Punishing Kandi

This is a true story, so, to protect her identity, I'll call her Kandi. She is my personal sex slave and slut. She is not my girlfriend. In fact, I am engaged to be married to a man. But there is dominant part of me that loves to sexually control, use and engage in rough sex with bimbo bitches who love it just as much as i. Kandi comes when I call. She knows not to bother me unless I...Read On


Punishing Kandi Pt. 2

After we left the players lounge, I drove to the hotel. On the way, I fingered Kandi's cunt hard. She was wet and tight as usual. I told her to lay the seat down so I could penetrate her deeper as I drove. She obeyed. At a stoplight, I opened the glove box and pulled out a iron rod, about 3 inches thick and 10 inches long. I kept it there strictly for moments like this. Just as the...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Doctors Cabin

After the surprise in the doctor's office and the impending hunting trip I wasn't sure what to think when we walked to the parking lot. It dawned on me that I couldn't leave my car there. They agreed and told me to drive home where they would pick me up. I thought of the fact that they would both know where I live. I wasn't too uncomfortable with that knowledge but I'm sure being...Read On


Doctors Office

Having visited the same doctor since I was a child I knew inevitably the day would come that he would retire. The letter in my hand confirmed my thoughts. I never contemplated all the intimacies that patients and doctors share until the prospect of finding a new doctor was upon me. I wasn't having any medical issues, but it was 3 months past my annual exam. I knew I had to find a new...Read On