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Flash Erotica

Flash erotica stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of erotic flash fiction, is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Something erotic is often a fleeting glimpse, a flash, a stolen moment, a secret! The challenge to authors, is to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Stories in this category transcend nearly all our other categories.

For readers with only a limited amount of time, or who prefer reading short sex stories, this is the place for you.

Authors should not submit multi-part stories here, they need to be standalone pieces.

Stories should be clearly tagged with as many keywords as possible, so readers will immediately know what kind of content to expect, and not be in for a rude shock!


Mutual Arrangement

The most erotic time of my life

I don't know what gave me the courage to even start it. I don't know anything about her, not even her name. In fact, we have never spoken, not a single word. I know she works at the small library in our town and is about my age, mid-fifties. Like me, just an average person, not beautiful and sexy, slightly plump and always smartly dressed in a blouse and flared skirt that comes to her knee. ...Read On


Olivia’s Secret Confessions

I need to confess my secret desires with someone and I choose you...

Today is Friday the thirteenth, I received another email from him.  Why must he tease me so much and tempt me with his sexual nature?  He knows I am not looking for anything serious, yet I can’t stop my imagination from going there. I start typing my response to him, teasing him with only glimpses of my sexual imagination. Smiling to myself I feel my desire growing with every word.  I hear...Read On

Recommended Read

Seattle Mix Tape - Pawn

I’ve been laying here, on her bed, for what seems an eternity, although the glowing red numbers on the clock tell a different tale. She left me here, naked, a white chess piece sitting precariously on my quivering stomach… “If it’s not there, precisely in the same place, when I return, you will regret it.” The menace in her voice left no room for doubt that she meant it. She’d left me with...Read On


Don't My Kisses Make it Better

He’d made her cum so many times in the last 12 hours that she’d long ago lost count.

“Spread your legs.” Instead of answering, she let out a slight whimper. “Spread your legs, kitten.” His tone was more demanding. Slowly, her legs fell apart for him, her body tense with anticipation. He’d fingered her, gone down on her, fucked her. He’d poked, prodded, rubbed, licked, tickled, and swatted almost every inch of her body, but he’d paid particular attention to her sensitive...Read On


It Keeps Happening

Waking in the room, I see you laying on the bed, naked with your soft cock resting between your legs. I slip out of my summer dress, my nipples hardening over my excitement for you.  My pussy still juicy from our fun in the garden not long ago. Your cum mixing with mine in my unprotected pussy. I slip onto the bed softly so not to wake you. I kneel to the side of you as I lick your shaft...Read On


So What?

An unexpected twist to a night out

"I - You- We can't.  Not here," she whimpered. "Oh, but we can and we will," his deep voice rumbled in her ear.   "But, but -," she stammered. "But what?" he inquired.   "Someone might see," she said.  "So what if they do?" he asked as he raised the back of her skirt.  "Lift your right foot and put it on the bar underneath the table."   She obeyed, understanding now why he'd had her...Read On



Awakening to find myself Chained and Blind Folded

I awaken slowly, feeling...odd. It's still dark, darker than it should be. I can't see anything, not even my... I realise with a start that I can't move my hands. They are stretched above my head and tied. No...cuffed!  I can feel the cool hard metal and hear the metalic click of the chain. My ankles too. And it isn't just dark, I have been blind folded. "What's happening? Who's...Read On


The day I Fucked the wrong Twin

The day that changed my life forever.

For the past year, I have dated this beautiful blonde girl called Tasha. We had so much in common I just couldn’t believe that we were together. Tasha had mentioned to me that she had a sister, who was in the States where she worked. The one that thing Tasha never mentioned to me was that her sister was her identical twin. A couple of days ago, Tasha let me know that her sister Nadine...Read On


The hooker

We pick up a hooker

There she was. Kay had been right. She looked delicious. She was petite, her short, black skirt barely covered her arse, and her thigh boots made her look like she was playing dress up. Her top was punctuated by two hard nipples; her tits too small for a bra. She was smoking furiously, nervous most likely. So Kay had been correct. I was away for a dirty weekend with Kay, who had been...Read On


Victoria's Secret

When her husband is out...

She was happy enough with her sex life. Basically, her husband fucked her whenever she wanted him to, went down on her at will, made her come even if she didn't return the favour. Maybe she took it for granted. She'd had boyfriends before she was married, lots of them, whose sex drive did not match hers, or whose techniques did not match his.  Or maybe she was just bored. Fifteen years...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 6: Tale of The Sweetheart

Chad Dupree tells the story of a certain Sweetheart...

Let’s go back to my sophomore year, shall we? This next one is an enigma of sorts because I had kind of a love/hate relationship with her. I first saw her on my college field trip sophomore year with her best friend. Now, I only knew about five people on the trip. These two stuck out. They were the epitome of the word “BFFs”. They were inseparable. One was very pretty, curvaceous, got the...Read On

Recommended Read

Dick Pics and Panty Licks

A show just for him

Evelyn was lost. Heavy lashes shielded the natural bedroom light as her burning desire radiated from her core. Her melted honey seeped from her delicate folds. It was for him. All for him. The increasing euphoric groans filled the room. He was with her. His words coursed through her sensory neurons, commanding her every move. She wanted to show him just what he did to her. How her smooth...Read On



Love at last

I wake to her facing me asleep, peaceful, and naked in bed, my princess. Finally after over two and a half weeks of running, there’s nowhere to be; nothing to rush. I start rubbing her back and neck when those wonderfully inviting moans of encouragement start getting louder. With her half awake, I switch to her arm as she delights in all my touch. As her coos get more drawn out and sexier,...Read On


Blowjob Behind The Wheel

I'm calling you on it

Will and Ann had been traveling the roads together for three months and they were enjoying learning about each other, both in bed and out. For the past couple of weeks, Ann had been teasing Will unmercifully about giving him a blowjob while he was driving his semi down the highway. They had just had a leisurely breakfast and made love in the shower, one of their favorite morning activities. ...Read On


Rising Damp

Melissa was watching and being watched!

If you see a woman in the corner of a bar – coyly sitting atop a bar stool – watch her carefully. That’s what I did, and I must say, the rewards were awesome. I first clocked her while sitting on a table at the opposite end of the bar. The bar isn’t that big actually, but when I sat there I was surrounded by friends and colleagues. They left a little over ten minutes ago and the only human...Read On


Kilted Pleasures

So... what does a true Scotsman wear under his kilt?

Tom Harding stood outside enjoying the cool evening air. Inside the hotel function room the air was stifling but with two hundred wedding guests it wasn’t any wonder. Suddenly he heard a female voice behind him. He smiled. He recognised her from among the guests. “Nice and cool out here isn’t it?” He nodded. “It’s quite hot in there wearing this outfit.” She smiled. “You quite suit a...Read On



Listen to the creature inside you...

We laugh. We flirt. You inch your fingers across the tablecloth towards my hand. I grab your wrist and squeeze and see a tiny flash in your eyes. A glimmer of something inside you. Something you never share. Something alive-- precious and rare and savage. And when, outside, I roughly pull you toward me and press your body to mine, you fall almost limp-- instinctual surrender. But your kiss...Read On

Recommended Read

Seattle Mix Tape - Exposure

It seemed only fitting that I was dressed in the same outfit that had gotten me into trouble in the first place, though, perhaps “dressed” wasn’t the right choice of words, seeing as how it consisted of a pair of black floral lace stockings held up by a garter belt.  Oh, and heels tall enough that I wasn’t about to go skipping down the street without having to worry about face planting. ...Read On


Sharing My Reality

Sometimes it's mothers that know best...

“Wanna play with my titties?” I did, but it felt like a trap. And slightly condescending. Titties? I’m not twelve anymore. However, I did giggle. She said titties. One doesn’t hear their best bud’s mom make that offer too often. I never had, but then I did. I would’ve settled for an extended hug. But this was so much better. Sure, I’ve fantasized about her bouncy tits, her curvy ass, and...Read On


Emm & Pixie are ... the Women from Auntie

Becoming the women from Auntie: a prelude to the next Emm & Pixie saga, cumming soon

What had I done? That was the natural tenor of my thoughts on receiving the letter. After our adventures in the Crimea and Rumania, Sarah and I had come back to England, refreshed and invigorated. It had been hard saying goodbye to the gorgeous Emm, but as she seemed ecstatic to be remaining with the Russian Oligarch, Ekaterina, and as we would be seeing her at Christmas, the causes for...Read On


The Bridge

The warm summer breeze blows through the open window as my friend drives faster. I don’t mind sitting in the back especially since I’m sitting next to an extremely sexy guy. What was his name again? It doesn’t matter he’s barely looked my way all night. “Hey April, where are we going?” “Out to a bridge that’s supposedly haunted,” she laughs “Are you scared”? “Oh yeah so terrified,”...Read On

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Recommended Read

Jealous Of Your Phone

Using my voice to make you come has its consequences

You lie on your bed. Your phone warms your chest. Your cock fills your hand. The rest, I forge in prurient fire. You listen through the room's solitary restlessness. On your back. Undressed. Aroused. Some are words. Some are not. Both are whispered, out of real time, yet immediate as the throb agitating your grasp. In breathless flow from your high-tech heart of glass, they echo the...Read On


College Sucks

“College sucks!” Marisa exclaimed. “Yea, I agree. I’ve been here six years now and still haven’t gotten laid,” Toby said. “Wait. What did you say? How many years? And you haven’t been laid? Why not?” Marisa asked. “Six years. No, I haven’t yet. I am still a virgin. Guess the girls here like smarter guys than me,” Toby replied. “Wow. I am sorry to hear that. I don’t think it’s the smarter...Read On



On the way to Marti's apartment, Vera shares her desire to be a naughty girl.

As they rode in the back seat of the taxi, Marti could see the look of desire on Vera’s face. She knew that her stories about having sex with Andy had excited her friend. Leaning toward Vera, Marti ran her hand up the inside of her friend’s thigh until touching the large wet spot on her panties. Rather than rejecting the touch, Vera actually opened her legs slightly. Marti put her mouth...Read On

Recommended Read

His Words

Lost in the world created by an online soulmate.

The glow from your phone illuminates the contours and angles of your face, skin damp, pulse soaring as your husband snores beside you. You thumb the screen, scrolling through the message stream. Words jump out at you. Snatches of racy conversations. ...instantly wet clutching heat gasping into the room ache for you... Your free hand brushes naked, bare pussy lips and you flinch....Read On


Peen Goes To The Mall

Peen was people watching. He nodded companionably at each person that passed by. It was nice and pleasant here in the mall. He had seen several groups of old folks working their arms and legs as they pounded out a mile or two around the circuit of the shopping center. He pretty much ignored them with a quirky smile. But the gaggles of girls were more fun to see as they giggled down the...Read On


Playing Away

Is she or isn't she?

Phil entered the lounge dressed only in his red and black club rugby shirt. He was a big man. Carly called him her gentle giant, but on the pitch, he was far from gentle. He was the club’s Tighthead Prop and on match day he took no prisoners. Carly was sat in her chair and wore only a knee-length black silk dressing gown as she gazed at the television screen. “Pass me my mobile please...Read On

Recommended Read


Marti confesses to her closest friend about her friend with benefits

Marti rushed in the restaurant door, shaking the rain off of her coat. Looking around the room, she saw Vera sitting at a table in the back. “I’ll be joining my friend,” she told the greeter and waved at her friend. These two women had met here on Fridays after work for over ten months in a regular routine until Marti had canceled the last three meetings. Reaching the table, Marti leaned in...Read On



I am naked on the bed, bringing myself to orgasm, while you watch.

I am face down on my bed. My hands are by my sides, palm upwards, my cheek and my bare breasts supporting my weight. The king size duvet is rolled onto the other side of my bed save for a small amount bunched under my crotch. My legs are parted, one poised and bent at right angles at the knee. I am panting and moaning as I grind myself against the bundle of bedding. "Aaah, ah, aah,...Read On


The Girl And Her Man In The Club.

The young girl's first visit to the club turns out to be not quite what she had was expecting.

"Now you're eighteen, we can go together," the man said. "Where to?" the girl asked. "The club I told you about." "The club for couples?" "You remembered." She was sitting in just her bras and panties in front of the dresser mirror, readying herself for the birthday night treat he had promised her. She turned to him, her makeup only half done, "What kind of people are they — the...Read On