Straight Sex(1)


A Night Of Summer Pleasure

A couple celebrating their wedding anniversary are caught in a storm and find a welcome shelter.

The evening had gone very well indeed; they’d enjoyed their meal on the terrace of the restaurant. Something you could only do in weather like this. The sun had shone all day and it had been warm that evening. Now Dave and Julie were in the car on the way back home after their romantic evening out. Clouds had started to gather in the distance and it looked like a storm was heading in. The...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


The Maid

My first story please feel free to leave a comment if you like it or think it's a little long thanks

I led a very busy and active work life and found it very difficult to keep up with the daily chores around my apartment. So I decided to hire someone to come in and clean for a couple of hours a day. I did the usual phonebook walk, looking for potential candidates. I even checked out the Internet, found a promising company and arranged for them to come over for an interview that evening. ...Read On