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Flash Erotica

Flash erotica stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of erotic flash fiction, is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Something erotic is often a fleeting glimpse, a flash, a stolen moment, a secret! The challenge to authors, is to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Stories in this category transcend nearly all our other categories.

For readers with only a limited amount of time, or who prefer reading short sex stories, this is the place for you.

Authors should not submit multi-part stories here, they need to be standalone pieces.

Stories should be clearly tagged with as many keywords as possible, so readers will immediately know what kind of content to expect, and not be in for a rude shock!


Hotel Rendezvous

A chance encounter shows how insatiable she really is.

I messaged you as soon as I pulled into the hotel parking lot. You gave me directions on where to park and told me you would come down and get my bag. I was out of my car and pulling my bag out of the back seat when I saw you. You were more gorgeous than I could have imagined. You wrapped your arms around me as soon as you got to me and immediately I didn't want to let you go. You asked if I...Read On


Just Shut Up And Lick It

Seduced by a friend, Katie enjoys her first dorm delight

Lexi watched from across the room as her roommate nibbled softly on the lid of her ballpoint pen. The habit had always amused her; that incessant need of hers to bite into something. There was barely a Biro left in the entire room which didn't have Katie’s teeth marks in it. “How you gettin’ on?” Lexi enquired, long since bored with the academic textbook that lay open across her folded legs. ...Read On


You've Got Mail...

A email to my lover while he is away on a business trip...

Good morning love, I hate when you are away for work. I always have the best dreams that make me ache for you. The longer I go without you the naughtier my dreams seem to get. I want you to pin me against a wall, either by my hands or my throat. Kissing me, gently, but with force. I want your free hand squeezing my tits, pinching and twisting my nipples. Turn me around, making me face...Read On


I Help You Out of Your Dress

a gentleman helps a lady out of her dress

I stepped into the room; you stood there in a short, black silk dress that fit you like a suggestion, accentuating every captivating curve. I stood for a moment and simply watched you, admiring your stunning beauty. The thin straps of your dress had already fallen from your delicate shoulders, leaving them bare… You smiled, that perfect smile that never fails to set my heartbeat faster....Read On

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Recommended Read

A Surprise Footjob

I come into your office and close the door behind me. I could lock it, but what I’ve got planned is all the more naughty with the extra risk of getting caught. Without a word to you, I walk around your desk and slide my bum on the wooden surface. Kicking off my stilettos, my hosiery clad feet find a position on the arms of your office chair. It gives you a clear view up my stocking clad...Read On


Waking up to a crowing cock

A quirky tale of a crowing cock and a growing cock...

As the noise of the crowing cock assaulted my slumber I opened my blurry eyes to scan the room, or what the feeble pre-dawn half light afforded me. I was alone in a small, squidgy, unknown bed, with an ashtray on the side table full of ash and roaches. My head was a little foggy. I pilfered the single, unfinished, conically shaped, rolled up paper from the ash tray and positioned it between...Read On



He wanted to know if he could still pick up a woman and seduce her.

He went out alone, one night, to test his pick up skills. He made sure he had the right mindset, body language, scent and clothing. He spotted a woman who looked to be alone. She was dressed in a black mini that seemed to flatter the curve of her hips. He watched her politely pushing away some guys who tried to dance with her while she was making her way to the bar. Instinctively, he knew...Read On



The aching struggle of a horny 19 year old girl

It's with great restraint I keep my twitching fingers from pressing against the damp front of my eager, panty covered pussy. One smoke, two--damn it, I was meant to give up cigarettes. You glance over at me occasionally, unaware of the depth of my need. I make no secret of my arousal but you can't possibly grasp the depth and really, since we aren't together any more, it isn't...Read On


The watcher in the woods

In the darkness, is he watching?

I know he's out there, watching. I've never seen him, but I can feel him. I can feel his eyes on my body. I can feel his passion, his desire for me. Oh god, I love that feeling. It all started a few weeks ago. I got home late from work one evening. The trains had been a nightmare for some reason and I was feeling tense when I eventually got home. Simon was busy in the kitchen cooking dinner...Read On


Anyone Home

“Anyone home.” Not that I was expecting there to be anyone home at this time on a Friday I suppose it was just a habit. I scooted upstairs, It was great finishing early on a Friday, the weekend seemed a whole lot longer, mind today’s bus trip seemed to take forever. Why did I taken the number 26 instead of the usual number 22? Not something I plan for the future. It wasn’t a totally...Read On


A Sexy Night With Him

A true story.

You know how it is when you have a new boyfriend. You smile whenever you talk, you laugh at all his jokes, and every time you see him, he makes you so horny you want to tear his clothes off and fuck his brains out. That's exactly me and my boyfriend. Don't get me wrong, I love to cuddle and so does he. He's like my big teddy bear, but he's also great in bed, and I can't resist when he kisses...Read On


Bathroom Quickie

“Fuck me,” I whispered in his ear. I turned and walked away. I looked over my shoulder and saw him watching the sway of my hips, I knew I had him hooked and that he would follow, no matter where I led. I motioned for him to follow me as I disappeared around the corner and from his sight. I pushed open the door marked "Ladies" as he rounded the corner, pausing so he would know where...Read On


I’ve Got a Surprise For You

Annie laid me on the bed and insisted I wear a blindfold – but why?

We were both stark naked. My cock was harder than I could remember recently and that was all because of Annie. She epitomised eroticism and more to the point she was horny ninety nine percent of the time. Annie insisted I wear a blindfold. ‘A blindfold?’ I questioned. ‘Come here and put it on,’ she was adamant that I was to wear one. ‘Why?’ I asked, ‘Because…just because,’ she replied. ...Read On



The wheel spins in circles so smooth it holds even the most fleeting of glances. Seconds tick by as the dull whir escalates to a gentle hum that you swear carries a proper tune. What had started off as little more than nothing begins to take the form of something. Something of shape, of beauty. Maybe even character. It’s quite a remarkable transformation, isn’t it? I glance up from my low...Read On

Recommended Read

The Desires of the Goddess Adelaide Part 1

The Goddess thinks of Her slave, as he takes a slut of his own....

It was early afternoon and she sat at her dresser. “Perhaps I have fallen a little,” thought the Goddess Adelaide as she traced the angle of his jaw on the sepia print before her with a blood red finger nail. His dark eyes were fixed on something far away and were thick with desire. “It’s not like me to be so fixated on one little plaything. And that’s all he is, a plaything, nothing more.” ...Read On


Last night

A story told from two perspectives.

Her version. I awoke with a gasp, my eyes wide open in the darkness of the bedroom, the dream fading from my mind like drifting smoke. My aching nipples and my warm slick thighs the only reminders of the passionate thoughts that had so recently overwhelmed me. My chest rising and falling, I let one hand slowly drift down my naked body, across my belly and then slip between my quaking...Read On

Recommended Read


Meeting a Lush member for the first time.

He looked nothing like a Quentin. The six foot four titan in olive-green waved at me from across the station. How he managed to spot my diminutive figure amidst the rush-hour mob, was beyond me; I looked unremarkable with no makeup on and a trench coat hued the obligatory black to fit in with the gloomy London masses. “Come here.” I was accosted by a literal bear hug. Something grizzly...Read On


Doing for An Old Man

Old fellow needs a live-in caregiver and a young friend of the family volunteers

Victor Johnson had been in fairly good health for a man his age, until one day he suddenly felt dizzy while taking a shower. He fell and gravely injured his left knee on the edge of the tub. The old fellow, a widower living on a small pension, spent five days in hospital recovering and undergoing tests. It turned out he was suffering from a dangerous type of vertigo and his doctor recommend...Read On


Time To Go

Things heat up before they head out for the night.

I stood by the bed in just my panties, trying to decide what to wear to the party we were attending that night. There were three outfits laid out on the bed but I couldn't seem to make up my mind. The bedroom door opened and he walked in. "What are you doing, babe? I thought you'd be ready by now," he said, walking up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. I sighed and leaned...Read On


Let Me Help You Sleep

When Rich can't sleep, Susanna offers some assistance.

Rich turned the page of his book and looked over at Susanna as she lay sleeping next to him, her blonde hair spread across the pillow. He loved to watch he sleep, the rise and fall of her breathing. But tonight the cool air had caused her to pull the covers up around her shoulders. But still he knew that beneath the covers she was naked, the sheet hugging the contours of her body, outlining...Read On


A Brief Encounter

Emma has a brief but satisfying encounter with a young stranger.

Emma Weston smiled to herself as she sorted through the enormous bag of dirty clothes that had been dumped in the laundry room the night before. Her son, Tyler, had come home from college for the weekend and in typical fashion had saved up a semester's worth of dirty clothes for her to wash. She didn't mind, though; he was her only child, and she missed him terribly since he'd left for school. ...Read On


Twisted Tails 3

Kelly surrenders. Mr Roberts has his way...

Kelly sat on the wooden chair in the centre of the room. Her tight cream riding jodhpurs and white cotton tee shirt clung to her curves. She was young and athletic, but endowed with a full firm bust and wide curvy hips; the perfect hourglass. She was a dark, sexy and alluring beauty with copper brown skin and a mane of shining black hair. Her wide innocent eyes were vivid blue. She pulled...Read On


i have seen my sister in law completely naked!

My wildest dreams come true

I had been drooling over my sister in law for years, and a few years back she came to stay with us for a while. I knew this might finally be my chance to see her naked. So, I checked online and found my answer, a camera that was disguised as an alarm clock! I found a place that sold them and, of course, I immediately went out and bought one. I placed it in the bathroom she would be using,...Read On


Teacher's Pet

Classroom daydreams become reality...

Today I resume my post as a History teacher at the girls’ college I left two years ago. My name is Dean, I’m a thirty-five year old married father of two and am looking forward to teaching the girls again. My first lesson of the day is with a group of seventeen and eighteen year old girls, one of whom I taught two years ago. I taught some of the others but it is Gabrielle who stands out, she...Read On



Speed dating isn't quick enough for this unapologetic MILF

He was the fit in a sort of ugly way. But I’m no masterpiece to look at either. Plus what should a forty year old expect on a speed dating night? The fact I knew every single person in here had a sad story to tell, sort of put me on a par with everyone else. According to his name tag, he was called Dick. It suited his personality. Still I’m as shallow as a puddle in the desert. So I was...Read On


Comfort My Storm: Jermaine's Dream

Jermaine Relives His first Encounter with Domination

“Yes. Yes daddy,” came her whimpers in pants. “Hush now,” he whispered against her lips. “You don’t want the neighbors to hear you taking this dick now do you, baby?” "N-N-No, daddy," she stuttered her compliance. Seeing her attempts to control vocalizing her pleasure turned him on more than he expected it to. Even to his own ears, the words were both strange and arousing....Read On


The Fisherman's Wife

What the ocean saw.

Waves gleam under the moon, heaving warm, salty sighs over her legs on this clammy night. Too hot to sleep, on both sides of her skin, she has come out to the lie on the cliff top. For air, for relief, and to be closer to her husband, still somewhere beyond the horizon. A gust-ghost lifts her nightgown; her hands join it along her thighs, and then swirl in eddying currents between. In...Read On


Lust For Her Bulge

The attraction to her bulging pants is intoxicating....

I gaze upon you, my eyes roaming over your beautiful body. My eyes grow large as I reach the crotch of your jeans, and the bulge that lies beneath. My mouth waters and pussy tingles as I crave to release your pent up arousal. Pulling you to me, our lips lock as my hands occupy your body. One caressing and kneading your breast, the other frantically working to unzip your jeans and free...Read On



A real-time emergency mental diary entry.

Shh, don’t make a sound. Look, there it is… stirring in his sleep! I can’t sleep, it’s too hot. I’m too hot! I’m making an emergency Mental Diary entry because he is laid out right here beside me, both of us on top of the covers. Diary, he’s naked! After so long I can’t believe it. It’s just so hot. In every way! He’s got a body like that statue of David with one notable exception… between...Read On


Diamond Eyes

I'm panting, running with an unusual sight ahead. I've never seen anything like it, it can't be real. Quickly, I observe my surroundings. It looks a lot like my high school but the scenery is fading quickly into a dark, looming forest. As pavement turns to soft, mossy earth, the air changes. I look back and see a shadow chasing me. I don't feel afraid. I'm laughing. I feel like...Read On