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Topic: is this the wrong thing to do
Posted: 09 Jul 2012 13:11

thanx all>>wonderfull advice...i think the idea of it as a bit of a joke or light-hearted approach would work excellent given the circumsatnces....


Topic: is this the wrong thing to do
Posted: 08 Jul 2012 16:19


Topic: is this the wrong thing to do
Posted: 08 Jul 2012 15:49

and then also...WHAT DO I GET HER IF I DO GO AHEAD WITH IT????.....i was thinking just a small pocket vibe.....i think anything resembling a penis would be pushing it seeing its coming from me...lol..whew.... wat am i getting myself into...lol

Topic: is this the wrong thing to do
Posted: 08 Jul 2012 15:46

lol....i like the way u think.....i get the feeling you are trying to make this happen with me blaze!!!.....lol..thanx for being so enthusiastic.....

Topic: is this the wrong thing to do
Posted: 08 Jul 2012 15:16

talking open about certain things is easy, but popping in with a catalogue in hand or nicely wrapped adult gift could be a BIG EMBARRASMENT if she is caught off-guard...lol....would sending it anonymously be a better option??

Topic: is this the wrong thing to do
Posted: 08 Jul 2012 15:12

since i can remember my mom and i could talk about most things.... she was always very liberal in her thinking and even while i was in high school she would encourage me to be open and frank.... our topics were never lewd or purely sexual but i could talk about most things and she would never freak or be judgemental...she had a good friend who was in a lesbian relationship and whenevr she had problems she would confide in my mom, and my mom would tell me about their hang-ups and relationship problems and it would just be normal conversation, (i was in high school at the time)..... so yes we were always open, but had our limits as well.. never-ever any gory details...lol

Topic: is this the wrong thing to do
Posted: 08 Jul 2012 14:55

my 60yo mom is a big fan of chris rock and his sexual-topics in his comedy routines always leads to our discussing certain issues and more often than not she lets it slip she is still wanting. my question is, can i buy my mom a adult toy if i know she is sexually frustrated, she is not online in order for me to steer her in that direction to make an anonymous purchase via the net.

she did mention in some conversations that my dad is ailing, and i have known for quite sum time that as much as they love each other it is just not happening in the bedroom.
do i steer clear of their love-life and let them suffer it out.... or can i as an adult son try and help???

my father is not interested in their love-life any longer and i think its an ego blow that has made him turn the cold shoulder towards her...she has confided in me that the pills and the pump he bought years back is just gathering dust. i cannot get myself to tell her personally to try a toy....so i would love to hear what u guys think???

do i or dont i???? i am well aware it could cause great embarrasment on both sides.

Topic: porn suggestions needed PLEASE???
Posted: 09 Jun 2012 04:12

thanx all for the suggestions.....will defenitly go and get sum of new sensations and better sex....sounds exactly what she is looking for

Topic: porn suggestions needed PLEASE???
Posted: 07 Jun 2012 12:58

WE ARE A 45yo happily married couple, decent sexlife, but lately she wants to watch porn as part of foreplay, NO COMPLAINTS, i myself love porn. BUT the porn we buy or that is part of my stash is just not that appealing to her.
she loves a wee bit of a storyline and any good guy-girl / girl-girl action.? we are sick and tired of buying trash and ending up not enjoying it. (SHE SIMPLY LOVES THE OLDER GUY SEDUCING YOUNGER INNOCENT GIRL TYPE SCENARIOS. ive noticed they get her sopping wet. we watched one of the taboo series, where the dad and daughter get it on and she was
practically squirting when we were finished) i guess she got sum fantasies she's not sharing with me...lol

any advice on sum good lady / couple porn... sum titles will be appreciated


Topic: am i too sensitive regarding my sexual stamina?
Posted: 06 Apr 2012 14:20

thanx a million guys and gals.... i was a bit hesitant laying out my prsonal problems on here for all to see....but i am thankful for all the serious positive feedback.... i think all the advice given is basically spoton. and i think we do seriously need to start with the basics again...connecting and talking !!!!.....

ooooh and the advice about the cockring..yummy....it gives me a very intense orgasm..tried one for the first time yesterday and although she did complain about me wearing it...she loved the fact she could ride me all the way to her climax....thanx guys....

i also feel better knowing that there is lots of people going thru the same at this stage of marriage..... and that we r not alone

lots of love, licks , and kisses all round

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