Erotic Poems(1)


... and it all begins...

A Shy "Hello..." A sideways glance A gentle smile … And it all begins … A lingering touch A knowing look A soft kiss A soft caress A warm embrace A passionate kiss Quick tongue Urgent hands Feverish kisses Wet with desire Hard with desire Moans of desire Tumble in to bed Struggle with the clothes Aching to be skin against skin A kiss A kiss A kiss Your teeth raking my skin My...Read On



Wicked Girl, No Words

I want to belong to him... and him alone.

God, I want him. I want him so badly my nipples were hard even before I even left my apartment. Up the elevator to his office in one of the glass towers downtown. Short skirt, spiky heels, garter belt - the outfit was his call. ***** We had met on one of those dating websites another lifetime ago. I was new in town, young and starry-eyed. He was more established, older, ambitious and...Read On

Love Poems(10)



The sun is raising - starry night morphing into a multi-coloured dawn. In the stillness of the early morning, I watch you sleep, tangled in my crisp white sheets. Your body glows with a deep remembrance of the night before as I see the curves of your body in the diffused light for the first time. I am mesmerized – the newness, freshness of it all – the sight of you in my bed, the smell...Read On


Every Time

I miss you. You left, with almost no reasons and no explanations, and expected my life to revolve as it once did. The pain was expected, as was the emptiness. It would almost have made sense, and almost felt right, except… This wasn’t supposed to end like this. This wasn’t supposed to hurt so deep. This wasn’t supposed to pull at my heart every time I think of you. Every time I hear...Read On


Every Time - Redux

I miss you. You left, as you should, with every right and every reason. And asked me to find my answers. I expected the pain, but not the loneliness. This time, it made sense, and it feels right. Except... I wish that it had ended differently somehow I wish that it would hurt my heart less somehow I wish that it would all make more sense somehow. Every time I remember your...Read On


I submit

I submit. I kneel, with my head bowed. My throat, my back, my breast aching for your ministrations. My mind and body yours to command. I submit. I exist now only for you. Your eyes, your mouth, your cock. Your filthy mind and your quick hands, your whispered promises and your moans of desire. I submit. Silk over the eyes. Hands leather bound, cold metal collar snaps shut. I hear...Read On


Our Grand Adventure

Against the Odds

Through this, our Grand Adventure You were there.  And, amazingly, you still are  Steadfast in the belief that  We’re going to make it. I won’t say that it’s been easy. Easy is a word we scoffed at  Right from the beginning. There was the time when things were said, and not said  and said with too many words  by too many people.  But in the end, those same people now look forward...Read On


Stand up!

for L Life has been unkind - yet you still stand through unimaginable grief through shattered lives through a plague on your blood. through a mind being lost. You still stood with the unyielding weight on your shoulders alone. Then, unsurprisingly, your love finally admitting it never was A love that was never built on trust, or compromise but rather solely on the fear of being alone. ...Read On


The Road

The Road is uncertain ahead, but I have no fear. Moonlight guided my every step, setting the dark cobblestones aglow. I move forward and the doubt from my soul eases. For far too long now, I shielded myself from the world Stemming from the insecurity that, once upon a time, defined me – My heart is scarred, my soul, while not broken, heaves with weight. I thought I knew what I was and who...Read On


Three Drinks

Dark Bar. Dark red cocktail. Drink One A glint in your eyes as you walk in, my lips part with in a smile. All the lines running through my head erased as you slide up next to me in the booth, hand sliding up my back. Hello, Hello Exchanges about your day, my day, your nights, my nights. Your partner, my partner. Formalities. Old Friends. Renewed Virtual Lovers. Drink Two Sly...Read On


Turn Out the Lights

The single candle I hold casts a soft, golden glow about the room. You see me walk towards you, clad in silk and lace. With a smile, I raise the candle to my lips, purse my lips and… Darkness. Perfect, velvet darkness. You smell my perfume, dark and feminine. You taste my lips on yours You hear my breath softly whispering against your skin. You feel me press my body to against you. ...Read On


What She Isn't

She sits at the smoky bar alone by choice. The neon Bud sign casts a blue glow on her face. Her shoulders straight, her elbows slung casually across the back of the barstool. Jack on the Rocks, Red Sox on the TV. She isn’t worried about her makeup, because she now knows her smile can startle from across the room. She isn’t worried about her hair, because she now knows the cascading...Read On

Straight Sex(4)

Recommended Read

Mahogany - Part 1

Sometimes, a vacation from reality is what you really need....

I find myself standing on a wooden dock white washed by the sun watching the yacht pull away. Behind me, beyond the oddly perfect, barren stretch of white-sugar sand, lays a complex of equally white buildings with Mahogany roofs under green fronds of palm trees. A week, I think to myself. I have a week here. I look back out to the boat, the dash of white against the impossibly azure sea,...Read On


Slow Burn

I look at my watch. 6:38am. “Fuck,” I muttered to myself, “another all-nighter” My schedule has never been what you call normal. My workshop is at home, in my basement - and I find the stillness of the night calming. I work easier when there are no phone calls to make, no e-mails to answer to right away, no distractions - just my music, my work and me. Silver-smithing can be a...Read On


That First Night...

What was a girl to do about her appetite?

- with the deepest respect to Nigella - I giggled as I squirmed out from underneath his arms and tumbled out of bed. He caught me around my waist just as I was standing up and pulled me back into bed with him. I pressed the full length of my body against him , luxuriating in his warmth and against his once-again hardening cock. I sighed and contemplated not going anywhere, but rather...Read On


The Heat

Spring in New Orleans. The nighttime air is still crisp but warm compared to my hometown in the North. I revelled in the warm Mississippi breeze, letting it kiss my skin and breathing it all in. Pushing my way through the drunken debauchery on Bourbon Street, I turned down Ursulines Ave, past the infamous convent and took a left at Decatur Street. I entered the restaurant alone. It was...Read On