The Invitation, Gabriel's Beginning

This is how I started in BDSM and Poly lifestyles

(This is the story of my first introduction into a BDSM poly family, it was the beginning of my journey into the kinkiest time in my life. It is a true story, and I will follow it with others as I learned and grew in my role) Remembering back, hoping my memory is strong enough, it was in the late fall, just before Halloween in 1975. My entrance to that world so many cherish and so...Read On


A Week At Papaw's chap 1

Papaw gets a new trainee

The Beginnings – An Unexpected Request They arrived on Friday night, my granddaughter Tina and a handful of her girlfriends from school. I am just a stopping off point on the way to a Florida spring break adventure. There was Tina, her roommate Laura, Rita, a small blond cheerleader type, Ruby, a brunette bookworm and Leah a rather shy quiet girl with shoulder length red hair. After...Read On


A Week At Papaw's chap 2

Leah's training begins

Monday – Training Begins – Obedience It hasn't happened in some time but today I was up with the sun, getting veggies from my garden and some fresh mushrooms from the cellar and set about making a couple of omelets for us, we had a lot to get started today. I have the table set, and a tablet next to her plate, I even baked some cinnamon buns. Always the Chef, guess I wanted it to be nice. As...Read On


A Week At Papaw's chap 3

Today we go outside

Tuesday – Discipline and Denial The day crept in through the open window and slowly I drift back to reality. Last night still playing in my mind, I notice I am alone in bed and no one on the floor. I can hear noises from the kitchen and get up to move that way. As I enter the room Leah turns, drops to her knees, lowers her head and waits. I walk close and place my hand on the crown of her...Read On


A Week At Papaw's chap 4

Leah's first trip away from home

Wednesday – Punishment and Submission – A Day Away Waking up the next morning, I again can hear Leah in the kitchen. I open the drawer on my night stand and take out another wrist strap. Then it is off to the kitchen to begin another day with my new pet. As I enter the kitchen, again Leah lowers herself to her knees and waits for me to speak. I walk in and sit at the table with the wrist...Read On


A Week At Papaw's chap 5

A visit from Dominique and friends

Thursday– Service On Command – Visitors at Home Waking to music, classic rock, my favorite, I see I am alone. Rolling out of bed and heading into the kitchen, it is spotless, everything in it's place, with a nice bowl of fresh fruit waiting for breakfast. Leah is not around the kitchen so I move through the dining room, until I can see into the living room. Leah is dancing, really enjoying...Read On


A Week At Papaw's chap 6

At Leah's first event she becomes guest of honor

Friday – Complete and Absolute Submission – On Display I made sure the alarms wasn't set for the morning to let her sleep in and to give me a chance to say good-bye to my guests. After the pleasantries and good-byes Dominique and her friends are at the car and about to go. Dominique tells me that I need to come to visit her at her club, she would love me to bring Leah to a party there....Read On


Her Punishment

His way of making her remember

You are on your knees, bound at the ankles. Your arms are behind you, bound at the wrists. A bit is placed in your mouth, and fastened to the back of your collar. A blindfold cuts out all light. Also attached to the collar is a restraint that extends down your back, connecting your wrists and ankles. This secures them and keeps your head pulled back. You have been stripped completely, only...Read On

Erotic Poems(1)


Their Passion

Appearances can be deceptive, love is apparent

The room is brisk, her flesh so hot The mood is calm, His heart races As she is on her knees Hands on the floor as well They know without question That she will hold this pose For all to see, no For them to remember He moves to her Then she feels his hand They both hear the moans The pleas she growls so low Tells him her need He smiles, no need to demand Since she so willingly gives In to...Read On



Filling Santa's Shoes

Taking care of his brothers family

It was about 4 months ago that my brother Eric had been killed in Iraq, he was Army, an IED got him. Eric had been married to Julie, They had one child together, Suzie, who was 5. Julie had two other girls when they married. Marie was now 18, just turned about 2 months ago, and Dawn, who was 20 about to hit the big 21. They were destroyed when we lost Eric, they all loved him very much. I...Read On

First Time(2)


Bath For Babygirl

He baths his new little girl for the first time

He knew her name was Molly, he knew some of her past wasn’t very pretty. Her life so far, at such an early age, had been less than pleasant. Now she is 18, even though she looks alot younger. She had endured abuse from a very early age. It had continued as she lost her home and was on the street, no one cares about you on the street, that he knows for sure. She began to feel like maybe they...Read On


The Ritual

What he sees is no accident

I can't believe what I have been thinking. After all she is my best friend's sister. I have been staying with him during the first part of our summer after graduation. I lie here every night and watch her do the most amazing things, sort of a ritual, before she goes to bed. But I am getting a bit ahead of myself. As I said, I am staying for part of the summer with the family of my best...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


Through the Glass

He watches through the window .....

  The lights dim as she is suddenly there. As I watch, she sits in a confy chair wearing nothing. I always imagine it just like this. Flame red hair, curly and flowing down her back. I watch as she looks my way, as if she can see me as well. Emerald green eyes beckon me to move closer, oh I wish it were possible. She starts with just touching, sliding her fingers along her skin, leaving a...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Santa's Little Helper

Santa gets something special from his helpers

God, it's Christmas again, I hate this time of year. I always seem to be alone for the holidays, and that sucks. Seeing people walk through the malls hand in hand and me just watching. Well, of course this year is no exception. Guess I'm just not a holiday catch. I am Stanley, nothing much just Stanley. Rather average guy with a lousy job and not a lot of friends. So far this has been a...Read On


NIcole's Fantasy

A trip to the gym starts a bad girls journey

Walking down the street and entering Tony's Gym she can't help but wonder what is wrong. She spends all her time at this damn gym it seems and what good does it do her. She looks in the mirror and sees a scrumptious body that should make any man fall all over himself. Long blond hair, great build, nice tan, 36-24-34, legs that won't quit, big brown eyes ....... why aren't they falling,...Read On

Love Poems(5)


I Remember

My answers to 'Remember'

I remember I think about it all the time. It was absolutely the best day of my life. We had so much fun, And yes, were deeply in love. Oh, the laughter was the best, it did come from nowhere And it really never mattered why. We scoffed when they said that it always changes, Just a few years they insisted, but We were in love and it could never happen. Everywhere is right, we were never apart,...Read On



Written while waiting on her

This is my first try at poetry, hope it is ok, the subject made it easy I just wanted to add that the special someone is gabrielsbabygirl, my wife. I wish I could spend time looking into you eyes, into your soul, touching your hair Stroking your hair feeling your skin, soft, smooth, warm, oh, such warm heat I feel your heat, that heat that tells me you are ready, that heat...Read On


December 10th, 1959

A birthday poem for Gabrielsbabygirl

December 10th, 1959 It was just another day Easy just to say But there's something Not sure what it is Just know it holds my mind For some reason Can't remember why I search my mind to try It escapes my weary mind I look into my soul For there I feel I know The hidden meaning I can't place the reason It's not just the season but I wonder I know it is special I can't see past the...Read On


He Knows

A Dom's poem of true trust

She sits at His feet, He looks down and smiles, She knows. He offers her His hand, She takes it as He pulls her up, She knows. He pulls her to His lap, Her arms encircle Him, She is safe, She knows. He strokes her hair, Kisses her neck, She is home, She knows. He opens her blouse, She may tremble a bit but, She knows. He touches her flesh, His touch in warm and filled with...Read On


The Darkest Day

His Desires filled, then go

He sits in his room, the day filled him with gloom, Not seeing the light come his way. His life that was hiding, sitting inside him, Far away from eyes trying to take it away. One day like a child, who just opened his eyes, The light cut through the gloom and the haze. He walked through the door and out to the day, Watching and feeling his way. He knows his desire that so needed inspired,...Read On



My Battlefield Angel

She saves me from the reaper

As I wake, or at least my eyes and brain began to focus on the same things, I can see from the blurry image that I am inside. It is a small hut or shack, I can only see the room I'm in and from the floor at that. I can not move my body, shifting my eyes is all I can manage. Having no idea where I am, my mind starts to try to put together the events that I can still remember. The last that...Read On

Oral Sex(2)


Texts To Her

My thoughts as she sleeps

These texts were sent to a very special person as she slept. Middle of the night and I wake up, been having a little trouble sleeping lately, not sure why, a lot of crap on my mind. As my eyes adjust to the moonlight I see her, laying next to me, so sweet, so innocent looking. It always makes me happy when I see her sleeping, but this time, it makes me think. You know the thoughts I mean,...Read On


His Pleasure

She thanks him for Her Punishment

Sunlight is pouring into the room as her eyes open to the day. She is alone, having never been happy waking that way, she looks around the room for him. No one there, she is indeed alone, climbing out of the large bed she walks through the house, looking, searching the rooms, no one else is there. As she walks past the large sliding door to the backyard, she sees him. Laying on a chase...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


The Laundry Mat

Sometimes quick angry sex is the best

Another shitty day and another shitty job. I hate doing laundry, and this time was not going to be any exception, or so I thought. I had already separated everything out and started my washers when she walked in. Carrying a large bag and fighting the door. I jumped up to help her and was given a very angry look and she snapped, "I can take care of myself, I don't remember asking for...Read On

Straight Sex(5)



Sexy Little cousins are so much fun

Riding on this bus always sucks, but eventually we get to where we are going and then we get to play. There is always a good part with every bad part I guess. The ride gives me time to think between shows. I play bass guitar and lead vocals for a rock band out of Columbus, Ohio. We aren't too bad , actually we're pretty good. But this summer we've done a lot of traveling around the Midwest....Read On



Inspirition returns with a storm

The night was a stormy one, as dark as the bottom of a deep well. The only break in the black sky outside my window was the flashes of lightning that lit up the entire area. The wind was a steady drone and the crash of the thunder sounds like explosions just outside...... "Damn, that really sucks." As I stand up from the computer and walk around the room. "Why the hell do I have such...Read On


Casanova On-Line

His online time is special, but do they know his secret?

He prepares for his time on-line as if following an ancient ritual. He gets out the notebook sets up the candles and sits at his computer. The shelves in his room are filled with computer books and romance novels. The computer books were for his mind and the romance novels.....well they were for his on-line friends. That was also what his notebook was for. It was like his bible, containing...Read On


Strangers In The Park

Her life starts today

(This is my first attempt to write from a woman's POV, hope it works. Let me know, help me learn.) I like to spend my time in the park, looking at the birds, listening to their songs, catching the squirrels at their games of love. I sit and watch the children play and wish there were a way to be them. But mostly, I sit and wish. Wish that things were different, wishing I had the answer,...Read On


Birthday Gift

My Birthday gift I will never forget

Coming from a very small town, I was a little shy in my new home. Columbus Ohio isn't a huge city, but it was a lot bigger than I was used to. It was also a large college town. And of course the biggest plus, two hours away from the old home town. I have been living here and going to school since June. I have had different jobs to help pay the bills. Recently I started playing music with a...Read On


The Old Manchester Place

my ghost story

This falls under the heading of can't believe it happened, but it truly did. I had returned to my old hometown, a tiny little wide spot in the woods in Indiana, after a few years of running around and discovering the world and my place in it. My parents had recently passed away and I was there to handle their affairs and sell there little cottage in the trees. My name is Jester Wright, but...Read On