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Fritz, the cat shown yawning here, passed away on May 22, 2017. I miss him terribly. I'm leaving his name and image up here since I like people associating me with him.

I am a sometime author and great enjoyer of well-written stories.

It doesn't take much to get my interest, but to keep it is more difficult and I hope more rewarding. I greatly enjoy making true friends, don't at all enjoy making false ones.

My friends here can even help change my feelings when they are patient enough and explain their beliefs clearly.

I was on here before under another name and published several stories, but lost my membership and the stories. I wrote another one or two when I rejoined. They were all pretty softcore, romantic stories. I've tried to republish some of my erotic poems. I have some stories on other sites. The stories I like to read and write are gentle and romantic. I have a male point of view and often ask women how they think in various situations.

One women whom I follow said it perfectly when she said the best people are not people you have sex with, not even people you sleep with, but people you wake up to. If you make love TO EACH OTHER, talk to each other afterward, cuddle together, she goes to sleep in my arms, I go to sleep feeling her seeping and relaxed form against me on a feeling of total trust, we wake up and smile at each other, give a good-morning kiss, talk, make love again if time permits, get up, get ready for the day ahead, go about what we are doing, look forward to coming home together, talk and do many other things together just to relax and let our smiles broaden, perhaps repeat the previous cycle if we're both feeling well (it's not always possible but we try), let inspiration creep into our lives 24/7 in some fashion, then I would love to be with a woman like that. In lovemaking, if possible, I want to look her in the eyes and kiss her gently and talk to and listen to her as to what she wants. I hope she will do the same for me.

Relationship Status:
Theater! I spent my college years acting in and learning the design part of stage plays. I also learned about telecommunications, and had dreams of writing and directing for television. I still act in a few commercials. I haven't been onstage in a while because of job conflicts. Someday, somehow, I'd like to see HAMILTON on Broadway!

My cats. I want to write an essay about them. I have had lots of cats and would devote a chapter to each of them. I like dogs too, but I need to have inside pets and cats have held the field in my house because of that. Almost all of my cats have been Siamese, but I also have a silver rescue cat named Mo. The cats have me pretty well trained.

Music (TV theme songs, rock, classical, country, jazz). I am open to all sorts of genres. I think I would have to go out on a date to enjoy a concert, or a movie, or lots of other cultural events. I had some classical training as a singer and I have enough of an ear to take music theory classes. I like it when stories have music in them, even if it's only during lovemaking scenes.

Chess. I played competitively on an average level for 20 years, quit the game in 1993 but still read books and magazines for fun, returned in 2004 and played for another decade. I'd still like to play, maybe online.

Writing, although not generally erotic. I generally compose a story in my head before I hit the computer keys. I have several writer friends and I enjoy chatting with them and talking about their characters. I want to create more characters of my own.

Would love non-alcoholic nights on the town. I would like to date ladies because I like them and they like me. I'm SO shy and rarely ask one out. Heck, I'd date some of my friends on Lush because we've been friends for years.

Any kind of knowledge game, in person, online or on television. JEOPARDY! is my favorite TV show and I keep trying to get on it.
Favorite Books:
Histories are my favorite. Plays are also great. Almost no current fiction, a little non-fiction. I wish I had a more complete list, since our family has hundreds upon hundreds of books acquired through the years. Many chess books can be really good.
Favorite Authors:
David McCullough, historian, is my favorite right now. GOOD historians, not scandal-mongers. Stephen King occasionally does a good one when he's not being too gory. Robert B. Parker was good. I could list chess-book authors if you really wanted to know of them, (one author, Andrew Soltis of the New York Post and a magazine column, never fails to entertain) although most of them are gone now. I haven't followed individual authors because I don't read fiction or nonfiction that much, preferring articles and collections.
Favorite Movies:
National Lampoon's Animal House first and foremost. The Mask, the original one. Schindler's List. Many animated films, shorts included. I should go on for pages about my enjoyments, but it's been years since a film really moved me. (DAMN!).
Favourite TV Shows:
Jeopardy!, the late news, The Tonight Show, anything Nannah and Dad (my parents and the cats' grandparents), and my The Monkees along with some videos from that show. He also just added some videos of himself doing TV commercials from 2011. I have dozens of vintage shows such as McCloud, any mystery series, Columbo and the original Hawaii Five-O on the list.

I work an overnight shift and, on my breaks will wander into the beak room and tune the channel to BUZZR or THIS TV or MeTV. The 1970s version of Match Game seems to lift my spirits the most, followed by the even older What's My Line, because those shows were mainly played for fun.
Favorite Music:
In order of preference: Rock, country (Texan rock-flavored is fun, but anything not overproduced), classical, jazz, and recently Texas-flavored blues. Some songs that I don't like in one format may be favorites in another, or recorded by a different artist with a different slant. If you want to see some of my favorite songs, check the videos page.


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Topic: Project Semi Colon: Lush Style
Posted: 10 Nov 2017 09:51

I am so glad that some of the posters here can listen to me.

On March 10th of this year I missed a call from my mom. I finally called her back and she told me my dad was in the hospital with a broken neck, caused by a fall. I got over to her place and took her to the hospital. For the next four days I, or my mom, sister and niece, spent as much time as possible in his room in the geriatric trauma unit (he was 87). Every few hours there would be another setback. I slept on a couch in the room at night and was away much of the time during the days, as my mom, sister and niece spent time with him. My mom initially hadn't wanted to ask my sister and niece to come see him, thinking it would be inconvenient for them, but eventually she let me call them.

On the afternoon of March 14th, I went to a restaurant to have lunch and it was kind of late afternoon when I got back. I found out he was in intensive care after his heart just stopped. They got it going again, but at the price of a broken rib and I don't know what else. He wouldn't survive another crisis like that. My mom and sister had already found out and my mom was pretty upset, again, that I hadn't been around for the news.

Less than an hour later, we all stood around my dad's bed, with me and my sister holding my dad's hands at the end. It was just like you see in the TV shows where a monitor beeps for a while and then lets out the one extended BEEEEEP. I don't know how we held together, especially my mom. She was 86 and they had been married for nearly 62 years.

I've tried to visit my mom every day where she lives. It is tough on both of us.

I didn't mean to be s abrupt in that last sentence. But I guess I wasn't letting myself grieve because I was still taking care of Fritz. He had been diagnosed with a lymphoma in January, a HUGE tumor in his abdomen. For four and a half months I put all of my energy, just about, into caring for him. I even missed a trip to the cemetery to pick out a plot (my sister took my mom there) because I was taking Fritz to chemotherapy. I told myself Fritz was getting better, despite having his abdomen shaved for ultrasound, his wrists shaved for needles, and his weight going down. Now I look at the numerous pictures I tok of him and see how badly off he was. He never stopped loving me, often sleeping on top of me as I slept.

In May, Fritz became dramatically worse. I had been taking him for chemo every week for a while, then was relieved for it to be every four weeks. But he started having more problems. I guess the cancer returned and much more aggressive than before. I started taking him every week again. Finally, after he finished a two-day stay at the hospital, I went to sleep for the afternoon with him on top f me again, then I left to go to work. When I got home, he had disappeared. I hunted for him for a long time before I found him in a closet. At some point I got him out and back on the bed. He was so thin that he got a paw stuck in his collar and fell off the bed. I checked him out again and put him on the bed. He got off and hid in the closet again. Then he hid under a kitchen table. I knew he had gone to those places to die. I took him to the hospital and authorized him to get lethal injection, to be put down. I felt like a murderer. I wasn't there when he got the shot; I waited in the examining room. They put him in a cardboard box, sealed it tightly with tape, and gave him to me. I went home and buried him in a box garden my dad had created.

When I visit these forums, often I see people expressing strongly held emotions. Some of the people involved are my friends; others I don't know and form an opinion based on their opinions. Sometimes I form negative opinions. I am so glad when I find out my negative opinions are wrong, but then I still worry if my friends are not being nice. I have strong opinions of my own and would like to post them, but I don't dare.

I try like hell to be nice to everybody. Sometimes, I'm told, I am TOO nice by far and it bothers them. Sometimes I DO let the tightly held feelings out and have good reason to regret it. I have lost a lot of friends that way, and I mean a LOT. You would be surprised at how many things I blame myself for.

A writer for the Wall Street Journal recently wrote of how he heard a speaker and then came up to the speaker boiling over with objections to everything the speaker had said, commas included. The speaker just looked at him and said: "Hey man, just give it five minutes." Let the hot feelings disseminate and think about what you might understand or actually agree with. I love that. But I see the opposite happen on lots of forums.

Thanks for listening to me.

Topic: Why is girl-girl erotica so hot?!!
Posted: 08 Nov 2017 07:24

One thought I have, besides looking at two or more female bodies and faces, is that women know how to make love to women, and that is what they do. Nothing against guys in general; it's that the directors don't tell them to make love. They just want to show the pistoning motions of intercourse or of fellatio, and don't care about the man really pleasuring the woman. With girl-girl, directors are much more willing to show kissing and caressing.

Topic: How would you react to sexual harrasment by your boss?
Posted: 05 Nov 2017 15:32

The harasser is incredibly cruel and vicious under those circumstances.

Topic: Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations against 14 year old Anthony Rapp.
Posted: 05 Nov 2017 10:11

1. What a victim needs and what an abuser needs are very often unrelated. Personally (and professionally), I believe in rehabilitation over retribution, but I also believe that the primary concern is for the well-being of the victim. Vengeance (either through the justice system, or personally) rarely serves this purpose. As for the perpetrator, one of the first steps of rehabilitation is taking responsibility for their actions and for themselves. Even if he wanted to, Spacey can't take back what he did, but he should do everything in his power to make amends for it, gracefully accept whatever consequences fall out from it, and work to make sure it never happens again, by whatever means necessary.

2. I understand the outrage of the LGBT community over Spacey's decision to come out this way. Being gay is not the same as being a child molester.

3. Being drunk and having a lapse of judgment may be an explanation, but it is no excuse, and certainly doesn't make it okay for the victim.

4. Spacey has been a hell of an actor. Cosby had been a great performer and a positive role model. Weinstein was behind some amazing films. I don't know that what they've achieved in their professional careers is any less great now, but that still doesn't save them from being terrible people who have done awful things.

5. You (the general public) are not entitled to a full accounting of a victim's story in gritty and pornographic detail, and the victim is not obligated to provide one publicly. You have no right to demand they bare something so traumatic and personal to you.

6. As a male, I do understand the worry that women have the power to make false accusations, and the problems of assuming guilt before innocence. However, I'm also inclined to believe that sexual assault is a serious and pervasive (though under-reported) phenomenon, which has been largely perpetrated and supported by us (men) as a gender, and that false accusations are pretty rare in comparison to real ones (or even those that are never made). I don't have a perfect solution to that, but in any case, the main concern should be whether victim is receiving whatever help, care, and protection they need to recover from these traumatic events, and ensure they don't happen again.

Excellent points! Thank you so much for making them!

Topic: Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations against 14 year old Anthony Rapp.
Posted: 05 Nov 2017 10:09

If the main character, or one of, is played by an actor whose popularity quickly drops then that alone will probably affect many people involved already.

Likely I'm being too nice to the producers, especially since series get cut down in production all the time. Another possibility is that they would have to give back a whole lot of money that was advanced to them by Netflix. I'm told that House of Cards is extremely expensive even by today's standards, some $50 million for 13 shows.

My feeling is that eventually House of Cards will resume production without Kevin Spacey, his character killed off.

Topic: Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations against 14 year old Anthony Rapp.
Posted: 04 Nov 2017 07:29

If they do kill off the character, how? Maybe assassination.

Topic: Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations against 14 year old Anthony Rapp.
Posted: 04 Nov 2017 07:29

Maybe that's exactly what will happen: http://popculture.com/tv-shows/2017/11/03/house-of-cards-spoilers-kevin-spacey-frank-underwood-death/

It sounded like the production company had just started filming on this season. Could they go back and redo the early episodes without spending too much money or missing their air dates? Again, I have never seen the show and don't know the direction they were planning to take.

I sympathize with the producers not wanting to put 300 people out of work because of one person. I presume the main actors are doing very well already, but the crew and the guest and bit players could hurt in the pocketbook.

It sucks that such a good actor could (apparently) act like a rat's back end in real life. It's certainly not new.

Topic: Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations against 14 year old Anthony Rapp.
Posted: 02 Nov 2017 13:27

That should be House of Cards I guess.

You're right and I apologize.

I haven't seen either show. I saw a publicity photo of Kevin Spacey sitting on the Lincoln Memorial's lap like it was a throne.

Topic: Why anyone who identifies themselves as LGBTQ should pay close attention.
Posted: 01 Nov 2017 12:51

Why can't everyone just leave everyone else alone? This bullying bullshit HURTS people, but you know that. It's the same people over and over again. You push and push until you push someone over the edge. There is a difference between arguing with someone's opinion and slinging shit at them. Who Hayley is has got nothing to do with this thread. Give it a fucking rest.

I greatly appreciate that, Trinket. Thanks.

Topic: Why anyone who identifies themselves as LGBTQ should pay close attention.
Posted: 01 Nov 2017 12:49

I actually signed back in because I had second thoughts about writing that and wanted to delete it.

Now I'm looking at a terribly sleepless night after earning your "intense" dislike.......

Glad you are deleting it.

Intensely disliking somebody is no fun.

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