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Flash Erotica

Flash erotica stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of erotic flash fiction, is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Something erotic is often a fleeting glimpse, a flash, a stolen moment, a secret! The challenge to authors, is to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Stories in this category transcend nearly all our other categories.

For readers with only a limited amount of time, or who prefer reading short sex stories, this is the place for you.

Authors should not submit multi-part stories here, they need to be standalone pieces.

Stories should be clearly tagged with as many keywords as possible, so readers will immediately know what kind of content to expect, and not be in for a rude shock!



After a day of hard work, the night is about to get even harder...

I had my coworker flat on her back, her legs dancing around my shoulders as I caressed her body from the collarbone down to her hips. My thoughts of her in this position at this location danced fervently in my skull throughout the day. Everything had come full circle. Our fellow employees clocked out for the night, and the baking table was open to our depravities, and we intended to make...Read On


The Dream

Sometimes our dreams reveals our truest desires.

It seemed like a dream or maybe it was my imagination working overtime again. I could feel his hands exploring every inch of my body, his mouth leaving butterfly kisses on my neck; it felt like fire on my skin. My nipples were erect with pleasure when he touched them through my purple silk nightshirt. It felt too good to be a dream, and I did not dare to open my eyes, afraid that the...Read On


What Pixie Did Next

Denial doubled down

The cool air breezed around my nether regions as we walked back to the house. I was forbidden to do anything to preserve my modesty, as she called it. Though after servicing the waitress, I wasn't sure that word could be used of me in any way. That was something else stripped away; a thought that made me even wetter. The belt had been left at home; but it was still on me, mentally. I had...Read On


While The Ride Is In Motion

Who doesn't love public transit?

She was only a few strokes in when I felt that familiar sensation building at the base of my cock. Every furious fiber in my being were sending these impulses to my crotch, telling me to hold out a couple moments longer. I didn’t want to cum just yet. This complete stranger - who had taken a seat next to me on the crowded metro rail not even five minutes ago - was the catalyst of this...Read On


A Night In London

My first real orgasm

We had dinner in the hotel restaurant then my parents went off to meet friends for after dinner drinks and to discuss business. I was not welcome, I was to spend the latter part of the evening within the confines of the hotel. We had flown in that morning on the red-eye and after checking in I had taken a nap for several hours before meeting my parents for lunch and a walk around the...Read On


The Camping Trip

They decided to warm up on a camping trip

Jolene hugged herself to Greg. “It's a bit chilly out. Let's get closer.”   Greg chuckled as he felt her breasts pressed into his chest. “And I thought you were just excited to see me.” Seeing Jolene blush he added, “We're as close as we can get with our clothes on.” Winking at her, he moved his hands down her sides. He stopped as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her sweatpants.  ...Read On


In denial

The prelude to 'What's a girl to do.'

  Disappointingly there was no 'clunk.' With a click, like a seat-belt, I was locked into chastity. That was a misnomer. There would be sex and there would be orgasms, but they would not be my orgasms, and whilst I could give pleasure to others, I could receive none. That was not quite true. I enjoyed pleasing others; I enjoyed being denied; I was just in denial about it. My friend did...Read On


Hitting the Reset Button

Husband gets the message to refresh the love life

It was a frank discussion followed by subtle insult and hurt. A weak attempt at make-up sex did little to address the issue. Our kids were older, two in college and one nearly graduated high school. That latter child was around enough to dissuade us from real sponteneity. There was none. Our sex life had grown stale. But following a week of internal grumblings, I resolved to act. The...Read On


Working from home

When the courier calls

On Thursdays I have a late start, never arriving at my office until twelve pm. It’s my law practice and I work long hours so this is my treat to myself. I had woken at eight and spent an hour on my fitness routine enjoying a leisurely breakfast of croissant and fresh orange juice. It was as I was adding the last touches to my makeup that I heard the familiar rumble of a diesel van in my...Read On

Editor's Pick


She leaned against the sink, not looking at him. “So I was thinking…” The frosted plexiglass of the shower steamed up while the water running over his ears made everything sound like it was going under. Sometimes her voice made him think of liquid pouring into an empty cup. But she was searching. Her head went into that tilt it did when she was reaching for the end of a sentence she...Read On


Midnight Sun

An evening out

I had shuffled slowly out of the open-air arena and into the adjoining metro station. Hemmed in on all sides I stood surrounded by my fellow fans of 'The Mounds of Venus' an all girl lesbian rock band. The train pulled in and urged on by the anonymous station announcer we moved right on down inside the car. A quick glance confirmed that all the seats were taken and I would be strap hanging...Read On


Seattle Mix Tape - Kitty Ears

Half asleep, my cheek resting against her warm thigh, a lazy smile playing on my lips. Her legs, crossed at the ankles, her toenails unadorned. Not too long ago I was sucking on them.  Right after I’d licked the soles of her feet, her heels. Her fingers sliding absently through the tangle mess of my hair, trying to straighten it. I spy a stray flake of kringle on her thigh and inch...Read On


Oceanside Delight

Sex with a view

Standing alone, in a short mini skirt with knee-high socks, no panties, and a tight blouse over her lush breasts. There was nothing left to the imagination as she waited for her lover to arrive. Her nipples were like large erasers, her pussy dripped its sweet nectar leaving a trail down her thighs. Her body flushed with excitement recalling their last rendezvous. She was busy watching...Read On


Watching Porn

In an aroused state of mind...

We are two best friends from an all-girls Catholic college with very different sexual preferences in mind. Amanda is bi-curious and I am straight. I believe that my body is for a man's pleasure. As for her, she prefers to enjoy both sexes, separately or at the same time. She never befriended me with the intention of having her lesbian curiosity fulfilled. We became friends because we had...Read On


The Bet

Daisy loses a bet

The jumper I had left on the field was getting closer and I pumped my legs as hard as I could, sucking in air and swinging my arms. Still, she drew alongside and then with a laugh kicked and accelerated past me. I watched her long tan legs in those tiny high cut shorts as they flashed back and forth. In moments she was dancing on my jumper her fancy white sneakers against the blue of my top....Read On


Ice Queen

The Ice queen Melts

She stood looking out the window of the train that was stuck on the tracks. Holding a warm coat close to her for warmth as she watched the snow falling out in the wasteland of what seemed like Siberia to her. She had been this way a while. She felt like her pussy was frozen as cold as ice since she had not savored a man in so many years, and did not know if she would ever be close to...Read On


Kissing Game

Antje and Jake redefine kissing.

Antje started making out with me this morning. Plain old making out is stuff we’re used to, so we decided to play a kissing game. One of us would pretend we had the wrong idea about kissing, and the other would appear surprised. Simple game.  "You first," she said, leaning in for a kiss and giving me the sticky eyes with those sapphire blues of hers, before closing them.  My play. Noses...Read On


Midnight Seduction

Influenced by one in particular and he knows who he is.

It began late Monday evening as her naughty Texan lover returned his son home to his mothers estate. Her naughty Texan lover began sending her random messsages via Lush and her private cell. She hadn't heard from him for over two years by cell and was shocked and astounded from receiving his text. On and off they had been Lush friends and seldom fantasy lovers, yet always moving on as...Read On


Trail Mix -- Part Two

"Sorry, love, all these tents look the same." Those words came back to her the next morning as she stirred under the blanket in her tent. She quickly looked to make sure that was Tim snoring next to her. Yes, it was Tim. She dressed quickly, stepped outside the tent, and stretched. Last night, she had enjoyed the best sex she had experienced in years. Her partner had not been her husband....Read On



My heartfelt thanks

This book, improbable as it is, would have been impossible without the help, care, feeding, and receptivity of various experts, friends, experts who became friends, friends who became expert at one thing or another, and the various benefits each and all provided. To everyone involved or engaged, even those with little or no knowledge of the project at hand, I extend my heartfelt thanks....Read On


Playing the Game

Jane plays along...

In common with many university students, Jane had a summer job to bolster her finances. As she let herself into the empty house she shared with her mother, her only thought was to take a shower and get the smell of fried food from her hair. As the naked, showered girl padded from the bathroom to her own room, she heard the phone ringing in her mother's bedroom. Thinking maybe her mum...Read On



You like looking at me, don't you?

I watched as she stepped out of her dress and lay down on the hot sand wearing just a tiny white thong. "Be careful darling," I smiled, "You're nearly showing your pussy." "Only nearly?" she giggled and turned onto her stomach raising her sexy little bottom up teasingly towards me. "Is that better?" "Come and unfasten my bra for me please." I did as she asked and looked at where the...Read On


Anywhere, anytime

A couple's sexy antics

Anywhere, anytime. We can they agreed, we can do it however we like. So they fucked in the bedroom, they fucked in the hall, they fucked in the bathroom, and then by the pool. They fucked in the garden, they fucked by the gate, they fucked at the wishing well and then they fucked till it was late. They fucked in the kitchen, they fucked in the lounge, they fucked on the veranda, and then...Read On


The Ride

His eyes drawn to my short skirt, my bare wet pussy.

I straddle his bike.  His eyes are drawn to my short skirt, my bare wet pussy. James lets out a growl. Kisses me, while his strong fingers find their way to my aching pussy. Sliding inside me, two, then three deep and hard fucking me relentlessly. His lips are devouring mine like a starved animal. "Fuck, Abby," he groans. His hard cock pressed against my leg, grinding. "Oh, James! Fuck,...Read On


Peen Lolls on the Beach

Continued, erotic adventures of Peen

Peen reclined on the seashore watching the breakers roiling and foaming over the sandy beach. He stretched out on the chaise lounge wiggling his toes. His gaze slipped over the hunky male bodies, the obese beer bellies, and the droopy chunks of buttocks. He took a sip from the sweating tall glass, tasting the long island tea with his tongue, while his eyes tilted up and flicked across...Read On


Stage Delight

I saw you as I stood on stage, signalled for you to be pulled backstage, found the fiery look in your eyes, then I let mine travel to your thighs, damn woman. Things moved quick, from a kiss to a lick, nothing tender - just fast and slick. Your bra discarded, my hands in its place, between your legs you found my face. You cried out for more as we hit the floor and who am I to disappoint?...Read On

Sleepy Time Mist

She kissed my pulse with her hot breath. Seducing me in my dreams as her lips went exploring. While her fingers played my cock as if it were an angel's harp. "Moan me a tone," she whispered. As I sighed, raising my thighs, she cupped my testicles in the palm of her hand. Her lips encased my cock as her cunt's inner sanctum oozed. Kissing me in places, not known on the anatomy's atlas....Read On


Mummy’s Boy

Like a good boy he always did what Mummy asked

“I see you’ve found your little present. I knew they would look good on you and the lacy panel at the front is so sexy. Now turn round and slip them down so I can see your delicious bottom.” “Would you like to see what else I’ve got for you? You can look now.” “Mmm, you’re hard already. I thought you would like my new strap-on, so long and thick.” ”Now bend over for Mummy, you know you...Read On


Fig Leaf Erotica

We ended our first May-December date at her apartment. Subdued lighting and candlelight to the accompaniment of soft music wrapped the night in possibilities. She took my hand as we emerged from the shower and led me to her bed and lay down in a posture of innocence and beckoned me to proceed. “Your wish is my command,” I bent down and, starting at her knees, I kissed my way north until...Read On


His Ass Is Mine

“Fuck,” he growls into the bed sheet.  His ass in the air with my fingers deep inside, teasing his secret spot. Cum puddling into the sheet. His breathing becoming heavy, a sign he's about to cum. His hips grinding as if he's fucking me again.  “Mine, you are all mine. Your cum is mine,” I lovingly whisper to him. Fucking him faster with my fingers, I feel his ass clinching. Holding my...Read On