Group Sex(1)


A Weekend in Wine Country: Thursday

Robert and Gail go on weekend vacation in search of fun.

This story takes place in April 2011. Robert’s mom passed away in March. This devastated him in ways I can’t put into words. The day he got the news he started crying for two days straight. While he didn’t always have the greatest relationship with her, she supported him in everything he wanted to do with his life, especially dropping out of law school and moving to L.A. without a plan....Read On



Gail and Robert Seduce the Neighbor's Daughter

How will our neighbor's daughter convince us not to tell her dad about what we caught her doing?

This story takes place in August 2005. Robert and I were watching Brynn, our 16-year-old neighbor give her boyfriend a blowjob, on the wicker chaise lounge next to our pool. As her mouth moved up and down his 17-year-old shaft I turned to Robert and said, “Want to have some fun?” He smiled deviously and said, “Yes.” He put his game face on, opened the door to the pool, stormed out...Read On


A Goodbye Present

Ami gives an old friend a going away present he'll never forget.

This story takes place during the summer of 2010. When we moved to Arizona a little over ten years ago Ami’s first friend was this sweet little boy named Brian. On her first day of school he followed her home, and practically came over nearly everyday. That is until the previous summer when Ami turned 16 and blossomed from a scrawny kid into a stunning young woman standing at 5’5,...Read On


A Gift from Ami

A daughter gives her parents a very special gift--her best friend

Robert and I were coming home from a client dinner. Ami, our 16-year-old daughter was babysitting the younger children. She wasn’t happy that she had to this. Friday night was a night to go out and not staying in, especially if you’re forced to watch the younger sister you’ve been fighting with all week. The screaming match that ensued when we told her that she needed to do this...Read On


Robert's Dad: Chapter One

Robert cheated on me and I was out for revenge.

In May of 1986 Robert and I had broken-up. Let me correct that, I had just broken-up with Robert. The bastard had cheated on me by fucking the one girl I hated most in the world Alyssa Rudin. I might have been okay with it if it was anyone but her. I was okay with Robert fucking my friends just as long as I was there. But this time he crossed the line and I was out for revenge. I wasn’t...Read On