Becoming Ginna

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We were just over 16 years old when I and my childhood best friend Tim, discovered masturbation. And once we did, we couldn't have enough of it. More often than not we would be at secluded places jerking off over porn magazines. From then onwards I realised I was getting more excited watching Tim masturbating rather than the porn, and soon I started wondering rather intensively how would his...Read On


Family Friend Outing

A family friend fucks me after outing myself to him

A few years ago I went back home to Greece for Easter to see my folks and enjoy a bit of the sun. My folks live in a small town where it’s impossible to get any cock if you are not out. As any typical small town where everyone knows everyone, coming out to a few people becomes coming out to the entire town after a few days. So naturally I spent most of my time gagging for cock in silence. ...Read On