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21 Sep 2014 10:13

1990 Baron Pichon, 1979 Palmer and 1996 Shafer Hillside Select....fucking amazing wine tonight. Plus the CUBANS (compliments of my good friend Peter)....Juan Lopez direct from the factory. Try my new story if you have time:

20 Sep 2014 22:16

I'm off to play tennis today. If you are stuck inside and need a story then try my story of the day. It's all about a girl "spicing up" her sex life.

20 Sep 2014 03:25

As if Hong Kong wasn't already blessed with amazing restaurants we now have another one: COCOTTE......from the heart. Dazzling fucking food. Hey read a story. This is one of my most ignored, but I think it's pretty good:

16 Sep 2014 03:19

Well no one took my advice to read "The French Cowboy"? Maybe I'll try again. Here in Hong Kong we had a typhoon 8, so everything was shut down and we all need a good read. For today's story pick I'm choosing "The Botanical Beauty: Part 1 Her First Trip".

12 Sep 2014 03:38

I'm quite proud of this story. It didn't get a lot of readers, but still I think it is one of my best. My story for the day is: "The French Cowboy".

10 Sep 2014 08:57

Someone needs to be the guy who "almost got the girl" and "rounds out the top ten" haha. Might as well be me? Congratulations to SITTING one of my all time favourite authors on here. SEX MONEY is my personal fav!!!

05 Sep 2014 22:53

Everyone who likes long, well crafted stories with a real plot and some well thought out characters needs to read FP's latest offering "Summer Before the Rain Came". He's a wonderful writer who deserves more readers frankly.

04 Sep 2014 04:07

Who doesn't like Panda Bears? I'm not too keen on zoos anymore, but anyways they are damn cute.

20 Aug 2014 05:55

My new scribbles are up. An exploration of the pop-culture phenomenon "Barbie" and the multi-layered impact of mass media on women's self-image. Sound dull? I hope not. Try "BARBIE: Life in the Dreamhouse".

18 Aug 2014 10:55

My story of the day was written for a VERY special young lady. This series has a rather detailed plot and is best if you read all the four parts. "MY FINAL FANTASY"

14 Aug 2014 02:51

Flu has grabbed me.....feeling glum.

31 Jul 2014 09:13

I'm so glad I got a "Blue Thumb" for this story. Writing from a female POV is not the easiest.

29 Jul 2014 08:58

My first story to reach "Legendary" status. My story pick for the day is "My Best Friend's Daughter".

27 Jul 2014 00:19

I feel like I'm back in cubs earning my badges. Next I will be learning to tie knots again for my BDSM badge?

25 Jul 2014 20:27

Well my edit of "I'm Screwed Now" didn't quite work. Back to the drawing board. A cute little idea for the competition. My story pick of the day is one of my personal favourites: "15 Minutes Is Not Enough". We all want to be lavished with some fame and recognition right?

21 Jul 2014 03:23

Well I have edited "I'm Screwed Now" and re-submitted. Hopefully it will come up again soon. It was one of my most popular stories before. My most popular story by views, of course, is "My Best Friend's Daughter". My story for the day:

16 Jul 2014 09:23

I'm off to Beijing for 2 or 3 days so I leave you with a story I thought deserved more views. My story pick for the day is "15 Minutes Is Not Enough".

14 Jul 2014 20:46

How many men pine for that sexy Asian MILF so near and yet so far? My story pick for the day is just such a situation.

04 Jul 2014 20:58

Every man has his "dreams". Most usually feature a woman. This is my take on a Murakami story and one of my most adventurous efforts in stretching my writing skills. My story pick for the day is "The Girl of My Dreams":

02 Jul 2014 03:43

Young ladies who have been sheltered and want to lose their virginity need a "plan". My story pick for the day is:

01 Jul 2014 07:27

One series, three parts,686 votes, 231,967 views. My story pick for the day is:

30 Jun 2014 00:20

Who likes travel to exotic places, mysterious goings-on and travel sex? Well this is my personal favourite from my writings to date. A four part series with sex at the end. Enjoy my story pick for the day "Botanical Beauty".

21 Jun 2014 19:06

I'm off to Beijing for a few days of intense negotiations, the land of "no Lush" since it's completely blocked. Oh well. Anyone want to travel further? Perhaps the North Pole? My story of the day is "Doomsday Cruise Delight".

19 Jun 2014 18:31

For everyone who ever loved a good western, but wished westerns had more sex and romance, I offer up my story of the day "The French Cowboy":

17 Jun 2014 18:43

Well my competition entry got a few views. Not outstanding but decent. For those who like soppy romantic wild-sex stories then my story of the day is my competition entry:

16 Jun 2014 18:05

Some very smart and very sexy young ladies have over-protective parents. In such cases when these girls want to lose their virginity.....well.....they need a plan. My story pick for today is just such a situation: "The Girl's Plan". A two part series with romance, exotic travel and virginity featured.

16 Jun 2014 07:33

For those of us who appreciate a young sexy woman whom god has blessed with not only a smoking hot body, but also much more than her fair share of "grey matter" I offer you up my story of the day "The Botanical Beauty". Part 1 of a four part series. Be warned the sex is at the end.

15 Jun 2014 23:47

"Top Author" to "Chump" in a matter of hours. On Lush fortunes wax and wane by the minute. You are one click away from obscurity. It has to bring a grin to your face to enjoy your 15 minutes of fame right? In light of this I will continue with my story of the day as "15 Minutes is Not Enough".

15 Jun 2014 04:13

Wow I'm back in the TOP TEN again today? How did that happen? Well serendipity I guess. For all of those who adore an ambitious young woman with beauty AND brains and the gumption to pull it all off I offer you young Kelly. I thought this story would garner more interest than it did? My story of the day is "15 Minutes is Not Enough".

15 Jun 2014 02:07

For all of those who adore an ambitious young woman with beauty AND brains and the gumption to pull it all off I offer you young Kelly. I thought this story would garner more interest than it did? My story of the day is "15 Minutes is Not Enough".