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Topic Which of the 7 activities have you accomplished?
Posted 04 Aug 2017 22:32

1. Cum in a women's pussy - yes
2. Cum in a women's ass - yes
3. Cum in a women's mouth - yes
4. Cum in a man's mouth - not that I was ever told.
5. Cum in a man's ass - nope
6. Have a man cum in your mouth - no interest at all
7. Have a man cum in your ass - it is an exit not an entrance


Topic Does it turn you on when a woman licks your nipples during sex?
Posted 04 Aug 2017 21:43

I love it, it is also so playful ......


Topic What are you Complimented most for ??
Posted 04 Aug 2017 21:37

My fingering .... I started playing guitar at 13.
Then my cooking, I LOVE seeing peoples faces when I share my skills,

but I would have to say, what I am most proud of is my empathy and compassion. Just being a nice guy. Wasn't always. Of course, that backfires a lot.....


Topic Would you let yourself be tied up during sex?
Posted 04 Aug 2017 21:20

To be honest I can't, I had a "situation" when in the military and being restrained and controlled pulls too many triggers for me. That was many, many years ago and I do believe if I found the right woman, I could try. They would have to understand that it might still not be possible. The right person makes you want to try ANYTHING ...

No ropes for this woman. but now restraints are very different and exciting.

Ropes are just uncomfortable and painful.

But with a very trusted partner restraints can take you right off the charts.

I prefer to use silk scarves .....


Topic Spank Or Be Spanked!
Posted 04 Aug 2017 03:49

I would love to spank her

Topic Ass play questions
Posted 03 Aug 2017 19:39

First, take your time, get her ready, the more licking, and teasing she gets the more she will relax. Let her decide how fast and deep you go, make it more about her than you. Talk, tease, be playful ... the biggest thing is to get her relaxed. After a few times this will happen a lot easier, but in the beginning she is a little worried about stretching and pain.

Topic That urgent need to cum
Posted 03 Aug 2017 17:17

Yes. It is very common with women that while having sex men are finished quite early than us. This leaves us soooooo horny....especially when they do lot of hard work on our body before entering ourssex and our bodies are so involved. This leaves us so horny n wanting anything for a most needed relief.

Very true Priya, but some of us have learned that it is best to take our partner up to and even over the edge of orgasm before we start something that will lead us to our own orgasm. Make sure their pleasure is achieved or at the least ready to arrive. That way the pleasure lasts longer and EVERYONE can end together ....

Topic Spank Or Be Spanked!
Posted 03 Aug 2017 14:18

I would spank Mel with great appreciation ...... spank

Topic Have you fooled around or cheated UnWillingly while being in relationship ?what made you do it ?
Posted 03 Aug 2017 14:05

Well, it seems today is beat the OP with silliness day, LoL. spank I love it, don't post if you do not have a thick skin would have to be the moral here.

But seriously, Unwillingly (even capitalized), reluctantly, accidentally, or even oops, any of the other words added to cheating are just there to help justify the action. I was cheated upon and I remember to well how it felt. I would never put someone in that spot. Not someone I was in a relationship with. I do admire the honesty of those that said yes or that it was willingly not un ... If the partner knows and doesn't seem to care is it cheating? There are a lot more "open" marriages these days. 2407_group_hug

I couldn't cheat because of how it would make ME feel, let alone my partner, because I remember that pain. If it is part of your life and both are agreeable, other partners can really light a relationship up and rekindle the passion, but if it is not then you are deliberately telling the other person that they didn't matter and I can't be that guy. The only way I can see that it even MIGHT be unwilling would be if the person that cheated has some type of compulsive disorder that they have no control over. IF that is the case, then don't get into a committed relationship and you can be unwilling ever day......

and trinket, come on, don't be that way, **puff puff, pass pass** Regaeman Man

Sprite I am so glad to hear you say that. I was worried that the hypnotism didn't take. You are such a good girl, just keep telling everyone it was a "spaceship". I was getting worried you were starting to remember, and needed more 'shrooms ........ stirthepot


Topic Around the world.
Posted 03 Aug 2017 10:42


Topic Post something NICE about the person above you.
Posted 03 Aug 2017 10:38

A single dad raising two teenage daughters is awesome and deserves many props .... Also he takes a good av picture

Topic Would you slip into bed naked with the person above you?
Posted 03 Aug 2017 10:29

yes, most definitely ... I love to snuggle and spoon naked .....

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 03 Aug 2017 10:23

So guilty and I am thrilled that it happened .... loved my "alarm clock"

You have woken someone with oral sex ......

Topic Would you like a 3some with the 2 members Above You.....Yes or No?
Posted 02 Aug 2017 14:29

Tracie and Mac sounds like a plan... Tracie in the middle

Topic Bad Girl Barbie 😉
Posted 02 Aug 2017 12:29

Have you not read The Sleeping Beauty Quartet ? It is four novels written by Anne Rice under the pseudonym of A. N. Roquelaure. The quartet comprises 'The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty', 'Beauty's Punishment', 'Beauty's Release', and 'Beauty's Kingdom' . In these sleeping beauty stories EVERYTHING GOES .......

Topic Men & Women.....cowgirl or reverse cowgirl....which do you prefer? why?
Posted 02 Aug 2017 11:44


Yes I know darlin, but I didn't want to plagiarize laughing6

Not to mention that the "rocket" you are riding is point up and not down


At least I didn't add ..."gitty up"


Topic Ladies what do you feel in your pussy when your starting to feel horny and your getting turned on?
Posted 02 Aug 2017 04:31

Well I can't answer the origional question and really have nothing to add, except, I ready the post and then the comments and I just figured, what the hell. I have to check out a forum where very lovely sexy ladies tell me how their pussies feel when they are aroused .... THANK YOU OP.


Bethany and Jessica, I truly thank you for the wonderful visions and explanations of how it feels, I have seen the reactions to what is done to please, but have never been told what happens and how it felt ... Thank you both for being so open




Topic Have you ever been fingered by anyone while out at a restaurant with a party of people?
Posted 01 Aug 2017 20:48

In a booth at a club, two other couples in the booth, it was a dare and a bet, she could cum but she had to not show it .... She won. I had a van at the time and we never even got the engine started before she decided to finish the fun.....

Topic Men & Women.....cowgirl or reverse cowgirl....which do you prefer? why?
Posted 01 Aug 2017 20:23

Forward cowgirl definitely! Remember Slim Pickens riding the hydrogen bomb down to its target in Dr. Strangelove? Picture me riding my guys the same way. I even have a cowboy hat! :-)

Let me hear ya say .... YEEEE HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Topic Men & Women.....cowgirl or reverse cowgirl....which do you prefer? why?
Posted 01 Aug 2017 19:03

I believe it is more about the mood ... cowgirl is more intimate, a chance to show loving care and pleasure to each other, it is usually slower, (at first) more exploration, more teasing and grinding.
Then builds to a fever.

Reverse is more down and dirty, humping, just pure lust and need. Caution there may be snorting ..bates

I agree with Becky, I would rather look at, play with, kiss and squeeze my partner's front, but sometimes you just want raw, dirty, hot sex. That is why we have reverse and doggie .... LoL

Topic Hard when just chatting?
Posted 31 Jul 2017 17:12

I look at this as I look at rl, I am really the same person I am everyday so, to me it would depend on the conversation. I don't plan or expect every conversation to by sexual. Just like I wouldn't if I was somewhere and started to chat with someone. If the conversation is about sex and not necessarilly playing together then I would have to say how explicit the conversation got. If it is rp or cyber or just really getting into fantasies with someone I have some attraction for then HELL Yes I am hard and slowly stroking.

That said, There have been those friends that could say hello and my mind took over and I would "swell with pride". I do like to think I have a little control over my desires, but .... well hell he sometimes has a mind of his own and decides to introduce himself LOL

Everyday chat - No
talk about sex - maybe
playtime - YES

i've wondered the same thing i think i'm able to be a multitasker, but really, Brick wall in my wildest imagination i have yet to figure out how to both finger myself and play with my titties...giggle

I have a good suggestion and it works great for me .... try Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software .... hands free cyber ....... computer makes it more like phone sex with only one voice .. director

georgiagirl ...... I did notice that you didn't tell us about you .... are you "diddling" when you chat? [-o<


Topic Word for the day
Posted 31 Jul 2017 12:50

The word of the day is LEGS

Now, lets all go out and 'Spread the Word'


Topic Let's have some fun. The person above you, are they naughty or nice?
Posted 30 Jul 2017 02:38

She's not naughty, she's just drawn that way .....

Topic Would you like a 3some with the 2 members Above You.....Yes or No?
Posted 29 Jul 2017 23:39

I would be so honored .....

Topic Would you like a 3some with the 2 members Above You.....Yes or No?
Posted 29 Jul 2017 14:35

I would be so thrilled ... YES YES YES

I agree with Amy, 4 up would be very nice *S*

Topic We all know every girls body is different. But what's some things in general, every girl likes sexually?
Posted 29 Jul 2017 10:06

sitting in a tub full of cash.

Sitting in a bathtub filled to the brim with $100 bills, whilst sipping a good Champagne and reading erotica.

Seriously, there's no "secret" that will do it for every woman, every time, under any circumstance. Sorry to be the one to break it to you, OP.

I suggest that you use old soft bills as those paper cuts can be a bitch at that level ...
and to the OP the only secret is "communication", to learn what the woman likes and give her what makes her happiest. Give her the pleasures she enjoys the most. Everyone is different and everyone has there own "buttons" to push. Then experiment and explore together. .

Topic The Age of Un-Enlightenment
Posted 26 Jul 2017 17:55

At first I thought you were talking about DamonX, but your last paragraph seems to refer to Sprite's post at the to of this page in which she mentions me. So, now I'm wondering whether this was all about me and if I'm really that offensive confused1

Well, noll to be completely honest I misread sprite's post and missed that it was about you and not the OP. For that I apologize for that comment.

That said, I do not want to say offensive and I have no idea why sprite choose to block you, but I have noticed that a number of your posts are very adversarial. I just personally do not use insults and such to debate my thoughts, I prefer to be more civil and at least make an effort to see the other side as well. That doesn't mean I will change my view, but I can usually relate. The anger, insults and name calling I do not believe have a place in an adult debate. As a kid it was ok, but I learned it didn't help the discussion only stiffle it actually. That becomes the focus instead of the original post or idea. So again, forgive the mistaken comment.

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 25 Jul 2017 06:39

Secrets can make hearts pound