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I'm not my type.

People who write things down.
Favorite Books:
Breakfast at Tiffanys. Jude the Obscure. Lolita. The Secret History. The Whitsun Weddings. Sunset Song. Bleak House. Kidnapped. The Cone-Gatherers. 84 Charing Cross Road. Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde. In Cold Blood. Frankenstein. Music for Chameleons. Grapes of Wrath. Daisy Miller. Persuasion. Things Fall Apart. Democracy. The Bell Jar. The Girls of Slender Means. Crime and Punishment. Hotel du Lac. The Sun Also Rises. Cannery Row. Why Scots Should Rule Scotland.
Favorite Authors:
Truman Capote & Philip Larkin & Alasdair Gray & John Betjeman & Robin Jenkins & John Donne & WB Yeats & Joan Didion & Dorothy Parker & Jane Austen & Chimamanda Adichie & Sylvia Plath & Zadie Smith. I like Stephen King too.
Favorite Movies:
Adam's Rib, The Woman in the Window, Double Indemnity, It's a Wonderful Life, Roman Holiday.
Favorite Music:
Wolf Alice, Churches, Alvvays, The Vaccines, Amy Winehouse


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Topic: Put one of yours here...
Posted: 08 Nov 2018 00:11

O gosh here's another

The sheets.
Underneath, us.
In darkness, face-blind,
skin breathing on heated skin,
limbs arguing.
Listening to our hearts calling each other
from lonely chambers
– that joyous, beating echo
that keeps me alive
in this safe place. You, here
the sheets

Topic: Put one of yours here...
Posted: 04 Nov 2018 10:16

I wrote this months ago:

Glassed streets shine like jewelled stone
beneath a flooding, ceaseless rain
Hooded humans hurry home
Autumn shakes the window pane

‘A dirty night,’ you say to me
‘I’m glad we’re inside where it’s warm.’
And yes, we’re safe, though you can’t see
the first waves of an inner storm

It rages when you use your touch
to end resistance, strip me bare
The feel of you; your breath is such
a warm wind on me everywhere

Later, bedlocked, when we kiss
I hope I am at one with you
‘I always want to be like this,’
I tell myself, to make it true

Ten-thirty – by the bedside light –
you’re spent. Across my belly lie
small beads of passion, glossy white.
You softening against my thigh

Like wind through eaves, I'd heard you moan
Our half-lit bodies shone with sweat
But afterwards I feel alone
and wonder if you love me yet

Topic: What Well-Known Books Could You Not Finish?
Posted: 24 Oct 2018 09:18

I can't remember the last book I didn't finish (some kind of silly obligation I feel to authors), but I've had a few where my eyes have had to be marched at gunpoint over the final pages. For example:

Reservoir 13, Jon McGregor. I kept reading because I assumed something would happen. But nothing did, which is probably why it's critically acclaimed.
The God of Small Things , Arundhati Roy. I wish God had made this book smaller.
Brooklyn , Colm Toibin. I just expected it to be better.
Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman, Stefan Zweig. Should have added 'B ut Feels Like a Lot Longer ' to the title.

Topic: What's your writing practice?
Posted: 09 Oct 2018 23:38

I know so many writers that can do this, write down bits and eventully weave them all together, whether they are on speaking terms or not. I am really envious. I am a plodder, start at the beginning, and write til I get to the end.

And then rewrite 10,000 times.

It's only because I sort of know what will happen and I'm guilty of thinking in scenes. You'd be able to see that in anything I wrote; a lot of separate bits with a splotch of grout between them to hide the join.

I still rewrite 10,000 times too.

Topic: The Versions of Me
Posted: 08 Oct 2018 13:49

This is a great thread.

It's not really.

But anyway, I'll keep doing it because i like it.

First version Ten years ago I had a crush on Bunny Swanson. Everyone did – even the boys. I know it was ten years ago, because that’s why we’re all here. Crowded into this midlands hotel. The former pupils network had organised this. And like everything the former pupil network does, they fucked this up. Who else would have arranged a reunion - meet your old friends - at a masked ball?

Final A photographer hired for the event takes a picture of each guest as they enter the ballroom. Later, looking back at his night’s work, the photographer will scroll through more than two hundred thumbnails previews. He’ll pause at one, beguiled by the apparent poise of its subject, and tap it open.

The Trouble With Me Is You
First version After my third glass of wine I realise I have slept with with everyone around the table. It is a slow realisation that shows itself in the blush that rises up my face. Why had I not realised this before?
No-one has mentioned it.

Final I realise on my third, or maybe fourth, glass of wine, at the very moment Eda dabs a napkin against her lips.
I realise this: I have had sexual intercourse with her.
There’s more: I’ve had sex with everyone around this dining table.
Stop, you say. Hold on. How can it take until the middle of the fish course to work out you’ve fucked someone?

Topic: What's your writing practice?
Posted: 08 Oct 2018 13:29

Do you prefer to write in the mornings? Evenings? Whenever?
I write at any time as long as I'm drunk. Wait, is it write sober, edit drunk, or the other way around? I always get those mixed up.

Do you need to feel inspired to write, or are you more disciplined, writing so much every day (or week or whatever).
I'm not disciplined, so I need to be inspired to write a story, but I write something every day. I even put adverbs in my shopping lists.

Do you prefer to work in solitude, or around other people (e.g. in a coffee shop)?
I'd prefer solitude, but I don't get it much.

Do you like music playing, or total silence?
I like silence, except when I near the end of writing something, I'll play music incessantly.

Do you have any particular writing rituals that help to get you in the right mood/mindset?

Do you have a specific place you like to write in.

Do you prefer to write by pen and paper, word processor, typewriter, chisel and stone tablet?
I use pen and Google Docs mostly. I don't write linearly so I can write one bit of a story on a piece of paper and one bit on a laptop. These different bits of a story have a habit of coming together in the middle of the night in my head and having a nice little chat, but by morning they aren't speaking to each other any more.

Topic: The Shard-o-verse
Posted: 02 Oct 2018 12:04

good luck

Topic: List the first three (3) MEMORABLE Lush stories that come to mind, and WHY you remember them...
Posted: 21 Sep 2018 11:07

There's a story by Browncoffee that's memorable to me. I haven't read it in ages so I'm just going by memory, but I'm sure it was called Departures and it's about meeting a man at an airport who the protagonist had had an affair with. It's stuck with me partly because I liked the whole idea of the story (the 'I wish I'd thought of that' school of being memorable), but also the writing. Just this afternoon I was thinking of the scene in it with the man sitting at a table. He can't get his legs comfortable or something. I can't repeat the form of words used, but at the time I knew it was written in a way I would have written it if I could.

Another story by Naughtyannie – I can't remember what it's called so maybe I'm cheating by calling it memorable – started with someone scraping semen off their skin. Nobody will ever write a better start to a story than that. Every time I start writing my first paragraph feels flat in comparison.

If there have to be three, then Verbal's Shard series maybe. Not one in particular, but if I wanted to write some flash fiction, those are the ones I'd think of instantly to look at to see how it is done.

Topic: Gimme a dirty limerick... maybe win GOLD! [WINNER ANNOUNCED!]
Posted: 30 Jul 2018 23:47

His penis was strikingly thin,
Small too – the length of a pin
I tried to be kind
Said I didn’t mind
But had to guess when it went in

Topic: Announcing the Winners of our "Erotic Poetry" Competition
Posted: 31 Mar 2018 10:45

Some lovely poems – the top three were very good. The fourth one was an erotic thing too. Gosh, and the fifth. And how sensuous was that one at number six?

I'll stop before I run out of spare fingers. Thanks for writing them.

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