Kendra's First True Submission, Part 2

Taking Kendra a step further at a party

As I laid in bed, my mind raced quite a bit thinking about how I dominated Kendra last night. It was an interesting evening as I really used her ass more than ever before and how she was never a big fan of anal play. I played the scene over and over in my head thinking about how she took it, how wet she got and most importantly, how she never complained other than one little time. The more...Read On


Kendra's First True Submission - Part 1

Request to be dominated goes a little further than expected

For the past several months, my wife, Kendra, has mentioned she would like to be more submissive in the bedroom. While I wouldn't classify Kendra as extremely dominant herself, she has always taken more control in the bedroom, especially when it comes to getting her pleasure. One Tuesday night, we were out with some friends for Happy Hour. Kendra had a few drinks, and on the way home...Read On


New Year Starts Off With a Bang

Surprise weekend trip is a thrill for Kendra

As New Year’s Eve is approaching, I tell my wife Kendra, “Baby, I made fun plans to start the new year off with a bang.” She starts to get excited knowing I always give great surprises and tries to get me to tell her what the plans are, or at least give her a few hints. I smile knowing she has no idea what I have planned, but do tell her, “Well, I need you to at least help prepare for it....Read On


The Goddess and the Bet

The bet goes a little differently than he hoped

One night, we are out for an evening on the town. After a few drinks, we decide to have a little competition and bet between a game of darts, shuffleboard and pool. We decide the winnder of the bet gets to pick something they want for the evening and the other has to agree no matter what. It sounds fun and intriguing as we go forward. The first game is shuffleboard and neither of us is great...Read On



Kendra Enjoys a Woman for the First Time While Hubby Watches

She finally gets to experience being with another woman

I’m at a party with my wife Kendra and a bunch of other couples at Sara and Lou’s house. The party is fairly normal but the alcohol is flowing quite liberally and most people are either very buzzed or completely intoxicated. Around 1 am, the party starts to wind down and most couples leave, and it happens to be just Kendra and I with Sara and Lou. Sara is by far the drunkest of the four of...Read On



Kendra's Wonderful Trip to Aruba

Vacation sex is always the best

Folllow up For the past ten days, Kendra and I didn't have any intimate relations as I traveled for work. After the tenth day, she confronted me and asked, "Is everything okay, you've been home a while, and we still haven't had sex?" I smiled at her and said, "Perfect timing honey, I have a little surprise for you." I handed her an envelope which she opened. It only took her a few...Read On



Kendra Enjoys Her Day Where My Focus Is to Please Her

A fun day for Kendra and her pleasure is my focus

It was an early Saturday morning, and I surprised Kendra by gently taking off her pajama bottoms while she was still asleep. I tried my best to not disturb her, but she looked down and asked, “What are you doing?” As I pulled the bottoms off, I came up and kissed her pussy gently through her panties and said, “Today is your day sweetie, I want to make it special and I’m gonna start the day...Read On


My First Time in a Chastity Belt

My wife catches me masturbating and decides I need more self control

I was traveling for work for a few days and got home late Friday evening. After a shower, I was finally getting time to relax but my wife Kendra had other ideas. She walks into the room and comes up and straddles me and starts to kiss my ear. Normally, this sort of advance would get her mauled for a night of incredible sex. Instead, I let out a little grunt and say “Honey, I’m so tired.” ...Read On


Santa's Little Helper

A job as Santa's Elf Takes A Fun Turn

As the holidays approached, Kendra realized her job wasn’t paying her enough to get the presents she wanted to give to her family and friends. After spending a few weeks trying to find a job, she was desperate, and ran across an ad for “Santa’s helpers”. Since they were looking for evening and weekend workers, she could actually do both jobs. Have a Master’s Degree and a good job as a clerk in...Read On

First Time(1)


Kendra's First Girl Experience in Boston

Kendra finally gets to fulfill her desire to try a woman

Kendra and I have been together for a while and she has shared her fantasy a few times of always wanting to have experienced being with another girl. She often talked about how she missed her chance in college and now that she is with me, she’ll never have the opportunity. We talked about trying to find someone we knew in the neighborhood who might be interested, but Kendra always worried...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Girls Shopping Party Has Unplanned Pleasure

A shopping party at our house turns out much more fun than expected

We are around the house Saturday morning just doing normal stuff and the phone rings and I go and answer it. I hear you talking for a while and then come back in. You smile like you do when you want to ask for something and give me the big green eyes and say "Honey, can I ask a big favor of you?" I look a little nervous when I reply, "What is it?" You playfully say "Remember I was...Read On


College Fantasy Comes True Decades Later

A longtime college fantasy finally occurs, with a twist

A bunch of us are at a party, having a good time and having a few drinks. At first you are a little uncomfortable looking me in the eye after the chats we have had, but after a few minutes, it actually becomes more enjoyable - knowing things about each other that others don't know. Easy to make comments to each other to try to get a reaction, like the ultimate inside joke. A little later in...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Fun Flight Home After Vacation Turns into More

Telling a friend about our enjoyable flight home brings a new adventure

My wife, Kendra, and I are heading home after a wonderful vacation on the West Coast, but neither of us is that excited about the redeye flight we have coming up to get home. As we’re heading to the airport, Kendra can guess something is on my mind. “What’s up honey, you have a shit eating grin on your face? You can’t keep a secret, spill it.” “Nothing honey,” I say, “Just had a...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Best parent/teacher conference ever

A parent teacher conference has a fun twist

It’s Wednesday afternoon at work and I get a text from you. “Hey honey, don’t forget tonight is the parent/teacher conference and fundraiser, so try to get home on time.” I get home a little late from the office, but am in time to go to the school function and head upstairs to change clothes quickly. I see you getting out of the closet and you’re wearing a snug, low cut sweater that shows...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Can I Last Three Days?

A proud boast becomes a difficult challenge

We are at a party having a few drinks and as we are chatting and having fun and you look at me and say "By the way, I have to call you out on your bullshit." Completely shocked, I look a little puzzled as you surprised me with the comment and ask "What do you mean by that?" Adding a sly smile, you comment "You tell me that you like pleasing a woman so much that you could do that and not...Read On


A Fun Holiday Party

A fun evening visiting a friend's house

It’s Saturday evening and we’re getting ready to head over to a friend’s house for a holiday party. As you’re getting ready, I ask you to wear the red sweater that I like so much. You smile and say, “You just want me to wear it because it’s so tight and low cut.” With a wink, I respond, “No, of course not, that’s not the reason. It’s a holiday party and red is festive.” After coming up...Read On



The Freebie List Comes Back to Haunt Me

We had a list of people we could have sex with if we got the chance, who thought it might come true

We have been together for almost a decade and have always had a great friendship and relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom. Many years ago, we saw the Friends episode where Ross and Rachel had their list of people they could sleep with and not get into trouble. We joked about it for a while but then went back to the show. A few weeks later, we went to the bar and after a few...Read On



Subtle Tease and Torment

A friend decides to enjoy his submission fantasy

For the past several months, Kendra and I have been chatting and sharing fantasies between one another. Even though both of us are in committed relationships, we really enjoy discussing different thoughts and scenarios. For a few months, Kendra knew when she talked about her dominant side, it always got my attention and my juices flowing. Recently, I shared a fantasy I’ve had for a while,...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Ready to Come Home from My Work Trip

My wife has an idea to make my work trip more enjoyable

As I am packing for an upcoming working trip, my wife Kendra hits me with the five words that men dread more than any others in the English language, “Honey, we need to talk.” I look nervous like something major is up and ask, “Is everything okay? Is everyone healthy? What’s wrong?” in a very panicked voice. You soothe me with a slight smile and respond, “Oh yes, it’s nothing like that....Read On