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Posted: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 5:50:53 AM

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LiquidMatthew wrote:

We better go faster than that. In less than 6 billion years our sun will have consumed our planet and wiped out everything on Earth.

You right.
We do need to find a better alternate for homo sapiens as soon as possible.
But in the meanwhile we need to take care of the environment of the World.
By the present research in this field maybe another millinieum we might be able find the alternative for life.
We are thus left with plenty of years before the sun's glow is off.
Posted: Saturday, March 2, 2013 2:02:59 PM

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There is life out there with billions of stars like and close to ours, but what kind of life it is no one knows and if i did i would properly be rich right now.
and why they don't come visit us, they properly have the same problem as us, can't get out into deep space(really deep space). we have problems just getting to mars and the moon we have given up more or less.
The life that's out there most likely is bacteria or small life forms, or maybe even so called humans like us(with the same problems) that's why they don't come knocking on our door, because we can't come knocking on theirs ether.

So it's pretty simple really no one knows how fare they are, how many they are, or what the hell is out there,(monsters, gray aliens, bacteria, frogs, or just some mean old motherfucker. lol) and who cares..

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