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Topic What are your Lush "Pet Peeves"?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 02:37

I cant stand when people post fake pics trying to play it off like its them. Look, you are who you are. Try to keep it somewhat real.

Topic At least 18 children and 9 others dead in Connecticut school shooting. Does this change your mind ab
Posted 15 Dec 2012 04:38

I guess arming the teachers, students and everyone is the only solution, if someone looks at you cross eyed, your justified in murdering them to protect your right to bear assault weapons! This is a sickening world we live in when a child cant go to school or a movie without fearing for their lives.

It is a fact that more cars kill more people then assault weapons. Should America ban automobiles........ More like we should protest the media from sharing tragedies like this over and over.

Next time your at gun point, don't ask me or my fellow 2nd amendment fighters for help. Figure it out on your own, maybe we might hear about how it went on the news, if its tragic enough.

Topic At least 18 children and 9 others dead in Connecticut school shooting. Does this change your mind ab
Posted 15 Dec 2012 04:30

Saying prayers for the families in conjunction to the Connecticut School Shooting:
But taking Americans rights away won't change a thing, other then we will be more vulnerable to the government. It is a know fact that death accures more with knifes, bats, automobiles, est. No one can blame stupidity on a gun. I for one believe and fight for our rights, and the 2nd Amendment is the biggest one that the government is trying to strip away from us. It is a known fact by state to state, that the states that allow law abiding citizens carry a gun, gun violence is at a low. If someone breaks into your house, and your so called against the 2nd amendment, who do you call. The police. A little known fact. On a police officers waist, they carry O.C which is an aerosol chemical also known as pepper spray (which is not used to much now days), An extendable baton, which is a deadly weapon, handcuffs, a taser gun, flashlight, and of course a GUN with at least two back up magazine. So if your against the 2nd amendment, next time someone breaks into your home, go downstairs and protect yourself with your pillow, don't bother calling law enforcement. If you call law enforcement, they will come to your house with their firearm drawn. If their is a time when your in a hostage situation, please dont call SWAT, which stands for Special Weapons And Tactics. You know, cause assault riffles and such should not be owned. Come on America, think before you react. It is a tragedy for these young kids who's lives were lost due to our fellow Americans wanting to renounce our laws which was placed for a reason, for personal protecting against corrupt government officials. If you want to due away with the 2nd you might as well due away with being tried by a jury. Hey thats what it will come down to. America, some freedom we have. Grow up and think, stop being brainwashed by the media and our government.

Topic Just curious what state you're in?
Posted 16 Nov 2012 21:25

Unfortunately Ohio

Topic Favorite Ice Cream
Posted 16 Nov 2012 21:19

Mint Chocolate chip, but just about any flavor. I consider Ice Cream its own food group.

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 06 Nov 2012 02:14

Says it all, I am a nice honest guy. Not like some of the "dogs" I have herd many others talk about. RESPECT other people, it goes a long way.

Topic Completely shaven or landing strip?
Posted 04 Nov 2012 00:54

I would say a trimmed landing strip, Got to have some hair there, guys who like completely shaved/waxed reminds me of a pedophile. Gotta know I am with a real woman, rather then with a little kid.

Topic Is it difficult for some guys to cum "quickly" during sex?
Posted 03 Nov 2012 22:59

I know I can't do quickies. It might be the simple fact I love to get my partner off more then myself.
From past experience, hardcore recreational drugs will make a guy not be able to cum fast.
I always thought women love a guy that can last.........

Topic Let the voting begin! Let's see how a lushworld poll compares to the real world...
Posted 03 Nov 2012 03:15

Vote For Mitt.
I like to keep my Constitutional Rights. Osama, opps I mean Obama has had four years to make progress, the only progress that has been met, is we are further in debt. Obama hasn't answered a single question regarding Benghazi, or Fast & Furious nor has he laid out a plan of how he will do things differently this term because what he did the last one did not work. He said he wanted a transparent administration and it has been full of proven lies and deception from the beginning with the appointment of know tax evaders to high offices such as Timothy Guitner. Obama is a disgrace. Convince me of all the good things Obama has done over the last 4 years. Give me 3 100% proven reasons to vote Obama. He has no record to run on so he just attacks Romney.

Topic Why Do Some Women Like Getting Ate Out And Others Don't?
Posted 26 Oct 2012 09:30

I love to go down on a woman, I have satisfied many women orally and love doing it, but my current woman won't let me try. Kind of puts a damper on things. So why are some women like this and what can us men do break the ice?

Topic Playboy or Penthouse, You Porn or Porn Hub?
Posted 26 Oct 2012 09:22

I would have to say Hustler, great stories and Mr Flynt lived right down the road from me when he started the mag.
a few other good sites would include teensnow, xvideos, magicmovies, dreammovies, xnxx, rexxx, pornorama, that'a all that I can think of for now lol

Topic Licking pussy
Posted 25 Oct 2012 00:01

Pinkie, just go down on him in the same position (but be on the side of him) that you would a 69. Start giving him hot head and once he is into it, just slowly straddle his chest area and plant your pussy right in his face. He should then get the ideal, if not be stop giving him head and go to the bathroom, finish yourself off and then leave. If he cant satisfy you then go find someone who can...... I would love to help out.

Topic what is your biggest turn on? Why?
Posted 24 Oct 2012 00:25

I would have to say eyes, mainly they tell a story without saying a word.

Now if your talking sexual, two girls tribbing (scissor sex), or a female pleasing herself. Love knowing that a woman is satisfied in any way

Topic How would you want your woman to dress?
Posted 22 Oct 2012 00:17

It would all depend on where we go. If we were going out, a little short skirt and a nice button down shirt with a few top buttons undone. If we are just going out then her normal jeans and baggy shirt. My only problem is, my wife dont like to wear skirts or dresses. I would like her to dress wear she teases others, I guess to show off what I am lucky to have....... but I respect her and I don't push the subject to often, would like to see her in a skirt more often.

Topic Favorite Pornstars
Posted 09 Oct 2012 00:37

Kasia, very sexy Polish girl

Topic Serious answer needed!
Posted 07 Oct 2012 22:46

In most places, it is against the law to be hiv positive and not tell the person whom they are sleeping with. Go get tested, depending on the results, look up the law in your area.

Topic fantasies
Posted 07 Oct 2012 02:31

I would say to have two girls tribbing (scissor grinding) and have my cock between them.

Topic Taken their virginity
Posted 07 Oct 2012 01:13

0 I always wanted to, but no luck

Topic Best place to hide porn
Posted 07 Oct 2012 01:09

I would say you are 19, if you are, it shouldn't matter, your an adult keep them up on your bed or under the covers if you must. Second off, go get your own place. Then you might find someone, then your ancient mags are obsolete.

Topic Masturbating while driving in the Car?
Posted 04 Oct 2012 00:40

I agree, being naughty is a big turn on

Topic Age,does it matter?
Posted 29 Sep 2012 22:25

18+ no and's if's or but's about it. On that being said, It all depends on your mind sets and maturity levels. I know young men who are very mature and want a mature women, then I know older men who are very inmature and want young girls to go party and est. and vise versa. It all depends on your inner self. I would have no problem being with an 18 year old girl if she was mature. I also would have no problem being with a 50 year old.

Topic What's your favourite thing about yourself?
Posted 29 Sep 2012 22:20

That I am honest. I am who I am and don't care what others think.
That I am blunt and tell it like I see it. Don't beat around the bush. If I think them jeans make you look fat, I am going to say so, why give someone false hope.........

Topic What Mistakes Do Guys Make
Posted 26 Sep 2012 08:35

Ok ladies, to help us guys help pleasure you, what mistakes do we make

A) When we go down on you.
B) During foreplay.
C) When we are having sex. (other then the minute-men, they dont count on this one lol)

All guys should know by now, that all girls are different, but it would be nice to get a few new ideals from a multitude of girls. I am into pleasing females and want to learn all I can, to further the pleasure of you beautiful women.

Topic What's the ONE thing you really hate to do?
Posted 20 Sep 2012 20:47

Taking my hard earned money and paying bills, and having nothing extra to do anything fun.

Topic Getting caught while maturbating
Posted 18 Sep 2012 00:22

Where were you?
What did you do?
Who Caught you?

Topic Masturbating while driving in the Car?
Posted 18 Sep 2012 00:20

Anyone ever close to being caught, or have been caught, what did you do

Topic what is your sexual fantasy?
Posted 13 Sep 2012 02:09

I would also love to have two girls trib (scissor fuck) with my cock in between them.

Topic what is your sexual fantasy?
Posted 13 Sep 2012 02:08

to have a total stranger (female of course) seduce me in public or even in private

Topic favorites place to have sex
Posted 10 Sep 2012 22:24

in the pool, so many different positions you can do. but mainly out doors (anywhere) is the best.

Topic Masturbating while driving in the Car?
Posted 10 Sep 2012 02:08

Sparky, I didn't know you was a gal. I could have sworn this was for females, but hey each there own