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Topic: I'm not a robot dam it
Posted: 23 Nov 2016 01:10

i think it is pretty damn stupid that if i am a bronze/silver/gold/platinium member i have to deal with that crap?
the real robots didnt pay
and yes i have seen 2 emails now from robots !!! not paid accounts and clearly got past the "im not a robot"

of course!

so from now on, paid subscribers will not see the robot check. if robots want to join up and pay, i for one welcome them <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/occasion14.gif" alt="occasion5">

Topic: Happy Birthday Arlene
Posted: 16 Nov 2016 00:44

Have a great birthday dear Arlene

Topic: PM Dating Spam Warning - this is NOT sanctioned by LS
Posted: 14 Nov 2016 11:14

Seems like a great idea, even if the reason is unfortunate and it makes messages a little more cumbersome to send.

There may be things I'm not considering, but is the captcha validation necessary within an existing PM thread? That is, once an original PM has been validated with the captcha, maybe all subsequent replies within the same thread don't need it?

Whats a fabulous idea, I'll add that in now. Thanks OR!

Topic: PM Dating Spam Warning - this is NOT sanctioned by LS
Posted: 12 Nov 2016 17:20

As you can see I've added the captcha validation to send a friend and PM requests. Let's see if this stops or at least slows them down.

I hope we don't get to the point of having to remove the free bronze membership to stop these spammers. However I'm seeing lots of people leave the site because of them. Its not a great look having these messages being circulated through your internal systems.

Topic: PM Dating Spam Warning - this is NOT sanctioned by LS
Posted: 12 Nov 2016 12:52

I've reported three, the first one three weeks ago, the other two earlier this week. But I noticed the profiles are still there, perhaps still spamming other members even. May I ask why it takes so long? Too many reports or a lot of time needed to verify whether the report is valid perhaps?

There isn't any real urgency in deleting these users. As you report these messages Callisto will verify them and schedule them for deletion. However as soon as they realise their account has been removed they will refresh their IP and sign-up again. I would rather let them think their account is active and still sending these spam messages, but internally silently deleting them before they are received.

Topic: Posting pictures
Posted: 15 Sep 2016 01:49

Can pictures be posted in chat?
Or am I just too dense to figure it out?

Yeah for sure. You just need to paste in a link to an image, either externally or from your image gallery.

Topic: Posts (Pictures) failing to show up.
Posted: 15 Sep 2016 01:30

Thank you, I haven't had any issues since my first post here. I just went back and deleted some of my posts on friends' walls. It looked kind of silly to have my name there and a tiny non picture. I still don't know why they didn't show up or the forum posts either. I can't be that unpopular can I, lol?

Perhaps someone is sabotaging your popularity by removing them <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/hiding.gif" alt="hiding">

Topic: Posts (Pictures) failing to show up.
Posted: 14 Sep 2016 00:01

As you can imagine the space required to store these anonymous image uploads can get quite extensive. Every so often i run a purge tool that will clean up our media store for orphaned media or files with low view counts.

Files really shouldn't go missing from forum posts of friends walls as these would typically get lots of views.

Topic: Posting video
Posted: 13 Sep 2016 23:57

I upload a short video and it plays but nothing showing. I dont know what is going on....can someone help me?

Anyone with issues uploading and converting videos please send them to me either as an embedded file (if less than 10mb) or as a link to a file sharing site.

gav lushstories.com


Topic: Changing My Avatar
Posted: 02 Sep 2016 17:32


I'm trying to change my avatar and it won't allow me to and give me an error.

Now It won't let me put anything.

Is there some kind of a problem?

Any help is appreciated.


I'm afraid your popularity was your misfortune here. As it attempted to remove your old avatar from disk there was contention from everyone else trying to read it. I'll put some re-try logic in there for next time.

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