First Time(2)


My Sister’s Girlfriend - Part 1

Throughout my childhood, my parents never went away on holiday. With my father always working, my older sister and myself were raised mostly by our mother. We were both grown up now; my sister being 19 and myself being 16, but it was still a great surprise when one Friday night my mother announced that she and my father would be leaving the next morning for a long weekend away. To be honest,...Read On


My Sister’s Girlfriend - Part 2

I must have slept well into the middle of the morning before I awoke to find sunlight flooding my room. It took me a while to wonder whether everything that happened last night was just a dream, but I eventually concluded that it had actually happened. I got dressed quickly and hurried downstairs for some breakfast. When I got to the kitchen, I found Kelly sat alone at the kitchen...Read On



My Sister's Girlfriend - Part 3

Excitement and exhaustion from losing my virginity to Kelly, instantly turned to panic. Kelly jumped off me and quickly put on her bra and panties, slipping her white lace top back on, too. I leapt off the bed, scrambled around for my clothes and, without putting them on, quickly ran next door to my room and closed the door. Seconds later, I heard Tina climb the stairs and enter her...Read On