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Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 10:57:54 AM

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I've been debating on buying a Kindle for a while now but to be honest I don’t know a whole lot about them. Does anyone here on Lush own one?
(Silly question, I’m sure.)

Can someone tell me more about them?
What the best one is to get? For a reasonable price, that is.
And can someone please tell me the difference between what a Kindle and a Kindle Fire is?

I’d love some feedback, links, knowledge, and understanding on them. I want to get one soon, but would like to know a little more about them.

(I hope this is the right thread for this. Sorry Mods!)

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 12:35:30 PM

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I have one, but not for Lush type stories - so wouldn't know about where to locate those.

I bought one off Amazon and downloaded a lot of free books from amazon itself.

I bought the standard Kindle, now there seem to be a lot of options like the fire and paper white light ones. I can't help on what the fire is. It depends, are you intending to read at night and need light, then paper white would be a good option. The standard Kindles are quite cheap now. I picked mine up second hand for £35 last year.

Hope that's slightly helpful?
Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 12:40:08 PM

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Yeah, I wasn't totally looking for Lush type things. Though, I'm sure I can find sex stories on Kindles.

It was helpful. I'm hoping to get a lot of information on them.

Thanks ^-^

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 12:55:27 PM

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I bought a Kindle Fire HD around Thanksgiving and I love it. I read a lot of books and the only problem I have is keeping the battery charged. Be sure you buy a charger made for the Kindle. Its faster. I got mine at a local store for around 200.00 The game you can get can keep you busy for a long time.
Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 2:58:43 PM

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I've purchased 2 Kindles in the last year. First was the Fire which was a cheap alternative to the iPad. My wife reads a lot and she really liked the Fire. However, battery life is not very good on it and she's not working so she reads all day on it. Recently, I got her the Paperwhite. If you're just into reading books, I'd recommend this Kindle, long battery life, easy on the eyes to read, and you can put a lot of books on it. If you want a color tablet, I think you're better off with either a Google Nexus 7 or iPad Mini. The Kindle is limited in games, apps, and speed. You can read Nook or Kindle books on the Nexus or iPad. If you're older, you may want a full size tablet so it's easier to see the letters.
Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 3:08:55 PM

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I have the Nexus 7 and I love it!. I have a Kindle App, Nook App, and Kobo App for reading e-books. Now I can shop around for all books I want to read. Some sites are more expensive than others. The Kindle app is wonderful and I have a tablet computer. I have a friend who's had both an iPad and a Nexus 7 and LOVES his Nexus 7 way more. Best part is, all the reading apps are 100% free so you have full access to all the free books. Plus, the Nexus 7 is reasonable priced tablet and the size is perfect for me. I love reading books on it. read2

Hope this helps.

Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 11:47:40 PM

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I actually got a Kindle for the holidays last year, just a basic ad-supported version. It works pretty well for basic reading, and will allow you to buy books anywhere there's a data connection; you will have to configure it to join Wi-Fi networks. (Some versions have 3G built in, which let you use a wireless network to buy books.) There's no backlight, and there aren't a whole lot of options on it, of course, but it's a great way to read books without the clutter of paper books.

More expensive Kindles have touch capabilities, keyboards, and backlights, so you can read in the dark (not recommended) and don't have to rely on physical buttons, or can type in a search easier. The full lineup is here: Scroll down for the comparisons between Kindles.

Kindle Fire is the tablet version of Kindle that has a wider selection of apps, web browsing, and so on. (The website says that all Kindles have web browsing. All Kindles except Fire tablets use an "experimental browser;" Kindle Fire uses Silk, a browser Amazon developed exclusively for Kindle Fire. Naturally, these are more expensive devices (Cheapest at $159), but they do a lot more.

If you want, there are free Kindle apps for mobile (tablets and phone), PC and Mac on the Amazon website. You can also compare Nook and Kobo with desktop apps, too, just to see which one you prefer. I've had all three on Windows computers, and they've worked well for me. I've even been able to sync my Kindle device with my Kindle apps, for the most part. (Some books I have can only be read on a PC, Mac, or Web. It depends on the book; Amazon will let you know before you buy.)

Sorry this is such a long post; I hope this information is helpful to you.
Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2013 9:11:39 AM

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It was helpful, thank you.

I'm thinking I'd either want something simple like this one, it seems to be easy to understand.
Kindle Paperwhite - Touch

Or this one because it's bigger, and a fire. But it seems really confusing.
Kindle Fire - The Tablet

Both are great prices, so I'm not sure which way to go. Any suggestions on these two Kindles? :)


Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2013 9:24:57 AM

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Kindle Paperwhite is just an ereader. You can read PDF files, Kindle-formatted ebooks, and a few other e-book formats.

Fire is a full-on, inexpensive Android tablet. You can read on it, surf on it, read email on it, and run apps on it. It differs from other Android tabs in that it is locked into Amazon's stores (whereas most others default to, but aren't locked into, the Google Play store).

Personally, if all you want is something to read on, go with the Paperwhite. Dedicated readers have screen designed to better emulate paper than the colour LCD on even a good tab can.

If you want to read and do other stuff, I'd avoid Amazon altogether and go with a general purpose Android tablet like the Nexus 7 suggested upthread. With the Fire, you're kind of locked into Amazon, while the Nexus or other general Android tablet lets you run apps for all major ebook stores and use media (videos, music, etc.) from multiple sources as well.. You can also use Overdrive, which is the ebook software that most libraries use for ebook lending.

I have both a Kobo Touch (similar to the Paperwhite) and an Acer Iconia tab (a general purpose Android tablet). I prefer the Touch for books but use the Iconia a lot to read news (there are some great news aggregator apps for Android), webcomics, and such like.


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Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013 7:08:06 AM

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Poppet wrote:
It was helpful, thank you.

I'm thinking I'd either want something simple like this one, it seems to be easy to understand.
Kindle Paperwhite - Touch

Or this one because it's bigger, and a fire. But it seems really confusing.
Kindle Fire - The Tablet

Both are great prices, so I'm not sure which way to go. Any suggestions on these two Kindles? :)


It came down to these two for me a few months ago too. I went with the Kindle Fire. I wanted to do some things other than read books, and it plays videos, runs apps and surfs the web just fine. I love it, but the reviews are right it is mostly for reading books from amazon, if you really into doing other things a ipad or something is probably better

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