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I am a straight male in a loving relationship.

I have been in a prior marriage which ended in divorce after over twenty years. Through out those years my wife had relationships with numerous partners and eventually I also had an affair.

My stories so far are all recalls from that failed relationship. Initially I joined Lush because I enjoy reading stories which have been written around the cheating wife concept. Perhaps this was because of my own personal experiences. The more stories that I read the more that I came to believe that I needed to record my own personal experiences.

These days I am in a monogamous relationship and I have no wish to change that however this does not mean that I don't find beautiful women stimulating and attractive. It just means that I look but do not touch.

As for my past loves......They remain alive and well within my mind and visit me every time that I dream.

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25 Jun 2019 04:49
My interests are various but some include reading stories about cheating wives especially so if they are true. I enjoy looking at beautiful, well built women.... but then doesn't everyone?

Sex is and always has been a big part of my life and I can't see that changing any time soon.

Water skiing has been my main sport since I was a teenager however age and injury now prevents my competitive participation. Fishing plays a larger part in my life in recent years.
Favorite Books:
With the exception of the erotic books that I read my interest in books revolves around life stories or real life events.

Presently I am reading Wool away, boy by Alan Blunt and The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do.
Favorite Authors:
Because my interests revolve around real life events, I do not have any specific favorite authors.
Favorite Movies:
Any movies that can give me a good laugh I enjoy. My other interest is in erotic movies with a good story line.
Favourite TV Shows:
I follow most motor racing including Moto GP, World super bike series, Formula 1, Formula E and Aussie V8 supercar racing.

Unfortunately some of the poor decisions by the officials in the V8 supercars have detracted from the enjoyment in recent years.
Favorite Music:
Generally speaking I love music almost without exception however my favourites include Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Gary Moore, AC/DC and Pink Floyd.


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Topic: NO Pics of your EX
Posted: 08 Oct 2018 10:24

Damn, I burned mine.

See, there are still a few pleasures in life after all!

Topic: What do you think about when you masterbate?
Posted: 06 Jan 2018 08:17

I often think of an event where my ex-wife had sex with one of my friends thinking that I wasn't able to see...... but I did. She was unprotected and become pregnant but lost the child after about 2 or 3 months. She admitted to having sex with him but tried to hide the pregnancy from me but I was aware that she had missed her period. My sister in law confirmed that he had impregnated her and told me later on that she had miscarried.

Topic: DNA Test - am I right?
Posted: 04 Nov 2017 10:19

To start let me tell you about my experience. While my wife and I were courting she spent some time with an ex-boyfriend. We planned to get married had set a date. Shortly afterwards she informed me that she was pregnant. The circumstances were such that I automatically assumed that it was my child even though I had been aware that she had contact with her ex-boyfriend. We bought the wedding date forward and soon we were happily married and some months later we had a baby girl.

Somewhere in my mind, a doubt occurred that our daughter wasn't mine but I pushed that thought aside. When our daughter was five years old I by accident stumbled on my wife sitting with her ex-boyfriend in a cafe with our daughter. I didn't show myself but watched from a distance. The ex-boyfriend didn't seem to be interested in my wife but was very interested in our daughter.

Afterwards, I confronted my wife with what I had observed and told her that I thought she had some explaining to do. She made out that she believed that I was aware that the ex-boyfriend was our daughters father because she had made no secret that they had spent some time together around the time that I had proposed. I couldn't deny that I was aware that she had met him but as I trusted her it didn't occur to me that they had indulged in unprotected sex given that we were engaged to be married.

We managed to get over our differences and because we also had a son by that time we stayed together. The boyfriend, later on, was involved in a serious accident and was confined to a wheelchair and to the best of my knowledge she never saw him again while we were married. My wife insisted that our daughter must never be told the truth. I was reluctant but eventually agreed.

Move on some years and with our daughter at nineteen years of age, my wife finds herself another lover and splits taking almost all the assets with her then sues me for the remainder. I fight it in court and during the battle, she threatens to tell our daughter that I am not her father. I simply laugh at her because this is the person that I have reared from a baby initially believing she is mine and even when I became aware I never once treated her any different.

After the settlement is complete (I saved some of the assets but men are always the losers in such circumstance) out daughter comes to see me extremely angry claiming that I had stopped her from knowing her father. It seems my now ex-wife not satisfied with getting the majority of our assets decided to brainwash our daughter with a story that her real father wanted to be part of her life but I had intervened to stop him. She has severed all contact with me and I have only seen her once in the last twenty years.

Why would I bother to tell my story? Reading yours I see a parallel. None of us knows what is around the corner. If I could live it all again I would not agree to hide the truth from our daughter. You may reconsider how you and your wife deal with your situation knowing the mistakes that I made.

Topic: Does sex with a big cock enlarge the vagina?
Posted: 25 May 2017 21:35

Hi Endymion, I know that your intent was for women to respond but..... Your observations are not incorrect. Sex with larger men does in fact over time stretch the vagina. After having her children my wife almost had returned to her original size when she started having affairs with other men with considerably larger penises than mine. She thought that I was not aware but I unknowing to her caught her out and so started tracking her movements to allow me to understand what was happening and was quite surprised that she was having sex with a number of other men. Over a number of years it became obvious that she had stretched and was quite loose. As to knowing if she would have returned to her 'normal' size I will never know as after over 20 years together she suddenly (to me) left with another man who in turn left her some 6 months later. Prior to leaving me she had surgery to tighten herself (at my expense) but I suspect for the benefit of her soon to be new partner. Although this operation took place only a couple of months before she left she had already started to stretch again before our eventual separation.

Topic: To those who Cheated while being in Relationship, what Instigated you ? was it worth ?? and what were the consequences ??
Posted: 10 Apr 2017 11:35

Many years ago I had an affair with another woman. Prior to this I had caught my wife out with other men on a number of occasions and although there were a number of occasions where I also could have cheated I had not done so for several years until eventually my thoughts became "what's good for the goose is good for the gander".

It all started at a party where my friends wife asked me "How do you put up with her cheating". I admitted that it was very difficult and we spent some time discussing it and eventually took the opportunity to spend a night together. It seems that her husband had also been cheating on her and she had also caught him out and was not willing to forgive as I had done on many occasions.

Unfortunately I am not one for one night stands and before long I was involved in a "meaningful relationship" with the other woman which lasted around 12 months. It all came to an end when my wife discovered letters that we had written to each other. Given that my wife had become a serial cheater it took me by surprise that she became so angry and vengeful. She discussed it with my friend (my lovers husband) who also made life difficult for his wife and eventually the affair ended. Unfortunately I was emotionally involved and did not recover emotionally for many years.

Today I wish that I had been stronger and stood up for my lover and told my wife that our marriage was not going to work and protected my lover but it is easy in hind sight and there were children to consider. There were other relationships that developed but all of them were either resulting from this one experience or a result of my wish to prove a point to my cheating wife.

My wife's cheating continued for about 14 years after that. I became aware of at least 6 other men who she slept with over the 14 years that we remained together and suspect there were probably a good many more. Eventually she moved out to live with one of her lovers stripping me of most of our finances in the process. He left her some 6 months later and I refused to have her back mainly because of how she cheating me financially. I have never regretted my decision but kinky though it may seem I do occasionally get sexually aroused by the thought of her and when I remember some of the "events" that happened.

These days I am once more in a relationship with a wonderful woman who I have found to be entirely trust worthy. The scars of a very poor marriage and my cheating relationship still haunt me in many ways and I often wonder where my lover ended up and if she, like me still has a little place set aside for me in her heart as I have for her.

I know of many people who cheat on their spouses and never seem to become attached. Unfortunately that is not the way I am. Sex for me is and almost always has been a result of emotional involvement. My interests on Lush and other similar sites are to read the stories and write a few of my own when ever I have time on my hands which is not very often.

So to sum up. Yes, I've been there. I've tried it. I've been on the receiving end as well. I would not recommend it to anyone no matter how sexually stimulating it may appear. Would I do it again.? No bloody way.... Once is enough for me. However I do enjoy reading about other peoples experiences.

Topic: Have you ever fucked two different people in a day?
Posted: 30 Dec 2016 08:03

No, Not me. I've always been a one person type guy but there were times where my wife (now ex-wife) came home and intended to have a shower before bed but I cornered her and found she had all the signs of prior sex. Initially it upset me but after thinking it through I realized there wasn't much that I could do about it except leave - besides it did turn me on. On more than 1 occasion I caught her red handed and with the exception of once turned around and walked away. Eventually it became fairly common place and she didn't even try to wash before bed because we both started to enjoy it. For me I found the feel of going second was highly stimulating and she couldn't avoid me knowing because we has sex every night without fail through out our relationship and eventually I was going to work it out. At one stage I got her to tell me about some of her affairs but she was quite reluctant to do so. It all ended when she met someone who she was attracted to and left me. He left her soon afterward and now she lives alone and has for a number of years.

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Stories From My Youth Chapter 1 - Harry and George

Harry was a force to be reckoned with. Harry wasn’t big by any stretch of the imagination but everyone who knew him saw Harry as 'ruff and gruff'. His appearance was that of a man who had spent many hours working hard in the Queensland sunshine. He was brown all over. Even his hair and eyes were brown. Harry’s loud voice dominated every conversation that he was involved in, while his more...

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Stories From My Youth Chapter 2 - Dorothy

As a teenager, I lived in a relatively small town. My parents ran a farm, so every Saturday I helped them out on the farm and in return, they paid me a few dollars. This helped me out quite a bit because the job that I had in those days didn’t pay well. Every Saturday night, my old school friend, Dave and I would drive the twenty-five miles to the adjoining town which was a good deal larger...

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Stories from my youth Chapter 3 – Carol

I was feeling down for quite a few weeks after Janice gave me the shove. I may even have been depressed but being a country lad in those days I didn’t even know what depression was. In the country, there was only happy and sad. If you were happy then that was fine. If you were sad you spent time alone, focused on work and you recovered and of course, in time I recovered. As I came out of...

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Stories From My Youth Chapter 4 - Linda

There is a saying that he who hesitates is lost. Up until this time in my life I thought this was just something that people said. I didn’t believe it but following what had happened with Dorothy and then with Carol plus the experience of taking out several other girls who were not interested in dating a week later, I started to consider that the saying may be based on fact. With this in...

Added 20 May 2019 | Category Cuckold | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,547 | 2 Comments

Stories of my Youth Chapter 5 – Meeting Ken.

I visited Linda every night that week. Each night she asked me to stay with her and of course, I did. We made love at every opportunity. I had purchased some condoms to provide the necessary protection to make sure that we didn’t give Ken a bouncing little gift. Friday, Saturday and Sunday night I spent in the restaurant. On Debbie’s suggestion, Linda organized some tasks for me to keep me...

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Stories Of My Youth Chapter 6 – Giving Ken His Wish

Linda and I retired to the bedroom. I removed her clothes and she removed mine and we lay on the bed facing each other. For my part, I was quite horny. Linda and I had not made love since Ken had told Linda that he was coming home. I would have liked to but knowing how stressed and concerned Linda had been about her husband’s decision to return in the middle of his work stint, I had not...

Added 22 May 2019 | Category Cuckold | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,220 | 4 Comments

Stories of my Youth Chapter 7 – Meeting Jatz

We were sitting drinking our coffee in Linda and Ken’s bedroom. Ken had tried to pressurize me into agreeing to deceive his girlfriend, Jatz, who he was bringing back with him to Australia when he returned from his offshore work in six weeks’ time.  I had resisted that pressure but unknown to Ken, his behaviour was slowly destroying my trust in him. Rather than liking him I was now starting...

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Stories of my Youth Chapter 8 – Me, Linda and Jatz

Ken flew out two days later. He left a day sooner than planned. I assumed that Jatz had told him that nothing would happen until he returned to work. From this, I also assumed that Jatz was at or near her most fertile part of her cycle. It seemed that Ken was getting away so that Jatz could capture my sperm at the crucial time. As with all things at that stage of my life, Linda was in...

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Stories Of My Youth Chapter 9 – Fooling Ken

During dinner that night Jatz talked incessantly about almost everything: the weather, how she enjoyed her holiday as she called it, how she liked the shopping in Australia, about her family, everything but what was on everybody’s mind--our relationship. This was quite out of character for her. Since she arrived she only ever said a few words at any time but now it was as if a floodgate...

Added 25 May 2019 | Category Cuckold | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 962 | 2 Comments

Stories of my Youth Chapter 10 – Meeting Roz

When I awoke I looked around to see that Linda was not there. Jatz was still asleep but in the background, I could hear the shower running so I knew where Linda was. I quietly got out of bed and entered the bathroom. Linda turned towards me as I entered and stepped out of the shower. “Are you alright?” I asked her. “Yes, I’m fine. Why were you asking?” “You didn’t seem to be happy last...

Added 26 May 2019 | Category Cuckold | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,063 | 2 Comments

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