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Posted: Friday, December 17, 2010 9:19:31 AM

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When I took the test I got Tiger. It listed Trial Lawyer and the first profession and Engineer as the third; I am both; so I guess the test has some validity. However, when it listed Jack Nicholson and Tiger Woods as two typical tigers, that did not make me happy. I would rather be linked to Dolph Lundgren or Mark Wahlberg.
Posted: Friday, December 17, 2010 9:38:39 AM

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I am a shrew.

Careers and Hobbies
Thrift store shopping

The smallest of all mammals, shrews are pound for pound among the most belligerent creatures on earth. Also extremely nervous and sensitive, shrews have been rumored to die from the shock of a loud noise. In reality, they are remarkably resilient and are quite capable of handling the stresses of life near the bottom of the food chain. Shrews live solitary lives among ground litter or in shallow tunnels. Their high-pitched squeaks suggest that they also use ultrasonics for echolocation, although not to the same degree as bats. Because of their high metabolic rates shrews are constantly on the hunt for food, and although basically insectivorous they will also eat seeds, snails, worms, and even carrion. Although domestic cats will kill shrews they will not eat them, perhaps because of the musk glands in each flank that emit a foul odor.

The shrew can be a demanding, high maintenance individual whose obsession for resources dominates its life. Although it has a reputation for being bloodthirsty and vicious, these labels are not entirely accurate since it is rarely aggressive and its attacks are limited to incessant whining. Without the time to take other people's feelings into account, it creates a number of enemies as it blazes busily through life. Consequently, it needs to be wary of the vicious claws of the feline personalities and the clumsy but powerful canines. But the shrew hates it when the tables are turned and can't bear to be judged by others. This is the one of the few instances that the shrew gets visibly angry, even though its anger is primarily directed at its own shortcomings.

The Shrew Lover
There's something about a shrew's sexuality that makes them seem younger than they really are. Perhaps it's their bright eyes, glossy hair, or excess makeup, but more likely it's that high energy level that reminds us of our youth. The shrew has an enviable set of bedpost notches, for they are exceptionally persuasive when it comes to chatting up the opposite sex. They pride themselves on being able to talk anyone into a fling, especially those torrid encounters of which the shrew is so fond. With no qualms about telling white lies, they have become so adept at these little falsehoods that they're prone to believing in them themselves. With its devilish sense of humor, the shrew will romance you with its witticisms and inspire you with its insights.

Family and Marriage
A shrew should find a mate that is not threatened by its platonic relationships with its ex-mates. Partners with the tools to handle its bad self are drawn mainly from the insectivore family: porcupines, bats, prairie dogs, and mice, for these animated creatures all appreciate the challenges provided by the shrew's demons of tumult. Life for a shrew is too brief to waste on failed relationships. The instant its marriage has problems, the shrew quickly files for divorce and moves on. As a parent the shrew places a high value on its family's comfort and security, schlepping its kids around and involving itself in every aspect of their lives. Its tendency to be overbearing and pushy with its children can breed resentment when they reach adulthood.

Communicating with a Shrew
The shrew's scattered thought processes make it an awkward dinner partner. Its thoughts, unbound by logic and unfettered by reason, tumble out in a string of disconnected words -- making for amusing but disconcerting conversation. But, when it comes to issues of the heart, shrews rarely shoot from the hip. So, when a shrew appears self-absorbed and uncommunicative, it is generally a symptom of an impending emotional showdown.

Advice for a Shrew
Don't get ulcers. Give them.

It says I also might be a weasel and a vulture. I am studying to become a journalist. I got linked to Tammy Faye Bakker and Leona Helmsley

The Roommates Trilogy:
Roommates with Benefits
Roommates with Benefits: Snowed In
Roommates with Benefits: The Working Vacation is now available for your reading pleasure

Latest poem, Longing, is out now!

College Sex:

New story now available!
Posted: Friday, December 17, 2010 9:53:01 AM

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Well I got - Wolf

No animal has been as misunderstood as the wolf. Cast as a bloodthirsty villain in folklore and children's stories, wolves have enjoyed a special mystique that has engendered fear and respect throughout their range. Thought by many to be the ancestor of the domestic dog, wolves were once widespread over Europe, Asia, and North America. Their range was probably wider than any other carnivore, and their success was due in part to their rigidly enforced social structure.

The night that changed my life, a four part series of a married man lusting after his co-worker

Posted: Friday, December 17, 2010 10:27:46 AM

Rank: Lurker

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Hell, I am a snake. I don't feel so bad now, just scrolled through the posts and saw Sprite was also a snake,so it can't be a bad thing.
Posted: Friday, December 17, 2010 11:36:27 AM

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According to the test, I am an otter
Posted: Friday, December 17, 2010 9:02:05 PM

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I'd have to go with a Penguin. They have a mate but willingly service any other male that stops by while hubby is out fishing. I know I couldn't stay monogamous so i'm not even going to try! Too many good looking penguins out there! LOL
Posted: Saturday, December 18, 2010 9:07:57 PM

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Posted: Sunday, December 19, 2010 7:51:44 AM

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Location: Mountains of , United States

Genus and Species:
Canis Lupus

Collective Term:
A pack of wolves
Careers and Hobbies
Law enforcement
Medical fields
Trial Lawyer
Team sports
Outdoor activities
Debating Famous Wolves
Christian Slater
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton

No animal has been as misunderstood as the wolf. Cast as a bloodthirsty villain in folklore and children's stories, wolves have enjoyed a special mystique that has engendered fear and respect throughout their range. Thought by many to be the ancestor of the domestic dog, wolves were once widespread over Europe, Asia, and North America. Their range was probably wider than any other carnivore, and their success was due in part to their rigidly enforced social structure.

Although wolves readily demonstrate a willingness to help, they hate it when people lean on them. If everyone just took care of his or her own problem, life would be so much more agreeable. Their insistence that everyone should pull their own weight has given rise to the wolves' reputation for selfishness. Wolves expect their friends to challenge them on an advanced level. Those who are unable to stand up to it - or make a significant contribution to its life - are summarily demoted from friend to acquaintance. Sheep, deer, cottontails, prairie dogs, and other small mammal personalities are thus advised to show a wolf appropriate respect or risk being overwhelmed by their aggressive nature.

The Wolf Lover
The wolf insists on fidelity from its mate, but even after its partner has sworn its devotion, the wolf must battle its canine hormones that drive it to distraction.On the upside, the wolf makes a gallant effort to remain faithful; satisfying its haunting need for romance through its strong platonic friendships (at least that's what we're told). Deep down though, the wolf is still a puppy dog and its controlled exterior often masks a sentimental emotional core.

Family and Marriage
Is it love or a deep animalistic lust that is the wolf's secret hunger? The answer proves elusive even to the wolf, whose appetites for the hunt bedevil its romantic stability. When a relationship is in trouble, the wolf leaves no stone unturned in its quest to restore harmony. Unfortunately, this obsessive behavior can give the impression that its partner is simply another challenge for the wolf to conquer. Bear, dog, and fox personalities are typically the best partners. They understand the wolf's need for social order and follow the same strict hierarchical code, keeping arguments to a minimum and cooperation at a maximum.

Communicating with a Wolf
The wolf pulls no punches when communicating with its peers, for there is nothing that a wolf detests more than a yes-man. The truth must be told and damn the consequences. Those unable to handle its steely straightforward style are quickly relegated to the rear of the pack, while those who demonstrate courage are allowed to run alongside. Lions, eagles, wild dogs, tigers and bears are among the wolf's first choices as teammates in the race of life.

Advice for a Wolf
Don't be afraid to take big leaps. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.
Posted: Sunday, December 19, 2010 6:58:19 PM

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I got Tiger. It also said that I could be a badger though.

I think I'll stick with tiger.

When single, tigers can be unsettled and promiscuous. But their emotional detachment should not be confused with a desire to avoid intimacy; for intimacy is the tiger's greatest sensual tool. By offering its lover its deeply held secrets it adds another dimension of eroticism to its lovemaking. With a need to dominate, their passionate advances can often be too intense for those fainthearted partners, so they must choose their lovers wisely. Because of their propensity for solitude, tigers avoid long-lasting relationships and place little value on fidelity - proving to be unsettled and promiscuous.

Marry it? Yes. Tame it? Never! It's hard to put one's finger on why the tiger struggles to settle down, but one theory has it that the tiger views marriage as a threat to its independence. However, those tigers that have been married for a while will tell you that matrimony can be quite agreeable. Perhaps then, it's their impossible search for the perfect partner that keeps them on the prowl,

although more than likely, we'll never understand the darker forces that frame its fearful symmetry. It's not easy to resist the charms of a tiger personality and the moment you meet one, you'll want to be president of its fan club. But there's a price to pay for hanging around such a compelling beast - the tiger's wit is sharp and its appetite's monstrous. Tigers are perfectionists when it comes

to their children, who are hard pressed to meet their parent's exacting standards. Chores and homework must be done promptly to avoid provoking its wrath. Still, tigers spoil their children mercilessly and their offspring are deprived of nothing. This explains the arrogance that accompanies tiger personalities in later years.
When a tiger speaks, everyone listens. But tigers rarely return the favor, except to their mates and business partners. Lesser mortals must be content to communicate with staccato yessir's and no 'mam's. Its self-centeredness is perhaps the only weakness in this otherwise magnificent animal.
Posted: Monday, December 20, 2010 10:37:41 AM

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oh damn, i guess i am a shrew
Posted: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 10:47:10 AM

Rank: Lurker

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Baa ba ba ba!!!

Careers and Hobbies
Collection Agent
Assembly worker
Basket making
Child rearing
Choir singing

The sheep's definition of friendship is broad and ill-defined. To the pleasant surprise of its coworkers, it insists on treating everyone it knows as a cherished friend - often going above the call of duty for people that it hardly knows. Family life for the sheep's offspring is really just an endless series of group hugs, with children receiving support from a large extended family. The sheep's devout commitment to self-sacrifice has it doing the work that no one else wants to do, like sewing 500 sequins on its child's costume in the wee hours of the morning of opening night.

The Sheep Lover
When problems crop up in their relationships, sheep tend to assume the role of victim and have trouble with confronting their partners directly. However, from their mate's point of view, the sheep is a wonderfully compliant partner whose quiet loyalty and sturdy body make for some wild and wooly nights. While it might have the occasional affair with a carnivore, the sheep's compulsive need to avoid conflict makes it perfect for a relationship with its second cousin the mountain goat. Liaisons with deer and prairie dogs are particularly comfortable, as is the bouncy cottontail whose breeding ability satisfies the sheep's most powerful emotional needs.

Family and Marriage
Often attracted to the dog personality - probably because of its commanding voice and leadership skills - the sheep's willingness to compromise its sense of tranquility for the powerful benefit of being dominated by the dog, results in a bittersweet alliance. But ultimately this match is ill fated. The over-controlling nature of the dog eventually exhausts the poor sheep, and the relationship simply collapses. Sheep are content to stand in the shadow of their mates and are willing to make sacrifices for the long-term good of the relationship. By living on the deferred happiness plan, they consider boredom and subservience to be necessary evils in a successful relationship.

Communicating With Sheep
The sheep's desire to avoid conflict is often the catalyst for discord. By avoiding confrontation and simply acquiescing to its partner's wishes, everyone's feelings are simply swept under the rug. Worse yet, this puts the sheep in the position of becoming an annoying martyr with a moral superiority complex. So it's ironic that the sheep's why can�t we all get along attitude actually creates the environment in which no one gets along.

Advice for a Sheep
Remember that the difference between a rut and a grave is its depth.
Posted: Tuesday, December 21, 2010 1:41:07 PM

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Porcupine here. Except for reading, I found nothing on the list of avocations that matches my pursuits in the least.
I was thrilled to be in the company of Bobcat Goldthwaite, however. I loved his cynical comedy in the 80s.
I also found it interesting and amusing that a collective of Porcupines is a prickle.
Posted: Friday, December 24, 2010 3:06:53 PM

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Location: Places, United States
I'm a freaking gorilla -.-

I'm halfway gone.
Posted: Sunday, January 02, 2011 11:58:52 AM

Rank: Lurker

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guess I'm still an otter
Posted: Sunday, January 02, 2011 9:47:49 PM
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