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Poll Question : Do you enjoy Anal play? your butt not mine!
Choice Votes Statistics
Yes, love it! 60 54 %
No way! 24 21 %
Sorry anal is for gays only in my books! 0 0 %
havn't tried but I would! 27 24 %

Straight guys only!!! Options · View
Posted: Thursday, November 04, 2010 7:33:27 AM

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Joined: 12/1/2006
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Fingers and tongue please for me, love it.
Posted: Thursday, November 04, 2010 7:45:21 AM

Rank: Lurker

Joined: 12/1/2006
Posts: 659,508
Tried it and i suppose it was interesting...but in no rush to ever do it again. Not my thing but each to their own.
Posted: Friday, November 12, 2010 11:29:55 PM

Rank: Active Ink Slinger

Joined: 11/11/2010
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Location: Royal oak, United States
I have had my ass eaten and i loved it, and i love my ass played with

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Posted: Monday, November 15, 2010 3:48:22 AM

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Ive only ever fingered my ass by myself, but I do like it quite a lot.
Posted: Monday, November 15, 2010 10:51:07 AM

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Location: The center of the universe, Canada
I honestly find when my woman plays with my butt I can acheive the most intense orgasms ever! Licking mmmmm yes please!!! We have played with various toys etc. But now we are talking about taking it to the next level and purchasing a strap-on, there are many out there that also give her pleasure. I am very lucky to have a girl in my life that is so open to even think of doing something like that!!! I will keep you posted on how it goes!!

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Posted: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 12:08:35 PM

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My wife has used her tongue and fingers on me and even a vibrator on occasion.... I LOVE IT!!!! She once even covered my cock, balls and ass with peanut butter and licked it all off. It was amazing.

Flash a Trucker... It's appreciated!!

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Posted: Thursday, December 09, 2010 1:52:46 AM

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If there are nerve endings in it why deny yourswelf the pleasure. I dont particularly enjoy having anythin inserted but i intend to continue working on it - had a big dildo right up it and want to learn how to enjoy fully being fucked by a guy& filled with spunk

I love a bit of gentle tongue on my ringpiece, my gf doesnt often do it but i find a lot of gay guys want to rim me. Problem is a guys big hairy arse has little appeal to my tongue - can be awkward when i know they want me to reciprocate. girls arse no prob, slim smooth skin shaven man but, nice , transexual - bonus
Posted: Thursday, December 16, 2010 9:47:43 AM

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Joined: 11/17/2010
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Location: Northern NSW, Australia
I have had my wife use her own vibrator on my arse

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Posted: Saturday, January 01, 2011 11:55:11 AM

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Guest wrote:
Just wondering for my own piece of mind, I have been in relationships with two men and they both enjoy it. Wondering if I found to rare men or if it really is for everyone!!! so feel free to drop a comment explaining your answer or just to give some tricks of the trade bootyshake

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Posted: Saturday, January 01, 2011 1:51:11 PM

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Warning: Mexican food + Burritos = I shit bricks ! :T
Posted: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 7:28:10 PM

Rank: Rookie Scribe

Joined: 12/29/2010
Posts: 7
If I had answered this question about 3 months ago, I'd have said, "No way, no how! No innies in the outie! One-way, do not enter!"

Now, however, I have a different answer; and it is the direct result of a prostate massage I got from the (nice lady) doctor, due to BPH and discomfort due to anorgasmia (can't come, due to medications), so everything just backs up and gets swollen and uncomfortable.

She showed me how do do myself at home, and I've been doing so, for "health" reasons (yeah, RIGHT). I've discovered prostate orgasms; this must be like what women experience when they come. It's far more whole-body than a regular penile orgasm with ejaculation. I can have orgasms without even having an erection. I get plenty of "pre-come" (semen, produced in the prostate), sometimes a steady flow, but no ejaculation. Also, there's no "refractory period," or waiting for round 2; you plateau, climb to an orgasm (lasts longer, too), then drop back to that plateau, up another peak to orgasm... and you can continue this for as long as you can stand.

Needless to say, I'm all for it. I recently stumbled across the term, "pegging," and was never so excited in my life! Literally left me short of breath. Now I'm normally pretty shy about such things, but I actually managed to broach the subject with the wife of 38 years. She was okay with the anal thing, "Oh, you just want a finger up there? More? Oh, I see, you just want a prostate massage, right? Not exactly? Well, then, what?" That was when I kinda lost her, at least for now. She agreed to think about it; it's a start, and I'm hopeful. Just in case she won't bite, I've ordered an Aneros prostate massager. Can't wait for it. I'm hoping all this may prove to be a "back door" route, so to speak (yes, pun intended) towards a threesome (MMF); I'd be open to trying sex with him, too, especially if it turns her on too. I'm pretty sure after all these years of being rigidly straight (straight, dammit!) that I'm actually a repressed Bi. Women will always be my primary orientation, but I admit to being definitely attracted to having sex with a guy.

Hell yeah, I'm all for it !!
Posted: Thursday, January 06, 2011 1:14:27 PM

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Joined: 1/2/2011
Posts: 386
Location: Planet Earth, Canada
The ass is full of nerve endings...Ass play is always a turn on...Up to a point with me anyway...
Posted: Thursday, January 06, 2011 9:50:56 PM

Rank: Lurker

Joined: 12/1/2006
Posts: 659,508
675-lick I've always enjoyed a licking while having my cock stroked. As for the finger not so much...
Posted: Thursday, January 06, 2011 10:43:58 PM

Rank: Lurker

Joined: 12/1/2006
Posts: 659,508
I didn't really care for having my ass licked (and have an aversion to doing the licking), but a well-lubed finger up my ass will definitely get me to leap off the proverbial cliff with a throaty scream. The first time I came with a finger up my ass, I thought I was going to pass out. It was THAT intense.
Posted: Monday, March 30, 2015 6:27:24 PM

Rank: Advanced Wordsmith

Joined: 11/7/2014
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Location: United States
Bring it on! Fingers, licking, prostate stimulators. Love it.
Posted: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 6:09:01 AM

Rank: Lurker

Joined: 12/1/2006
Posts: 659,508
I've had a couple of girlfriends penetrate with a finger....did nothing for me.
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