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Snicklefritz is an appropriate name for my cat. Mischievous as a cat can be.

I found Lush and initially joined it as a sex-story site. As time went on, it became a social-friendship site. I am into lovemaking immensely more than casual sex.

My friends here can even help change my feelings when they are patient enough and explain their beliefs clearly.

I was on here before under another name and published several stories, but lost my membership and the stories. I wrote another one or two when I rejoined. They were all pretty softcore, romantic stories. I've tried to republish some of my erotic poems. I have some stories on other sites. The stories I like to read and write are gentle and romantic. I have a male point of view and often ask women how they think in various situations.

One women whom I follow said it perfectly when she said the best people are not people you have sex with, not even people you sleep with, but people you wake up to. If you make love TO EACH OTHER, talk to each other afterward, cuddle together, she goes to sleep in my arms, I go to sleep feeling her seeping and relaxed form against me on a feeling of total trust, we wake up and smile at each other, give a good-morning kiss, talk, make love again if time permits, get up, get ready for the day ahead, go about what we are doing, look forward to coming home together, talk and do many other things together just to relax and let our smiles broaden, perhaps repeat the previous cycle if we're both feeling well (it's not always possible but we try), let inspiration creep into our lives 24/7 in some fashion, then I would love to be with a woman like that. In lovemaking, if possible, I want to look her in the eyes and kiss her gently and talk to and listen to her as to what she wants. I hope she will do the same for me.

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27 May 2017 23:47
Theater! I spent my college years acting in and learning the design part of stage plays. I also learned about telecommunications, and had dreams of writing and directing for television. I still act in a few commercials. I haven't been onstage in a while because of job conflicts. Someday, somehow, I'd like to see HAMILTON on Broadway!

My cats. I want to write an essay about them. I have had lots of cats and would devote a chapter to each of them. I like dogs too, but I need to have inside pets and cats have held the field in my house because of that. Almost all of my cats have been Siamese, but I also have a silver rescue cat named Mo. The cats have me pretty well trained.

Music (TV theme songs, rock, classical, country, jazz). I am open to all sorts of genres. I think I would have to go out on a date to enjoy a concert, or a movie, or lots of other cultural events. I had some classical training as a singer and I have enough of an ear to take music theory classes. I like it when stories have music in them, even if it's only during lovemaking scenes.

Chess. I played competitively on an average level for 20 years, quit the game in 1993 but still read books and magazines for fun, returned in 2004 and played for another decade. I'd still like to play, maybe online.

Writing, although not generally erotic. I generally compose a story in my head before I hit the computer keys. I have several writer friends and I enjoy chatting with them and talking about their characters. I want to create more characters of my own.

Would love non-alcoholic nights on the town. I would like to date ladies because I like them and they like me. I'm SO shy and rarely ask one out. Heck, I'd date some of my friends on Lush because we've been friends for years.

Any kind of knowledge game, in person, online or on television. JEOPARDY! is my favorite TV show and I keep trying to get on it.
Favorite Books:
Histories are my favorite. Plays are also great. Almost no current fiction, a little non-fiction. I wish I had a more complete list, since our family has hundreds upon hundreds of books acquired through the years. Many chess books can be really good.
Favorite Authors:
David McCullough, historian, is my favorite right now. GOOD historians, not scandal-mongers. Stephen King occasionally does a good one when he's not being too gory. Robert B. Parker was good. I could list chess-book authors if you really wanted to know of them, (one author, Andrew Soltis of the New York Post and a magazine column, never fails to entertain) although most of them are gone now. I haven't followed individual authors because I don't read fiction or nonfiction that much, preferring articles and collections.
Favorite Movies:
National Lampoon's Animal House first and foremost. The Mask, the original one. Schindler's List. Many animated films, shorts included. I should go on for pages about my enjoyments, but it's been years since a film really moved me. (DAMN!).
Favourite TV Shows:
Jeopardy!, the late news, The Tonight Show, anything Nannah and Dad (my parents and the cats' grandparents), and my The Monkees along with some videos from that show. He also just added some videos of himself doing TV commercials from 2011. I have dozens of vintage shows such as McCloud, any mystery series, Columbo and the original Hawaii Five-O on the list.

I work an overnight shift and, on my breaks will wander into the beak room and tune the channel to BUZZR or THIS TV or MeTV. The 1970s version of Match Game seems to lift my spirits the most, followed by the even older What's My Line, because those shows were mainly played for fun.
Favorite Music:
In order of preference: Rock, country (Texan rock-flavored is fun, but anything not overproduced), classical, jazz, and recently Texas-flavored blues. Some songs that I don't like in one format may be favorites in another, or recorded by a different artist with a different slant. If you want to see some of my favorite songs, check the videos page.


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Topic: Breaking News - UK Genral Election - June 8th
Posted: 26 Apr 2017 09:00

I am not a politically animal but have always voted conservative because they have generally been the party that has dragged this country out of the mire that the Labour clowns generally drop us into.
Now, I have a problem, a big problem.
With the fiasco that Cameron has created I don't trust a single one of them any more but, and here's the rub...
I voted to remain as part of Europe because I am afraid that any of our own politicians are too weak to run the country. I don't like being ruled by Europe but think that being a part of it is marginally better than not being so.
I travel in Europe and find it a far better experience than travelling through GB.
I vote conservative and we leave Europe.
I vote Labour and we stay but are governed by a bunch of left wing goons who will destroy us once again and allow Europe to govern us even more.
Either way we are screwed. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/sad1.gif" alt="sad1">

Alternative? I don't vote at all but then, I cannot complain about the result and so, I must choose.
Not for who I want to win but for the opposition to whom I don't want to win.
This isn't an election, it's a fight for survival. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/sad10.gif" alt="sad10">

The Economist, a magazine (they call themselves a newspaper) which reports politics and general interest from a British viewpoint, refers to the Labour Party leader as "Comrade Corbyn." Ominous. Apparently he has huge grassroots support among the unelected members of his party but is loathed by the actual membership, who see him as a resurgence of "Labour's Loony Left" from the '70s and '80s. My guess is that if a Council fired him, the populists in his party would pick up their pitchforks and (figuratively or literally) throw the Council out of various windows.

Somewhere, Margaret Thatcher's ghost is smiling.

Topic: Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted: 25 Apr 2017 07:10

Not sure if I've actually fallen in love with someone I can't have? I've had far too many crushes to count, but they were all one-sided. I think I fell in love once, and I couldn't have her because she took herself away from me. That's also the case with some women I wanted to fall in love with. I remained fond of them and cared deeply for them, but it was not really love.

Topic: do you like cuddling after sex
Posted: 20 Apr 2017 15:58

Guys love it too. Cuddle, chat, enjoy what she says to me and say nice things back to her... everything is an upside.

Topic: Socialist Venezuela Bans CNN
Posted: 17 Feb 2017 10:58

How far from Panama is Venezuela? <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/eusa_shhh.gif" alt="Shhh">

Not just really far. There's one country (Colombia) in between but it's a fairly narrow part of Colombia.

Venezuela is the poster child for the failure of Fidel Castro-style leftism: shortages of virtually everything, demagogue leaders eager to blame Yankee imperialism, far too much reliance on one export (it's a member of OPEC, and the drop in oil prices has led to a profound money shortage), totalitarian executives spouting rhetoric almost everyone outside North Korea has abandoned...

One of my friends is Venezuelan and got the hell out of there early in the Chavez administration, so he's not an unbiased source and neither am I, but that country is in HORRIBLE shape.

Topic: Why is it called the missionary position?
Posted: 17 Feb 2017 10:39

Not sure if anyone knows either, but one reference book said that Pacific Islanders liked to peek in on missionaries doing it in the manner that showed the least amount of flesh possible (they pushed their nightshirts up to their waists, pulled a blanket over their nakednesses and pumped away, because Leviticus told them not to uncover their nakednesses [that was also the reason missionaries seldom if ever took baths!). This was a source of great amusement to the islanders, while the missionaries -- who didn't dare jump out of bed and rush to the windows to shoo off the voyeurs -- muttered something about face-to-face intimacy rather than mating like dogs. (Or cats. If you have seen cats mating you know there is NOTHING intimate about it.)

Topic: Sexy accents... do they turn you on?
Posted: 27 Jan 2017 14:50

I know a lot of women on here who must have exotic accents -- Australian, New England, New York. Earlier today I met a Texan woman who is married to a South American man and who has unknowingly picked up HIS exotic accent. I think the accent is lovely, and hope the two of them are deeply in love after a bunch of years.

Topic: Rest in Peace: Carrie Fisher
Posted: 28 Dec 2016 07:19

It's a sad day for Star Wars fans the world over. Condolences to her family. Rest in Peace.

I enjoyed seeing her on screen and I enjoyed her writing.

Topic: January Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is becoming the President... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted: 19 Dec 2016 15:37

I know a lot of people still aren't happy/shocked that he's our president. However, I think we owe him the benefit of the doubt. The last eight years have been very tough on many people as far as jobs and the economy goes, and that doesn't even bring up the mess we have when it comes to our foreign policy. Realistically, he'll have two years to make things better then congress will be up for election. If people aren't happy with his performance, and the GOP loses the Senate, it would severely limit his power.

I have reasons for wanting a change away from the Obamas and the Clintons of the country, not least the hysterics which some left-wingers are going into over a Trump presidency. The assaults are so savage that I can't believe civilized people would type them up, or copy and paste them. But Mel and another friend who are Trump supporters are the articulate ones who have positive reasons to support a Trump presidency, and I make a point of supporting them for their articulateness and their bravery in speaking their minds.

Topic: I want to get this from a stranger's prespective am I a fool/idoit
Posted: 16 Dec 2016 08:57

I ask that question about being a fool/idiot. Because I never realized until recently, after 4 years I was just being manipulated and used. It's a bit of long story so bare with me for a little bit. Try to see it from my eyes or point of view, I knew this girl named Lexi let's call her that. I've known her for 4 years. I am sure everyone has dated known or known of a girl named Lexi in their lifetime. Anyway, She was the exact same as I was, Kind, caring, pretty, seductive, liked the same playful side I did.

But her playful side brought a wild kind of way out of me that I didn't know existed. I know we probably would have never met in real life. But it was so fun just having someone the same as I was and be able to talk to about anything. She didn't judge me, nor did she get mad at me to much only if i messed up but always forgiven me, and I did same forgiven her. A few did warn me what she was like but, I never listened I wanted to see for myself. She didn't show any signs of me doubting her until. I saw that she would dissappear and reappear for couple months to year at a time. Always told me the same thing travel, work, needed time to herself, that I can understand but, work for 4 months out of year without a word. It seemed kind of weird. So I let it go untill she kept doing it more often I figure she moved on in real life with someone else so I moved on well tried to a few times. But each i did. She would come running back making sure I was still here and pick up where we left off.

The last straw that broke all the while i known her She missed my birthday 3 times a day that is important to anyone right. Even though I am still mad at her i feel like forgiving her. But I am too soft to stay mad. Most of you probably think being too soft is a weakness. She knew how soft i was around her. I just didn't realize she was manipulating me the whole time or i choose to ignore it. Also, How can you just shut off a bond like that with someone you known 4 years? It is easy for someone to say "oh you, could do so much better." I heard it before. I've never said openly how much this has bothered me since I've known her. I am the kind of type let it build and build untill, I can't think straight anymore. Also, whenever I try to move on to someone else, Lexi always is there to mess with my head and toy with it. I know it's stupid to let her do that. Maybe i wanted to give her the benefit of doubt see the good in her. It just makes me mad and feel stupid for trusting her it feels like I was just a game to her nothing more. So, I'll ask again Was I fool or an idiot to give her so many chances?

Sorry for going on so much, Guys/Women can answer. I am sure some have been in the same place I was and probably still am.

You and I have just been friends for a day, so I won't say I know you hardly at all.

As much as this has hurt you (and I suspect still will), let's come to an agreement.

I own a phone I can program to give me daily reminders, I own a date planner I can write dates in, and I have a skewed memory which allows me to remember that November 21st was the day we found out when who shot J.R. Ewing on the original version of Dallas.

Therefore, with your permission, I will send you a birthday card of some kind every November 21st as long as you and I stay on Lush at the same time. In the beginning it will probably be clips of the show; later I will expand it to other significant items designed to put a smile on your face.

You deserve to like and care for her, whomever she is, because you seem to be a very kind and sweet woman. But I'd encourage her to move on so you can move on.

Topic: Ladies.....your pictures....
Posted: 14 Dec 2016 15:29

My confidence is already pretty high, it just makes me feel good to get all the compliments. I like the fact that the men on Lush masturbate to my pics, the thought turns me on I have to admit.

You're too much fun to be a simple sex object.

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Strawberies and Cream, Part 1

David and Kayla were having their first real date, in a seaside restaurant. They had finished the salad and the entrée and David had to admit Kayla’s taste in food was quite good. But what about her taste in men? Kayla was so demure, so prim and proper looking, quite unlike the lady who had flirted with him on a chat site. David didn’t get many chances to call a woman’s bluff, if indeed...

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Aural Sex

Bill Clinton was a-lying through his teeth. “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky,” he said in an oft-parodied press conference. His many political enemies used that statement as the focal point for his impeachment. It’s not like Presidents don’t cheat on their wives – the list, already pretty long, would be longer if many of them hadn’t been widowers – but the leaders of...

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