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Posted: Monday, May 13, 2013 1:31:38 PM

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I have been wondering why nobody started a thread on Benghazi yet given that Faux News has been plugging the story 24/7 for over a week.

The claim seems to be that the administration might have spun the report of the attack. Why do Republicans think that this would be wrong? Mitt Romney appeared on the telly to condemn the attack and attack the President while the attack was still taking place. Early press reports that there had been a demonstration over the anti-muslim video turned out to be incorrect. So it is hardly surprising that the civil servants would be rather cautious about making any more statements until more was known.

The original reason for the attacks on the administration was to create a smoke screen to hide Romney's embarrassment of having been caught rather too obviously jumping for joy when the first reports came in.

Since then we have had lots of froth attacking Obama for not using the term 'terrorist' early enough. an attack that Mitt Romney attempted to make in the debate and then walked straight into a slap down after being given two chances to back down.

I can't see why the GOP is still trying to flog this horse. Gadaffi was a dictator who unlike Saddam Hussein was actually proven to have funded terrorism and was reliably identified as being responsible for bombing attacks on two civilian airliners causing hundreds of deaths each time. The US successfully achieved regime change in Libya with only four casualties. That is a pretty good outcome for the US when compared to the outcomes in Iraq and Afghanistan where thousands of US lives were lost installing governments that are far less friendly to US interests than the new government of Libya.

And while the GOP in Congress desperately tries to find a scandal in Libya, they conspicuously ignore the mess emerging in Syria. It is not hard to see why - they are waiting to see what the outcome is before they reveal their position.

Posted: Friday, May 17, 2013 4:24:27 PM

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Turn of events:


So, no stand down orders and action was put into place. Considering the time frame and previous knowledge such as,

Refusal; and


there was reason for caution, and readiness. Of course, republicans see it another way,

(a purely Republican slant, curious no?)

Even more curious is that “Rogers” is actually mentioned in the emails, but never answered back at the time.

Also, there seems to be a slight lean toward the good old argument. Al-Qaeda, needs for more guns, ya’ll remember 911, more “security,” (i.e. lets get the troops back in there). I think it’s time we start focusing away from the might makes right rule.

What did those emails say anyways?

Yup, there are edits, and a constant call for discretion due to information being leaked that was not verified. Strongly believed, but not verified. Same SOP practiced by any intelligence agency at any time, any police force at any time, and any right to fair trial. If anyone can verify clearly what was going on in such a volatile situation, within the time frame clearly shown, then they should be President, and Supreme Consulate of the Northern Hemisphere.

But, no one is that good. Well, except for FOXNEWS, and Republicans.

Bon appetit.
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