gber1's Blog Entries


18 Oct 2011 19:17

Just finished a story, it's based on a video game though so not great for a site like lush. Oh well, still very hot from writing it.

18 Oct 2011 16:34

Pretty tired and lonely...

04 Sep 2011 00:28

I'm back, been gone for awhile but I couldn't stay away from Lush. Would love a chat right now.

30 Aug 2011 12:33

Trying to think of an idea for my next story.

29 Jun 2011 12:23

It's certainly hot today, isn't it? Need to find a way to cool off.

28 Jun 2011 21:09

Mmm, sitting here, basking in bliss.

27 Jun 2011 23:58

I'm pretty lonely, looking for a chat, whether it's naughty or nice.

27 Jun 2011 14:53

Hopefully I solved all the problems with my latest story. I guess that's what I get for writing it at 4 A.M.

27 Jun 2011 12:39

Hm. I'm bored, message me.

26 Jun 2011 18:42

Reminiscing about my life, the good and the bad, mostly bad. I feel like I've been through so much, and I feel like an adult, but I see how much of my life I got to live still. Crazy shit.

26 Jun 2011 09:59

I'm open for some chatting.

26 Jun 2011 08:52

Just got out of the shower, took a few pictures. I feel nice, clean and sexy smelling.

26 Jun 2011 07:08

Looking for a chat. Quite bored.

26 Jun 2011 04:41

Just submitted my incest threesome. God, that story was quite steamy hot. You'll all see it tomorrow! I said I would sleep, but insomnia got the better of me, and I wrote a 2000 word story because of my hornyness. At least something good came out of it.

26 Jun 2011 01:53

Nice chatting with ya, TastyCakes, I'm gonna head to bed. Good night, girls.

25 Jun 2011 23:13

New picture is up. Talking with TastyCakes, loving that girl.

25 Jun 2011 21:53

I just shaved. When I get some time, I'll take a picture.

25 Jun 2011 15:35

Listening to TDG, might write some more stories. Open to chatting.

25 Jun 2011 10:45

Wow, just got up. I think I might have slept for an entire day. Morning wood sucks.

25 Jun 2011 10:11

New story is up. But I'm exhausted. Haven't gotten any sleep yet. Insomnia sucks.

24 Jun 2011 08:51

Bored. Can't write for some reason. Would love to chat with someone though.

23 Jun 2011 17:26

Writing my next story, it's going to be long and filled with threesomes and incest.

23 Jun 2011 13:07