An Evening In Paris Ten Years Later

Shelley and Cal celebrate ten years after first making love in Paris.

If you read my earlier story of Shelley and me, you would know we never stayed together, but went our separate ways. This story is about an encounter that was planned to celebrate Shelley and my first evening in Paris. It is dedicated to Shelley in her memory. Over the years, Shelley and I kept in touch through phone calls from work or as technology improved e-mails. Our devotion to each...Read On



Anniversary Fun

Amanda has her dreams come true.

Cal and Amanda dated for a while after college and their sexual adventures kept their interest peaked at a very high level. Cal's friends Lenora and Max wanted to show Amanda a different side of sex. The two couples spent time out, dining and dancing, but never in the bedroom or as Max called it, his playroom. Max and Lenora were into the BDSM lifestyle and wanted Cal and Amanda to join...Read On


Pet Puppy Playtime

Amanda experiences being a puppy pet with Lenora and Max.

Cal came home from work carrying a package. Amanda asked, "What is in the package?" Cal said, "Something for later, when we are with Max and Lenora." It had been a week since Amanda had fucked Lenora with a huge strap on cock. She still smiled when she thought about it. Lately, she had asked Cal about pet play and bitch suits. Max and Lenora liked the idea and had done a little...Read On


Saturday Night Special

Amanda wants to have another session in Max's playroom.

Saturday night could not come soon enough for Amanda. For three weeks, she wanted to return to Max's playroom. The experience there made her yearn to return. The thought of being a submissive aroused her. Max was a good man who Amanda wanted to dominate her. Amanda and I finished supper and looked for something to do. Max called me earlier and asked, "Would Amanda and I come over?" ...Read On

College Sex(3)


Ashlee's Choice

Ashlee needs to choose between her boyfriend or her classmate.

Ashlee lay in her bed sandwiched between the two men in her life. Nick, a classmate spooned against her from behind. She felt his growing manhood between her legs, poking softly under her butt and resting outside her wet pussy. In front of her was Kevin, her boyfriend of two years. She had her arm over his waist with her hand wrapped around his growing manhood. As she felt these men's...Read On


Nick's Graduation Gift

Nick's friends Ashlee, Jessica and his girlfriend give him a graduation gift to remember.

Ashlee sat in her room looking down at the pool below, as her friend, Jessica lay out nude catching some sun. She daydreamed about how they became lovers and how it continued all these years. They were at home, house sitting and staying with their friend Nick. Nick graduated from high school this year and the girls owed him a graduation gift. Jessica rolled over onto her back, as Nick and...Read On


Start of a Long Weekend

Nick is home for the long weekend and Sam wants to be with Ashlee as Nick watches.

Once again, Nick was home from school. It was six weeks after his perfect graduation gift. Mid-term exams finished earlier and there was time off to come home and visit his adopted family. He missed them a lot. Sam and he were roommates at college and slept together every night. The sex was great, but Nick desired to be with his adopted family. Now was his chance again. Sam desired to be...Read On



Michael's Choice Epilogue

Rebecca takes another man. Michael watches it happen.

Michael sat on the edge of the bed, as he watched Rebecca retreat from the room to the guest room down the hall. His fantasy was over. He had watched his wife have sex with his best friend. It was marvellous to watch, but also stung him deeply. His wife was a different woman, a tigress in bed with Mark. She loved being with a different man. Michael was happy but when it was over, he...Read On



Hot Summer Night

Two Lush friends get together for hard long fun sex.

I joined Lush awhile ago and met some wonderful friends. Within hours of joining I met a friend who became very close and dear to me. She was my first friend. She has followed me since I started writing. Hello's are exchanged every day. Chatting happened when we had time. We spent long hours talking about life. We got to know each other very well. We exchanged photos and email addresses....Read On

First Time(6)


I Love Valentina

Valentina was a total surprise, a virgin with a twist

In my youth I dated many girls and women. They all had interesting facets to their lives which attracted me. They were all fun to be with and I had sex with all of them. I am not the most handsome man nor do I have the best body but women find that I am pleasant to be with and I treat them with respect and make them the center of my world. One woman I dated was born in Russia and was raised...Read On


Joyce and Me at the Cape Prelude

Joyce is invited to spend the weekend with her slut sister.

Joyce was a pretty girl not beautiful like her sister who was 7 years older. She had a brother who is the same age as I am. Joyce is 17 years old soon to be 18. She is 6 feet 4 inches tall. She has 34-19-32 measurements with an AA cup. To say she was thin is putting it mildly. She was skinny. She was a master at having sex. She could/would do anything that involved sex. She was not...Read On


Rick and Mia at the bar

Rick and Mia were virgins. They met at her uncle's bar and fell in lust.

I was new in the city. I had graduated college in the spring and was recruited by a big firm in the city. I moved into a medium scale neighborhood and was getting used to the hustle and bustle of city life. There is a family run bar near my apartment. I go there and hang out meeting the people from the neighborhood. It is a friendly place and everyone knows each other. One day I walked in...Read On


Santa the Elf and the MILF

Santa gets a couple of surprises from his elf and her MILF companion as well as fed.

Last year I performed as Santa Claus at two Mexican super markets. I enjoyed hearing the children’s wishes for Christmas and spreading a little joy. At this one appearance I was joined by an elf. I had to drive to the elf’s home and pick her up. She was 19 years old and did not drive. To give her an added level of protection her older companion joined us. The older companion’s name was Amy...Read On


Summer on the Farm

Sara, Elaine and Ken were virgins and it was time to change that.

Sara and Ken were friends. Every summer they were together and explored the mysteries of growing up. They made plans for a fun summer. Little did Ken know what was to happen. Ken came from the city and Sara from the country. Sara was one of five of Ken’s summer friends, all girls. She grew up on a farm in central New Hampshire. She turned 17 over the winter and could not wait for summer....Read On


Teaching Svetlana

Svetlana wanted to learn, I was there to teach. After all she was a virgin.

I grew up with the start of the baby boom. I graduated from high school in 1964. I went to war in Vietnam. When I was done I went back to college to get my degree in Electronics and Computer Science. This made me a little older than my classmates, but also gave me an edge. I knew what I wanted and knew what had to be done to get it. My class was made from all types of people. Most of them...Read On

Group Sex(10)


Ashley and Geena Cock Hounds

Geen and Ashley loved cock and I was ready to serve.

Jack London Square in Oakland is an interesting place. By day it is a shopping and gathering spot for people who work downtown. In the late afternoon and night it becomes totally different. My favorite place to stand and observe people is Doggy Diner. You can get just about anything at this Doggy Diner food, sex and drugs. As I was cleaning up from having eaten a late lunch, two young...Read On


Holidays at the Farm Part 3

It's New Years Eve. Ken and Elaine have a surprise. Elaine tries something new.

Elaine and I finished our shower together. Earlier in the afternoon, we were part of a threesome with Sarah’s mom. Sarah’s mom acted strangely after she caught us naked in my bed. I stayed with Sarah's parents while on Christmas and semester break from college. Elaine and I started having sex since the summer visit to Elaine’s home. Sarah, Elaine and I shared our bodies on my summer visit...Read On


Holidays at the Farm Part 4

Sarah comes home. Mom takes on Elaine. Ken decides it is OK with Sarah

Okay. The excitement of New Years Eve was over and Sarah would be back tomorrow. Elaine and I dealt with it and moved on. We learned some things from watching the participants and tried them out. A few looked so interesting, we might add them to our lovemaking. Elaine and I spent a wonderful ten days exploring each other, getting to know each other, hell, living with each other. It was a...Read On


Holidays at the Farm Part 5

Ken has left for school. Mom has another party. Dad has new toy, Sarah does everything.

Holiday for me is over tomorrow. I have enjoyed my time at the farm for the last 5 weeks. I have had more varied sex than I could imagine. My cousin Sarah, my lover Elaine and I have spent time together sexually here. Elaine’s mom and dad have made me feel most welcome. I have become a member of their family. I am very sad to be leaving. We had finished dinner. I was downstairs packing up...Read On


Joyce and Me at the Cape Part 1

Joyce and Cal start four day sexual romp at Cape Cod.

It is Friday morning 7:00 am. I drive up to Joyce’s house in my friend’s 1959 Ford Galaxie 500 Sunliner. It is a hardtop convertible. I put the top down for two reasons; it is a warm day and Joyce loves the wind in her hair as we drive. Her long blond hair always looks beautiful blowing in the wind or spread around my lap as she gives me a blowjob. Joyce is waiting outside for me excited to...Read On


My Maria Scene 6

Maria and Cal play with toys and Olivia comes over to play.

Saturday dawned with such promise. Maria’s husband had taken the boys for an overnight to the Sierra foothills. Maria and I decided to spend the day together thinking about how to take our life together to the next level. We were neighbors who had become friends and shared our days and some nights together with her friends. It all started innocently with me watching Maria entertain her friends...Read On


My Maria Scene 7

Maria finally meets Shay and loves her. I spend time with my two favorite ladies.

It was a couple of weeks before Christmas and Maria and I had been out cruising the Peninsula (the area from Santa Clara up to San Francisco) for some unique gifts for the girls. We were getting hungry and I knew this little restaurant that was my favorite place for seafood in the San Francisco Bay area. It was in Redwood City and served authentic seafood from New England. The place was...Read On

Santa and the Mayan Calendar

Santa runs amok with the elves because of the Mayan Doomsday Prediction

It was five days before Christmas. Everything was on schedule, reindeer fattened up, elves wrapping and packing toys, and Santa checking his list. The naughty list had grown this year. Santa was wondering why, when he heard on the North Pole News Station: “Mayan calendar predicts end of the world tomorrow. Earth is in a panic.” The elves heard the news and stopped working. They got up...Read On


US Navy Nurses Are the Best

Sam Kelly and Susan were my personal nurses. They took care of ALL my needs.

I served in the U.S. Navy. I never served on a ship. I never wore my uniform unless I traveled home on leave or back to duty. The best thing I remember about my time was spending 6 months in a Naval Hospital in Oakland CA. Unlike other patients I was not confined to bed and had free run of the whole facility. I could come and go as I pleased. The nurses who served on my ward were a...Read On


Watching My Girlfriend In Her Room Part 2

The continuing sexual awakening of Elin with Dylan and Steve. The pool was nice but bed was better.

In Part 1, we met Dylan, Steve and Elin. Not long ago Dylan found her g-spot and had been exercising it ever since. She liked the feeling and sensations it gave when she squirted and had an orgasm. Her best times were when she had really gotten turned on and had a few orgasms followed by squirting hard. These were best achieved using her curved glass dildo with the bulb at the end. Elin was...Read On


Twisted Trojan Horse

Achilles and Paris the forbidden truth?

Achilles walked along the beaches of Troy. Fury seethed from every pore of his being, how dared Paris do this to him? He closed his eyes and dreamed of Paris, his tender touch, his gentle kisses. His fear was that Hector and his father would discover what he was and whom he loved. Fucking Paris stole Helen from Menelaus trying to prove not what you were. Now you made her the face...Read On



My Maria Scene 5

Maria and Cal come clean. CC shows Maria who wins. We are off to Berkeley.

It was Thursday, Maria and I had a date to go to Berkeley looking in some art galleries. Maria called and was running late, but said the door was open and I should come over. I drove to her house, parked in the driveway and entered. She was not downstairs, so I walked up to the second floor. I heard the shower running in the master bedroom. I had never been in her bedroom and walked...Read On


The 10 Year Reunion

Two high school friends meet at their tenth year reunion.

"Oh, my gosh, I was so nervous," Nikki thought as she paced the suite. "I have not seen Vikki since just after high school, a little over ten years ago." This weekend was our tenth-anniversary reunion. I waited in the suite we would share while at the celebration. I hoped Vikki liked everything. I moved the flowers I brought to the center of the table. I rubbed my hands on my wool slacks...Read On


Thunder at the farm

Ken was gone Sara was depressed and Elaine was missing sex a lot. Sleepover time for the girls.

Ken, Sara and Elaine had a wonderful summer of discovery and lust. They discovered that they loved each other. They had sex for the first time. They fell in love. The voyage was coming to an end. Ken was off to University of Massachusetts Amherst to live in the Towers. Sara and Elaine were going back to finish high school together. They had been together all summer. They played...Read On


Watching My Girlfriend In Her Room

Dylan, Elin and Steve were friends. This Saturday Elin became a woman, bi-sexual and squirted.

I am Steve and I have an interesting story to tell about how I watched my girlfriend one afternoon, masturbate and have sex with her best friend Elin. I had been dating Dylan for about 6 months. She was a very sexual young lady. We were both 22, seniors in college studying Computer Science. Dylan was tall about 5 feet 9 inches with a slim build. She was a natural blond with very short...Read On

Love Poems(5)


I Lost My Penis

Just a bit of whimsy on a dull day. My mind is wandering again.

I lost my penis. I don’t know where it is. I held it in my hand, When I took my morning whiz. My ardent lover Had it in her mouth Just before We moved it south. I pushed and pulled And felt so right As I put it in Her pussy so tight. Her legs wrapped round me Felt like I would explode. Her pussy hugged me As I blew my load. We lay together Hugging and kissing I felt it...Read On


Lover Gone

My lover is gone. I know not why. Left without saying bye-bye

Here I sit broken hearted. My love has left My heart and soul are parted. She took it with her. I miss those lips That met at the mound of fur. I want those full soft lips. I need the smile of her face. I loved the thrust of her hips. She had me by my manhood. Her lips surrounded me She held on, turning it to wood. The stroking made me moan And when she stopped I would utter a loud groan. ...Read On


My First Love

This is the story of my first love.

This is about my first love. She was a goddess, Sent from Heaven above. We were still in school. I was 18 she was 17 I loved her. Was I a fool. I was motivated by lust. She was short, But had a big bust. I was blind as was the case. We were together every day. All I wanted was to get to second base. She let me touch her breast each day. It kept my interest, I wasn’t going to...Read On


Our First Time

At eighteen we were ready to have sex together.

I’ve got a secret. I’m embarrassed to say. I’m still a virgin, But that will end today. My girlfriend and I over coffee and pie, Decided it was time To give sex the old college try. My girlfriend and I were going steady. We had thought it over At eighteen we decided we were ready. We sat together full of fear and fright. We were making big plans, To lose it together on this...Read On


Our Hearts Beat As One

We sat looking at each other Like two teenagers At the back of the balcony What I wanted was obvious You wanted it too So badly, we craved it My arm went on your shoulder I pulled you to me We both knew what was next Our eyes locked together Our bodies leaned closer Our hands moved into position It was time, overtime really We played at it long enough We loved each other ...Read On

Love Stories(6)


An Evening In Paris Ten Years Later - Part 2

Shelley and Cal celebrate ten years after first making love in Paris - Part deux.

Our first evening back in Paris after ten years ended with Shelley and me entertaining passersby with our love making on our balcony and going to bed, falling asleep naked in each other’s arms. I awoke late on Sunday morning to birds singing and car horns blaring. I looked over and saw Shelley watching me. She smiled, moving closer, putting her lips against mine and drawing a long kiss from...Read On


An Evening In Paris Ten Years Later Part 3

Our vacation starts with a good romantic tease in the sunshine of a Paris morning.

We had said goodbye to our new friends Friday at lunch before they all left for their homes. We had a leisurely dinner at the little bistro in the hotel that night. Our vacation together was starting and I was happily in love with the woman in the bed. We had been very close friends for over ten years. We fell asleep in each other’s arms after making love. Sometime during the night,...Read On


An Evening in Paris Ten Years Later Part 4

We celebrate our tenth anniversary with a very special day.

Another beautiful day dawned over the city of Paris with the sun shining brightly. In the streets below our balcony, people trudged home from working the graveyard shift or partying all night, and delivery trucks and trash pick-ups maneuvered slowly through the city. I lay in bed looking at Shelley, my lover, next to me sleeping. In the early morning sun, she looked like an angel curled...Read On


Holidays at the Farm Part 1

Semester break is here. Ken and Elaine are alone. Sarah is gone with the family

It is Christmas and semester break from college. My first semester of freshman year is over. I survived and made the Dean’s List with a 4.0 average in all my classes. It was a lot of hard work. I was looking forward to five weeks off. No books, no tests, no classes and no cafeteria food. I was informed that I would be spending my holiday with Elaine and her family working on the chicken...Read On


Teaching Svetlana Chapter 2

Svetlana is back and she wants more. She is eager to please and learn.

This is the continuing education of Svetlana into the world of sexual pleasure. It has been two weeks since that snow day when Svetlana and I shared her body. She has been hungry to continue her exploration. I have been trying to postpone this coupling for as long as I could. I am a married man and what we are doing could hurt my marriage. Svetlana does not seem to care. We are in the...Read On


Teaching Svetlana Chapter 3 Oral Exams

Svetlana returns and she brought a friend. Time for oral exams.

It is now Spring Break. Mid-terms are over, time to let your hair down, blow off steam and just get laid back. I am working part time for a small company but getting paid as if I worked full time. I am the Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, Applications Programmer, and Software Maintenance person. I work after hours because the computer is used to run the business, it does typesetting...Read On



Noraj69 and Frogprince Date

Nora and Cal met on Lush and fell in love. Met in real life to do it again.

Noraj69 and Frogprince (Cal) had a series of chats one day not long ago. The result of those chats is this story. We hope you enjoy. When I joined Lush it was with the intent to read and maybe dabble in a little writing. Little did I suspect what happened. I have met a lot of wonderful people who were serious writers who practiced the craft of erotic story telling in their own unique ways....Read On


Super Market Stalker

Gina stalked me in the aisle of my local super market. It happens to me quite frequently.

I am a 66 year old man. Not the most handsome man but I do look like Santa Claus. I am out going and friendly. So I guess I appeal to a certain type of woman. I am 5’ 10” inches tall and I spend a fair amount of time out and about. I am married and have been for 42 years. My wife and I have an open relationship. She keeps telling me I should find a new model and replace her. I had...Read On


Taking The Next Step Noraj69 And Frogprince

The continuing adventures of Nora and Cal as love grows and changes.

In the earlier story of Nora and Cal (Nora69 and Frogprince Date), they met for the first time when Cal was sent to Pittsburgh for his work. They met on as noraj69 and frogprince, emailed, cybered, exchanged photos and got to know each other very well. Cal lived in San Francisco CA and worked as a mid level executive for a steel fabricating and distribution company. He retired but was called...Read On



Holidays at the Farm Part 2

Ken and Elaine are found by Sarah's mom and she wants Ken badly.

Sarah's parents went to Boston for a shopping trip. They expected to return on Monday. Their plans changed and they came home on Sunday morning. Sarah's mom came in the house looking for me. Sarah's dad was still outside putting the gifts in the barn and moving the car into the garage. Elaine and I slept naked in each other’s arms in the basement. Sarah's mom came downstairs and woke us...Read On


Santa and the MILF

Santa is approached by a MILF about visiting her home. Santa and the MILF get presents.

The day dawned bright and cheery and Santa was in a jolly raunchy mood. He had slept with his favorite elf and had been well serviced. It was a slow day appearance wise. There was one gathering in East Palo Alto for a very large group of neighborhood Mexican children. When that was done Santa was looking forward to a nice soak in the hot tub with his two favorite elf maidens. His sleigh...Read On

Oral Sex(2)


Carol the Stripper

Carol was a stripper. I entertained her for a few days while she entertained everyone else.

As I wrote about my Navy nurses, I was reminded of another young lady from that same experience. Her name was Carol, a petite blond (natural) with big blue eyes that made men melt. She had very large breasts on her small frame. She was a Professional Entertainer at least that is what she called it. Most would say stripper. I met Carol one day when she came to visit her boyfriend, who was...Read On


My Maria Scene 3B

Maria is looking for Karen, but she came to Cal's for fun and a shower.

It is Thursday and I have been busy working outside sweating profusely. My phone was ringing and I ran to answer it. It was from a number I did not recognize. I picked up the handset. “Hello,” I said hesitantly. “Cal? This is Karen. How are you doing? I am nearby and would like to stop by. Is that all right?” she asked. “I was just coming in to take a shower. Come on by. That would...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Gina the Quickie

Gina was an awesome looker. I wanted her then and now.

I was horny tonight and decided to cruise the local bars looking for a quick piece of ass to whittle down my shaft. I walked into this small dive on Lexington Ave. The place was jumping and there were a lot of girls here that were unattached. I sat at the end of the bar scoping out the fluff. Gina was the bartender tonight. She was kind of cute. She was wearing an apron over her white...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


Heather and Danielle at the beatch

Danielle needed a boost. Heather suggested a photo session.

Heather wanted to cheer up her friend Danielle. What better way than have some glamor photographs taken. What woman does not want to be told she is pretty and desirable. She knew just the photographer who could do the job and maybe have some fun doing it. I was that photographer. I had been doing photography for over 10 years and was good at my craft. People were not my specialty, but I...Read On


Heather Picks the Photos

Heather had to pick the prints but Connie was there and not happy because of Danielle

When last we saw Heather, she and Danielle had been together with me on a photography trip and an unplanned marathon sex session. It was time to review the pictures I took. I was to be at her place at 9 on a Saturday morning. I was early. What I found was quite a surprise. I walked up to her place and knocked on the door. All I heard was the quick scurrying of people. I had...Read On


Jessica's Choice

It is Jessica's turn to have Sam's big brother.

That said, she capitulated and lay back on her bed as she waited for him to approach. Jerry, Nick, Sam, Ashlee, Jessica and Mike were all home on Spring Break from college. She dreamed of this day for so long. Mike was Sam's brother. Sam was Nick's girlfriend. Mike was not as handsome as Jessica's brother Nick, but she was not interested in his looks. She wanted him inside her now. ...Read On


Naomi and Teddy

Naomi takes charge.

Naomi and Teddy are older twenty-somethings living in a gated community in suburbia. Their home sits on a lot at the end of a short street. Their neighbors have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. This neighborhood has many things to hide, but today Naomi and Teddy are the story. They plan to use their new special room in their house. It contains all the equipment Naomi likes to play...Read On


Naomi and Teddy Share the Kiss

Naomi and Teddy share a long, sexy, sweaty, lusty time, starting with just a simple kiss.

I grab Naomi's chin with one of my hands and the small of her back with the other, pulling her toward me hard. I put my mouth against hers almost menacingly. Naomi pulls back. "Teddy, what are you doing?" "This is the only way to get your attention, my love," I say to her, taking her chin harder in my hand and pushing my mouth on hers once more. It is not my normal kiss, but I want to...Read On



Vampire Encounter

Leona loves Slade and wants him as her lover. She gives herself to him for her first time.

Leona and Slade left The Main Artery club and drove to Cafe Rendezvous. Leona sat next to Slade, but touched him less and never looked directly at him. She tried to hide that she cried, about the night's earlier events with Connie. The argument between Gustaf and Andrei at the club was about what happened earlier. Something went radically wrong with the healing process and the least...Read On



An Evening in Paris

A married man with a young college girl meet in Paris for a week of sex and fun

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to be compressed in time? I have an expression I use; “I spent a week there one night.” I had one of those weeks happen to me about 30 years ago. It is something I will never forget. I look upon it today and feel it was one of the best times in my life. It was also a test for me and my wife with our open relationship. The time...Read On




Lexi gets a lot of what she likes from a reluctant stranger.

Lexi scanned the opulent lobby of the hotel, as she entered. She walked through the lobby and observed all the people there. There were couples that looked like they were on wild weekends. Several men sat in the lobby each waiting for someone. She walked toward a mirror to check out her hair and the man who sat nearby. Normally Lexi would not have paid any attention to Max, until she saw...Read On


My Maria

Maria and her friends put on one hell of a show.

This is for you Dave. I live in a city along the Interstate 880 corridor in Northern California. Houses here are close together on what are called zero lot line boundaries. My house faces the street but over the fence my neighbor’s backs into mine. I can see in the back bedroom window which is 4’ tall and 6’ wide with no curtains. The home is owned by a Latina couple, Maria and Carlos...Read On


My Maria Scene 2

Maria is back with 2 new friends who are eager to please and I get a pleasant surprise

Saturday afternoon was quiet around my house so I took the time to look at my recent photos to enlarge print and mount. The music in the background was soothing and I was being serenaded by Sara Brightman’s Harem album. The sun had gone behind the clouds and I had to turn on a light. It was then that I noticed the lights came on in Maria’s Play Room (that’s what I called it now). Maria was...Read On


My Maria Scene 3A

Karen and I watch Maria and Lucy explore each other pushing the limits.

Maria put down the phone so Karen and I could hear what was going on at her house. Maria was a petite Latina lady who liked to put on shows for me with her old and new friends. This was the third one that I was about to see. In the last show Maria had Lucy and Karen. Now Karen was with me. We saw the look of disappointment on Maria’s face as she and Lucy looked up at us waving. Lucy...Read On


My Maria Scene 4

CC was a petite ebony artist Maria found on our journey to Half Moon Bay beach.

This happened Wednesday. There was a big parade in San Francisco for the Giants baseball team to celebrate winning the World Series. Maria, Karen and I decided to skip the parade and spend the day in Half Moon Bay looking for a new friend. We drove over the hills on Highway 92 into Half Moon Bay. The weather was gorgeous, bright sun, slow breezes a good fall day. We had lunch at Marie's a...Read On