Camping with Katie

Dad gets his second thrill with daugter's friend

This is a follow-up story to "Sarah's Friend." Please see my profile page if you would like to read the stories in sequence. --- Ever since Sarah had brought her friend Nadia to stay at my place for the weekend, she’d been finding new ways to keep herself entertained during her bi-weekly visits. As a divorced father, I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she stopped seeing me as regularly,...Read On



Meeting Carla

A friend introduces me to Carla

I hadn’t seen Mark for almost a year. His father had found a new job and subsequently his family had moved to another state. I’d known Mark since the beginning of high-school and I was really looking forward to seeing him again. We’d become friends since day one and it had come as quite a shock when he told me he was leaving. Not only had we seen each other in school each day, but we’d hung...Read On


Debbie's Place

A crossdresser gets more than he bargained for

My girlfriend, Linda, was kicking me out of the apartment for the night because her sister, Sandra, was coming to stay. Linda didn’t want her parents to know that she and I were living in sin together. I found it all a bit far-fetched that a girl of 23 years old either couldn’t or wouldn’t tell her parents where to stick their beliefs. But, I knew well enough not to argue with Linda over...Read On


The Panty Princess

Dominant girlfriend discovers her love for submissive boyfriend

Jane and I had only been living together for three weeks when I was caught red-handed. I was mortified when I saw her in the mirror, standing behind me with her mouth wide open. She had managed to come through the front door, up the stairs and into the bedroom without making any noise. I tried to explain that it was the first time I’d ever done such a thing, but she was having none of it. ...Read On


Jack's Little Bitch

Learning to be a girlfriend

Steph had been gone for about one week out of her two week visit to her Mom. She'd asked me to pick up the mail and water the plants while she was away, because her boyfriend, Jack, was also going to be away for the month on a business trip abroad. “Jack wouldn’t remember to water the plants even if he was there,” said Steph, laughing. “At least I can trust you.” Steph was right...Read On


Dressmaker's Dummy

Girls always knows best

I was happy now that Kasia and I had moved in together. Not only did it mean that we no longer had to take turns going to each other’s place, but it also meant that I had closer access to a supply of her soiled panties. Kasia was a cute Polish girl, 23 years old, with deep blue eyes, shoulder-length hair trimmed in a cute bob, and a body to die for. We had decided trying to live together to...Read On


Uncle Joe

A surprise gift leads to unforseen pleasure

I had just returned from a long solitary afternoon walk in the forest. The house looked really pretty in the snow, with its fairy lights adorning the rafters and windows. In fact, it was quite picture perfect, so I stopped to take a photo. I framed the house against the white valley in the background, making sure that I included the lush green fir tree to the right of the house and avoided...Read On



A panty sniffer is tamed

Sandra and I had been going out together for about six months. She was the perfect looking girl for me, with her beautiful freckled face, slim turned-up nose, pouty red lips, light green eyes, long blonde hair that she usually kept in a ponytail or braids, a great body topped with perky B-cup tits, and a cute firm ass that just screamed to be pumped. She was only 23, but Sandra already knew...Read On


A Welcome Predator

A crossdresser discovers his bisexual nature

I first met Jim in the lobby of the youth hostel. I wanted to check with the receptionist if my parents had wired through any money. I was supposed to be studying, but I’d spent most of my time going to parties with other kids of around my age. They knew all about the fun stuff in life and where to go to get some action. My money was all spent. I desperately needed some smokes. “How are...Read On


Becoming Mary - Part II

A girl discovers her dominance while a guy discovers his submissiveness

When Lucy had told me about Amanda liking men wearing panties I thought she was talking about a fetish thing. I didn’t realize there was more to it than that. About a week later I had just arrived home from work when I met Amanda in our apartment hallway. She had been to see Lucy and was on her way out. “Hi Amanda,” I said as she stepped into to the elevator, “How are you?” “I’m fine,”...Read On


Becoming Mary - Part I

A girl discovers her dominance while a guy discovers his submissiveness

Lucy and I had been living together for a couple of months when it all started. She was in her early twenties, and I was a couple of years younger. Up until I moved in with her, I’d lived my parents. My stay-at-home mother had taken care of all the household chores while my father went out to work. It was the typical old-fashioned family structure. From day one, living with Lucy was proving...Read On

Erotic Poems(21)


Railway Station Chicks

Guy picks up girls at a railway station and keeps souvenirs

I watch the lipstick smears on my shaft As you gobble my cock with pleasure I've taken your panties, hidden them away To keep them as my treasure I love to have you here and now To touch and hold and screw But when we’re done and you’re long gone I’ll still have a part of you You’re not the first, nor are you the last You were neither easy nor too hard But your delectable...Read On


Riding The Plushy Tiger

Laura shows her partner how she gets off

Laura boarded the plush toy tiger While I watched, laying on my side Happy that she was willing to show me Just how well a good girl could ride The crotch of her panties rubbing back and forth The soft fur tickling her thighs She built up rhythm, moaning and groaning Accompanied by occasional sighs I loved the sight of her damp cotton patch While she ground and bucked for a bit Then...Read On


Peter The Peeper

What you see is what you might get

While Peter stood in the ladies' department A woman’s flesh caught his eye The changing cabin curtains not fully drawn It was time to play ‘I Spy’ His little eye caught a glimpse of the gal Slipping delicately out of her skirt Her slender legs aroused his passion Peter’s pecker now proving pert Her blouse undone, he caught a peek Of his victim’s double D breasts She unclasped her black...Read On


Susie The Language Instructor

Susie uses her language skills creatively

This poem is meant to be fun, not genuinely erotic. Please read it as such. Thanks - GW. Susie spoke in many tongues She practiced every day With Frenchmen and Spanish and Chinese too But their cocks got in the way Her passion for linguistics Was merely a grand facade She would start by teaching basic grammar And end up getting them hard Susie claimed it was not her fault Foreign...Read On


Pigtails and Panties

Pigtails and panties Clips in her hair She was such a cutie Smoothly shaved down there Her finger to her mouth She feigned innocence But, once I was inside her She wasn't sitting on a fence She completely blew my mind With her sweet little look I was a tiny fish And she had me on her hook “Fuck me, Daddy please!” She squealed, gleefully I pushed deep inside her  “I’m here for you, Brie!” ...Read On


Jill The Travel Agency Girl

A recently divorced man finds his match

Her cute blonde bob and rosy cheeks, Were blowing my mind, for sure. Was I here to book a holiday? Or for merely a sexual cure? She tapped her false nails on the desk, While I perused the island brochure. I loved the pink tones and silver stars. I wasn't paying attention for sure. The holiday catalogs looked all the same. Her loveliness was too distracting. The cleavage on show...Read On


Cocklet in Panties

A guy enjoys the similarity between feminine boys and girls

Such a pretty sight to see, Panties in pastel tone. Borders trimmed with pretty lace, Clinging to your bone. Your knickers suit you well my friend, At times, you pass for a chick. But when I zoom in close-up, I can see you have a dick. Sometimes you get excited, Your meat begins to grow. Pushing toward the top or the side, It’s such a cute peep-show! Stocking tops and garter belts, Enhance...Read On


Dan the Shoe Shop Man

A shoe shop owner rewards his customer

Pretty little things abounded In Dan’s trendy uptown shop He specialized in ladies footwear For the young and upcoming lot Glam girls and future divas Flocked to see his wares Jimmy Shoe and Le Booting Were among their favorite pairs Even though he’d made his fortune Dan was always present in the store Helping the girls with their fittings And sometimes even more See, Dan...Read On


A Fun and Fluid Christmas

Lovers rejoice in their reunion

Suzie's dreaming of a white Christmas Just like the one's she used to know When the guys got horny and the girls were willing And the boys would spurt their Christmas snow Johnny's dreaming of a white Christmas Just like the one's when he would blow Suzie's mouth was willing She'd guzzle, there was no spilling He felt so proud, and she would glow Now they're both dreaming of a...Read On

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Ballerina Bliss

Two girls have fun in ballet class

I like your tutu I like your tutu too It looks so good on you Do you like my hair? I love it, to be fair A blonde in a bun, such flair Your leotard’s very tight Camel toe, what a delight For you, that’s quite alright Your legs, they’re very slender Your thighs, they look so tender To touch them would be splendour I love those little tits I love your tits to bits Come on, let’s do...Read On


Lizzy the Redhead

A bittersweet fling in the schoolyard

Lizzy the redhead Was only sixteen The love of my life That has never been I wanted her badly But she loved John Or so she said I wished he was gone One day after class we met Walking along the hall “Run, it’s John!” She giggled We hid behind the wall I loved her pink fuzzy mohair top And I loved her red frizzy hair A boy of eighteen, as I was then I wanted to love her, down there ...Read On


Tender to the Touch

A relaxing end to a busy week

She lies in semi-darkness Face down on silk sheets Her feminine form excites me The music slowly beats With almond oil in my hands I straddle across her back And gently start the massage Seduction is right on track Up and down my hands glide I kiss her softly on the cheek I feel her body slowly relaxing She’s had a busy week I knead and tap along her spine She whispers “You're the...Read On

Audio version available

Emma The Rebel

A young girl uses her life learnings to her advantage

Emma was a sweet young thing She’d wear frilly dresses and bake And knit and sew and smile all day There was only so much she could take Her mother had taught her well Never to speak out of place To always obey the higher ups And to act with perfect grace “Well fuck all that!” She said to herself “I’m eighteen, I can do as I like.” She packed her bags, left the family home And...Read On

Audio version available

Zak the Tzar

A magician discovers what he really wants

Zak the Tzar was a man of renown And whenever his show came into town People lined up to see the clown How could a pro performing magic Deliver an act that looked so tragic Screwing up this trick and then that trick? At the height of his game he’d been the best Playing New York, London, Paris and the rest Making tons of money and feeling stressed All that changed when he hired Wendy...Read On


Larry's Portrait Studio

Larry branches out from portraits to full-length pictures and nudes

Note: Like many of my erotic poems, the overt sex element is slim. Please try to find the humor. It is there if you look carefully. Larry focused his final shot Portrait photography was his lot Some of the chicks got him really hot But day after day seeing only face Larry wanted to shoot some lace Under it too would be “quaite naice” A new idea to his mind did spring Full-length...Read On


Morning Choice

A guy masturbates to thoughts of girls he knows

Waking up in the early morn My woody needing a stroke I thought of all the girls I know And which ones I’d like to poke The girl I’d fancied years ago The things that could have been I’d jizzed over her so many times I needed a change of scene Internet porn was a possible choice But I didn’t want to get out of bed The sluts on the net just couldn’t compare To those that I had in my head ...Read On


Cam Girls

Sam the night guard overcomes his boredom

Sam the night guard wasn’t new He always found a fun thing to do Like wanking over a cam girl or two He clicked to watch what came up on three But sadly, tonight there was nothing to see So onwards he flipped to the next, with glee The girl on cam four was really great He liked to watch her masturbate While stroking his cock at a leisurely rate On cam five was a horny cow Riding the...Read On


Sticky Buns

A baker and his helper have some naughty fun

When the baker hired his helper Little could he foresee Just how much fun some sticky buns Could be for afternoon tea Mary’s mixing skills were poor at first But the baker’s patience was grand He’d stand beside her, watching her work Then he'd give her a little hand With time she became more confident Thanks to the man’s good deeds A pinch or a pat on the bum was fine But Mary had...Read On


The Ghost Train

A young woman's recurring enjoyment of fear and protection

“I’m scared!” she wailed, clinging to me As we took off for the ride For who could know what lurked ahead Once our carriage plunged inside? In total darkness, screams were heard Flashes of light were seen A ghoulish creature appeared from nowhere I laughed. She said I was mean “Don’t make fun of me,” she whimpered Burying her face in my shirt “You’re all going to die!”...Read On


The Lingerie Department

A lingerie salesgirl assists some of her male clients more than others

Introduction: Tabby is a salesgirl in the women's underwear department of a large retailer. Occasionally she is required to assist male customers in purchasing underwear for their wives or girlfriends. --- Tabby developed a habit Of leading men to her lair She found it all too easy Working in underwear “What size is she?” Tabby would ask Of course they had no clue So Tabby would...Read On


A Sticky Mess

Mischief under the table

I heard her high-heeled shoe fall off And then with her stockinged toes She explored inside my trouser leg “Thank goodness nobody knows!” Her husband spoke in a monotone voice Unaware that under the table His wife’s capers were making me hard She was always so willing and able When she rested her foot upon my lap I massaged it discreetly and gently Unzipping my fly, I took out my rod And...Read On



Sarah's Friend

Daughter's friend gives dad a thrill

My daughter Sarah had invited her best friend to stay with me at my place in Paris for the weekend. Ever since I had divorced over ten years ago, Sarah had been travelling back and forth at regular intervals to and from Bonn in order to satisfy the terms the separation agreement. During all those years of visitation rights, she had never suggested bringing along a friend, but now I supposed...Read On

First Time(1)


The Artist

A loner's dreams become reality

Tony was what one could consider a successful man in many ways. At thirty-two years old, he had a well-paid stable job, and had recently been able to purchase a posh flat in London. Part of his success was due to the fact that he was well-spoken, and part was because he knew his business inside and out. However, one area of life in which he completely failed was finding a woman. The problem...Read On

Flash Erotica(4)


Short Term Rentals

A MILF seduces a young employee into breaking the rules

“Does the rent include you?” She asked me cheekily, leaning back against the hallway wall. “No. I’m sorry it doesn’t, Madam,” I replied shyly, “The amount is just for the apartment.” “Oh, that’s a pity,” She sighed over-dramatically, “Let me take another look at the bedroom.” I followed her, knowing that this was precisely what Mr Watford had warned me about; ladies who wanted a...Read On


Behind The Wheelie Bin

Colleagues take a detour on the way home

“Let’s go this way.” She said, taking my hand and leading me toward the entrance of a narrow and dirty cobblestone alleyway. I thought she was headed in the wrong direction, but I didn’t want to argue because she seemed confident of where she was going. Perhaps she knew an alternative route, or maybe she wanted to run an errand in an adjacent street. She marched swiftly ahead for...Read On


Heavy Petting

Two teens have fun in the local swimming pool

I was standing on the ledge with my back to the wall in the deep-end of the swimming pool. She swam toward me gracefully and grabbed the rail behind me. “You’re my captive,” she said playfully, “And I won’t let you go.” She smiled, pulling herself toward me and bouncing her breasts lightly against my chest. I looked down as she did so, watching her ample ripe mounds of flesh in the tiniest...Read On


The Fallen Ladder

A workman's clumsiness turns into a real treat

The ladder fell to the ground before I could catch it. It landed with a thud in the middle of the flowerbed. I had accidentally kicked it over, just as I was about to climb down and tell Ms Scott that I’d fixed the leak in the house extension roof. Now I was looking down from two stories high and the prospect of jumping and potentially sustaining an injury wasn’t very inviting. “Hello!”...Read On



The Night Bus

A MILF's curiosity leads her into danger

Holly looked over at the bed. Her husband was lying there on his back, his beer belly creating a huge swell under the bedcovers. He sported a three-day beard and he was snoring loudly once again. She wondered what she had seen in him when they first met. It certainly wasn’t what she saw in him today. Ever since they married just over eight years ago, he had let himself go. He no longer...Read On


Caught in the Act

A young man caught masturbating by his MILF neighbor

Mom had gone shopping downtown, so I had plenty of time to watch some porno DVD’s and jerk myself off. It would take about an hour to drive to the Lakeland Mall and back, plus the time she would spend there. I figured that I had at least two and a half hours before she would be back. I was nineteen at the time, and horny as hell. As a single child of divorced parents, I was often left on...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Unfinished Business

Business colleagues get a second chance

“Sabine, what are you doing here at the conference?” I asked. Sabine was from our marketing department in France. I’d only seen her once before when I’d visited the Paris office, but I remembered her very well. We’d almost ended up in bed together after the office party that night. Unfortunately, she’d changed her mind at the last minute because she didn’t want to be unfaithful to...Read On



A Serious Lesson

Unruly girl gives her teacher a lesson

“Smack me!” she had said insolently, in front of the entire class. Prior to that day, I hadn’t realized what I was capable of doing when provoked. Elizabeth had brought out the most primal of my instincts. She had managed to break my gentle mannered ways and turned me into a sex-hungry beast. --- At the age of 34, I considered myself a respectable man in the teaching profession. I had...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


The Girl In The Red Floppy Hat

A young man is taught a lesson in observation.

She stood out from the crowd of a hundred or more passengers waiting to catch the night train from Paris to Barcelona. It wasn’t so much that she was beautiful, even though she was, but more that she was wearing a big red floppy hat. She kept looking around nervously, fiddling with her suitcase and bags, apparently trying to find something. She looked desperately inside her tiny handbag....Read On


Sleepless Nights

A step-daughter stands in and takes place for her absent mother

Sandy and I felt abandoned. Neither of us knew why Karin - her mother and my wife - had left. We’d been a happy family for the past twenty years. For the past five months my now ex-spouse Karin had been off gallivanting with a surfer dude about twenty years younger than her. That left my step-daughter Sandy and me to fend for ourselves. Karin hadn’t even bothered to call us for the past...Read On

Wife Lovers(2)


Mrs Thompson

Josh tends to the neighbours garden

The first I saw of Mrs Thompson was when she and Mr Thompson moved in next door. They were a couple in their early thirties with no children. I remember thinking that Mrs Thompson was very pretty with her long light-brown hair, greenish eyes, a slim nose and a beautiful white-toothed smile. She was dressed professionally in a white blouse, a grey jacket and matching grey pencil skirt,...Read On


Borrow Me

Husband keeps a watchful eye on his wife

Bambi wanted to go to the “The Foxes Lair”, a newly opened gentleman’s club. She knew I wouldn’t say no, especially seeing as we’d already been to quite a few strip-joints together and had had some great fun, especially afterwards. She knew just how much I loved to watch the naked women dancing on stage, as well as ogling the topless waitresses at the bar. She would tease me about how much...Read On