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Flash Erotica


I want you

Quickie in the club bathroom

She stalked her across the dancefloor, looking into the girl’s eyes as she moved against her. Hand moving down the girl's back and over her ass, pulling her into her. “I want you,” she mouthed before turning towards the bathrooms. The girl swallowed and followed. Pulled into the cubicle, hand in her hair, mouth on mouth, hand under her top, pawing her, nipple rolled, pinched, a moan escaped....Read On


Mr. Twenty-Eight

Twenty-eight is the husband's lucky number...

Twenty-eight times he watched this, his wife getting it seven ways ‘til Sunday.  She adored Mr. Twenty-eight, tightly coupled, bodies frantic, and the air filled with anguished cries of ecstasy. Mr. Twenty-Eight had verve, athleticism, a wanger that would make a horse feel inadequate.  He had a wondrous naïveté for a good story too. Mr. Twenty-Eight brought his girlfriend, a partner...Read On


The Theater

She loved being the center of attention, and she loves to watch men come.

She was sucking his thick cock, all of us looking on as the sleazy porno flickered, ignored, on the small screen. Nobody was watching; nobody came for the movies. She was performing, putting on a show for an appreciative audience, most of us - me included - jerking off as we watched. His cock glistened with her saliva; he grunted and thrust into her mouth as he came. She let it run out,...Read On


Staring Contest

Gotta love those objects in the rear view mirror...

"Fuck!" she was being edged, and like a good girl she fought to keep focused, staring at the dark eyes of their taxi driver reflecting in the rear view. The men on each side of her spoke softly in some unknown tongue. Twenty long digits worked between her legs, spreading wet spiderweb filaments of scented arousal from pussy to nipple to her greedy little mouth. "Please," she begged the...Read On



Ten days we’d been apart. Work, families, life just getting in the way. I’d booked our favourite restaurant; a chance to talk, reconnect. We met at her door. No talking; there was no need – her eyes’ shining desire mirrored mine. Our bodies moulded together; our tongues danced a familiar dance. She dragged me inside, the door still closing as I pushed her against the wall. She explored...Read On


A Morning’s Surprise

My lover gives me the best mornings wake up call

I began to stir from my night’s sleep. To my pleasant surprise, my beautiful lover licked the shaft of my cock. Her tongue flicked the tip as she tasted my pre-cum. Her mouth engulfed the head as it slid down her throat. My shaft glistened with her saliva. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft and she massaged my balls with her tongue as her nose touched my pubis. I moaned as we made...Read On



I shouldn’t be here...

Interlude  I stood on the balcony of my hotel suite watching the ocean play a game of tag with the shore rushing in to briefly touch the white sand before quickly retreating back to the sea. From inside the room, I heard movement. I squeezed my eyes shut, as if that would make me invisible and some how preserve my solitude. "I shouldn't be here I’m a married woman” I thought as bare...Read On


E Tu Dormi

His cock twitched. She felt him grow harder inside of her. She dragged her painted nails across his broad shoulders. “Come inside me, lover!” she begged like a bitch in heat. He grunted and buried his thick cock deep inside her. Time stood deathly still for a heartbeat; neither one able to breathe. Her cunt clenched in anticipation of his cock erupting. He filled her. Hot cum splattered...Read On

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Cheating Massage

Damn those hands and mouth feel familiar.

“Face down place your cock and face in the openings. Your masseuse will be right in.” Silence, suddenly broken by the click of high heels approaching. The feel of fingernails running up my inner thigh and scratching my scrotum sends tremors through my body. I feel my cock starting to drip when a hand enfolds it and gently squeezes the shaft. Soft lips envelop the head and suck it in and out....Read On


Across the room

Rumps micro flash competition

I saw her across the dance floor, her heels taller than a £50 note. She was all I ever wanted! I walked towards her and held out my hand. She stood without a word, took my hand and pulled her close. As we kissed, I reached to her left side, undid the secret zip pushed the red lace off her shoulders, leaving it to pool on the floor.  Her red silk thong was all that was left. As the...Read On


The Last Strawberry

My face is covered in her, yet I still crave more.  I pluck the last strawberry from the bowl, twirl it between my fingers and watch her body come down from the latest climax.  She lays sprawled on the kitchen table, legs quivering. I move closer, heat pressed against heat as she looks up at me, a sigh escapes her lips.  I love the change in her eyes as I drag the strawberry between...Read On


Crack! Drip, Drip

Lydia's punishment at school has embarrassing yet arousing results.

Crack! “Ow!” The paddle landed across Lydia’s bare arse. Gymslip up, knickers mid-thigh. Eight strokes this time. Damn! Smoking behind the equipment shed… again! Lucky she wasn’t caught with her hand in Caroline’s knickers. Legs together. Don’t want to betray myself. Crack! Pain – and that treacherous tingle in her clit. “Legs wider apart!” God! Old Ma Kelm will see my cunt. Please,...Read On


Trail Mix

It had been a long day of hiking over rough terrain for the four couples.  Finally, they stopped and set up camp. Exhausted, Sue crawled into their cramped pup tent, waiting for Tim. As the tent flap opened, she rolled on her side to make more room for him. She was shocked when he pulled down her panties and inserted his hard cock. As tired as she was, she wanted to accommodate him. He...Read On



I studied each muscle in that slender neck as her mouth meticulously devoured her lovers swollen pussy. Each motion had specific intent, evidenced by the expressions on the lucky recipients face. The room was filled with perverted spectators but you could tell, these two were alone. I forced my way into their cerebral world. My own pussy began to quiver and open as if it was my cunt...Read On


If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

The kitchen was sweltering, even with the ovens off. The bar staff had all gone and only the two of them remained. He watched as she stood over the sink of steaming water. Her hair clung in wet tendrils, drops sliding down her elegant neck to be absorbed by the cotton of her vest top. Hardening, he imagined her front view, moisture gathering in her deep cleavage, damp fabric persuading...Read On



Karla strolled into the bar. It was dirty, just like she liked it. She had been working the lot, comin' up dry. She looked around. 'He looks like he could use a good time,' she thought. "Hey cowboy, my dance cards free, got twelve bucks?" she asked walking over. The bartender overheard, "Hey you! What did I tell you about coming in here? Prostitution is illegal!" Karla smiled, she was...Read On


The Night Before

A night she'll never forget

Bound and blindfolded. All I can do is feel. Rough hands squeeze my tits. A mouth sucks my clit. My pussy is fingered. I feel a hard cock ready to explode in my mouth. I want this. To not know who’s touching me. The fingers are removed and a cock stretches me open. The pace is rough and fast. The cock in my mouth shoots cum down my throat. I suck it clean as I'm pounded by a stranger....Read On


Best Birthday Ever

It's dark, shadows are my only company. I'm on display. Nude, legs spread wide as instructed. I can detect my sex's sweet musky scent. A presence with a new smell joins mine. The air shifts as I feel my face covered in a dizzying array of tastes and textures. I feed hungrily from the gift perched above me. Soon I am rewarded with a quivering drenched pussy realizing its first orgasm of...Read On


The Edge

Driven to the Edge

She lay there slowly moving her hand over her pussy, feeling the surges of excitement hit her as every so often she moved over her clit, but just enough to bring arousal but not bring herself to full completion. There was something about rubbing and teasing and feeling her pussy get wetter and wetter that excited her which almost drove her beyond the edge but she did not go that far, not yet....Read On


What's a girl to do?

A moment's lust

'Remove your panties.' No, I thought, as I felt the colder air. 'On the table.' No, I thought, as I saw my pink panties on the table. 'What will you have, Miss?' The waitress saw my panties and smiled. 'You can have her,' my companion said. The restroom was clean. The tiled floor cold on my knees. Her trimmed cunt wet. She tasted sweet, but salty. Her clitoris was already shedding...Read On


The Payment

I sit up and feel a twinge of pain between my legs. The soreness of my vagina and the nail marks left by her nails on my thighs remind me of the abuse I have taken these last two days. The smirk on her face tells me she has seen my discomfort. “How does it feel?” What a strange way of asking how I am. Then I get the meaning of the question. It is not my general well being that she is...Read On

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She'd opened the window but the room was still far too hot. Her hair felt damp and her vest clung to the curves of her breasts. One slender hand clutched the phone to her ear and the other worked desperately between her legs. His voice urged her on. "You're so bad ," he groaned, the words heavy with desire. "God, if I was there..." He let the idea hang long enough to tip her over the...Read On


Sense Memory

Fuck, Date, Break Up, Backslide, Repeat.

It’s been so long, and here we are again. Every fucking time. Ignoring the angry popping of hot oil, we fuck – locked together and writhing breathlessly on the kitchen floor, gasping for air all the while. This second, we’re together. It’s easy to remember us when we do this, and that feels good. Smoke is filling the air, now. We ignore it. Fingers and tongues urgently dart over swollen...Read On

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He dreamed he died. Drowning. He woke up shaking, could not return to sleep. She lay on her side, back facing him, sleeping. He slid his hand over her soothing breast, caressing her nipple. She sighed, half-awake. He moved down to her pussy, found her already moist, opening to him. The same sleepy exhalation. He slid his length inside her, slowly, gently, entirely. She came without words,...Read On


Name Dropping

Dedicated to Tawny's predecessor, the magnificent Busty.

  Tawny and I had been so hot for each other, by the time the door to Rumplations stock room banged shut, we were already into an old-fashioned missionary-style fuck with her hunching up to meet me every time I hammered down into that prime pussy.   We fucked with an unrestrained, almost savage passion. I gave her no mercy, and she asked for none. Grunting, panting, we slammed into...Read On



Entwined among a mass of sweaty bodies, they were floodlit in neon possibility. She was grinding her ass against him. Timekeeping. He lifted her skirt and rubbed his hardened cock between her thigh gap, threatening entry. The club’s pulse throbbed. It vibrated through muscle and bone. They were completely surrounded, yet all alone. Teeth cut into the glistening skin of her bare neck. She...Read On


Into The Woods

"Come with me, my love."

The lady in the stunning red dress standing near the bar is now walking towards him, where he is nursing his second beer, she looks familiar. "Hello, do you still remember me?" Yes, he remembers her. She is his high school sweetheart. "Well hello to you too. Of course, I remember but you have vanished like a mist into thin air from the village after graduation day. What happened to you?"...Read On


Sidewalk Deux Palais

a brief encounter on a city sidewalk

Yellow sundress. Her dirty blonde hair disarranged by the soft breeze. She knew I was watching. Soundlessly I crept behind her. Staring off into the distance, she leaned back against me. The perfect curve of her ass pressed, determinedly, against the throbbing ache between my legs. I couldn’t see her impish smile but I knew it was there. Surreptitiously my hand slid beneath her dress, as I...Read On



I just couldn't wait to taste her

I couldn't wait.  My hands trembled as they pulled her panties down to reveal her smooth mound. A hint of hair pointed to where I should start licking, and my tongue automatically extended; snaking its way between her folds even before I started to push her legs apart.  By the time my lips descended on her pussy, she was leaking profusely. I gathered up all her juices, allowing my tongue...Read On


Cold Approach

She didn’t know his name. She didn’t know how old he was or where he lived or if he was married or what he did for a living or whether it was his first Corona or his seventh. He was alone, at least as far as she could tell. Then again, maybe his girlfriend had gone to the ladies room or outside for a cigarette. She'd already decided he probably had a very beautiful girlfriend who smoked and...Read On