I had to work even harder to fight my body's need to submit.

I tested the straps around my wrists, they were still secure. Damn! The leather snapped against my bare arse, I breathed heavily through the sodden material in my mouth, and fought back the tears. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction. I ground my teeth against the lace of my panties, (he'd stuffed them in my mouth during the last tirade of abuse I'd hurled at him,) and let out a small growl...Read On


For You, My Love

It felt incredible, I was so full and he was rubbing everything sensitive.

I fastened the collar around my neck, attaching the nipple clamps but making sure they weren't too tight. I put the stockings on, followed by the lace dress. Inspecting myself in the mirror I made some tweaks so I would be perfect for him. When I was happy I walked to the entrance way and knelt on the thick hotel carpet, ready to greet him as he'd ordered. My heart pounding as I...Read On


Her Need to Serve

Has Sarah found her Master?

Sarah logged in and smiled seeing James online, they’d exchanged the occasional message but had never managed to be online at the same time and really talk. She was excited to speak to him, they’d established a few days earlier that she had a submissive side she wanted to explore and he was a Master. The messages had become suggestive and she was eager to see how a chat would go. They...Read On


How a Slut Should be Treated

She needs to be owned

I took a deep breath to prepare forwhat I had to confess. “Do you remember I told you that my Master had been back in touch?” I barely paused long enough for him to nod before continuing, “He and I have been talking ever since.” I took another deep breath. “And, I've realised how important it is to have someone take control of me and own me.” His face dropped. “It's not something I can...Read On

Love Poems(2)



Trying to survive, one day at a time

Once again I wake feeling numb Already hating the day that has come I plaster on a convincing smile A seemingly endless, torturous trial Desperate to be back at home To shut the door and to be alone There the facade can finally crumble And the tears, once again, down my cheek, they tumble Hugging my arms around myself tightly A comfort, a habit, I resort to it nightly ...Read On


The Perfect Way to Say Goodbye

Lay me down and hold me close Even though this tenderness hurts the most It's too hard to look into your eyes Remembering the hopes, the dreams and the lies I was your dream girl and you my perfect man We were going to tackle the world hand in hand How did it all go so wrong? When did we make each other weak instead of strong? Now it's over for better or worse Our happy...Read On



Chloe's Frustration

'Talk soon xx',  and with that he signed off and was gone. Chloe felt the same way she always did when Jack disappeared, slightly giddy and wanting more. It was late. She should really go to bed – if only she could be going with him. They'd been chatting online for a few weeks now and had some amazing conversations. Once, he'd turned her on so much that she’d stripped off from the waist...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


A Weekend in London

Pleasure tore through me and my fingers grasped helplessly at the wooden door as my knees buckled

I settled into my seat, briefly glancing over my shoulder to check that my suitcase hadn't moved in the last minute or so – it hadn't. I took my iPad out of my bag so I could read on my journey, only I couldn't concentrate. The words faded from my focus, instead I could only see his face. I imagined him in front of me, his lips against mine, his hands on my skin gripping me tightly, holding me...Read On


Chloe's Frustration - Part 2

Chloe and Jack meet at last

Chloe sits in the bar, attempting to calm her nerves with the drink in front of her. The first one hadn’t had the desired effect, the second was doing a better job but her heart was still going faster than she would have liked and she’d had to put her drink down, the ice had been clinking too loudly from her shaking. As she contemplated a third a voice spoke up behind her, “Hello gorgeous.” ...Read On


Wedding Day

My first story. Special thanks to overmykneenow.

Grace gives herself a quick once over in the mirror, her hair and make up are flawless, her tiara is positioned perfectly, and she looks every inch the blushing bride. The photographer is setting up his tripod and flash on the other side of the room, and while he’s occupied, Grace takes the opportunity to watch him. He seems to be in decent shape so she assumes he looks after himself....Read On