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Posted: Sunday, May 6, 2007 7:08:36 PM

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Ohmy. I must be one of the lucky ones hello1

Sex Survey, How Often and How Good: 11 Percent Women Unsatisfied

by Kriss Perras Running Waters | In our culture, undue importance is often placed on achieving orgasm. A recent poll conducted online where people tend to answer more honestly because the Internet provides a veil of privacy, found 11 percent of women have never achieved orgasm during sex. Though 90 percent of women say they are orgasmic, only 22 percent always have an orgasm when making love. Another 31 percent often have orgasms, 15 percent reach climax half the time and 22 percent do sometimes. More than one third who responded report having multiple orgasms, and nearly two thirds admit that they have faked orgasm. Results showed intimacy and closeness were more important to satisfaction than orgasm.

"Making love gives me a sense of relief and contentment. The best part is the touching, kissing, hugging and talking. The most pleasurable part of sex is the closeness of my partner's body," a respondent said.

Most respondents said they aren't shy about initiating sex or telling their partners what they want: 90 percent sometimes initiate sex, and 84 percent talk to their partners about their sexual preferences. Yet the majority - 61 percent - do it only rarely or occasionally. Disturbingly, however, nearly half of the respondents reported being sexually abused--a figure that is frighteningly high. As many respondents pointed out--rape, molestation or incest--can have a profound effect on sexual health.

Most of the women who responded to our survey say that they make love one to three times a week (53 percent), while another 24 percent engage in sexual activity once or twice a month. Small minorities report having sex much more or much less frequently: every day (4 percent) or once a year (4 percent). Several respondents complained time constraints, stress and fatigue prevent them from having sex more often. 70 percent have one steady partner.

Most of the women who responded to our survey - 70 percent - say they masturbate at least occasionally, with nearly half saying that they do it once a month or more often. The 29 percent who don't masturbate believe that self-pleasuring is unhealthy, unnecessary or wrong. Most respondents - 57 percent - have used erotic movies, books, magazines or pictures to arouse themselves, but the majority of women use erotica only rarely. Of the 43 percent who don't use it, 7 percent have a secret desire to try.

When respondents named the most sexually responsive parts of the body, breasts and nipples ranked number one at 38 percent followed by the clitoris at 28 percent. Most thought their partners provide enough foreplay, although another 34 percent believed their partners rush to penetration. Women who reported that their partners provide enough foreplay are also the most satisfied with their sex lives. Only 4 percent complain that foreplay lasts too long. A high 67 percent of women believe the size of a man's genitals is important, while 33 percent don't care about size or believe it is unimportant.

An overwhelming 95 percent of women report they've had oral sex performed on them, and 94 percent find it pleasing. Ninety percent have performed oral sex on a partner, and 72 percent find it pleasing.

Of the younger folks surveyed, at least 65 percent of students say they have learned about sexually transmitted diseases and contraception in a high school sex education class, yet one in four students (25 percent) surveyed say they haven't had any sex education classes. More than half of students (56 percent) surveyed say if they are having a sexual health problem such as a suspected STI or pregnancy, they talk to a friend or peer counselor first. Nearly 60 percent of the students surveyed discuss sexual histories with sexual partners prior to intercourse. Most students (74 percent) agree that sex and contraception should be discussed in advance. However, when questioned about their first sexual experience, both men (34 percent) and women (24 percent) say that sex wasn't planned, and that things went further than they expected.

Students in this survey had intercourse with an average of 1.2 partners in the last year. In this secton of the survey, 18 percent of the young women reported being virgins compared with 34 percent of men.
Posted: Sunday, May 6, 2007 9:43:15 PM

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Who cares laughing9 Opps, my male chauvinism accidently slipped out snorting
Posted: Sunday, May 6, 2007 10:40:04 PM

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I sometimes wonder why some of these "surveys" are carried out, and whether it is a form of erotica for the so called "researcher"-

I found the percentage overload too much for me LOL

You and me both, Lush, on the "Lucky Stakes." !!
Posted: Monday, May 7, 2007 4:18:53 AM

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insomniac wrote:
Who cares laughing9 Opps, my male chauvinism accidently slipped out snorting

heh - precisely! blah5 bootyshake
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