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22 Oct 2013 08:40

One day Shanghai, next day Wuhan, then on to Xuzhou in Jiangsu (cute girls in Jiangsu), back to Shanghai, now in Beijing (had an amazing dinner at the Park Hyatt).....tomorrow off to Lang-Fan and then either back to Shanghai or perhaps Taipei. Hard to keep matters straight sometimes. No time for even a little writing and can't access Lush anywhere except in Beijing (Blocked by the censors). Rough life.

23 Sep 2013 07:47

It seems Lush awarded me the "Commentator" badge? However given the high standards at Lush Inc. Nicola made me pee in a bottle. Yes I admit it. Typing steroids to build up the fingers. I had the tell-tale needle marks and all my trips to Thailand to purchase the monkey steroids showed up in my travel history. The badge has been removed and I am now humiliated. Geez and I really wanted that Commentator badge.

13 Sep 2013 03:42

Friday night in Hong Kong.....doesn't get much better than that. Sky is turning black and I see a little black dress in my immediate future. Dinner, dancing.....a few drinks.....could be fun!! I'm getting very fond of a certain Taiwanese girl....hmmm.

13 Sep 2013 03:42

Friday night in Hong Kong.....doesn't get much better than that. Sky is turning black and I see a little black dress in my immediate future. Dinner, dancing.....a few drinks.....could be fun!! I'm getting very fond of a certain Taiwanese girl....hmmm.

30 Aug 2013 09:46

Taiwanese girls in little black dresses with long curled hair and super sweet smiles are too much temptation for a man to take. Yes I'm enjoying Taiwan.

29 Aug 2013 09:48

Early wake-up call and then off to Taipei again. Good thing Taiwan has lots of cute women.

18 Aug 2013 09:28

50,000+ views on my profile? No badge for that I guess. Am I turning into a badge whore? Pounding headache tonight. Need a de-stress massage from a hot Asian girl.

14 Aug 2013 00:32

Typhoon #8 in Hong Kong today. Mother nature at her most magnificent.

11 Aug 2013 19:15

Very gratifying to have "My Best Friend's Daughter" Part 1 go over 80K views. My first story to hit this milestone. When I started scribbling for Lush I never imagined? Well it's not so easy now days with so many stories being posted so quickly. Hard to grab any sort of readership. Been too busy lately to add to my series, but will try to make some time.

09 Jul 2013 09:00

Hanging out in Taipei. Been a while since I've spent much time here so fun to explore new places. The women here are very attractive in their cute Taiwan way. My story totally bombed out in the competition, but thanks to all of you who took the time to read it and leave a nice comment.

27 Jun 2013 20:44

Wow so many entries in the contest this time. I think this is the most ever? It must be hard to be a judge and have to read every single one. The hard work is much appreciated. I'm quite happy with my story even though not many read it.

10 Jun 2013 19:38

Well I was born on an island. I live on an island. I go to islands mainly for vacations? Never thought about it before, but islands seems to be a theme? Must be a story in there somewhere.

05 Jun 2013 23:57

Lush has a bad habit of making me late for meetings.

31 May 2013 01:55

Awww gosh Rachel THANKS!! A touch of blue makes my page look so much more elegant. Been busy and the birthday thing was sort of depressing. My coal deal seems to be going sideways so that's a bummer. Working on a few stories, but just can't find the time. So many of the old friends have left Lush and are gone so missing Carmyn, Alison90 and Kitty and so many others who just "poof" disappeared. C'est la vie.

25 May 2013 01:16

Okay have done my edit and re-submitted "The French Cowboy". Let's hope it gets approved this time. My homage to Louis L'Amour whom my father and I both loved to read. Hope it finds a few willing readers.

20 May 2013 01:48

Oops, my "Western" story, my homage to Louis L'Amour got rejected gang. I'm traveling, but when I have time I'll edit and re-submit.

17 May 2013 19:11

Just submitted my first "Western", a love story. My homage to Louis L'Amour. My dad and I loved reading his books when I was young. Gotta stretch myself as a writer. Don't know if readers will take to it at all, but hope a few cotton-on to the style. I'm off to Malaysia today so may not be on too much for the next few days. Another plane ride..........short at least.

16 May 2013 19:25

I'm SO GLAD "Sex Money" has been recognized as a "recommended read". So justly deserved! Renews your faith in the world. [Stop pouting John!! Self-pity is NOT endearing] Well done Emilia, my favorite series on LUSH.

14 May 2013 01:05

If you want to see the pictures that go with my new story "15 Minutes is NOT Enough" then you can view the new album I have posted under the same title. It gives a little "photographic insight" into Kelly's life and dreams.

13 May 2013 20:13

Editing my competition entry. It should squeak under the 12K word limit (JUST!) haha. Anyways a classic tale of the "against all odds" American dream, the individual succeeding, with elements of the past haunting the present adding (I hope) some richness and texture. A nice little "twist" that I hope is appreciated by lovers of confident ambitious young women. Should be posted soon.

07 Apr 2013 00:27

Back from Paradise......I mean Cebu. Got to catch up on a bit of reading and get back to my writing. Nice to have Lush to return to after a refreshing get away. Hong Kong unfortunately has been a bit cold and wet so I'm missing the sun and sea.

20 Mar 2013 22:40

Off for ten days of scuba diving so won't be checking in much. Have a nice Easter everyone.

17 Mar 2013 23:33

Can you be that girl I've always wanted? That girl that drives me crazy? Great song!!

17 Mar 2013 08:09

Haha well that teaches me not to edit my stories. "Don't Worry Cupid Has a Plan" lost its space on the front page as a February Pick? It also disappeared from the Love Story category rankings? Oopps? So much for embellishing my title page.

28 Feb 2013 19:12

You're in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down. You look down and see a tortoise. It's crawling toward you. You reach down and you flip the tortoise over on its back. The tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun, beating its legs trying to turn itself over, but it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping.

22 Feb 2013 00:18

Well my story was actually admitted to the competition after all. Thanks Lush!! Serendipity strikes another blow for artistic freedom. My story deals with the redemptive power of love when our lives hit the inevitable "rough patches". I treasure the readers who make it all the way through my long tales and actually leave nice messages. Thanks so much.

20 Feb 2013 04:34

OOpps? I guess my story is too long? Won't be in the competition after all.

20 Feb 2013 00:53

Have just submitted my Valentine's Day contest entry. Hope a few of you find the time to read it during your busy lives.

18 Feb 2013 21:10

Just back from a nice break in Bangkok and a quick stopover for meetings in London. Nice to be back on Lush and hope to finish a story soon.

03 Feb 2013 05:55

"The Way to Paradise-Part 2" has been resoundly panned by the Lush readership. Back to the drawing board? Back to square one? Can the series in the proverbial "failed writer's dustbin"? Oh well, beautiful day in Hong Kong and summer seems to have arrived extremely early this year. Women are wearing shorts and mini skirts? Thank you global warming.