty of dicks — yet this one, the one in her hand right now was different. The...Read On


Kelly Chapter 4.1

We found a secluded sandbar

We had agreed to meet where she could leave her car unnoticed. She got in and gave me a quick kiss, knowing it was still too public to take chances. I asked Kelly where we should go. She said she didn’t know. I started driving with no destination in mind. Just to be different, I turned down a road toward another nearby reservoir. As we drove along the access road, finding no place...Read On



The only thing I want now

You come in, remove the glass of wine from my hands and straddle me as you pin my arms above my head. I look at you with lust and wonderment in my eyes, leaning forward to kiss your perfect mouth. You lean away from me before I get a chance and I know that this is for you not me.  Your fingers slide past my skirt, pushing my panties to the side so you can feel my already wet pussy. In...Read On


My Finger

It’s my finger and I’ll suck it if I want to.

I’m sucking on it, well, one of them anyway. My nail is against the roof of my mouth and my tongue is hard against the underside of my finger. It has nowhere to go. It’s stuck there and my cheeks are sucking it inwards. Although my finger is trapped, I manage to pull it free with a plop . I do it again. I’m getting horny doing it because I know where this finger is going. While I suck on...Read On


Teaching Students How To Satisfy A Woman

A sexy tutor teaches more than her own subject to a class and gets a bit carried away

My first job after lunch is one of the catch-up sex lessons all academic staff have to give the graduate students. They are not as exciting as they sound and rarely give the 'coach' much satisfaction. I've already got the room ready; there is a dildo on a table and a beanbag on the stage. A dozen twenty-year-old boys file in and sit down while I undress in a very relaxed unhurried way....Read On


I Am Your Wet Dream

I become the source of your midnight emission

I don’t know, like I have nothing better to do than tutor a failing grade like you. I could be painting my nails or planning my next vacation, but no. I’m here. Yes, your parents are paying me well, but I wonder what they would think if they knew what you got up to, eh? What you think I don’t know how you look at me at school? I’ve seen those soppy eyes and those furtive glances....Read On

Recommended Read

Pilot Flame

I can't forget the way you cupped my face in the dark and I did the same to know the sensation. Even in that dark, a barely noticeable tinge of moonlight reached through the curtains to vaguely illuminate your face. I could make out your silhouette and it looked almost like the shape of a teardrop, of a pilot flame.  I think about how the grooves in our fingerprints are already reading...Read On


The Eyes Have It

I was a late bloomer. By the time I turned sixteen I had never masturbated, never had sex, never had an orgasm. This is how that changed. This is how I had my first orgasm. I was emancipated at fifteen, and a hippie. I had no home, but I had a lot of friends who were happy to have me as a guest for a week or so now and then. A couple of weeks after my sixteenth birthday I was visiting one...Read On


The Bus

An erotic ride home...

The air in the bus tasted stale. It made my mouth dry. Every day the bus ride home was cramped and crowded. Today it was fucking hot and the smell of body sweat was strong as soon as you stepped on. I managed to get a seat by a window as people got off and others got on. I saw her glance at the empty seat beside me as she walked along the aisle. She sat next to me. I saw her on the bus...Read On

Recommended Read

Noli Me Tangere

He stayed her hand and grabbed it with his own, where they hovered in mid-air, their fingertips dancing in the dim light. “Keep it on,” he instructed. Her green eyes alight, she moved their joined hands to her left breast, squeezing and massaging it. The long rope of pearls that hung in between her fair bosoms and reaching past her navel, clicked and clacked slightly with the movements of...Read On


Plumber's Mate 02

It's not always the pizza guy.

I am a plumber.  I have the crack to prove it. That and an SUV full of tools and parts. The only better job, to my mind, is writing. I do that too. Recently I had occasion to call on a new customer, a favour for a friend. The home was an old but cared-for double wide, better than many around here. When I knocked, toolbox in hand, the door was opened by a beautiful black woman about my...Read On

Recommended Read


My apartment was quiet and dim. I sighed in relief as I toed off my work heels, then dropped my keys on the sideboard before scooping up my mail. The small square parcel with the neat lettering had landed demurely between two takeaway menus, and rendered everything else inconsequential. The bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano still sat on the kitchen counter. I’d allowed myself one...Read On

Recommended Read

Moments Earlier

Jason’s busy life is reflected in the boardroom table from moments earlier.

Jason opened his mouth and breathed over a small area of the table for the fifth time. He quickly followed his breath with the soft cloth and polished the table once more. The smudges were finally coming out. He lowered his head so that he could squint over the boardroom table at an angle to see whether any of it was suffering from the after affects. As he squinted, he could see a small...Read On


Stolen Moments — Coda To A Life Of Carnal Excess

I’m dying. Oh no, I can hear you saying as you reach for the off button, not another rebarbative list of ailments and vomit inducing descriptions of medical procedures. Don’t worry, there will be none of that; in fact, I’ve hardly had a day’s illness in my life and only occasionally had to bother the doctor. But the inescapable fact is that I am dying. After ninety-five years of...Read On


Stolen Moments — Weekend Games

“I'm off now honey, I’ll see you on Sunday.” “Okay darling,” I replied, “have a wonderful time.” “Ooh, I will my love, I know it will be very interesting. I will probably come home totally exhausted.” My wife Isobel had been invited to join her boss Frank and his wife Sally on their cabin cruiser for the weekend; something to do with team building. “You will find a lasagne in the...Read On

Recommended Read


The rooms were tidy; spotless, even. She liked it that way and yet the longer she paced through them alone, the more anxious she became. The apartment didn’t look homely enough; it suddenly seemed too clean and clinical. She stood and briefly considered the living room before hurrying to move things; putting vases out of place, pulling novels from their assigned bookcase positions and...Read On


Stolen Moments — Summer Heat

It was one of those sultry afternoons when even lifting a cup of coffee to one’s lips was almost too much of an effort. There was not even a breath of wind to stir the dust in the gutters, the air was thick and cloying and his clothes hung damply on his body. He sat unmoving at the table with a barely touched glass of pastis in front of him, idly watching the passers by through hooded eyes. ...Read On


The Ritual

Amanda looks forward to her Friday ritual.

Amanda pushed the key into the door, opened it and shouted in the direction of the stairs. Her shoes, kicked off. Her bag, dropped just inside the door and her hairpin pulled from the bun of hair on her head. Amanda placed the hairpin onto a small table along with her bangles and earrings, like she always did, before continuing the slow and deliberate walk through the house. Her heels...Read On


I Love Prague

I hate to fly, but sometimes it's worth the aggravation

"Prague? Are you serious?" "This had better be worth my while." "A man? You want me to fly halfway around the world to meet a man?" "If he tries to touch me I expect you to bail me out." "Okay. Make sure there's a driver waiting for me at the airport." "Ah go fuck yourself." "Yes dear, I know you will." Slam!!! That is one thing you cannot do with a cell phone. Not only do you risk breaking...Read On


Unlike Anything Before

She has intense, unmet needs.

It’s me. It’s time. Overdue. Way past due. Ok, she said. How Intense? Quite. Perhaps extreme. Mmm, ok. I’ll call back with instructions. I felt a modicum of relief knowing that I would be taken care of. Soon. Relief, having such a trusting friend who knew me so well and who I trusted with my life. But she couldn’t call back soon enough. We started with hot, nasty sex. So hot, it died...Read On


Stolen Moments — A Weekend of Love

Mature lovers escape for a weekend of joyful love making in a lakeside cabin in the wilds

My darling sugarplum,  I had to write to thank you for booking the lakeside cabin. It was a wonderful idea and didn’t we have such a deliciously naughty time? I arrived after you, and when you opened the door you were already naked with just a sheer silk robe to cover your loveliness. Not that it concealed much and within seconds my cock was stiffening in my pants. Before I was inside you...Read On


A Very Special Dinner Party

Marie plans a very special dessert for her guests.

I had arranged an intimate dinner for six of my closest friends, four men who had enjoyed my body many times, and two of my girlfriends, Tina and Julie, who had also had me often, usually as part of a threesome with them. Alison, my neighbour, and frequent lover had agreed to help me set up a surprise for the guests, in return for a promise of repayment. I greeted the guests as they...Read On


Surprise Visit

Greg finds an excuse to surprise Jolene at work.

As Jolene walked into work wondering where Greg was, seeing as he wasn't able to message much because of his book launch. She looked around her workplace nonchalantly she could have sworn she saw him walking into the office with her manager, Kennedy. She shook her head thinking that Greg wouldn't just visit unannounced, he would visit early but not unannounced. He would want her dripping...Read On


The Garage Gym

During her summer break at Loyola University, Barb would spend at least four days a week at my apartment on the north side of Chicago. One of our favorite hobbies was to walk five blocks to Independence Park in search of 'fresh meat' and to lay in the sun. Once of our quirks was that we preferred to walk down alleys rather than noisy Irving Park Road. One day in mid-June, we decided to...Read On


A Knight's Reward

A virgin sacrifice is rescued by a Puissant Knight in medieval England

Gwendoline squirmed in her bonds, only a thin strip of gauze hanging front and back from a metal belt covered her, with her pert sexy tits joined by three rows of thin chain clamped to her nipples. At age sixteen, she had been deemed suitable as a volunteer for the annual sacrifice to Raargh, the Dragon which ruled this area of fourteenth century Britannia. The contract was that for a...Read On

Recommended Read

The Beginning of Everything

Everything is breaking down and she tells him no, that she will not do what he has asked her to do. Neon sign on the side of the building lights her body through the window. The bodega on the ground floor is doing its usual late-night condom and mouthwash trade. A bottle hits the pavement hard. Light dances down the bare lines of her body and he can see she’s breathing deep and worrying...Read On

Recommended Read

Winter Rainbows

We're on a dim rooftop at a high point in the city. Far below, the lights and signs glow in the distance like tiny needlepoints and vague neon rainbows. We're alone now, slipping away from a party. Everyone else either went to the street or balconies. I choose this out of impulse against my often calculated nature.  The wind is cold and steady. I brush strands of auburn tinged hair from...Read On


For My Love

For Josie

She lay on top of me, our breasts mashing together, her tongue drawing circles on my neck. I felt her gently probing my cunt, slippery with my wetness. I hugged her to me, not wanting to ever let her go. My angel, my Josie. "I want you. I have wanted you since the day I saw you. I knew I would never be complete until I gave myself to you." Suddenly she thrust her hips forward, penetrating...Read On


Kelly Chapter 3.1

Desert BJ.

Kelly and I met on an adult dating site. We were both in non-affectionate, sexless marriages. We had been seeing each other for about a month when these events happened. Kelly texted me one day to say that her monthly friend had arrived. My first (selfish) thought was no more fun this week. Since I’m not a total bastard, I revised my thoughts and realized that just spending time with her...Read On