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Thanks to my friends for the birthday wishes, dont forget to comment on my pics if you want

30 Dec 2011 21:06

I just added some new pics, please feel free to view and comment thanks.

07 Dec 2011 20:08

Just added new pics, please feel free to comment on any pic.

30 Oct 2011 03:13

I realized I havent had a pic comment for a long time =(

19 Oct 2011 21:19

Having fun at work, if you try to message or pm me, Im sorry if I dont reply right away. I will get back to you as soon as I can. While you wait, feel free to leave me a message or a pix comments, I always return the favor.

17 Jul 2011 17:27

I appoigize to all of you who have tried to get ahold of me. If I dont answer your pm, please send me a message. I have been very busy. Thanks to all my friends for the profile comments and pic comments, keep them cumming, ttyl

30 May 2011 02:16

Sorry I haven't been on here to much lately, been working iffrent shifts, I jump on here once in a while, when Im at work. I want to say thanks to all my new friends an hope we can chat soon. Also thanks for the comments along with the pix comments. Will be back on regularly preatty soon.

17 May 2011 20:38

Added a few new pix, feel free to coment, thanks. 8)

13 May 2011 20:51

Please feel free to leave pix comments. Hope to add new ones soon.

05 May 2011 03:40

I won't be on much this week, got a lot of things going on. Please feel free to leave messages or pix comments. Hope to get to all my chat friends soon. xoxoxo

29 Apr 2011 11:49

Well I fixed the issue with not being able to leave a pic comment. Thanks to some good friends for telling me they couldnt comment and how to fix it. xoxoxo

28 Apr 2011 05:35

Please feel free to make pix comments, i will return the favor

26 Apr 2011 22:11

Who wants to be the first to give me a pix comment. I will return a pix comment also.

26 Apr 2011 19:05

Bored at work, send me a pix comment, a message, or a profile comment. I need something entertaining.

25 Apr 2011 11:44

I am on my phone, please send me messages, pix comments, online chats, or profile comments. I will get back to you when I can, thanks. I always will enjoy a pix comment 8)

25 Apr 2011 06:50

I'm on my phone so please send online chats if I'm still on, I can't open up chat window

25 Apr 2011 06:13

Bored, message me if you want

25 Apr 2011 01:07

going to try to add 1 pic comment to all my friends.

24 Apr 2011 21:32

Being bored, so new to this, not too sure how everything works, If any of my friends could give a quick run down. I feel I got 75% of it, but still unsure.

22 Apr 2011 03:38

Wondering why most men are a$$holes. Its very disappointing, it gives people like me a bad name. Wish they could learn from there rudness.

20 Apr 2011 02:58

Just added some pics.

19 Apr 2011 22:40