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16 Jun 2011 01:45

hello all

16 Jun 2011 01:45

54, never thought I would get there, In three days I am going into surgery, it is the most important thing in my life at the moment. I an not sure of my chances, I have had some dreams, ok lots of dreams that lead me to believe I will not be coming back to this life after the surgery, but I am told by almost everyone involved in my life that I have nothing to worry about. For those that do not know this surgery is a final one I hope, In May of 2010 I had a colon resection and lost 8” of my large intestine, I was clinically dead for an entire day. this put a colostomy bag on my stomach for the last 8 and a half months. It has not been pleasant. This surgery will reconnect everything back to normal. The Doc will try to do the surgery Laproscopically (with a small camera), but he isn't very optimistic that it will be a possibility. He believe he will have to open my up completely. In the original surgery that ended up leaving me in a coma for 5 days. It will take 4 hours.

08 Feb 2011 23:42

I went to see the Doc, I have a surgery scheduled for Feb 11th, he thinks it might work, but not really sure of the outcome. At least it will be over and I will be whole once again. I will have to be split again, he doesn't belive that he can get it done laproscopically, I told him if he had to to split me like a clam, as long as it will be finished and the healing can start. It will give me alot of time to write and to read.

25 Jan 2011 09:03

Hello all,

Tomorrow morning I go to a surgeon to see if I have healed enought for the repair work on my colon. I am positively scared to death. I have been shot at, blown up and left to die and never been this afraid. If I am ready then they will do surgery soon, if not that will be worse for me. I can no longer live this way. I am so thankful that I have friends on here, you treat my work like it is special and that makes me so happy. I am equally as worried that I may not survive the surgery. I will surely be back after talking to the Doc, wish me luck. ciao for now my friends


23 Jan 2011 20:46

Hi I have a story here called, "The Laundry Mat" and one on Storiesspace that is sci fi, go give them a good read here is the link for the sci fi one.

Let me know what you think of my non erotic stories

19 Jan 2011 23:36

Hey hey hey Chapter 4 is up today, "A Week At Papaw's chap 4 Wednesday – Punishment and Submission – A Day Away" This time Leah gets a real challange. Read and let me know what you think, You have all been so kind to me. I appreciate it so, thank you for all the kind words, you make it easy.

08 Jan 2011 00:36

Howdy, I just posted the next chapter in the Papaw series. It's called "A Week At Papaw's chap 3 Tuesday - Discipline and Denial". Please give it a read and let me know wat you think.

01 Jan 2011 08:38

of surgery done and I am just a little concerned about it. You have made it bearable, again I thank you for this. I love writing and I love hearing from you about my stories. You have all made me feel so special and welcome. That hasn't happened much lately and I needed it so badly. I truly wish each of you a wonderful holiday and the coming year to bring you nothing but the best. Well, I seem to be rambling, so I will stop, but I really so mean every word.

24 Dec 2010 16:34

I would love to wish each of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Wonderful NEW YEAR each and every one, but I can't, so I am doing a group grope thing here. I am sorry I have been lax with my writing, but this season and time of year always kinda slows me down. We lost a son during this season and without him it just seems like I am just going through the motions, On top of it this year we have not gotten to see our grand daughters and one of our grand sons in so long. I miss them, but that is kinda sounding like a downer so I will stop. I have found a great many friends in this wonderful community and am so happy I have met you. I am not sure how many this will actually be sent to but I really hope it gets to each of you. l have found a place I feel I belong, you have all been so kind to me about my work and you make me feel wanted, thank you so much for that. Those of you I get the chance to chat with thank you for the time you have given me. I am getting close to having another round o

24 Dec 2010 16:31

I would like to thank all of you that helped with my last request

16 Dec 2010 00:47

I have two things to share, first I have a poem posted today, it is called December 10th 1959 and is a birthday wish to my wife. She is gabrielsbabygirl on here. Please go read, it isn't a great poem, but it is the sentiment that is importand to this.

But please can I ask each of you another request, please go and send her a birthday wish, she will be 51 tomorrow, well the 10th for those of you not in the states. Please show her some real love.

Thank you all for this. ciao

09 Dec 2010 20:07

hey - I have a new one posted, it is the second chapter in the Papaw Series called, "A Week At Papaw's chap 2 Monday – Training Begins – Obedience" . Yeah I know, long title, give me a break ok. I was drinking, lol. give it a go, chapter 1 is a good starting point, (did I say that out loud? Damn) well it is 3 am. Ciao :angel7:

02 Dec 2010 23:54

I have a new story posted, it is called "Her Punishment", it is a BDSM punishment session, so if that isn't your cup of tea, then maybe pass it by, altho it isn't a bad one. but I wish you would give it a read and let me know what you think...... HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Lots of love to my friends on LUSH

25 Nov 2010 06:48

Hey........ What is the difference between purple and pink?????

The grip!!!

24 Nov 2010 09:41

Last night I had a TERRIBLE dream, I was being chased by a GIANT doughnut hole, but everytime I turned arouns ........... there was NOTHING THERE aaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhh lol

23 Nov 2010 08:16

Hey Hey Hey, I got a new one up ...... I mean a story. Its called "Casanove Online" give it a read and let me know what you think, I let a surprise at the end...... ciao

22 Nov 2010 18:36

I just had a new story added, it's called "Nicole's Fantasy", please read it and let me know what you think. It was something a friend wanted me to write for her. Thank you and .... what's that german word ..... oh yeah Donkey Shit, or something like that

19 Nov 2010 13:15