futalovingfuta's Blog Entries

26 Feb 2012 10:27

I'm back, and hopefully for a while now.

06 Jan 2012 17:04

Sorry I haven't been on lately. I just wanted to let everyone know it may be a while before I'm back on again. Might be a week or so. I was in a car accident. I'm alive (thank God!) but I'm gonna be in the hospital for a little while more. I hope you all are well, I miss every one of you so much. All of my love, Anna

09 Dec 2011 07:16

I. Love. Noa.

26 Nov 2011 23:24

Grandpa...I miss you. It's so hard without you...

20 Oct 2011 07:27

mmm, I just love when people post futa pics and sexy gifs on my wall!

11 Sep 2011 08:04

Today's my 20th birthday!

14 Jun 2011 18:51

Looking for suitable subs to be my treasured slaves/pets.

11 Apr 2011 16:02

Someone start chatting me. I'm horny, and need to fuck and be fucked. PLEASE!

30 Jan 2011 22:48

New pic! Comment please!

18 Nov 2010 18:25

If you see that i'm online, message me! I miss all my lovely lush friends...

01 Nov 2010 14:35

SEXY FUTA PICS TIEM!! :P I would really love for my wonderful friends here on Lush to find what they think are the sexiest futa pics ever and post them on my profile. Pretty please! Thanks!

23 Oct 2010 14:51

Thanks to all of you, especially Mistress, I feel much better now!

21 Oct 2010 17:27

I need someone to hold me... :'(

21 Oct 2010 09:04

OH MY GOD! FUTA ACTUALLY EXIST!! http://xhamster.com/movies/463226/freaks_of_nature_4_riesen_clitoris.html

21 Sep 2010 08:16

Misses Noa and Lilly...

15 Sep 2010 07:35

Just added pix...please be kind...took a lot to put these up...