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Video game lush, stay-at-home mom, and lover of sex stories.. especially the sci-fi/fantasy based ones. I play PC-based MMOs--Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) for about a year before switching back to my love, World of Warcraft (WoW). The sexiest characters from those games would have to be a Twi'lek slave dancer and Blood Elf paladin, respectively. Right now, I'm playing in Mists of Pandaria in WoW and I'm loving every second of it. If you like games or wanna know more about what I've gotten my fingers on, then lemme know!

At first I came here to read stories, then one day I stumbled into the chat rooms and made great friends. Now I sometimes read (& write) but mostly hang out in the chat rooms, but even then there are very few times where I feel I've met a kindred spirit on these sites and they don't get to see or hear me. Don't think you can sweet talk me into that because it's not gonna happen, buster! Also, if you wanna friend me, add something in that about me unless we've talked previously. I love new friends, but I don't like creepers without avatar photos or creepy words...

I make it a point to hit the chat rooms once night has fallen (unless I'm engrossed in video game playin'). You can usually find me there.. come check it out!

Other than all that nasty negativity, I feel like I'm fun, easy-going and friendly... and I just love some great erotica. I've starting writing some of that great erotica too, please check it out because I love getting feedback from new readers! Share your stories & fantasies and I'll share you mine!

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Asheville, North Carolina, United States
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20 May 2018 23:28
Video games, music, wine, a great book, cool summer breezes & warm sunshine days!
Favorite Books:
Fifty Shades of Grey (and other dirty romance novels) , The Twilight Saga (shush your judgy mouth!), Atlas Shrugged, The Harry Potter books, Game of Thrones, Warcraft novels
Favorite Authors:
The authors of the books I listed above. I also have an account on Literotica with all my fave authors there & I'm looking to add to my faves here on Lushstories.
Favorite Movies:
Avatar, Tron: Legacy, Twilight Saga, Sucker Punch. Though this changes frequently, so I'll just say anything that doesn't have a horror element to it, I love.
Favorite Music:
Currently on a dubstep binge (shush you judging judgy-ers!) but also just about anything except boy bands & country twangers.


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10 Jun 2012
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12 Jan 2015
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Topic: Are Malfunctioning Chat Rooms a little like "Orgasm Denial" for anybody here ?
Posted: 24 Mar 2013 08:29

Especially the frustration in not being able to enter them. I click on them, and it's like I halfway load in, because if I back out, refresh & click on the "who's online" info, my name is in there... So technically I'm in, but I'm not actually there.

Complete denial, frustration, and ensuing anger. Also, this only happened to me today, I worked fine a couple days ago.

Topic: Any ladies ever had an orgasm in your sleep (when sleeping alone obviously)
Posted: 24 Jan 2013 08:50

I have on many occasions. Sometimes they wake me up and other times they dont but I can tell the next morning that I came.

This has happened to me too. I recall having orgasms during a dream but I've only once woken up with actual evidence in my panties--thick creamy liquid, still wet. At first I thought my partner had snuck inside while I was asleep, but I asked him & he denied it.

I don't see why women can't have "wet dreams" like men supposedly can. It's a bit unsettling at first, but having thought about it, I think it's pretty damn hot now!

Topic: Unconventional
Posted: 05 Dec 2012 07:42

Big arms, preferrably tattooed or scarred (they hold stories), nice hands, facial hair galore (beards jump up high on the fuck-me list)... and hair everywhere, especially all over his chest. Since I'm a big curvy girl, I don't mind a little extra weight on my man as long as he can dominate me well.

Is that what you mean by "unconventional?"

Topic: Avatar and Profile bio's part when deciding to chat or not.
Posted: 02 Dec 2012 05:58

I've been burned too many times in the past by people who don't have their profile's filled out at least in the "about me" department, so to cull that negativity I don't like to talk to avatar-less folk.

I can understand that making your own first impression before worrying about a profile is good, but I think if you can't be bothered to spend 5 minutes doing something so simple as finding a picture to represent you & words to fill your profile, then why should I be inclined to chat with you?

Just my opinion, of course.

Topic: Who cums more and hard Chubby girls or skinny girls
Posted: 30 Nov 2012 21:19


LOL @ the Kate Beckett facepalm... exactly how I feel about this silly thread!

Topic: Do you have a blog outside Lush?
Posted: 14 Nov 2012 06:53

I, too, am on Tumblr. But it's usually porn images more than anything else. If I write stories on here I'll usually post them there as well. And most photos I re-blog have "confessions" of sorts, straight from my fantasies and dirty mindedness ;)

Follow if you please, but it's really more for my pleasure, haha!

Topic: Older Men and You
Posted: 11 Nov 2012 08:27

I lost my virginity at 18 to a 28 year old. Dated men off and on throughout college who were older (seniors-grad students) and am now engaged to a man 15 years older than me. Although he acts like he's 13 sometimes, so it's like I'm taking care of a child more often than not...

I love talking with older men, preferably 10+ years older. Some wanna say it's because of my submissive nature, or peg me as a 'Daddy's girl' but I never was growing up. I think I just like older men because of their sophistication and knowledge. Most men have already lived full and interesting lives and I love hearing about that. Plus, the one's I talk to also like that I'm young and promiscuous ;) So there is that.

I'm still growing as a submissive and it's a fantasy of mine to find an older man I can have as a Daddy.. but that discussion lies in another forum I think, haha!

Posted: 07 Nov 2012 07:37

FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABY!<img src="/images/emoticons/bighugs.gif" alt="Big Hugs"> Did you get a free order of fried rice when you bought mop?<img src="/images/emoticons/icon_smile.gif" alt="icon_smile"> . I've have had only 1 max level character and that's an undead warlock. My imps name is Pipnip, Does that turn you on or what?

Your lock's name was Pipnip... really?!

And yeah, I only spent 10 months on SWTOR, playing from early-release beta until last month, versus the seven plus years I was on WoW. Admittedly BC was the greatest expansion, and they got worse & worse with Wrath and Cata, but I'm such a girly girl and Asian obsessed that I LOVE Pandaria. I started leveling my troll shaman again and although I miss the old talent trees and specs, I know whining about the old ones isn't gonna bring it back so I'm just adapting, y'know?

Posted: 07 Nov 2012 07:32

I wish I knew what you guys are talking about.
And it's not said with sarcasm. Every time I have desire to play a game, people just roll eye on me, I guess I suck.

All it takes is a bit of patience really. I had the fortunate chance to learn from a friend in college i.e. sitting over his shoulder and watching him play a character and that's all it took for me.

But seriously though, all us gamers were all nooblettes at some point (even if we don't want to admit it) and most of those games have trials or tutorials out the wazoo, so if you really want to learn to play them, find a friend or jump in there yourself! Trust me the water's fine and we don't bite (unless you ask nicely!)

Posted: 05 Nov 2012 19:07

EDIT: grawr stupid double post sorry X_X

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(not so) Quietly in the Back Bedroom

Our first times hardly go as planned. We fumble, stutter, mumble and end up settling for less than we're worth. If you happen to have a movie-moment first time, let me know, but mine was far from it. I barely recall that night, only seven years ago, but I do remember one thing-- Donnie Darko . I know, right? Random thing to remember, but that's what the guy put on to play on his TV to drown...

Added 03 Jul 2013 | Category First Time | Votes 21 | Avg Score 4.84 | Views 13,475 | 13 Comments

Playing By Your Command

Toys by my side Awaiting your command A ding lets me know you’re near I read your words instead of feeling your hand-- “Show me… The implements that will touch you Instead of me” “Show me… The delicious spread The offering of your arousal” “Show me… How you play alone Drift your fingers to the moist mound Spread the moisture to the domes Of peaked nipples abound” “Think of me…...

Added 18 Mar 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 1,598 | 4 Comments

A Three, Four, and Five-some

It’s set up just to be another Friday night in Lushland. I log on after getting all my accessories ready, bullet vibe and glass dong to my left, and there is a fresh beer with the top popped open to my right. I am always careful not to knock my mouse into it and commit a serious party foul. I navigate and see the hottest club isn’t quite open yet, so I pick another room as a good “warm up”...

Added 20 Jan 2013 | Category Group Sex | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.47 | Views 9,828 | 6 Comments

One Hundred

I have this need To help others To please Some say I’m too eager But if I don’t I’ll bleed Out Onto the carpet Love spills over And over again pleading Let me out Let me be This eager whore To please Giving only to you Don’t you see? How anxious it makes me? I crave your direction Gain desire and want from you Why can’t you give it to me? Be the guiding hand on My quickly confused head...

Added 14 Dec 2012 | Category Love Poems | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 1,751 | 8 Comments

Fooling Around on the Ferris Wheel

It’s a surprisingly warm night for fall, probably one of the last nice ones we'll have until next spring.We're out on a rare “date night;” rare because raising a rambunctious toddler doesn't leave you much time (or money) to enjoy each other like we used to pre-baby. So we're out strolling amongst families and kids at the last night of the state fair. The leaves are just beginning to change,...

Added 10 Oct 2012 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 26 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 9,929 | 13 Comments


We are no more than two adults with naughty fantasies tonight. You leave thoughts of your family of four and dog at the door. I forget about the thesis that won’t write itself for class the next day. We only think of each other tonight: I am your princess and you are my Daddy. Your wedding ring is safe in the pocket of your slacks that are folded neatly on the chaise in the bedroom....

Added 09 Sep 2012 | Category Taboo | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 19,061 | 12 Comments

Bound and Teased

This is my first published story. I have been writing for almost a year and reading for longer. This particular scene came from a very inspiring chat with a fellow Lushie. It's got light bondage, some temperature play and teasing. Enjoy!! You and I are sharing a joke on the couch after having a nice meal. I take a sip of the wine and you pick up your glass and hold it up for a toast, “To...

Added 29 Aug 2012 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 7,207 | 11 Comments

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