A Fucking good time Chapter 2

A woman's addiction and where it takes her

It was an odd thing to do, really, the blonde had no idea how she had been convinced to do this. Perhaps it was because she had managed to get her brunette friend to share a stall with her. And maybe another factor was she was in control. Now, she loved the feeling of a man dominating her, but sometimes it did get old. Sometimes. She glanced over at her slutty dressed companion, not that she...Read On

Group Sex(1)


A Fucking good time Chapter 1

A woman's addiction and where it takes her

She didn't know how it started, or how it would end, but one thing she did know was that she was fucking loving it. She couldn't count how many men were simply around her, how many hands gripped her soft, pink skin. Though, if she really focused, maybe she could count how many men were inside of her. She was glad her friends managed to convince her to come to this party, it was certainly...Read On



Fucking His Younger Twin Sisters

A slutty sister seduces her siblings into a threesome

He didn’t know what to think, anymore. Everything had happened so god damn fast . It was hard to form concurrent thoughts at this point, the feeling was too much. Each tongue equally licking him to an orgasm and as his seed shot onto their giggling faces, Amy said in the sweetest voice he had ever heard. “Brother came again. It’s so hot and sticky. ” And as his eyes peeled themselves off...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Lusty Wifey

A loving wife gives her husband a gift

It's always "hard" getting "up" in the morning The day had begun just like any other, a loud ringing alarm pierced the air and a lazily thrown arm just as quickly turned the loud interruption off. The male groaned ever so softly, seeing glints of sunlight out of the cracks in his curtains. He knew it was Monday, and he had nothing but dread in his bones as he slowly planned out the day...Read On