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Flash Erotica

Flash erotica stories vary in length from anywhere between one hundred to one thousand words. The aim of erotic flash fiction, is to ensure every word is absolutely necessary. Something erotic is often a fleeting glimpse, a flash, a stolen moment, a secret! The challenge to authors, is to engage the reader and tell a complete story within a limited number of words.

Stories in this category transcend nearly all our other categories.

For readers with only a limited amount of time, or who prefer reading short sex stories, this is the place for you.

Authors should not submit multi-part stories here, they need to be standalone pieces.

Stories should be clearly tagged with as many keywords as possible, so readers will immediately know what kind of content to expect, and not be in for a rude shock!



An open letter to G.

  Dear G, It has been almost six weeks since we last saw or spoken to each other. In fact, the last moment you saw me, was when I ran past you getting into B’s car and I didn’t even give you my usual bear hug. G is it weird to have THOSE types of thoughts and erotic dreams about you even though I’m happily married to B? I know in all honesty it is okay to have crushes, but it is immoral...Read On


Peen Has a Stay In Hospital

Continued, erotic adventures of Peen

Peen opened his eyes and grunted up at the bright light above him. "Aye?" he questioned. Then he winced and tried to swallow. The overhead fluorescent light crackled. "You're fine, sir. You're just coming awake. It went well. We got rid of that nasty bone spur on your heel." The nurse was making adjustments on the monitor attached to the wall. "You know you'll have to stay overnight?...Read On


Why I Love Sucking Your Cock

Just a note to a lover

Your cock is always glad to see me. When I walk into the room, I see that bulge develop. That alone makes me feel so special. I know you want me - your woman.   Since we met, your passion stick apparently lives in a constant state of semi-erection, which flatters me with its attention. When it slips in my mouth, I am connected to you in a sensual, erotic and physical way. You can feel...Read On


Million Dollar Ass

Kayla is a religious one. Until hormones come.

Kayla didn’t wear heels much. That wasn’t her approach. She was always considered one of the guys. She loved football, but she was tomboyish with a very feminine touch. Kayla wore those tight Texan jerseys every Sunday religiously. She was Catholic. She remembered if she got out of Mass in time for the game, it would be fantastic. However, in Mass, other things would be taking up her...Read On


The beach

A cool breeze floated in from the water as the waves crashed against the sand, a welcome change from the relentless heat of the day that had made it almost impossible to even more. The sky had started to take on an orange glow as the sun dipped below the horizon creating an almost perfectly romantic scene.  The canvas of the hammock wrapped around our bodies, enveloping us in our own...Read On


The Girl Next Door – A Masturbation Session

Do you ever wonder if you’re addicted to sex. I often do. It’s probably because, despite being a fairly attractive guy, I masturbate a lot. Now most people would offer advice at this point and tell me to get out and meet people. But really, it’s my choice. Yes, I wonder whether I should get out and meet people, but I meet people all the time. Work colleagues, commuters, nurses,...Read On


Sally For Mary

A loving husband coaxes her lesbian fantasies

'What is happening?' Sally wondered as she watched some porn gifs with her husband.   It was common for Tom and Sally to use visual stimulation in their play, but this time the images were different.  Tom, suspecting his wife of nearly ten years was beginning to have bisexual thoughts, had included some lesbian scenes in the mix. As they laid on the bed with their eyes glued to the...Read On


Delicious Filthy Laundry

Washing the bed linen with scents of arousal...

Chrissie has left again. Just short of twenty-four hours this visit. I'm taking the bed linen off the mattress, pillows and duvet. On the pillow cover, I spot smudges of mascara. And vermillion lipstick. And her pearly cream foundation. I hold it close to my face and inhale her perfume. Her face had been pressed into the pillow as she presented her plump and shapely arse to me, spreading...Read On

Recommended Read

These Boots Are Made For Wankin'

Sometimes a man needs something a little out of the ordinary.

She's everything my wife isn't. Flirtatious. Unpredictable. Domineering. Wearing nothing but knee-high black PVC boots that shine in the hotel lamplight, our eyes lock across the now crumpled bed sheets, her pretty celestial nose and full cheekbones framed by waves of scarlet hair that dust her heaving chest. We sit opposite one another on the bed and I swallow as she swishes the...Read On


BEING GHOSTED - An Unexpected Outcome

From Misfired Communication To Pleasurable Encounter

Forging a connection with someone you meet on a dating site can be very confusing.  My initial messages to Rita went unread, so I tried a couple of times more, then gave up.  A few weeks later, she messages me back. “Would you like to talk?” I responded that I would, and eventually, we got to talking on the phone and set up a lunch date.  She was vivacious and attractive and we were going...Read On


Meagan Has A Quick Fuck At Verbreennung, Stechen, And Wunderhintern

Meagan takes care of her mentor's stress

Walter’s email said, “ Meagan, I need to see you in my office immediately !” “Immediately!”  Not “Can you see me?” or “Please see me.”  “Immediately” was our code word for something intimate and special.  I knew I was in for a good hard fucking!  I got a wry smile as my heartbeat increased quickly with the anticipation of what was to come. I quickly entered Walter’s office, making sure...Read On


My Hairdresser

Hairdresser and client get wet

She agreed to take me late at night, I had a surprise interview the following day.  I had been going to her for four years and we had always been flirtatious with each other, in a playful way.  She was about ten years my senior, very pretty, and sweet.  Her strong hands always titillated me the way she would be tolerably rough the way she jerked my head around and pulled my hair when...Read On


The Arrangement Part 2: Third Wheel

Zora addresses her husband's concerns.

"Hun?" I snapped out of my daydream at the sound of my husband's voice, and turned to face him, as we were both sat in bed. "Sorry, babe, I was miles away," I replied. Fariz furrowed his brows, and let out an amused grunt. "I was just asking," he said, "if you guys spoke about anything else?" I pretended to cast my mind back to the initial meeting, as though the conversation I had...Read On



All through the day, thoughts of you filled my mind. At times I caught myself drifting into a daydream, reliving last night’s erotic encounter, only to snap suddenly back to reality with that familiar ache between my legs. I was counting the hours and minutes until I could be with you again, though counting them only made them pass all the more slowly. By the time I reached home, my...Read On

Editor's Pick


She hadn't realised it was getting dark and by the time she did, it was too late to do anything about it. The late light of the autumn sky had turned grey like it couldn't wait to fade out altogether. The bottle on the table was half full. There was maybe an inch of liquid gold remaining in her glass. His was empty. There were a thousand things she always planned to say to him but...Read On


The Day’s Last Children

A true story

Soon after we married, my sister-in-law and her husband invited us to share a cottage they had rented right on the beach in Martinique.  It was so beautiful there!  I had never been to the Caribbean before and it was like paradise. One evening, after an exhausting day playing volleyball, swimming, and sunning, we all lay on the beach on our blankets and watched the sun as it slipped...Read On


The Arrangement

Zora meets Dan to discuss an arrangement.

I almost choked on my green tea on hearing the question.  “Have I... what? Double...? I... Is that where -” I felt clumsy, and naked in the presence of this tall, handsome stranger asking these intimate questions in such a public place. His dark, intense eyes meeting mine. I tried to compose myself, but was still confused by the blunt question.  “Sorry for such a forward question, Zora,”...Read On

Recommended Read

Come Sunday

A woman confesses her naughty sins to a flustered priest.

My duty in the cramped confessional all changed when she stepped in. Her scent was the first thing that struck me as I slid back the wooden partition between us. Sweet, fragrant, distinctly floral and expensive, she exuded radiance. I stirred involuntarily as I took in the limited vista through the privacy screen, glimpses of creamy chest bulging the ivory blouse over which brunette...Read On


Enticing My Wife to Play

Gave my wife the chance to have sex with her old classmate

A short time ago, my wife Linda and I attended a school reunion with several of her classmates. This class has always been quite close, and as such, there were many old classmates attending whom my wife hadn't seen in several years. There is one old classmate though, who attended, that we see frequently, and he has always had a bit of an attraction to my wife. Scott is always very...Read On


The Taming Of The Maestro

A young violinist tames her conductor and gets justice for her friend.

Why did they name me Jasmine? Sweet? Nauseating. No fire in Jasmine They don't know what I called myself for three years - Mistress Firethorn.  When I hit eighteen, I set myself up as a dominatrix. Satisfying, you'd say. Would have been if the men weren't such wimps. It was great at first, willowy me wielding power over pallid backsides of professors and financiers. That mystery they...Read On


Out Of The Rain

The heavens opened. We ran to get out of the rain, then she turned all naughty on me.

Matt burst into the church first. His hands just about managed to push the heavy oak door open before his body crashed into it. He stumbled a few feet further before putting his hands on his knees. He was soaked to the skin and he panted for much needed air. They were in the process of having a leisurely stroll home from a few quiet drinks at the pub when the heavy drops of rain started...Read On

Recommended Read

How Far

His shorts are down...and someone's curious

His shorts are down. It's the heat, he tells himself. Confined, the sudden uncoiling tightness threatens to burst the seams on its own. Released, it feels even hotter than the midday Mediterranean steam into which it thrusts, broad and solid as a Moorish column, primed for conquest. Astringent swallows of tempranillo evaporate in a fruity warmth of enablement along his throat, and...Read On


On the train

Livening up a boring commute

The train is packed, the day hot. People are pressed up against each other, air at a premium. Commuting in London in the summer is no fun. I am seated by the time you get on. I try to get up to offer you my seat, but you decline with a smile, you are only going three  stops. You stand in front of me, facing my way. Your short skirt maybe gave you another reason not to sit down. Your legs...Read On


A Roped in Mermaid

A surprise on a lazy, hot afternoon by the pool.

What first stirs me awake from my light doze on the tanning chair is the tug on the string holding my bikini top, the knot coming undone and the fabric falling loose from my breasts. When I open my eyes you're already leaning over me, a devilish smirk on your lips as you kiss me softly, your legs comfortably straddling my thighs before playfully tensing to lock my thighs tightly between them....Read On


Catching You

I told you to wait. Now you will be punished.

I let myself in quietly and steal up the stairs. I want to surprise you. We have been filthy texting all day and I know how hot and horny that gets you. My cock is already starting to throb as I step over the stair I know will creak. Why am I sneaking around so stealthily? In my heart - or somewhere more basic - I know. In my head I want to surprise you. Elsewhere I want you to... Surprise...Read On


Miko in the Field

She was totally exposed, according to her deepest desire

You were lying on your back in that grassy field on the blanket in the dappled shade as before. The sunlight undulated across the hilly contours of your body through the gossamer thin, white sun dress showing a dark triangle of silky hair. It clung to the shallow valley between your upper thighs; translucently thin, it strained to reach halfway down to your knees before it revealed your...Read On


Dirty Little Secret

Long distance cyber affair drives him crazy...

He's a regular guy, well-liked, married with kids, not quite a pillar of his community but who would want to be that? He goes about his business by day, commutes to work, does his job well, maybe goes for a quick drink with colleagues later, gets home in time to put the kids to bed and maybe, on lucky nights, fuck his sexy wife. But first thing in the morning, or sometimes in the...Read On


Coming Together

How three became one

She knew. I knew. 'You would not mind, then?' I saw that look in her eyes. 'Mind?' I smiled, 'I should love it. I already love the fact that you have intuited it.' 'Good, because I already talked with her and she will be here in about ten minutes.' The look on my face made her giggle. 'She wants you as you are, silly goose, so please, don't worry.' Mel pulled me to her, and, as ever,...Read On



After a day of hard work, the night is about to get even harder...

I had my coworker flat on her back, her legs dancing around my shoulders as I caressed her body from the collarbone down to her hips. My thoughts of her in this position at this location danced fervently in my skull throughout the day. Everything had come full circle. Our fellow employees clocked out for the night, and the baking table was open to our depravities, and we intended to make...Read On


The Dream

Sometimes our dreams reveals our truest desires.

It seemed like a dream or maybe it was my imagination working overtime again. I could feel his hands exploring every inch of my body, his mouth leaving butterfly kisses on my neck; it felt like fire on my skin. My nipples were erect with pleasure when he touched them through my purple silk nightshirt. It felt too good to be a dream, and I did not dare to open my eyes, afraid that the...Read On