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Topic Keep them related!
Posted 18 Nov 2010 19:09

Power Rangers


Topic if you had the person above you bent over, what would you do to them?
Posted 18 Nov 2010 19:05

Pulling on my gloves, guess it's time to pass on anton's exam to you Dude

Topic Word association game
Posted 18 Nov 2010 18:52


Topic Would you fuck the person above you?
Posted 18 Nov 2010 18:45

How about I get the Mrs and my Mrs gets him?


Topic Talk in song titles
Posted 18 Nov 2010 18:41

I Swear - John Michael Montgomery

Topic Forum Game: Sexual Choices
Posted 18 Nov 2010 18:16

Crotchless panties of course

Standing fuck (from behind) or Doggie Style (hands and knees)

Topic Forum Game: Twin Word Link
Posted 18 Nov 2010 18:10

Piano Man

Topic Keep them related!
Posted 18 Nov 2010 13:02

Powers Booth (actor)

Topic Would you stay or go?
Posted 17 Nov 2010 19:01

personally I love kids, have 4 of my own and 4 grandkids, the problem is that he was an ass and just dashed without saying anything. What was she gonna do beg him to stay. All that was required was for him to say he didn't want kids and maybe another time would be different


Topic Make an absurd accusation about the poster above you
Posted 17 Nov 2010 18:44

The ficklepickle uses a real picture of himself for an AV

Topic Would you fuck the person above you?
Posted 17 Nov 2010 18:39

Naw cause she wouldn't let me

Topic I am naked because .....
Posted 17 Nov 2010 18:38

The night air feels so nice, and besides, everyone else is

Topic Word association game
Posted 17 Nov 2010 18:33


Topic Post a Pic for the user above you........
Posted 17 Nov 2010 13:56

Well for some reason my crotch shot was removed by admin, even though I found at least a dozen other ones in this very thread, including one with several in the same post. All I ask is consistency, seems only fair.

Topic Do you kiss with your eyes open?
Posted 17 Nov 2010 13:49

I close my eyes but I like to take a little peek, my wife is never so beautiful, as when she is in the moment of passion, passion for me. Mmmmmm


Topic Keep them related!
Posted 17 Nov 2010 13:11

Donald Southerland

Topic The little things that turn you on...
Posted 17 Nov 2010 13:06

Sexy little glances and smiles. And hearing "You make me happy, Daddy"


Topic Best Lube??
Posted 17 Nov 2010 11:09

Yesterday I saw a friend of mine walking like he had a carrot stuck up his ass. Asked him why he was walking like a duck and said he got a nasty rash from oily siliconey based lube. He kindly offered to show me but I gratefully refused.

So watch out for irritation from oil based lubrication applications.

You sir, have cracked me up!!

Ok, other chicks have posted in here so I'm going to too...personally, I like the au naturel lube, you know that nice slick, creamy moisture that seeps from within. So, never used any commercial lube. I do realize that as we age some of us can lose the ability to naturally lubricate (hopefully I have many, many years to go before I have to worry about this)...I've no issues as of yet, just thinking about certain things can cause that reaction in me.

I have to agree, the natural is the best and also the funnest to apply, my wife seems to not be one of those that loses the natural supply as I have heard other have. We have never tried a store-bought lube. Hers and a little spit works wonders for us. Damn, now I gotta go. I also agree talking about it and reading about it and hearing about it, uhmmmm ........ gotta go


Topic Where would we be without religion?
Posted 16 Nov 2010 23:04

lol- I thought about that : )

I do tend to think that it's impossible to exist without religion. It's too hard for humans to answer all the questions of the universe, at this point in our evolution anyway. So I think people just need something like religion to not make them feel so small and insignificant in the universe.

I believe it is possible to exist without religion, organized religion in my mind keeps people from thinking for themselves, Faith is a different story. I do believe we need faith in something in order to survive the trials of life. I believe if you have faith, then you will never feel small and insignificant. We may never answer all the questions of the universe, as every answer brings with it a new set of questions.


Topic if you had the person above you bent over, what would you do to them?
Posted 16 Nov 2010 12:39

anything to keep that smile right there shinning


Topic A banned member is going to take me to court!
Posted 16 Nov 2010 12:24

Wow ... maybe the person should go find another playground?

Really, people are not banned for doing "nuthin'" ... they (he/she) had had to have discussed one of the three disallowed topics.


Maybe an idea would be for these people to go onto their own msn/yahoo online messenger and discuss their topics without dirtying up our naughty playground!



Had to be more than mentioning it too, I had a story that made reference to someone under 16, (I missread the rules sorry) but was not banned when I tried to submit it, just disapproved and told why. I fixed the error and it passed


Topic Do Women have the same fantasy as men about being with twins (brothers of course, but sisters would work too)
Posted 16 Nov 2010 11:40

no not really , whether it be male or female. if i decide to be with two people i don't want them to be exactly alike. the whole purpose of a threesome is the variety
and differences of their bodies.

You know, I never thought of it that way, but I am a guy, we don't look past the sex. thumbup

Why do we want twins, suddenly it seems like twice the effort for the same response laughing6 . maybe maternal twins would be better

HEY anyone ever heard of twins from different races love8 that would be so wild, oh well I digress.

Go on ladies

Topic Cougar Seduction
Posted 15 Nov 2010 16:35

I completely agree with private4mylover don't think it could be said better except, why does a MILF have to be a mature wonam, any woman with a child fits the description 'Mom I'd Like to Fuck'. I only want to add, I personally prefer "Lady" better than either Cougar or MILF, unless I know their names. Then, of course, I would use their name.


Topic Do you think older women-younger men relationships are more spiritual than sexual?
Posted 15 Nov 2010 16:19

javier that was a good one, and you think Demi wanted Ashton for his mind and his spirituallity, right, good one. Women are as sexual as men, the reason they would go after a younger man is obvious, They want more, they need more, not thoughts and spirit, but SEX. They are not called cougars because they have grey hair (please dear ladies, just bare laughing6 with me), it is the power, grace and class they have. Spirituallity I love that. angel7

Topic Which super hero would you like to fuck?
Posted 15 Nov 2010 14:29

supergirl, Supergirl, SUPERGIRL. We could fuck while flying, so cool.


Topic Do Women have the same fantasy as men about being with twins (brothers of course, but sisters would work too)
Posted 15 Nov 2010 14:04

I was just in another thread with a question about twins and got this idea. Do you? Do you share the fantasy of twins that men have, and I know most men do, even the ones that will not admit it, but what about you women? Do You?


Topic Identical twins having sex could be regarded as masturbation?
Posted 15 Nov 2010 13:56

I think the experience will still be as seperate as they are inside, each will still feel the effects differently or why would they do it, they could just go do themselves. I do hopr that MMonroe is wrong or ever man in this world just lost a great fatasy, I wonder, do women have that same fantasy about twin brothers .... hmmm. Maybe I should ask


Topic Word association game
Posted 15 Nov 2010 12:32


Topic Help with rephrasing this sentence, please?
Posted 15 Nov 2010 12:28

Maybe just, "I was told I was good looking in college", that way it was someone elses opinion, your way makes it sound like your opinion. Either way is bragging but one isnt as bad.